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Moms best friend

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Milf teaches eager buck how it's done
My name is Cody, and I'm a college student, and, not yet 19 years old. Since puberty I've been utterly fascinated with attractive, well dressed older woman. During high school I did anything to go out with older girls and women from work so I could hopefully put the make on them. And occasionally I did. But, they were never quite was I was looking for.

Just before graduation my mother made a new friend at her job named Beverly. She was 39, short, NICELY shaped, unhappily married, very gregarious and full of more sexual energy and tension than she could stand. I remeber the first time she visited our house, she brooded about in tight faded blue jeans, a soft fuzzy sweater, and plain leather pumps with HIGH heels, about 5 inches. MAN! Did she look good! She was short but had a very nice shape and looked like she had been melted and poured into her jeans. And those heels really did something for her. They set the whole thing off.

I went away to college and never quite forgot Beverly. She really made me horny and I tried to make a conection with a woman as old as she that looked as good as she did, and, most importantly, had her AGE and experiance. Something I'd never quite found.

I went back home in the spring not thinking I'd see her again when mom announce she had volunteered me help someone she knew. Her friend needed help bring home some fresh produce from her familys farming operation out in the country near our home. "Well who is it, anyone I know?" I asked. "You remeber Beverly, dont you?" she said. My cock immediately turned to stone! beverly had somehow gotten my mother to send me out in the country with her. ALONE! Over the past 6 months she had become my fantasy woman and the family had no idea of my tastes in women. "Oh, okay." I said.

Beverly drove up to our house one morning about mid morning in her big new luxury car. She got out and met me half way. Wow, tight jeans, a tight white button up blouse, and dark hose and high heels. She was so tiny but yet propped up on those shoes. It was like she had dressed up for me. She looked totally fuckable. I shook her hand and looked at her feet. "I thought we were going out in the country. But thats okay I like 'em." I said. "Yeah, I know you do" she came back smiling. As we got in her car mom yelled, "Dont run away with him, okay Bev."

During the ride she looked at me intently as I tried to make intelligent conversation accross the leather bench seat. She probed me really hard about interests and relationships. I treid to convince her that I didnt have any which she found hard to believe. We turned off the main road onto a trail that led into private property. She drove and drove until I questioned her about where we were going. She looked about smiling and said that she thought she made the wrong turn. then she pulled slowing between 2 hedges and off the road and up into a totally secluded glade. She shut off the motor and leaned back against her door and cocked her right leg across the seat and lit a cigarette. "We better rest here for a bit." she said grinning and teasingly blowing out her smoke. "It'll take a while to drive back to the farm house. This a big piece of property." "Oh, okay." I said. "So you never told me about those girlfriends in college, Cody. Have you ever fucked a girl?" she asked. "Oh! My you are NOT shy, are you?!" "Hmmm" she said with that wicked grin, and continued,

"nearly an hour on the road and you never slid over next to me. Why?" I started, "I wasnt sure.." She interupted, "Cody, honey, is there something wrong with me?" she said as she blew out some smoke and tossed her head back and stretched out her leg. "Not a thing." I said. Her delicious foot landed right in my crotch with the toe of her shoe right against my cock. "Cody, baby have you ever fucked a woman?" she asked as she stared into my crotch and flexed her foot in, tracing the outline of my raging hard on with the spike heel of her shoe. "See I KNOW I want to screw you and I think your inetrested, too, so..." she began. I suddenly grabbed her ankle and slid my hand up into her inner thigh and kneaded her flesh.

She tossed her cigarette out the window and said "Come here". We struggled toward each other and when we got comfortably entangled she cocked her head to one side and whispered, "Kiss mama". We cut straight to the chase and layed a deep, wet open mouth kiss with tounge on each other. She began to whimper and encouraged my hands to her private parts. "Cody, I wouldnt put you out, but, you will fuck me wont you?" With that I slid out my side dragging her lower half along. She was stretched out on the bench seat. Nicely and tightly dressed and middle aged. Holy cow! I stripped right there in the warm sun in our secluded spot and she grabbed her crotch and boobs when my cock sprang out. "Oh, dear god!" she blurted breathlessly. "Get in here, baby. Please! Dont make me beg!" she cried. I knealed down and unbuckeled her belt and unzipped her while she massaged her boobs and sucked her fingers. I pulled her jeans and panties down, her pussy was shaved and I caught a good whiff of her slobering vagina, over her feet and pulled her shoes off with them and tossed them down on the ground. She had unbuttoned her blouse and let it hand open. She hadnt worn a bra. I got in slowly like I was going to mount her. I lifted her knees and went down on her pussy with my lips and tounge. "OOHH! CODY! Baby where did you..... OOOHHHH!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as my tounge found her clit.

Everything was very obvious with her pubes shaved and I was able to bring to a peak quickly. I'd practiced on other, younger women. But SHE was the one I wanted to take it out on. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her and yelled "You little stud where'd you learn to do th..OOHH!" She was thrashing about pretty good by now as I ate her pussy and yelled "DAMN!, whats your cock gonna be like?" I then slid my tounge up her belly and boobs and layed another sloppy kiss right on her. She tried to reach between us and grab my cock. I stopped her. "NNoo, Cody, stick it in me! Fuck mama!" she wailed.

I had pulled her pantyhose off already and used one to loosely tie her hands to the door handle. I teased her for quite some time. She was totally aroused and begging to be fucked as I stroked her belly and thighs with my rock hard cock. Finally I grabbed my cock and guided up against her lips and slid up and down looking for her opening. "YESS! YESS! RIGHT THERE! CODY YOUR .... OOOHHH BABY! My cock slid into her amazingly tight vagina. She yanked on the pantyhose I'd tied her up with but only bound herself tighter, Squirming, hissing, panting, crying, she withered as I thrust her twat. She tightened up pretty quickly after I started and just collapsed as I kept pumping her. "Bev, did you..." I said softly in her ear. "Yeah" she whispered. I kept laying the pipe in her until she was almost back up to a peak. "Bev, I'm gonna come! i whispered. "DO IT! Come inside me!" she said back through gritting teath. Then I lost it and busted my nuts deep inside her.

I backed off and sat up in the seat next to her. She was still tied up and her head had cleared considerably. "Boy! That was nice! We should get together again. But, we should get going now. Honey untie me and we'll get cleaned up over by the pond." she said. My cock was still hard and I moved back to mount her again. "Cody you wouldnt!" she said playfully. "Baby we're tak......OOOHHH!!!" she was interupted as my teenage cock slipped into her nearly 40 year old pussy again. "This is exciting! SSSSsssss! OOOHHhhh!" she moaned. She just sofly thrust her head form side to side as I pumped her twat again. We finally tightened up and came together after a long slow fuck.

I untied her and we cleaned ourselves up as she eyed me with that wicked little grin. "You fuckin animal! she kept saying. We finally made it to the farmhouse and picked up our produce and drove back home. We both still had nice rosy glows on our faces. Beverly told my mother, "See, I didn't run off with him!" But, with a private little place in the country like Beverlys, who would wanna run?
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