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Mr. Banks

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**this story is entirely fictional
No one forgets their first time.

It was the summer of '05 that I turned 18. It was the summer of '05 that changed my life. That summer, I was exposed to the world of sex. Not just any kind of sex though, no, it was mind blowing, earth shaking, send me to heaven and back sex. It's not like I was totally inexperienced though. I had boyfriends throughout highschool, I went to some of the "bases", but I never "hit a home run" with any of them. Some might ask, why wait so long to lose your virginity? To that I would have to say, the boys in highschool were either too stupid, too immature, too gross, or too "not the right one". Needless to say, I wanted it to be with someone special. And that someone special, was my boss.

That summer, my parents were sick of the same old routine with me. Stay home, watch TV, hang out with friends, basically do nothing important. They gave me two choices; get a job, or go to summer school. Since I didn't want to go to school for more time than I had to, I chose a job. My friend's dad was nice enough to help me find a decent job as a secretary in a realtor's office. Hey, it was money, right?

My first full/real day on the job, I had the great fortune of meeting my boss. We'll call him Mr. Banks. He was 34 years old, single, about 6'5, had a great body (like a swimmer's), dark brown almost black hair, and stunning green eyes. He was the sexiest man I had ever met in my short 18 years of life. I had no problem waking up early in the morning to go to work, as long as I got to stare at him all day long.

I couldn't focus. I couldn't eat. I couldnt' drink, think or talk around this man. He melted my brain, gave me butterflies, all the cheesy cliches you can think of, he did them to me. I decided very early on that HE was going to be my first. I had to have him. There was no other choice for me, he was it.

My gameplan was to get his interest very quickly, but subtley. I started wearing skirts that were just a little bit too short. I would drop things in front of him and when I stood back up from picking them up, I would stop for just a second, eye-level with his crotch. More than a few times when I did that, I could see his cock jump through his slacks...yeah, he was interested alright. After about a week of subtle hints that I wanted his attention, I started to blatently do things for his attention. I would drop things behind me now, so I could turn around and pick them up. When I would turn back around, I would always catch him staring at my ass. He would blush, of course, and stammer a bit, then leave. That bit always disappointed me. I wanted him to man up and admit he wanted me too. I needed him to!

The 3rd week was when I brought out the big guns, so to speak. I would find anywhere from 50-100 times a day that I could "accidentally" brush up against his cock. And I would always linger...enough to feel him start to harden. When I felt him stiffen through his pants, I would immediately soak my panties. I got so wet, so fast, I'm sure he could even smell my arousal. He started to get more "friendly" with me as well. When he would pass behind me in the halls or by the front desk, he would get too close and would "accidentally" brush my ass as he passed by. Or sometimes, he would lean over my desk while talking to me about work and would stare into my eyes with those mesmerizing emerald eyes of his. All while leaning closer and closer, then would take an obvious look down my shirt, wiggle his eyebrows at me, wink and then walk away. There were some days that the sexual tension got to be so great between us, I would go into the bathroom or my car on my breaks and play with my clit and slide my fingers into my soaking wet pussy to get a little relief from the constant torture that was my boss.

By the 4th week, I started to notice that his cock would jump whenever we were in the same room together. I knew that meant he was thinking about me then. Thinking about doing dirty, sexy, hot things to my sweet little pussy. It was a vicious cycle. He would enter the room, I would immediately look at his cock, it would jump, I would soak my panties, his cock would jump again, and so on and so forth. I knew it was time to make my move.

He always worked late on Thursdays. He said it was better than staying late on Friday instead. I guess it made sense. Anyways, I called in that Thursday morning and let them know that I had a "doctor's appointment" and I would have to come in a few hours late; but I would make up the time by staying later that night. (brilliant, right?) The end of the day couldn't come soon enough. I had already cum at least 4 times throughout the day on my breaks because I couldn't stop thinking about jumping my boss's bones!
FINALLY, everyone left and it was just me and Mr. Banks. I was almost ready to seduce my boss, I just had to make sure everything was ready,so I made a quick stop in the bathroom before heading to his office.

When I came out of the stall, I almost had a heart attack/peed on the floor. Standing in the ladies' room, was Mr. Banks. A disheveled, sexy, out of breath, blushing Mr. Banks. Before I could ask him what he was doing in the women's bathroom, he grabbed my hips and crushed his lips and hips against mine.

It was like a spark ignited in me, starting in my lips and flaring to my pussy. He tasted so good! Like mint and vanilla, a little bit of coffee. I moaned into his mouth, and he ground his rock hard cock into my pussy.

"Do you feel what you do to me?", he whispered raggedly into my mouth, "I've been going crazy for a month trying not to fuck you senseless. I can't take it anymore."

"Oh fuck, don't stop, I've been waiting for this. I need your big, fat cock inside me. I need you to pound my tight, virgin pussy and make me cum all over your rock hard dick", I whimpered back.

He groaned at my words and ripped my blouse and skirt off of me in rapid succession. He paused for a moment to stare at my tits and the large wet spot on my panties, but only for a moment. Before I could even start to take his clothes off, he flicked my bra off and tore away the scrap of silk covering my cunt. He lifted me up onto the counter, kneeled down and started to kiss his way up my inner thigh. His hot breath feathered over my soaking wet pussy and made every muscle in my body quiver with anticipation. Finally, he slowly ran his tongue up, down and around my slit. Licking in a tight circle around my little clit, flicking it a few times, then running his tongue back down and shoving it in my pussy. I was in heaven/hell. It was the perfect balance of pleasure and pain. I came multiple times in a row, screaming the whole time. He continued his torture until I found the strength to push him away. After catching my breath, I said wickedly, "my turn".

He just grinned and helped me down from the counter. I pulled on his shirt so hard, the buttons popped off and scattered all over the bathroom floor. I kissed my way around his pecs and abs while shoving his shirt down his arms. I was so eager to touch his rock hard cock that I practically attacked his pants. I ripped open his belt and shoved down his pants to his ankles. He barely had enough time to step out of his pants before I took his heavy erection into my willing hands. He leaned back and groaned while I stroked his penis. I trailed my fingers up and down the vein on his cock before kneeling before him. I kissed away the drop of pre-cum on the top of the mushroom head. I licked my way up and down his shaft before sucking just the tip into the hot confines of my mouth. I started to suck on his cock like a popsicle, sucking it almost to the back of my throat before letting it pop out of my lips.

He started to breathe more heavily, moan more urgently. He gently pushed my head away and pulled me up for a kiss. We continued to make out until I said the magic words "I need you inside me".

He instantly grabbed a condom he had put on the counter, put it on, and lifted me back to the counter.

Before he entered, I said, "Wait, go slow at first. This first...uh, time doing this...".

He just stared at me for a minute before broke out into the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face. "I'll be gentle with you babe, I promise", he whispered in my ear.

He started to slowly push his thick, long dick into my slick pussy. I felt a nagging pressure in my pussy, so much so that the pleasure started to fade. Finally, he hit the barrier.

He held me close and said softly, "I'm so sorry honey, this is going to hurt a bit". He thrust all the way to his balls inside of me. I cried out in pain, and begged him to stop. It hurt too much! He just held me, rocked me, shushed me and said I would be alright; the pain would fade in a minute. True to his word, the stinging pain of losing my virginity faded, and I gave him the okay to move. It still felt strange, a heavy pressure inside of me, but it wasn't unpleasant.

Then he hit what I now know to be the G-spot. All the discomfort, all the pain lifted and all I felt was mind numbing pleasure. I urged him to go faster, harder and he went from 0-60 in a second. He started to pound into my pussy so hard we were shaking the entire bathroom counter! His balls were slapping my ass as he lifted my legs to his shoulders, he was hitting me so deep inside! I felt like my body was splintering from the inside out.

"Oh babe, you're so hot, so wet, so tight, uhhhh yeah, so perfect. Fuck, I'm not gonna last baby, you feel so good!", he grunted into my neck while he thrusted into my pussy. "oo yes baby, cum for me! cum in me!" I yelled in his ear.
"Oh god, oh god, oh fucking...fuck..yeah, shit, I'm cumming!!!"

He started to pound furiously into my pussy while he came, his orgasm jump starting my own. My first orgasm. It felt like I was hooked up to a battery and it was sending shocks all over my body. I saw stars, I think I blacked out for a moment, I couldn't feel my legs! It was amazing.

We stayed there, wrapped around each other for a few minutes, catching our breath, cooling down. We looked up at the same time, into each other's eyes, and we knew that this wasn't going to be a one time thing.

It turned into a 3-4 times a week thing, we started to stay late Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and meet up on most Saturdays. We couldn't get enough of one another. Unfortunately, I went off to college in the fall, so our office sex-capades didn't last. But I'll always have a special place in my heart for Mr. Banks.

He taught me so much; about sex, myself, my body, and of course, real estate ;)

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