Mr Johnson and Liliana

By KinkyLady

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Damn - that the first thought that came into Trey's mind as his daughter introduced her new friend. Trey was a lonely divorced man; he hadn't had a good fuck in years. Sure, he had a few one night stands but they weren't good enough to satisfy him. Every night he dreamed about fucking the brains out of a hot, young girl, whose pussy was tight as hell. This girl was hot - she had long black hair, beautiful big green eyes, seductive smile, tanned skin (Trey thought she could have been a Latina), tits weren't that big, but she had nice curvy hips and a lovely curvy round ass - she seemed young, but there was no way to know whether she had a tight pussy or not, he'd do anything to find out.

Trey himself was an extremely handsome man; he was tall, definitely over 6ft. He liked to keep fit, he was a basketball player and went running every day. He had a very defined 6 pack which you could easily see through his white shirt, and his arm muscles were so big the shirt was close to ripping to pieces.

"Dad, I'm just going to go out to get some alcohol for the party tonight, I'll be back soon, look after Liliana while I'm gone please." Trey heard his daughter shout.

"Of course I will", Trey smiled. He couldn't believe he was going to be alone with Liliana, were his dreams finally going to come through?

Liliana was innocently sitting on the sofa, Trey thought she was very sexy and had a very sexy name. Trey casually walked over to her and slowly sat down, not sitting too close to her yet.
"Hello gorgeous, how are you?” he asked her. She blushed.

"Hi Mr Johnson, I'm good thanks, how are you?” she asked in return, avoiding eye contact. Trey smiled.

"I'm very well, thank you." He was also feeling very horny.

Trey couldn't stop staring at this beautiful girl sitting next to him, wild thoughts were running through his mind, he just wanted to take control of her, fuck her 'till she couldn't walk, make her beg for more.

"How old are you?” he asked her, now moving closer to her. A lovely rosey smell surrounded her breathtaking beauty.

"I'm 19" she replied, "how about you?"

"19 eh? I'm 39, a bit older than you." The fact Liliana was 19 turned Trey on even more, his dick began to grow in his boxers, Liliana notice it too, and she began to blush even more.

He was sitting so close to Liliana now, their faces were inches apart; she was still facing away from him however. Trey lifted his hand and began to stroke her cheek, telling her to turn around so he could see her gorgeous face. Her skin felt smooth soft; her lips were so inviting and seductive. He wouldn't mind having them around his dick, Trey thought to himself.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear; "Have you ever fucked a big dick?"

"No," she replied andd turned her head the other way again.

"Are you still a virgin?" Trey was getting more and more excited as he asked this.

"Yes, I'm a virgin." Trey's dick was bulging out of his pants; all he wanted to do was just feel Liliana's pussy sliding up and down his dick.

"Have you got a tight little pussy?” he asked. Liliana giggled but didn't answer.

Trey couldn't resist it anymore. He moved Liliana's hair out of the way of her neck, he placed his lips on her neck, kissing it all over and gently biting it. She asked him to stop, but he continued doing it and after a while he knew Liliana was starting to enjoy it more. Her eyes closed and her breathing became heavier, she was getting more turned on now. Trey softly stroked Liliana down her chest, still kissing her neck and he put his hand inside her bra, Liliana tried to push his hand away but she gave up when Trey began to squeeze her breast and played with her nipple, giving her a nipple erection. Trey stood up and took off his shirt; he leaned over Liliana and kissed her soft lips while he also took off her black top and red bra. He rubbed and played with her tits faster now, and Liliana began to moan a bit, running her hands over his chest, stomach and back.

Trey kissed Liliana down her neck again, moving further down to her perky tits, gently sucking and biting her nipple - Liliana moaned even louder.

"Mmm Mr. Johnson that sounds so good.”

“Damn Liliana it turns me on so much when you call me Mr. Johnson."

He then kissed down her stomach but still rubbing her tits at the same time. When he got down to her hips, he slowly pulled down her skirt, as he continued to kiss down her inner thigh and all the way down to her feet as he pulled her skirt off. Her legs were so kissable and resistible. He kissed her inner thighs again and also gently rubbing her pussy over her thongs, he could feel it getting wet therefore he pulled them down too and rubbed her tight wet pussy up and down. Liliana had never experienced this before, but she definitely enjoyed it, her moans and groans were getting louder and she started to rub her tits together.

Trey entered a finger into her soaking pussy and Liliana let out a loud moan, she couldn't believe how good it felt. Trey pushed it in and out, getting faster each time and Liliana put her arms over her head to hold on to the coach.

"Mmm Liliana you're so tight baby," he said as he tried to push another finger in but was unable to because she was so damn tight. He sucked on her clit and licked her pussy, sliding it in now and again. Liliana was definitely getting wetter now. He tried to push a second finger in again and this time it went in.

"Oh fuck," Liliana moaned. Trey fingered her faster and sucked her clit harder.

"Fuck, mmm Trey that feels so fucking good, I'm gonna cum all over your fingers and tongue."

Trey grabbed her tits with his other hand and squeezed and pulled on her nipple, he could feel the sweet cum dripping down his fingers, and he could taste it in his mouth. He then put his finger in Lillian's mouth and she sucked his fingers clean 'till there was no cum left.

Trey stood up and unzipped his trousers, he took them off and told Liliana to take off his boxers. She was a bit hesitant at first but also very curious as to see Trey's bulging cock. So she came forward and pulled his boxers down, she looked amazed at how big it was, it must've been 9" at least, if not more. She was unsure of what to do next as she had never touched a dick before, let alone suck one.

Trey started to wank himself, with his other hand he grabbed Liliana's hand and told her to copy what he was doing. Even though this was her first time she was doing it unbelievably good, she knew how fast to do it and she was turning on Trey more than any other woman in the past has done.
Before they knew it, Liliana had her lips curled around his dick; Trey moaned a little as her mouth was getting his dick wet. She sucked it quite slowly at first, just getting used to having a dick in her mouth. Trey put his hands on the back of her head and pushed her head down, allowing his dick to get deeper into her mouth. However, she began to gag and pulled away from his dick. "Liliana baby, don't stop, you were doing so good." She thought about it for a second or two and then put Trey's dick back into her mouth.

"Mmm that's good baby, you keep doing that, my naughty little slut." Liliana smiled and looked up into Trey's eyes, now sucking his dick faster and faster, as she also fingered herself when Trey asked her to.

"Want me to take control over you?” he asked. She nodded and Trey stepped back.

As he picked Liliana up to take her into the bedroom, he grabbed her big ass and slapped it hard, leaving a red mark on it. Liliana slapped him in return and Trey threw her onto the king size bed.

"You've been a naughty little slut. Daddy's going to punish you for it."

There was a naughty, kinky atmosphere surrounding them as Trey got out his handcuffs and walked over to Liliana, placing her arms above her head and handcuffed her to the headboard. Liliana protested but deep down she was enjoying it. Trey got on top of Liliana, and kissed his tits again, sucking on her nipple and fingering her wet pussy, she let out sweet soft moans in his ear.

Next, Trey opened up her legs as widely as possible, which was rather easy seeing she was a very flexible girl. He rubbed her pussy up and down with his dick, making her wetter as well as getting the head wet before sliding it into her.

"Trey, push it in, you're turning me on too much."

Just to keep teasing Liliana, he didn't push it all in right away, but just the head, giving her a little taste of how good it's going to feel. Nevertheless, it was also turning Trey on too much and he couldn't wait any longer. He just had to feel her pussy. It took a few tries before it slid into Liliana but once it was in Trey let out a groan of delight as her tight pussy gripped around his hard dick, and his dick tasting Liliana's sweet juices. Liliana was in pain for the first couple of minutes and blood dripped out of her pussy.

"Trey please stop that, you're hurting me too much", she pleaded.

"Mmm don't worry baby, Daddy's taking good care of you, the pain will be over soon."

And so it was. Liliana felt a sense of pleasure rather than pain as Trey's dick thrusted her gorgeous tight pink pussy. A sense of delight was seen on her face as well as Treys' face, he loved how she looked when she moaned, she half smiling and her body looked so good from his point of view. Her tits were bouncing up and down and her legs looked so sexy as he held them up.

Trey also wanted to see her body from a different point of view so he uncuffed Liliana and told her to get on her hands and knees, he loved treating her like she was his to control, his own little whore. He got behind Liliana and grabbed her by her hips as he inserted his dick into her, fucking her slow but hard at first, his balls slapping against her round ass.

"Who's your daddy?" he asked. No reply. This time he grabbed her by her hair and pulled on it a little bit.

"Liliana, I asked you question. Who's your fucking daddy?" He pulled on her hair harder and slapped her ass, again leaving a red mark on it.

"Mmm I love it when you slap my ass,” she said.

"You're my daddy, you're dick feels so fucking amazing."

It turned Trey on so much hearing Liliana talk dirty to him. At that moment he started to fuck Liliana faster, making her moan and scream 'Daddy' and 'Mr Johnson' out loud.

He was fucking her so fast and hard she could feel her legs weakening.

"Daddy please don't stop fucking me, keep it right there.”

He fucked her even faster now; the whole bed was shaking and it squeaked so loudly that the neighbours could hear.

"Oh god yeah that's it."

Trey slapped Liliana's beautiful ass harder and harder, also pulling on her hair and grabbing her throat, pulling her head back and he could see on her face how much she loved it.

"Mmm my little slut I'm gonna cum in your soaking wet tight pussy."

"Mmm daddy I'm gonna cum all over your hard dick."

Trey grabbed her by her hips, thrusting his dick into her and pulling her back onto him. Liliana screamed so loud, holding on to the pillows because she was so turned on.

Trey let out a last moan and cummed in her pussy as he could feel her cum running down his dick as she orgasmed. He fucked her slowly 'till he'd fully cummed, making sure her pussy tasted it. Finally, he took out his dick and gave Liliana a last slap on her ass. She lay down on the bed as her legs were too weak to stand up, at the same time Trey got dressed and helped Liliana get dressed too.

Trey smiled at her and said, "That was the best fuck I've had in a long time Liliana, I hope we can do it again sometime."

Liliana smiled back at him and replied, "I'd love to do it again daddy."

She winked at him and said, "Oops, Mr Johnson I mean."

"You dirty little slut."