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Mia - Chapter 9: Happy Birthday Jesse

It's Jesse's birthday and Mia want to give him the best present she can think of.
Mia sat in the Resident Adviser’s office with her laptop open. Since Jesse was working all weekend they couldn’t exactly make plans to go on a second date, so she decided to keep him company on one of the evening shifts.

She stared at the screen trying to find some inspiration for her assignment that was due on Monday, but reading her news feed on Facebook wasn’t exactly the source of information she needed.

Jesse was on the phone taking calls. It wasn’t a busy night for him, but like Mia he also had an assignment due, so the quiet night meant he could do some school work too. Having Mia at work with him was a bit of a novelty; most back shifts were boring (unless there was a fire, party or complaints), but having her there – even if they were both doing some homework – made the hours go in quicker.

After resting the office phone on the receiver he thought that he was finally getting a well deserved break – that was until his cell phone began to ring.

Leave me alone, he thought to himself before noticing it was his mother calling.

“Hey Mom...yeah I’m fine...just at work right now...yeah I’ve been eating properly...”

Mia smiled as Jesse rolled his eyes at her; she remembered having a similar conversation with her own mother. She turned her attention back to her laptop and began typing the discussion section of her lab report before her ear tuned into Jesse’s conversation again.

“...look I don’t want you guys to make a big deal about it...I know it’s my birthday but there’s no need to travel that far...”

Shit, when’s his birthday?

Mia quickly opened up Facebook again and viewed Jesse’s profile. ‘Birthday: January 28th.’

That’s two weeks away...Strange - why didn’t he say anything to me? Does he not know I love party planning? Hmm, what to get him for a present?

“...I’m not going to win here, am I? Okay fine...I’ll see you in a couple of weeks then...yeah you too...bye.”

Putting his cell phone back in his pocket, Jesse turned back in his chair to read his History notes.

Mia stood up, placing her laptop on her stool before stepping over to where he sat. Standing behind him, she leaned over the back of his chair and wrapped her arms around him.

“Jesse, why didn’t you tell me it was you birthday soon?” she asked hovering above his ear.

He raised his shoulders up as he shivered, her Glaswegian accent still giving him a thrill. Jesse turned his chair to face her and pulled her to sit on his lap.

“I dunno, it never came up before. I don’t usually make a big deal about these things,” he answered a little embarrassedly.

“How old are you going to be?”


Mia’s eyes shot up in surprise. “Oh my God - Jesse that is a big deal. It’s your twenty-first!”

Jesse shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, his expression was passive. His reaction made Mia curious: why wouldn’t he get excited about his birthday? Twenty one was milestone. It made her realise there was still a lot more about Jesse that she didn’t know. It’s gave her a buzz of excitement knowing that there was still more to learn about him.

“Aww crap, you know what this means though?” she asked. He raised his eyebrows giving Mia a questioning look.

“I’m older than you! By like six months.”

Jesse smirked at her disappointed expression and couldn’t resist poking fun. “Well well Mrs Robinson. What do you have to say for yourself seducing me like that?”

“Oh God, don’t make it sound any worse.”

They both laughed and Jesse pulled her in for a kiss. Mia broke contact after a few seconds, nervously looking out the office window hoping no one was watching. She saw a few students walk past, but nobody looked in their direction.

Jesse looked at her face and saw her relieved expression. It was amusing to him that Mia avoided public displays of affection. He remembered when he kissed her, on the cheek, before their date in front of her housemates and how her face turned pink. He knew she was a confident young woman, but it was endearing how there was still a part of her that was a little self-conscious.

“I think I’m going to leave,” Mia started, running her hand through his light-brown hair.

“No, stay, please?” he begged mockingly, holding her tight so she couldn’t get up from his lap.

“Haha, stop it. Anyway I need to – you haven’t left me much time to plan for your birthday.”

“Oh Mia please, you don’t have to do anything.”

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to,” she grinned.

He rolled his eyes and sighed knowing that he wasn’t going to win. Mia got up and packed up her laptop and textbooks. She pulled on her jacket and walked back to Jesse before leaving. She leant down and gave him a slow lingering kiss aware no one passed the window.

“Hmm, so much to do – I can’t wait,” she said excitedly. “By the way, are you working next weekend?”

Jesse turned to the schedule that was pinned on the wall behind him. “Just Friday and Sunday from the looks of things – why?”

“Oh good - the boys want to have a party next Saturday now that everyone is settled in again. I really think it’s to impress Hilde, but I don’t mind – it should be fun.”

“Well if it’s anything like the last one I’m sure it will be. So they want me to come along to make sure there aren’t many complaints?”

“Well they might, but I was asking ‘cause I want you to come along because I think you are super hot and an amazing kisser.”

Jesse smirked at her compliment; he knew she didn’t give them out often. “Well that’s convinced me Miss Daly. I’d be thrilled to come along.”

“Good. That’s settled then. I’ll see you later?” Mia leaned over and kissed him again. Jesse grabbed the front of her jacket so she couldn’t pull away as quickly as before.

When they broke the kiss, Mia stood up slightly light-headed. She was also aware of a few onlookers outside the window. Blushing, she picked up her bag and walked out of the office. Striding past the window, she saw Jesse beam at her he waved. She gave him a small, embarrassed wave back and walked on as an idea popped into her head for what to get him for his birthday.


Norah rifled through her closet holding up a selection of outfits for Mia to help her pick out to wear. The party was that night and after spending the afternoon stocking up on snacks and booze, the girls were now getting ready. Hilde was next door, techno music blaring, whilst getting changed and the boys were busy moving everything around in the living room.

“Jesus, Norah it’s just a flat party. I’m sure after a glass of Hilde’s punch no one is going to notice what anyone is wearing,” Mia laughed.

“So, the green one then?”

“Yes, the fucking green one. Doesn’t matter – you’d look great wearing a bin bag,” Mia gave an exasperated sigh as she looked at her supermodel-like roommate.

Finally deciding on the mint-green playsuit, Norah quickly slipped off her dressing gown and stepped into the outfit. Mia looked away trying to give her roommate some privacy. It had occurred to Mia that Norah was getting dressed in front her deliberately, but she gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Mia was almost ready, she had decided on jean shorts with striped black tights and a sparkly charcoal sweater. She was just checking her emails real quick before she did her make-up. A quick glance at her inbox and she saw what she was looking for.

Oh thank God she’s sent it! Job well done Miss Jones.

“So is Jesse coming tonight?” Norah asked hesitantly as Mia closed down the laptop.

“Yeah, he’ll be coming by later. Everything okay?” Mia asked curiously while sifting through her make-up bag.

“Yeah, yeah fine. Things going well for you two?”

“Yeah so far, it’s his birthday next weekend. Just got his present sorted,” Mia replied excitedly

“Aww that’s nice. You seem so close already - have you know?”

Mia peered at Norah curiously through the corner of her eye. “Do you really want to know?” she asked whist spreading on her foundation.

Norah sat down at her desk and picked up her hair brush, holding it up to her glamourus golden-blonde tresses as she looked at Mia through her vanity mirror. “I don’t know, actually. I kind of don’t – but I also do. I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable. I just don’t want us not to be able to talk to each other, if you get me?”

Putting down her make-up, Mia let out a long breath and decided just to let it all out. “No, we haven’t. We almost did, well it might have been heading that way– on the date, before he got called back into work.

Does it sound like we’re rushing it? I mean since then it’s calmed down – I reckon he’s not trying to push me, but I don’t want him to think I’m not interested. And I don’t want to seem too keen either.”

Norah nodded trying not to smile; she understood the situation all too well. “Okay, I get it. I get it. Let’s start at the beginning – so no hanky panky yet? That’s fine Mia.

I think in an ordinary case some folk would consider it to be rushing if you slept together on the first date but it’s nobody’s business if you did. How do you feel about it; the sex I mean?”

Mia groaned, she realised she had been going over and over it in her head. “I think my problem is I’m thinking too much about it. I mean with girls; I know what I’m doing because it’s usually what I want someone to do to me.

It’s a whole new thing with him. I know the biology of the situation, but I don’t know if what I’m doing is right.”

Norah couldn’t help but let out a laugh and Mia giggled along too. “Well you do know you’re doing something right if he gets a hard-on right?”

The laughter continued and Mia was glad Norah had given her the opportunity to speak about Jesse. Frankie was usually her first port of call when it came to advice, but it was great that Norah was now on hand again.

“I’ll add this though Mia, just do what you feel comfortable with. And I’m sure he’ll give you some tips if you need them,” Norah smiled mischievously.

“Oh thanks,” Mia rolled her eyes then finished applying her make-up, pleased with the results as she looked in the vanity mirror.

A knock came at the door and Norah got up and opened it. Hilde was standing in the doorway balancing three glasses of punch between her hands. Norah and Mia took a glass each off her and looked gingerly at the lethal concoction which smelled of Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Limoncello and orange juice.

“Girls, you are looking lovely. Norah I love that outfit and Mia those tights are super hot.”

Hilde, herself was looking festive in a pair of shiny leggings and low cut sequined top which once again revealed her voluptuous bosoms. She held up her cup to which Mia and Norah joined in.

“Let’s make a toast,” the busty Danish girl started. “To us girls, alcohol, living without our parents and all the sexy boys at this university – Mia, you know what I am talking about.”

Mia blushed, thinking about Jesse and looking forward to seeing him tonight. Bringing their glasses to their mouths, they all took a gulp of the horrendously strong punch before scrunching up their faces at the taste.

Oh God I hope tonight doesn’t get too messy...

A few hours (and quite a few drinks) later, the party was well and truly underway. The music that Norah managed to commandeer, was quite loud but it they hadn’t had any complaints yet. Mia wandered around the flat chatting to a few of the folk that had tuned up.

There were a few boys from her course there as well as other randoms from all the other housemate’s classes. Mia was pleased to see Norah in deep discussion with a few of the girls she knew from the gym, happy to see that it appeared she was moving on fine.

Her other flatmates Kris, Hilde and Patrice had started a new pulling game for the evening that Mia and Norah gladly weren’t part of. Changing the rules they decided to go with a different point system: one point for a kiss, two for fondling and oral and three for sex. The crude new rules didn’t put off the new girl and she took like a duck to water leaving Patrice and Kristopher in the distance.

Jesse and his flatmate Mark turned up later after Mark finished his shift that evening. Mia was in the kitchen re-filling the punch bowl, but she could still see Jesse walk in the front door. She loved watching him when he couldn’t see her. There was something very attractive about the way he always seemed so confident.

Brought back to reality, Mia noticed that she almost emptied a full bottle of vodka in the second batch of punch. I’ll try to avoid this batch at all costs then. She went to the fridge and took out a few bottles of beer and headed into the living room to find Jesse.

What the fuck – who the hell are these bitches?

Jesse was standing over in the other end of the living room with Mark, but he was already accompanied by a few beauties vying for his attention. Mia tried to keep a nonchalant expression on her face as random girls chatted her date up.

“I guess I wasn’t the only one that noticed Jesse changed his relationship status to ‘single’ a few weeks ago,” Norah commented, her voice distracting Mia away from him.

“I suppose not,” she replied a little crestfallen turning to face her roommate.

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Norah reassured rubbing Mia’s back. “Looks like he’s spotted you now.”

Mia looked over her shoulder and saw Jesse walking over in their direction; the gaggle of females he was chatting to was looking on. Stopping in front of her, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a small kiss. Mia’s cheeks turned a rosier shade than her blusher as she could feel a few pairs of eyes on her.

“Hi,” Jesse spoke with a grin spreading across his face. He nodded at Norah and made some small talk while Mia tried to gain some composure. She looked around and saw the random females turn their attention away realising that Jesse was only interested in Mia.

That’s right, Mia thought with a smirk, he’s mine ladies so hands off. Her territorial thoughts amused her – she couldn’t remember ever feeling so possessive before - even with Frankie. It made her realise how quickly she was falling for him.

“I’ll leave you two to catch-up. I better go and make sure the girls from my class don’t get pulled into Patrice’s game,” Norah joked before leaving Jesse and Mia together.

“Here I got you a beer,” Mia said handing it to Jesse. He held his hand out towards her but she pulled the beer back to her chest. “Wait a second, you’re not twenty-one yet. I can’t be seen giving alcohol to minors,” she joked.

“Hmmm, you make a good point there. I wouldn’t want you getting me drunk then taking advantage of me Mrs Robinson.”

Mia scoffed then pushed the bottle of beer into his hand as he smirked. God, that smile should be illegal, she thought.

“I have to say you look all kinds of sexy tonight Mia. I wish I got here earlier now.”

“Are you trying to make me embarrassed in front of all these people?”

“Embarrassed? I’m only giving you a compliment. Aren’t these some of the same people that you taught the Single Ladies choreography to?”

“Okay,” Mia said remembering that drunken night not long after she just moved to Boston. “You made your point.”

“Hey, where can I put my jacket?” he asked whilst taking it off.

“Here, I’ll put it in my bedroom,” she replied taking in the sight of him in. He was wearing a pale gray, long sleeved tee with a few buttons down the neck and it was accompanied with his jeans that sat oh-so-right on his hips. Mia tried to refrain from swooning once she noticed that a few of the buttons on his t-shirt were undone.

“You don’t need any company up there do you?” Jesse suggestively asked.

“No thanks: I’ll manage. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of folk that wouldn’t mind keeping you company while I’m gone,” she quipped while looking back at the group of girls vacantly watching him again.

He smirked as Mia walked away from him and up the stairs. I wonder if she knows how those legs drive me nuts – I’m sure she wears those booty shorts just to make me drool, Jesse thought as she climbed up the stairs.

A little later, Mia was sitting amongst Norah and a few of her friends in the midst of a very heated debate. “Mia you can’t say that. He’s attractive, but so not the hottest guy alive,” pressed Norah.

“Shut-up, don’t you start on me. He is. He’s amazing. Even Natalie agrees with me,” she replied high fiving Norah’s red-headed friend.

“Well I think you’re wrong...”

“I’m so not,” Mia was beginning to get annoyed now.

“Ladies, what’s with the drama over here?” asked Jesse as he squeezed in a space next to Mia. She couldn’t help roll her eyes as a few of the girls in the group swooned as he joined them.

“Mia thinks that Ryan Gosling is the hottest guy she has ever seen,” Norah jumped in with a giggle.

“Of the people you see on TV babe – he’s obviously not a patch on you,” she winced as she took another sip of her drink. A few of Norah’s friends held back in their agreement.

Jesse raised his eyebrows at Mia and leaned in to her ear, “How much have you had to drink young lady?” He asked knowing that her complimentary outburst was probably accompanied by some liquid courage.

“Just a little,” she answered holding her thumb and forefinger about an inch apart then slowly spreading the gap wider.

“You are terrible Mia Daly.”

Furrowing her brows she gave him a questioning look, “I’m not that bad am I?” She stood up fairly gracefully trying to prove him wrong even though her head was slightly spinning.

“C’mon,” she commanded holding her hand out to him. Jesse got up and accepted her hand; she pulled him away from the living room and up the stairs toward her bedroom.

Once inside Jesse couldn’t contain his curiosity. Mia turned on her desk lamp giving the room a low light. Looking around the bedroom he noticed a lot of differences since he was there at the beginning of the year; it looked lived in now. There were pictures and homely touches pinned all over the walls.

The stand out features of the room was the Saltire and the Irish Tricolour that was pinned above each of the beds indicating which bed belonged to whom.

Mia walked over to Jesse who was still standing at the entrance of the room. She took his hand and pulled him over to towards her bed. Placing her hands on his shoulders she pushed him to sit down as she straddled him.

“I like what you guys have did with the room,” Jesse swallowed trying to work out Mia’s motives. “It’s very patriotic...I feel like you might go Braveheart on me.”

Mia looked confidently at him as he spoke, a smile reaching her eyes while she tried not to break eye contact with him. Who is this girl and what has she done to Mia? Jesse thought to himself as she ran her fingers over his shoulders. She leaned in close to him, bringing her lips to his building the anticipation.

Jesse closed his eyes as he closed the gap and pressed his lips against hers. Her mouth tasted of fruit juice and alcohol and Jesse found it intoxicatingly arousing. Mia flicked her tongue over his top lip and pressed her body against his, moaning as she did.

“Jesse, can I tell you something?” she whispered, the contact between them making her heart beat quickly.

“Anything,” he answered wrapping his arms around her back and staring at her pretty face.

“I really want to have sex with you. I don’t care if we have only been on one date and it’s so soon. I want you, now.”

He couldn’t tell if he was imagining it, but it felt as though she grinded into him as she confessed her desire. Her words were turning him on, as well as the proximity and the probing look she was giving him under her eyelashes.

It was a drastic change from her demeanour of the previous week. Jesse grabbed her thighs and rolled her on to her back as he lay on top of her. Mia’s legs were around his waist and he pinned her hands above her head. She panted underneath him eager for what was about to come.

He looked into her eyes before speaking. “Is this what you want Mia?” he asked, his weight pressed gently against her. “Right here on your bed while the party is going on downstairs? When Norah or anyone could walk in at any minute?”

Mia closed her eyes and took in what he said. It wasn’t exactly how she imagined it, but the alcohol had given her some confidence. She realised that now was her opportunity to discuss what was bothering her.

Jesse sat up and let her come to her senses. She got up too and rested her head on his shoulder. “Thank you, Jesse.”

“Don’t worry – I won’t lie. I am really close to taking back what I said,” he joked as he took her hand.

“Does it bother you...that I’m a virgin?” The words escaped from her lips before she had time to think about it. Jesse looked at her a little sternly before softening his features.

“What?! Of course not! What are you talking about it? You know sometimes I think it bothers you Mia, and I don’t know why,” he lamented rubbing her knee.

“I’m worried about the mechanics of it...”

Jesse looked at her puzzled and he then noticed her looking down at his lap, or more the crotch region. A smile began to spread across her face as an idea popped into her head.

“Jesse can you let me see it?”

“Mia; what the fuck?”

“Please? At least let me know what I’m working with.”

“Are you actually being serious here?”

Mia nodded; her eyes wide with excitement and curiosity.

“Remind me not to go after any more bi-sexual, heterosexual virgins again,” he groaned.

“Ohh I see...” she spoke with a slightly disheartened tone whilst trying, but failing to keep a mischievous grin off her face. “I mean size doesn’t matter to me...I don’t have anything to compare it too.”

Ohh that’s it; she’s went too far now. I know she’s baiting me but I need to wipe that smile off her face.

Jesse got up and walked over to the door and turned the lock. He stood back in front of her and looked at her eagerly awaiting face. He unhooked the button of his jeans and dropped his trousers. Mia couldn’t take her eyes off the bulge in his boxer briefs and she had an inclination that he was packing heat.

“So, you want to see what’s on offer?” Jesse teased, hooking his fingers under the boxer elastic.

She nodded and leaned back against her elbows so that she wasn’t too close. Jesse pushed his boxers down so they rested above his knees.

Mia eyes were open wide with shock; it was large - and quite thick. It put some of Frankie’s vibrators to shame. She glanced over the mushroom head and noticed the lack of any foreskin. Frankie was right; most of them are circumcised over here.

Unable to look up at Jesse’s expectant face she reached over and pulled a pillow over her face to hide her shock. The enormity (Ha, the word couldn’t be more appropriate) of the situation made Mia giddy and she couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles from under her pillow.

Jesse pulled his boxers back up, unable to work out Mia’s unusual reaction to his manhood. After sliding up his jeans, he sat back on the bed next to where she lay still in hysterics. He reached over and pulled the pillow off her face and she calmed a little.

“I’m sorry Jesse. I’m not laughing ‘cause it’s funny – I’m reeling from the shock. That thing is supposed to fit inside me? It’s fucking huge – no wonder you walk about so proud and confident all the time.”

Jesse rolled his eyes at her this time. “You do know that you stretch to accommodate it right? You and your Frankie never played with any toys?”

“Umm, yeah but I usually avoided them, I just stuck to...” she looked in his face and wriggled her fingers in front of him.

He grabbed her hand, making her stop. “Fuck Mia, I think you’re deliberately trying to turn me on.”

Mia leaned closer to him and traced her fingers down the side of his face and pulled his lips to hers. Jesse’s hands where immediately wrapped in her hair as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, kissing her readily. Mia pulled back a little so she could kiss down his chin and neck. His skin was soft since he shaved before coming out, and he smelled divine.

She continued to kiss down his neck to his sternum where the neck of his t-shirt sat. Mia took a deep breath and rested her hand on his thigh slowly tracing upwards towards his groin. Jesse pushed her hair over to the shoulder that was farthest away from him and kissed along her jugular. Warmth spread through her neck and behind her ears and slowly Jesse caressed her lower back; his fingers tracing over the pattern of the tribal design of her tattoo.

After a moment’s consideration, Mia finally rested her hand over the bulge that was growing hard in Jesse’s pants. She was glad that he hadn’t buttoned them up yet because her trembling fingers would have prevented her making some progress.

Taking a deep breath, Mia fingers slipped under the waistband of Jesse boxers and touched the head of his growing erection. It felt strange; she could feel that it was almost stiff but the skin was soft – smooth even - and kind of silky.

She heard him groan in her ear and his hips thrust instinctively at her touch. Mia felt down the length of his shaft nervously, but from the hitch in Jesse’s breathing she could tell he liked it. Placing his hand on top of hers, Jesse guided her up and down the length as he grew stiffer.

Letting go, he looked down; the image of Mia’s small hand with the painted black fingernails, wrapped around his dick only increased his arousal. He ran his hand under her sweater and traced his fingers under the clasp of her bra. Taking her hand off his throbbing cock she decided to give him another visual treat and removed her sweater, exposing her lacy black bra.

Both hands on his face, Mia gave him a deep kiss before standing up and kneeling in-front of him. Jesse was about to speak up, however he was too late. Taking his length in right hand, she inched her face closer and lightly stroked her tongue against the mushroom head.

“Holy fuck!” Jesse panted as her wet tongue touched his glans.

Smiling to herself; satisfied that she was having the desired effect on him, Mia licked down the length of his erection until she reached the base. She ran her tongue all the way back up, revelling in his pleasured gasps.

Mia felt a bit more adventurous and wanted to take him in her mouth. Still stroking, she pushed her hair to one side and rested her hand on Jesse’s thigh. She looked up at his face and could see his darkened expression as he watched her. She licked her lips coquettishly then spread her lips and let him slip in over her tongue.

She winced slightly at the size of him in her mouth and tasted the salty flavour of his pre-cum. Careful not to bite down; she sucked him gently, listening to his moans as she did.

Mia could feel the saliva building in her mouth and she removed his cock from her mouth so she could spread it down his length.

The frequency of her stokes increased and the look of pure, unbridled, lust that spread across Jesse’s face was all the reassurance she needed to continue. Taking him back in her mouth, Mia closed her eyes and tried to take more of his length, stopping only when she felt the urge to gag. She continued this routine until she heard his husky voice speak up.

“Fuck Mia, I’m going to cum fast if you keep doing that,” Jesse gasped, clutching the side of her face.

Mia took his hand from her face and wrapped her fingers between his, before continuing to pleasure him. She felt like the powerful one this time; her flicks, licks and sucks coaxing him to release.

“Come on Jesse,” she moaned between sucks, “let me find out what you taste like.”

Mia’s voice, sweet and teasing with the accent mixed in, sent Jesse over the edge. Stroking quickly, she saw strain over his face, his grip on her became tighter as he let go.

Jesse erupted in her virgin mouth; jets of his cum pouring over her tongue and down her throat. Unable to swallow quick enough, some of his cream managed to drip down to her chest which Mia was able to retrieve once the eruption was complete.

“Holy fuck,” he groaned lying back on Mia’s bed, his hands covering his face as he took a moment to come back to earth.

Tucking his now softening cock back into his boxers, Mia sat up back over his lap. She took his hands off his face and gave him an expectant look waiting for some approval.

“So Mr Romanos, how did I do?”

“Fucking exceptional for a beginner,” he panted. “You sure you haven’t had any practice?”

“Uh-uh, just you babe.”

Jesse shook his head in amazement; this girl was making him feel something that was never present in his last relationship. “Well, Miss Daly I’m impressed.”

“Call it an early birthday present,” she joked. “Speaking of, do you want to do something together for your birthday or do you want to get all you buddies gathered for an epic twenty-first?”

“I’m not big on birthday parties so I’ll take option one with you. I’m sure you could make my twenty-first epic enough.”

Mia gave him a huge smile knowing exactly what she wanted to do for his birthday. He grinned back before he plucked up the courage to ask her a favour.

“Mia, you know my family are coming here next Saturday right?”

She nodded remembering he told her they were driving down on the Friday night but wouldn’t get in until the early hours of Saturday morning – a ten hour drive from Toronto.

“Well, my Mom has been asking about you and she wants to meet you, if that’s okay? I know we haven’t been dating for long but I feel like you are so important to me already. I want to be your boyfriend – that is if you want to be my girlfriend?”

Jesse sounded so sincere and it revealed a whole new side to Mia; his vulnerable side. How could she say no? It wasn’t as if she didn’t feel the same way – apart from the introducing him to her parents bit. She couldn’t believe his mum knew about her already.

“Jesse, I’d love to be your girlfriend,” she squealed excitedly, wrapping herself in his arms.

“And you’ll meet my family?”

Mia nodded and he pulled her face to his, the taste of his own cum still on her tongue as they kissed. The memory of her sucking him was giving him the same stirrings as before. Their kissing was interrupted though when they heard someone’s howls as they sung their heart out downstairs.

‘.....ohhhhh heaven is a place on earth’

“Oh my god,” laughed Mia, “that’s Norah on karaoke on the X-box.”

“Do you want to go rescue her?”

“No... I want to go join in, c’mon,” she said climbing off of him and putting her sweater back on. He buttoned up his jeans and followed her down the stairs to the living room, watching as she downed a glass of the lethal punch and headed up to the X-box as Norah finished.

Feeling the alcohol sink in she turned around and found Jesse talking to Mark. Taking the microphone from Norah, she picked her song. If he can wind me up via a song then so can I.

Jesse ears perked up as he heard the opening notes to one of the biggest hits of the eighties. A smile spread across his face as he looked at Mia as she opened her mouth to sing:

‘I made it through the wilderness,

Somehow I made it through,

Didn’t know how lost I was until I found you...’


It was Friday night, the night of Jesse’s birthday. Upon Jesse’s request Mia decided to make it fairly low key. She still hadn’t found out the reason for his aversion to birthday parties, but it suited her fine, it meant she got to have him all to herself for the evening.

The intrinsic planner she was, Mia decided to go all out. Norah and a few of her friends were on an all expenses paid trip to New York for a pharmaceutical conference, so it left Mia with the room to herself over the weekend. It was just as well because she had big plans to make the most if it with Jesse.

Her room was tidy and with a few candles set out for when she wanted to set the mood. She had her fingers crossed that Kris, Patrice and Hilde would stay out all night or have other plans so she wouldn’t have any disruptions.

Mia paced her room trying to make sure she had everything sorted; there was wine in the fridge, she hadn’t missed her pill the whole time she had been prescribed it, Frankie had provided her with condoms when she first arrived and her bed was freshly made up. All she had to do was shower and get ready.

I never realised how much time it takes me to get ready; I could give Norah a run for her money at this rate. Right so I’ve had a shower, moisturised every inch of my skin with coconut butter, hair is dry and the rollers are in so just make up and putting clothes on to go.

Standing in front of her mirror, Mia gave herself a thorough inspection. She was pretty pleased with herself. She had decided on the black and white striped body-con dress she got for Christmas along with her favourite black wedge heels. The major surprise was what she wore underneath; instead of going for her favourite black tights she decided to push the boat out and opt for a pair of thigh high stockings.

She flushed thinking of what she had in store for her favourite Canadian (and no it’s not Ryan Gosling). Mia took a deep breath and tried not to bite her deep purple nails that Hilde and Norah painted exquisitely the night before.

The door buzzed bang on eight pm. She took a last quick look in the mirror and sprayed her body with a burst of her favourite Chanel perfume, before running down the stairs the best she could in her heels.

“Happy birthday!” she squealed as she opened the door to a flabbergasted Jesse.

He stood transfixed on the step as he looked his girlfriend up and down. The dress and the way it hugged her hourglass shape, the way her hair flowed down her back, the legs and heels, everything was appealing. Was this the birthday present she was going on about?

“ look...” Jesse felt his mouth go dry, his vocabulary betraying him, “beautiful, stunning, amazing...”

“Thanks,” she answered, confidently twirling round to give him a better view. “So are you going to come in or are you going to stand there gawping at me.”

Shaking his head at her remark and her growing confidence, Jesse walked into Mia’s living room. “Stay there, I’ll be back in two seconds,” she commanded as she ran up the stairs to get Jesse’s present and her purse.

Gliding back into the living room she handed Jesse a rectangular shaped box with a card on top. He looked at her puzzled as she gripped her purse in her hands to hide the growing excitement.

“I’m guessing you want me to open it?”

Mia nodded and watched as he opened the envelope of the card and read the message inside:

To Jesse,

Thanks for everything;

Your friendliness, your smart-mouth, your help and best of all...

Being the only person in Boston that makes me feel at home

Your girlfriend,

Mia xoxo

“Aww Mia, that’s beautiful. Come here,” he said holding out his arms as he gave her a hug. Her excitement grew again and she looked at the box he still had to open.

“Okay I don’t know if you’ll like this but it popped into my head and I couldn’t get rid of the idea. Open it,” she instructed and he did just that.

He ripped off the wrapping paper and lifted the lid of the green box. His eyes widened as he lifted out the green and white hooped soccer jersey. No need to wonder which Glasgow team Mia supported. Jesse turned it round to the back and saw his surname and his number on the back.

“Mia... this is...”

Mia bit her lip hoping he approved of her gift. Jesse turned to face her with a huge smile spread across his face. “Mia, this is amazing. So thoughtful – I love it.”

She couldn’t help but contain her own grin and he kissed her gently as not to mess her lip-gloss. Mia’s thoughtfulness blew him away. In the short space of time that she knew him, she had managed to figure him out. Jesse realised he was falling for her and he knew would be leaving in the not so distant future. He pushed the thought from his mind and focused on her at that moment - Mia was on the phone calling a cab.

Jesse couldn’t believe his luck that almost five months ago she grumpily came under his radar when he had to inspect her apartment. It was clear now that he was careless in the way that he pursued her. Thankfully, he listened to his gut instinct (almost too late) and ended it with his ex-girlfriend.

“Taxi is on the way – what were you thinking about?”

“You and how sexy you are and how lucky I am to have you,” he confessed.

Jesse’s revelation induced one of her blushes and left her wondering how many of those she was going to have that night.


Standing at the bar, Mia looked simply stunning. She stood patiently trying to wait for an opening in the small crowd so she could edge closer. Mia had treated Jesse to a wonderful evening so far. They had dinner at a quaint little Greek restaurant downtown that Mia found online and then headed out for drinks and dancing after.

Jesse watched as he saw the glances she was attracting from the other party goers waiting to be served. They were marvelling at her body in that figure hugging black and white striped dress. He couldn’t believe how oblivious she was to it either; she just wasn’t the type of girl that hunted attention. He downed the rest of his drink and headed toward the bar, too impatient for her to return.

From the corner of her eye, Mia could see him head in her direction. She tried her best to keep her focus on the queue ahead, but couldn’t resist the urge to smile as Jesse got closer. You’re 21 Mia. Not a giggling 16 year old. Just chill out, she scolded to herself.

An opening became available as a girl that was standing in front collected her round of drinks and walked away. Mia looked at the reflection from the mirror behind the bar. Jesse was seconds from her now. She pretended to feign notice that he was near and tried not to draw attention to herself as she quickly checked her hair and make-up.

Jesse placed his hands on her waist as he stood behind her. She could feel his breath on the skin of her neck before he softly kissed her shoulder. It took all of her restraint not to melt at his feet.

“Sorry, I couldn’t wait for you any longer. You look so beautiful I had to come and get you,” Jesse whispered seductively into her ear. Mia could see a blush appear on her cheeks as she watched in the mirror. Her shoulders made the shy involuntary movement as they rose in response to his voice.

“Have you had fun so far?” she asked as his hands squeezed gently at her hips, sending all kinds of erotic sensations though her body. She couldn’t remember being this turned on in a long time which she knew was more to do with Jesse than anyone else.

Dancing with him was excruciating torture; it was like he knew exactly how to press her buttons. Mia usually never felt comfortable showing that much desire and affection when she had an audience but it was hard to be that introverted when she was with Jesse.

“Tonight has been amazing Mia. Thank you for everything: the present, the card, dinner and best of,” he gushed before giving her a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Hmmm, well when you are so grateful like that I can’t help myself. Although, can I suggest one more thing that will make this night even better?”

“What’s that?”

Mia turned to face him, her stomach in knots as she thought of the right words to approach her suggestion.

Slowly she traced her hand up his arm, over his sleeve and past the collar of his shirt; resting it on the back of his neck. She gently pulled him closer. Jessie swallowed as her mouth drew nearer his. He was just about to close his eyes as her lips were approaching contact, when she turned her cheek to him and spoke in his ear.

“Why don’t you get this round, then after, we can head back home and you can come and stay over in my place.”

Jesse could feel a stirring tingle spread over his groin region as he contemplated how the rest of the evening was going to play out. He looked into Mia’s eyes searching for confirmation.

Mia smiled as Jessie’s face gave away his reaction. She nodded in reassurance and leaned into his ear again. It took all of her courage to keep every shred of nervousness away from her voice as she spoke again. “Norah’s away this weekend so we have the place to ourselves.”

Silence fell between them as if either didn’t want to risk saying another word.

“Hey, what are you having?” asked a pierced flame-haired bartender, breaking the suspense.

“Two shots of Tequila please,” the Jesse requested. The red-head nodded and turned as she prepared the order. Jesse’s confident manner had returned even though they both felt the sexual tension reaching a peak.

“Shots?” Mia asked puzzled.

Placing his hands around her waist again, Jesse pulled her closer to him so that their bodies were touching. “Yeah, I thought the quicker we have these drinks, the less time you have to change your mind.” He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lower lip.

Don’t worry Jesse; nothing is giving me doubts about what I want to happen tonight.

The drinks arrived and they both downed them at the same time, never keeping their eyes off each other until they both winced when the alcohol burned down their throats. Jesse paid up then taking Mia’s hand, he led her away from the bar towards the cloakroom.

“Jess...” Mia started just as they approached the attendant.


“Get your coat - you’ve pulled...”


The taxi-ride back to campus charged with tension to say the least. Jesse wrapped an arm around Mia and held her close to him. Even though she wanted to, Mia resisted the urge to start off their foreplay in the back of the mini-cab. Being an intricate planner, she didn’t want the removal of her V-plates to veer off into a distasteful horny fondle.

“Wine?” she offered once they had gotten through the door of her seemingly empty apartment.

“Yeah, if you’re having some,” he replied.

Of course I am; I need something to calm my nerves. Shit, my palms are sweating. Steady Mia, we haven’t even got to the main course yet.

She fumbled while peeling back the foil from the cork. Her hands shaking, she made a lame attempt at trying to pull the cork free from the neck of the bottle.

“Do you want a hand there?” Jesse asked as he stood at the door frame of the kitchen. Mia nodded reluctantly and passed him the corkscrew and bottle which he opened almost instantly. “Where do you keep glasses?” Mia pointed at the cupboard above the fridge before turning away and wiping her slightly damp palms on her dress.

Turning back, Jesse passed her a glass of wine; she took a gulp hoping that it would instantly calm her nerves.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had Pinot Grigio before. Are you a wine connoisseur?” he asked as he sipped.

“No I usually pick them my percentage then price. One of my friends back home had a theory that you should pick the one that’s has the most discounted price. But we ruled out that theory when the one we picked tasted like blue cheese and dirty socks.”

Jesse laughed, charmed by her honesty. He held out his hand and she took it and led him back into the living room.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” she volunteered.

“Why don’t we stay down here just now? We’re not in a rush, are we?”

Mia shook her head gently in response, privately relieved. It was easy for Jesse to tell that she was nervous; Mia face almost always was a window to her emotions. So even though he knew she wasn’t uncomfortable, he thought the best thing to do was to take the pressure off.

Jesse sat down on the couch and patted the space beside him. Mia perched on the seat before setting down her drink. She sat back and allowed her body to relax next to his. He wrapped his arms around her small torso and pulled her closer to him.

The strength of his arms around her made Mia feel safe with him, as though he knew exactly how she was feeling. She lifted her hand to his cheek and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “You’re so lovely, do you know that?” she said beginning to feel her nerves dissolve.

He smiled and kissed her forehead, “Lovely? It’s not a word that someone has used to describe me before, but I like it. It’s sweet, thank you.”

Mia pulled his lips to hers again, this time kissing him deeper, slowly slipping her tongue into his mouth. Jesse could taste the wine on her tongue and he tried to fight back the urge to pin her down right there on the couch.

He caressed his hand down her spine and along the curve of her waist, resting his palm on her voluptuous thigh and giving it a gentle squeeze. Mia turned her body towards him and he pulled her leg over his hip and slipped his thigh between her. Needing no encouragement, Mia inched closer so that Jesse’s thigh was now right against her crotch.

As she slowly grinded against him, Mia kissed along his jaw and down his neck. She savoured the feeling of the light stubble of his skin against her lips. Accepting the affection Mia was giving him, Jesse let his hands wander over her body. He took great pleasure feeling the contrast of her soft, delicate body against his hard muscular one.

He rested his head back against the sofa, feeling her nails trace along his neck before unbuttoning his shirt collar. Mia undid the first few buttons which gave her better access to kissing along his neck and collarbone.

The tension was building and Jesse was about to suggest a move upstairs, until they were interrupted by the sound of voices walking up the path to the apartment and the jingle as a set of keys rattled in the door.

Mia sighed, feeling defeated as Hilde stumbled though the door with a random boy in tow. There were a few nonchalant apologies as she excitedly made her way up to her bedroom, pulling along her latest conquest.

There was a lot of laughter and giggles coming from the upstairs bedroom. Then in the next moment the Dutch girl’s sound system was on and loud trance music was blaring through the apartment.

Mia gripped Jesse’s shirt and groaned in frustration which only made him laugh aloud. Jesse kissed Mia on the head as he realised that his perfectionist girlfriend’s planning had become redundant. He gave her a hug before getting up from the couch and grabbing their jackets.

“Come on,” he said to Mia, who wore a confused look upon her face. “We can go to my place...”

Taking her coat from him with a smile, Mia gratefully walked out the front door as Jesse led her back to his own apartment.

As soon as they had gotten through the door, Mia couldn’t resist the urge to wrap her hands around her sexy boyfriend and give him the deepest kiss she could. Jesse’s body responded instantly and he wrapped his hands around her hips, pressing her back against the wall. Mia felt his hand grab her thighs and she wrapped her legs around his waist as Jesse lifted her up.

“I want you so bad,” he growled hungrily into her ear as he kissed along her neck and over her face. His hands gripped her thighs and felt under her tight dress to the top of her stockings. Mia began to grind her crotch against him and she noticed immediately how much he did want her. It was enough to make her want to have sex with him right there in the hallway.

However, Jesse had other plans. This was going to be Mia’s first time with a member of the opposite sex and he wanted it to be perfect for her - even if her own plans had fallen through. His kisses became softer as he gently lowered her back down on the floor.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes – just wait here,” he said as he left Mia in the living room/kitchen.

Mia assumed he was doing a last minute sweep of his bedroom to remove any dirty laundry, so she took her opportunity to make a last nervous check of her appearance. Not that it will matter soon, she thought to herself.

After a few moments, Jesse walked back into the living room where he found Mia waiting patiently for him. He stepped towards her then swept her up in his arms and took her to his bedroom.

“Close your eyes,” he commanded and she did, wondering how messy his room could have been. She could feel his grip of her loosen slightly as he opened the bedroom door.

“You can open your eyes now,” Jesse said softly.

Mia lifted her eyelids open and let out an awed gasp. Jesse put her down to let her take in the sight of his room that was now romantically hued with candle light. She felt so special at that moment she almost thought it was her birthday and not his.

“Do you like it?” he asked standing behind her and kissing down her neck.

“I’m speechless Jess,” Mia answered and turned around to give him a kiss.

It didn’t take long for her hands to wander his body and show him how grateful she was. Mia began unbuttoning his shirt and watched as he slid it off his arms. She stood back a little and looked at his perfectly sculpted chest. Better than I remembered it.

Mia kissed along his neck and down his sternum. Even though he knew that his abs was her weakness; it didn’t prevent Jesse from groaning when Mia’s tongue licked along them.

Jesse cupped his hand under her chin and guided her back to stand in front of him. Mia’s heart raced quickly as she felt Jesse wrap his hands round her back and pull at the zipper of her dress. She held her breath as he slid the sleeves down her arms and pushed her dress down to her ankles.

Mia was left standing in only her black strapless bra and panties and her sheer black stockings. Jesse thought he would go blind at the sight of her. God this girl knows how to organise a birthday. I won’t forget this image soon.

The nerves had started to kick in again and Jesse noticed a slight tremble in her hands when she reached to unbutton his trousers. Taking her hands he got her to sit down on the edge of his bed as he finished removing his pants.

Mia scooted back to the middle of the bed to make room for Jesse. He knelt on the edge and leaned over to slide down her stockings slowly, one at a time. Leaning back, Mia bit her lip as a tidal wave of arousal hit her. It was the first time in her life that she had allowed a man to undress her and even though it was nerve wracking, it also felt so damn sexy at the same time.

Jesse took position between her legs and began to kiss her lips as he ran his hands over her bare thighs.

The familiar hardness was present again against Mia’s leg, but she soon became distracted once she felt Jesse reach up and slip her bra down. His hands caressed over her nipples then, leaning over her he took her breast in his mouth.

She ran her fingers through his light brown hair and savoured the feel of his tongue flicking at her right nipple before he switched sides and played with the other one. With both hands, he squeezed her breasts as he began to kiss down her stomach.

Jesse let his teeth pull the waistband of her black briefs down slightly. He could hear her whimper as he rubbed his hand over her crotch and he could feel through the material how turned on she had become.

Teasing her more, Jesse got her to lie on her stomach as he kissed down her back, unclasped her bra and tossed it to the ground. He kissed and licked all the way down her spine to the tattooed design at the base which caused her to moan and grab onto the pillow her head rested on.

Mia had her eyes closed so she was a little surprised when she felt Jesse’s hands pull her to get on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder to see him hook his fingers under her panties and pull them down. Mia took a deep breath as she felt every inch of her bare skin was now exposed to him.

She didn’t have too much time to dwell on it though because the sensation of his tongue as it licked over her wet pussy cancelled out every other feeling she had at the point.

Jesse’s fingers spread her lips apart and licked her moist slit while his free hand squeezed her ass cheek. Mia let out a satisfied moan and she couldn’t help but let her head rest against the pillow as Jesse licked and sucked at her throbbing pussy.

“Oh my God,” she panted.

Using his thumb Jesse rubbed her clit quickly as his tongue probed her wet little hole. His cock throbbed in his boxers as he anticipated the moment it would be inside Mia for the first time.

“Baby, you taste so good,” he said as he continued to lick over her slit. Mia felt as though she would melt right there and didn’t know how she was going to last during his beautiful torture.

Mia felt her body temperature increase as Jesse continued to eat her out and she knew couldn’t hold out much longer. She ached to have him inside her and the anticipation was driving her crazy. Grabbing the pillow Mia let out a pleasured cry as her clit spasmed in orgasm.

“Mia, you are so fucking sexy,” Jesse said huskily as he flipped her over to her back. She was still panting but he couldn’t wait to have her any longer. He climbed on top of her and pinned her hands down as he kissed her deeply. He ran his fingers through her hair and probed her mouth with his tongue.

Jesse’s boxers were the only boundary that was left between their bodies and Mia started to pull at the waistband signalling that she was ready.

“These need to come off,” she moaned into his ear as he grinded against her. Jesse looked into her eyes searching for any hesitation but there was none. He gave her another small kiss before getting up from the bed.

Looking on with anticipation, Mia rested her weight on her elbows as Jesse looped his thumbs under the band of his boxers. Jesse noticed the curious expression on Mia’s face as she lay there waiting for him undress and it excited him knowing this was all new to her. He teasingly pulled the elastic over the throbbing muscle that was going to change Mia’s sexual experience.

Mia tried to keep a steely expression as Jesse’s manhood sprung free from the confines of his underwear even though it was almost comical. Jesse wrapped his hand around his erection and gave it a stroke before edging back into bed with the sultry brunette that was waiting for him.

He placed both of his hands on Mia’s knees and spread her legs apart wide. She turned her head to the side and took stock of every feeling that her body was experiencing. She could feel in increase in the moisture that was building in her crotch, her nipples where taught and a tingling sensation spread around them; her heart was pounding in her chest.

She felt Jesse against her as he climbed into position. His large cock probed against her thigh as he rested his body on top of hers. Jesse looped one arm under her back which brought her chest up to press against his. He lifted her face so that her neck was arched upward as he kissed down her throat and along her collarbone.

“Jesse, I can’t take anymore,” Mia gasped as her body began to involuntarily thrust against his.

He smiled and knew the moment had now arrived. Lifting off her slightly he reached over to the set of drawers next to his bed and took out a prophylactic. Moving on to his side, Jesse removed the metallic wrapper and rolled the condom over his hard cock.

Mia lay expectantly as Jesse rubbed his member over her moist slit. She closed her eyes and brought her hand to cover her mouth as Jesse positioned himself at her tight entrance. He kissed along her neck and removed her hand from her face, entwining his fingers with hers.

“Do you still want this?” Jesse asked her with as much restraint as he could muster.

Mia nodded and wrapped her free arm around his back. Squeezing her hand, he kissed her lips before easing into her gently. A breath caught in her throat as Mia felt the head of his cock push into her tight entrance. She knew he was large, but it felt a lot bigger inside than she anticipated and there was some discomfort when he slid in deeper.

“Ohh,” she whimpered as his whole length filled her up and stretched her out.

Just when she felt used to the sensation of being stretched, Jesse eased out, just keeping his head inside her. His rhythm was slow and his thrusts were tender and it allowed Mia to get used to his length and girth. After a few long, languid strokes, Jesse grazed his hand down her thigh and wrapped her legs around his waist which Mia noticed made his thrusts deeper.

“Ohh my God,” she gasped as she felt filled in a way that she’d never experienced before.

The sex felt strange, but in a very good way; Mia had only ever been used to fingers inside her so his thick muscle was a whole new experience. It wasn’t the only thing that felt new either, having him inside her meant that their bodies were completely connected. It was something that made everything more pleasurable.

Jesse held her close so that his chest pressed against hers. Mia noticed that she was getting used to him entering her and had begun to meet his thrusts. Feeling her respond to him so positively only heightened Jesse’s pleasure. He circled his hips and grinned as her kissed her neck when she moaned out.

His pace changed a little, Mia heard Jesse’s laboured breaths and could see the tension on his face; she knew he was holding back.

“Jesse,” she panted, “you can go harder... I want it.”

He didn’t need further instruction, grabbing her hips he plunged hard and deep causing her to cry out in pleasure. Her squeal rung in his ears and Mia gripped his shoulders and kissed him deep as he thrust.

“Mia, you’re driving me crazy,” Jesse moaned as he pumped faster. Mia could only respond by moaning back and running her hands through his hair. He rocked rhythmically into her, savouring the sounds of her moans and sighs.

She felt another orgasmic release was near and her back arched as her delight was spreading. “Oh fuck,” she yelled as her internal muscles contacted in orgasm, her thighs squeezing tight around his back. Jesse grinded quicker and kissed her forehead which was furrowed as her body convulsed under him.

She lay trembling as waves of bliss wracked her body. Her mind was void of thoughts. All she was aware of was the sensations against her skin as he kissed all over her face and continued to thrust into her.

Jesse pushed Mia’s thigh upwards towards her torso and his strokes slowed down. He could feel his balls ache for release. Mia continued to moan under him and knew he would be close. She gazed at his face as his eyes closed tight and he pressed his forehead against hers.

She lifted her chin and flicked his top lip with her tongue. Jesse wrapped his fingers in her hair and gripped her thigh as he gave his final hard thrusts before he climaxed. He let out a deep groan mumbled incoherent words of ecstasy into Mia’s ear as he came.

His breaths against her ear and neck sent shivers down her spine and Jesse felt his body turn to jelly as his limbs gave up.

Mia ran her fingers through his hair and kissed along his neck and shoulders as he lay panting on top of her. She could feel the muscles in his back had relaxed and she herself, felt a sense of bliss being there with him.

Lifting his body off of her, Jesse heard Mia gasp as he pulled out of her. He kissed her on the nose and got up to dispose of the condom. He blew out the candles and switched on the small lamp before approaching the bed.

“I believe you are on my side,” he said before nudging her over to the right side of the bed.

Mia rolled her eyes and scooted over and felt him climb in behind her. “Well since it’s your birthday...” she sighed, giving in.

Jesse kissed her shoulder and wrapped himself around her.

“Well this isn’t exactly how I imagined how the night would end but I’m certainly not complaining,” he joked while letting out a tired yawn. “This was the best birthday ever, thanks Mia.”

The yawn was contagious and Mia smiled taking his hand and kissed it, wrapping it around herself before she drifted off.

Hmmm, I plan amazing birthdays...


Early the next morning Mia awoke feeling tired, but not like the usual fatigue of staying up too late. Her body was spent and the muscles in her thighs ached, it was a tenderness she could learn to enjoy.

She reached over to find Jesse, but his side was empty. Mia slid out of the bed, her bladder getting the better of her. She was just about to slip on her dress when she noticed the gray Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt laid out at the bottom of the bed – it was the one she wore the very first time she stayed over. Jesse had also left her a pair of boxer shorts to save her putting her panties from the night before back on.

Goodness, he’s almost as good a planner as me, Mia smiled to herself as she slipped on Jesse’s clothes and headed to the bathroom.

Jesse was in the kitchen, reading his mum’s texts from that arrived in the early hours. His family arrived in Boston in one piece and he was to meet them at lunch time then bring Mia along for dinner. Great – gives me some time with Mia this morning.

He was just about to head back to his bedroom when he saw her enter the kitchen. The dress from the night before was stunning, but there was something to be said about the understated look of her wearing his t-shirt and shorts. Mia’s facial expression was shy and endearing and it made him grin from ear to ear.

“Well good morning beautiful,” he welcomed as she stepped into his arms. “I trust you slept well?”

“Hmmm, the best sleep I’ve had in ages,” Mia answered as she stood on her tip-toes and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

Holding her waist, Jesse picked her up and sat her on the kitchen surface. Mia squirmed a little as he felt up her thighs while kissing her neck.

“You okay?” he asked concerned.

“Fine, just a little...sore,” she blushed as he gazed at her.

“Sorry, was I a bit rough with you?” His words gave her a surge of arousal which she could feel pulse all through her body.

“No; not at all, you were perfect. I’m obviously just not used to anything that big...”

“God Mia,” he groaned grabbing her face and kissing her deeply. “You certainly know how to dish out the compliments.”

She giggled as his hands began to roam under the t-shirt she was wearing. Mia gasped at the stroke of his thumbs against her nipples, making her skin tingle. She thought about the night before and was glad she had decided to sleep with him – it was perfect, much better than she had ever anticipated.

Mia could feel her desire for him build again. Mmmm, morning sex - can’t think of anything better to start the day.

“You know, I think the best way for me to get used to you...” Mia panted as Jesse gently caressed her thighs, “would be to keep practicing. What do you reckon?”

“I think that sounds like an amazing idea. Brains and beauty - what a combination.”

Sliding his hands under Mia’s bottom, Jesse lifted her up and carried her back into his bedroom.

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