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Mrs. Jessup's House (part three)

Mrs. Jessup's House (part three)

This story happens after the night that Mrs. Jessup showed me and my girlfriend what love-making was all about. I had been peeking in on her for months since I became a seventeen year old junior in high school. Finally Carol had had enough and she introduced me to pussy licking, cock sucking, and fucking her pussy. I loved her hairy triangle of pussy with its tangle of brown curls. She was a short Frenchwoman and loved sex. And I don't think she ever got enough from Mr. Jessup.

My parents were so conservative that they didn't even want me dating. But for some reason Sarah had liked me and made me her boyfriend. Her own parents didn't want her dating either. That's why we spent so much time at Carol's house. We were free to be ourselves there. And our parents never really knew anything about what was going on. They thought Carol was a good influence on us. Little did they know. Neither set of parents knew that both of us were there together. They would have thrown a fit.

We introduced my girlfriend Sarah to sex. She had been a virgin but Sarah had taken to sex like a duck to water. While she was licking my Carol’s oozing pussy I got behind her as she had her little athletic ass in the air and I slowly spread her lovely long legs. Then I rubbed my thick eight inch cock up and down in her pussy lips to grease it up. Then I rammed it quickly and roughly into her cunt. She squealed with the same squeal Carol made when she was fucked. Then she pushed back hard. She was letting me know she was enjoying it. That was how Sarah lost her virginity. While we were both making love to the same woman, Carol Jessup.

Don't think that I stopped my voyeurism because of a little pussy fucking. I would still peek into Carol’s room when she was in there with Sarah. Sarah had decided that Carol was almost a goddess when it came to sex. She sought her out whenever she could. I would peek at them as they would make out and make love for hours on end. They had also learned that they could cross their legs and press their pussies together and rub them. Carol’s pussy was brown haired and lovely. Sarah's was blond and also v-shaped. They and could make each other come without any man around. Sometimes they would yell out to me to stop peeking and get into the bedroom. Then they would both use me as they wished. They would either suck my cock. Or one would demand to be fucked. I surely never minded. I lived for sex with Carol and Sarah.

The winter had passed. The three of us were learning more and more about threesome sex. Spring came and with it came a new surprise. Also many new opportunities appeared.

Sarah had continued with her practices in volley-ball and the cheerleading squad for our basketball team. Often she arrived home late. That never seemed to interfere with love-making with Carol. Sometimes I was included with my raging eight inches to bring them both off. I was also quite good at pussy-licking. I always enjoyed it. And I always remembered what it was like to be a voyeur in our desert town.

One day, when the salt-cedar had started to bloom, Sarah came over and wanted to talk to Carol alone. I watched one of the three channels on the TV while Sarah and Carol were in Carol’s bedroom. When they came out twenty minutes later they both had interesting but also disturbing smiles on their faces.

"We have a surprise for you tonight and you're definitely going to like it."

“Okay. Bring it on, I guess.”

I had dinner at home with the parents and then told them I was going to help Mrs. Jessup put up some pictures on her wall. I went over to Carol's house right next door. Sarah also gave her parents an excuse and showed up soon. About eight that night the doorbell rang. Carol told me to answer it. I walked over and looked through the glass in the door. I saw three girls standing on the porch. I wasn't that good with girls yet. I opened it with some hesitation. They were all wearing cheerleading outfits. They were in short pleated skirts and light sweaters with insignia on them. They had on white tennis shoes. They pushed their way in and asked for Sarah.

Sarah came in from the kitchen.

“Is this him?"

Sarah walked over and put her arms around me.

"He's the best you'll ever get."

What was going on? Carol walked over and hugged me. Then she pushed me into her bedroom. Sarah and the girls followed. Carol was peeking around the edge of the door. With no preamble they all started undressing me and at first I was flustered. But that soon turned to wonder and ecstasy.

They lay me down on the bed. My cock starting growing and all of the girls started oohing. Then they all started taking off their clothes.

One was tiny and had short black hair. She had the same on her pussy. And she was excited. I could tell because her nipples were hard. Her tits were small and perky. She had little nipples that were dark brown and stuck out. Her pussy was all curly haired and had moisture coating the pubes. I'm not sure she even knew why she was excited but she promised to be a good ride. I wanted to lick that pussy someday if I could. Her black eyes were gleaming in anticipation.

Another was a knockout blond with long legs and a pussy with very sparse hair. Her tits were large and a little out of proportion to her slim build. But I had no complaints. They were slightly hanging because they were so huge and her nipples were large circles. They were yet to get hard but I could make them do that I was sure. I wanted to part those long shapely legs. They would fit well on my shoulders.

The other was auburn haired. She had curls and a perky up-turned nose. She had some freckles sprinkled across her face and she look very eager to get this done. I loved her rosy red nipples standing our from round tits. Her pussy was ginger too. And she was anxious to begin because her cunt juices were already flowing.

They all seemed to know what was going on except me. Then Sarah sat down with all her clothes off and slowly caressed my dick.

"Remember what you did for me last fall? You're going to do that for my friends tonight. They are all virgins and are all tired of being hassled by bitches on the squad who think they are better because they've had some dip-shit athlete's crooked-ass cock in their pussies."

With that the rites of passage began. With all of them I used rubbers as I did with Sarah. No one was going to get pregnant in Carol's house and especially not Carol. I don't know how they had made their selections but the first I enjoyed was the little dark-haired girl who was so enthusiastic. It was as if she was leading a squad at the basketball game. She wanted it face to face so she could see me enjoy it. I slowly eased the head of my prick into that virgin pussy and then I jammed it hard. It broke through her maidenhead. When she came it creamed from both me and her. It flowed around my cock and down into her ass-crack. I would have loved to do her again but duty called.

Next was the auburn-haired beauty. I was sure was she was Irish from the freckles on her nose. For her I put on a new condom and threw the other in the trash can. She was also enthusiastic and decided she wanted to control the action. So she made me lie down while she got on top and slowly lowered her red-haired cunt onto my still-hard cock. It was wonderful to be young and able to go for hours. She keep humping me until she made herself come and then she did it some more. She had learned just how good screwing could be. Then she expressed her approval and completion by laying her soft breasts on my chest and kissing me long and hard. It was wonderful to be alive.

Finally long-tall-sally stretched out beside me. This time she put on the rubber for me and then hugged me like an old lover. She whispered in my ear.

“Please do me from behind. And I want both holes used. Okay lover?"

No problem. I had often fucked Carol in the ass when she was feeling blue. It perked her up somehow. I got behind the sweet blond and rammed my still hard cock into her dripping pussy. She had been anticipating this while two others had been fucked so she was ready. She kept humping back at me and begging for me to go deeper after I broke that cherry. This girl wanted her due. She knew she was a beauty and she wanted me to appreciate her assets. I did so over and over again.

After I made her come, which she told me about in a loud echoing voice, I pulled out. And with all those juices oiling me up I rammed into her bung-hole. She screamed but it was in lust and pleasure. She didn't seem disappointed. She came again, just as loudly as before, but I kept fucking that ass hole. I had come once already. I had one more in me and it was going into her ass. After her pussy fuck I had taken off the rubber, so she was going to get all of my cream inside that ass hole. Finally I spurted and came into her and kept coming until it was leaking out around my tightly held prick. I pulled out and the come began dripping out onto Carol's bed. We were both finished and collapsed onto Carol’s chenille bedspread. That bedspread would need a good washing.

I have never seen girls so grateful for anything. They all knelt down and kissed my now soft dick. Each one wanted to lick off some of the cream that had accumulated on my dick. It was making me hard again. That was a surprise for me. Then each gave me an even better kiss on my tired and trembling lips. They were very sweet in their gratitude. After what seemed like hours they all dressed and kissed Sarah and Carol. Then they left to wend their way home in our little desert town. Carol and Sarah smiled at me.

"This is going to be a long weekend so get ready for it. Get some sleep and be prepared for the next session with us."

That was Carol. She was my very first. She would live forever in my memories.

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