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Ms. Doe

It all started three months before junior year let out, it was Career Day so classes where almost empty. Sitting in English class Ms. Doe just let us do whatever we wanted to do. So I did my homework for the day, about half way threw the class Ms. Doe got bored so she handed out some books so we could read out loud. She was wearing a thin floral summer dress. That she always wears that went a little under half way down her thigh. She started to get ready to start it off, she walked up to the first desk in the row I was sitting in by myself.

As she went to sit on the desk I watched her, She slowly placed her left leg on the seat and then slid her butt on the desk with the other leg still on the floor. When she started to lift her right leg I noticed that I could see up her dress. She had on the sexiest pair of white with little flowers bikini cut panties. I tried not to stare but it was like my eyes had a mind of there own as she moved around to get conformable I keep staring. She cleared her throat to start to read, that broke my gaze to her hot body I looked up at her and she had a sinister smirk on her face like she saw me checking her out.

The rest of class went by pretty fast, as the bell rang for the day to be over I got up fast and headed out the door. I started to walk home then I remembered that I left my book in class. So I turned around ran to the class hoping that Ms. Doe was still there. I opened the door glad it was unlocked but I didn't see her. I walked over to grab my book, I heard Ms. Doe moan, I froze and looked up to the front of class there she was sitting at her desk leaning back in her chair.

Her right leg propped up on the desk her dress unbuttoned with her hand inside of it playing with her hard nipple. I moved slowly over to grab my book, she lets out another low moan. I just stood there like a deer in headlights as I watched her pleasure herself she opened her legs wider and I could hear that she was fingering her dripping wet pussy. As she quicken her pace she pressed her head harder against the chair, arching her back and sucking and biting her bottom lip.

I was shocked to see the teacher I've had the hots for pleasuring herself. I couldn't stand it my cock was so hard and almost ripped a hole through my shorts. I started to walk to the door to keep both of us out of trouble. I opened the door slowly trying to be as quiet as I could. The door was about half ways open when I heard her started to moan and breathe faster I stopped to watch her, she stretched her leg out and body started to shake. When she was catching her breath I slipped out of the class room forgetting to hold the door to close it, the door closed hard. I jumped then started to run down the hall in case she went to check it out.

On the way home all I could think about was her, trying not to but my mind keep going to it. When I got home I layed in bed just imaging what it would have been awesome to be kneeling in front of her as she pleasured herself. Watching her fingers slowly sliding in and out of her folds as she rubbed her juices over her hard clit then sliding both fingers back in finding her G spot. My cock was starting to get erect just thinking about it but I had to stop thinking about it because it was almost dinner time.

As the night went on I keep thinking about her and rubbing my semi hard cock threw my shorts. Getting ready for bed I climb in pulling off my boxers, laying there I closed my eyes and started to think of Ms. Doe sitting on the desk without panties on telling me she wants me to come have a taste. I got hard fast as I started to slowly stroke my cock I could feel drops of pre cum running from the tip. I ran my fingers around the head lubing up my throbbing hard shaft I quicken my pace as I heard her moans in my head I could barely contain myself as I gasped for a breath I felt my cock get harder so I grabbed it tighter and stroked it faster. I felt my balls tingle as I shot my load in to my waded up boxers I was still stroking my cock with my boxers as I shot more and more cum into them.

Waking up the next morning taking a shower and rushing to school not to be late. I was sitting in math class bored out of my mind so I started to write a erotic story based on me and Ms. Doe playing after class.

'….As she sat there with Her dress around her waist, her legs open and panties pulled to the side telling me 'to eat her like I've never eating a girl before' I slowly got up walking over to her sitting in the desk that she was sitting on top of. She put her left leg on my shoulder, I lick my lips and slowly kiss up her thigh licking around her hot pink mound she moans at the feel of my lips on her sweet wet pussy.'

I got startled by the bell ranging I had to sit there for a little longer because of the hard on I had. Finally it went down enough so I headed to art class, we had a sub which always means it's movie day. I sat next to a window so I had a little light so I work on my story

'I ran my long wet tongue over the full length of her wet slit I could taste her sweet juices. I opened my mouth wider taking her lips into my mouth and sucked lightly as she grabbed my hair and grid her pussy on my face. I sucked harder she let out a load moan of ecstasy as I slowly slide my big wide wet tongue from her Anus to her wet clit, she pushed my face harder into her pussy.

“Oh baby...Yeah just like that eat that pussy...Oh fuck...I'm going to cum!”

I rubbed her rose bud with a finger and tongued her like she wanted . S he pressed her head against the chair she put her other leg on my shoulder, pulling her dress open she grabbed her hard nipples and twisted the letting out a hard loud moan of pleasure. I lifted my mouth off her wet mound, spreading her folds with my right hand then sliding a finger deep in her tunnel. She took a sharp gasp of air as I slide my finger to my knuckle. I slowly slide my finger in and out of her dripping wet vagina as I slide another finger into her I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers. I slowly started to work them back and forth as her vagina started to loosen up I went faster and sucked on her clit...... Rinnnnnnng I almost jumped out of my skin as the bell rang, getting up slowly with my back pack in front of me so nobody would see the raging hard on.

I walked slowly to get lunch I could feel that I was leaking pre cum and my boxers were wet as I sat there eating with my friends I keep on thinking of Ms. Doe. Lunch was over headed to my next class there was no time to write more of the story and the class was dragging on forever then I thought, the next class was English and I didn't know how I was going to stand it without blowing my load. Walking in the door Ms. Doe was standing in front of the class writing on the board wearing a different summer dress. Let me describe her to you she about 5'1”, short blond hair just pass her ears, really petite, small breast like a A cup so she never wore a bra, Beautiful face with light green eyes.

I sat down just watching her as she reached up to write on the top of the board her dress lifted up a bit showing more of her lightly tan thigh. I started to get a semi chub so I to flip threw my English book to calm down.

“Today we are going to write poems for the first part of class then read them out loud.” She says to the class.

I was thinking 'fuck...what am I going to write a poem about and am I going to faint in front of the class.' I don't like getting up and read out loud I get light headed, sweaty palms and feel like I'm going to throw up. As she explained what the poem was suppose to be about which it was going to be about love I was trying to think of a exit strategy but nothing was coming to me. So she told us to get started as I sat there trying to come up with a poem that I'm not good at.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue but actually there purple..and this is stupid how about you . NOPE that is stupid

My heart bleeds for the love of a beautiful sunrise as my love rises my heart warms. NOPE

Love is a fickle sense. What is love?

I've never felt love, can you answer that question.

True I love my family but is that counted as true love.

Is love valentines day, if it is why does it only come once a year wouldn't it be everyday of life.

Is love what you feel when you kiss a girl or is that lust.

Wish I could answer them but I don't know how or what it is to love. Not quite a poem but it something.

Ms. Doe told us she would like to read them before we read them out loud. So she started to call names. GOD...I hope I'm going to be one of the last name called. As the students went up and she checked their poem I noticed her sit in the empty seat. A couple of more students were called then the inevitable happened.

“Jax,” Ms. Doe called out.

“DAMN...” I said under my breath.

As I walked up to the front I started to get light headed handing the poem to her, I took a deep breath to gain my composer and it worked as she handed it back to me.

“Good job, go ahead and read it.”

I stood there looking to the class as I started to read, I saw Ms. Doe in my seat and a thousand thoughts went threw my mind but the big one was 'OH SHIT, I forgot to close my notebook and the story is right there...Play it cool maybe she won't see it.' When I was done everybody applaud and told me it was good. Ms. Doe slowly got up from my chair calling out the next name taking a breath of relief hoping that she didn't see the story. About ten minutes before school was out she called out couple of names including mine of students to help her with some stuff after class. So we stayed to help it we were pulling books off the shelves and putting them into boxes it only took half an hour but we got it done.

“OK, thanks you guys for the help. Jax can I see you for a minute?” Ms. Doe said

I stood there as the others left the class she walked slowly up to me with a smile on her face and some papers in her hand.

“These are yours.”

I took them, looking down to see what they were, I almost passed out when I noticed that it was the story.

“Um, I'm so sorry Ms. Doe I will never do it again,” I said almost ready to run out the door.

“Don't be I think it was great but was disappointed that it wasn't finished, I got all worked up and couldn't stop rubbing my wet slit.”

“Excuse me?”

“That's right, I was sitting in my chair with my fingers running around...let me quote you 'MY ROSEBUD'.”

Taking a hard gulp, I felt my knees start to shake and the room was starting to spin.

“ Oh WOW.” Was all I could come up with

“So when will you have it done would love to read the rest?”

“Don't know it just me being stupid.”

“Well, when you get it done I would love to read it again.”

I smiled and started for the door hoping that she was being serious and not setting me up to get into trouble. So a couple of days went by but I didn't do anything with the story but every day I was in English she would sit at her desk and watch me. It started to creep me out as she just watched me like a lion stalks it prey so that Friday in class she said it was a free period which means do what you want. I didn't have any homework so I was sitting there bored so I deiced to work on the story.

...She started to lift her pelvis in the air as I fingered her hard and fast she started to breath hard and fast as I pick up my pace.

“Mmmm...Baby...Don't stop just like that,” She moaned.

“Yeah you like it like that don't you my little slut.”

“Mmmm, Yeah talk dirty to me.”

“You want me to slide my rock hard cock in you?”

“Mmmm, YEAH.”

“Fucking you slowly as I suck on your tits.”

“Ohhh, FUCK yeah.”

“Bending you over the desk...”

“Oh FUCK YEAH...Ohhh...I'm cummmming.”

She cums hard and fast, my fingers are covered in her juices as I pull them out of her pussy she watches me as I lick them clean and move down to her wet hole licking all her sweet juice up. She slowly stands up kissing me as she runs her hand over the bulge in my shorts slowly getting on her knees she unfasten my belt and shorts. My cock springs from its cloth prison she grabs the hard shaft licking around hard head and sucking it like it was a straw in a empty glass of soda. She licks from the bottom of the shaft up to the head taking it deep in her mouth then bobbing her head slowly I grabbed a hand full of hair and she went faster.

She started to slow down and I started to fuck her face sliding my hard cock deep in her mouth she started to moan and it sent tingles to my balls. My legs started to get weak so I sat in her chair she moved closer to me she ran her hands up my thigh then placed light kisses on my warm balls. Then started to lick them while stroked my cock that made me get wetter as my pre cum started to run down my shaft. She sucked one of my nuts in her mouth, running her tongue around it almost made me erupt. She did the same to the other nut I let out a low moan she took that as the go ahead to finish me off she slide my head back in her mouth and stroked my shaft hard and fast.

“Ohh...YEAH, Right there. Mmmmm yeah, FUCK. I'm cummming.”

She took my cock out of her mouth, I closed my eyes biting down on my bottom lip as I shot rope after rope of cum on her face, chest and my thighs she keep stroking my shaft as I exploded hard. Then I opened my eyes as she sat back on her legs with a well satisfied look on her face. I could see that her right nipple was covered with my cum. She stood up grabbing some tissue and handing my some to clean you myself.

“Mmmm, I needed that so much. Thanks Jax!”

“WOW, No Thank you Never had that happen to me before.”

“Really Never?”


“WOW, Would LOVE to keep doing it with you!”

“Me too.”

The bell rang I looked up almost everybody was gone I sat there gathering the story and saw Ms. Doe was walking towards me I smiled to her thinking if I should give her the story or just leave and throw it away. She reached my desk just as I started to close my binder.

“Did you finish it? I saw you hard at work>”

“Uhhh, I guess it's finished.”

“Can I read it?”

“Sure.” I reached into my binder pulling it out then handing it to her “There it is. Well I got to go hope you like it and See you on Monday.”

“You don't want to wait and get my reaction?”

“I would like that but got stuff to do at home.”

“Ok, Then see you Monday.”

The weekend went by slowly but keep on thinking what did she think about my story man should have stayed. My alarm clock woke me up on Monday morning. Jumping in the shower I lathered myself up as I got close to my member it got hard. Knowing that I didn't have enough time to work one out I turned on the cold water and angled it to my hard throbbing cock it worked as I watched it go down. Got ready for Another week of school wishing summer would hurry up already. In math class the teacher got a call as he hung up he called to me.

“Jax! You are needed in Ms. Doe's class. Here's your hall pass.”

I stood up grabbing my stuff the class 'Ohhh's' like I'm in trouble but that did get me thinking. Did she show the principle or call my parents I started to freak out. Thought about booking it as I walked over to the class but the security was tighter because summer was close. I walked up to the door and tried the handle but the door was locked so I knocked no answer. Just as I turned around to go back to math class Ms. Doe was walking up behind me with a huge smile.

“I didn't think you were going to come.”

“Well yeah I was going to come it sounded like it was important.”

“Yes it is VERY important!” She says winking at me.

I was so confused what this was about so I just went with it. When she got the door open she dropped the keys she bent over slowly to grab them a gust of wind blow her dress up a bit I noticed that she didn't have any panties on and I could see her smooth, meaty, very pink vagina. I got an instant hard on almost pouncing on her I controlled myself but it was so hard not to just whip it out and slide it into her. She turned to hold the door open for me looking me up and down but stopping at the bulge in my shorts and letting out a little giggle. I walked in, I stood at the back of class she walked up to her desk and grabbed my story. Turning towards me with it in her hand.

“OMG, This story was so good you have a real gift!”

“Na, I've always done those just nobody knows about it.'

“Well I LOVED this one I read it like ten times over the weekend.”

“REALLY!!! You liked it that much?”

“Oh Yeah, I couldn't put it down. One time I was completely naked walking around my house reading it, my juices ran down my thigh. So I layed on my bed legs spread wide as I rubbed my swollen clit wishing that you we're running your big wet wide tongue across it.”

I stood there listening to her explain what she did this weekend I couldn't believe my ears my cock was so hard by this time I just wanted to pull it out and masturbate. She was watching me but couldn't stop glancing down at the throbbing bulge in my shorts. I deiced to sit down before I passed out from the lack of blood to my brain, as I slowly slid into my seat she walked over to me handing me the story.

“I got to say the story was very HOT and SEXY but you know what? I wouldn't want you to pull your big hard cock out of my mouth. I would swallow every last drop of your thick creamy load as you shot it in my mouth.”

I took a hard breath as I tried to adjust myself in the seat so my cock wouldn't feel like it was going to rip through my shorts but it wasn't working. She sat on top of the desk sideways crossing her legs as we looked deeply into each other eyes. Her nipples were super hard I could see them threw the thin material of her dress. I licked my lips wanting to leap out of my chair, rip off her dress and have my naughty way with her. But this was my teacher and we could get into trouble if someone found out. So as we sat there and she told me her favorite parts of the story.

“So why didn't you write about us Fucking?”

“Uh I don't know. I've never had it so how can I write about it?”

“But in the story you said you never had a Blow-job but you wrote about that!”

“Na, I've had that before but haven't went further.”

“Oh, How sad. We're guna have to fix that!”

I just looked at her with a dumb and confused look on my face as I still tried to adjust myself in the chair. She watched me as I did this and giggled. I smiled back at her.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah Just can't get comfortable in this chair for some reason.”

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Uh, I have the biggest hard on I've ever had!” I said I could feel my cheeks get hot.

“Oh, Let me help you then!”

She slowly got off the desk and got on her knees in front of me. Grabbing my hips turning me to face her she had a look of lust in her eyes, when she saw the out line of my big veiny member in my shorts. She looked up to me as she reached for my fly slowly pulling it down I felt the pressure release, then she shoved her hand in fishing my cock out. She grabbed it her hands felt soft and tender as she pulls it out. Looking up at me as my cock throbs in her hand she slowly starts to stroke it, it felt so good like I was going to explode right there and then.

“Oh fuck...That's so good.”

“Mmmm, YEAH you like how I stroke your big hard cock?”


I unbuttoned my shorts pulling them and the boxers to my ankles so she could have full rein of it. She started to suck on my right nut as she stroked my cock faster, the pre cum was flowing nicely in her hand. She moved over to the other nut as she sucked it in she rolled her tongue around it while it was in her mouth that made me tense up and let out a moan. She giggled as she watched my expression. I looked into her eyes as she licks up my shaft to the head running her tongue around the whole head she wraps her lips tightly around it and stroke the shaft I was in heaven. She did this for awhile swallowing the per cum that she collected with her tongue. Slowly started to take my shaft in her mouth inch by inch.

“Oh god, your so GOOD at that!” I moaned as she made love to my cock.

She just moaned with my cock as far as it could go in her mouth. Starting to bob her head faster I threw my head back letting out a low growl of pleasure. She grabbed my balls with her right hand and started to massage as I was losing my mind. I tried to regain my composer but she was rocking my world. I grabbed her head to slow her down before I blew my load fast. She looked up at me with such passion in her eyes I could tell she needed this as much as I did.

I pulled her head up bending over to kiss her passionately she slide her tongue in my mouth I sucked on it hard. Moving her on top of the desk, I kissed her sexy thin pink lips then her silky smooth skin up to her ear lobe sucking on it she let out a moan. Then slowly licking down her neck across the top of her dress stopping at her hard nipples. Nibbling on the left one through the fabric of her thin dress she grabbed my head pressing it harder into her breast. I slowly started to continue down her body I helped her lean back to get comfortable, opening her legs I moved down her calf kissing up it she raises her dress to her hip. I looked up and could see her juices running down her inner thigh. I slowly licked up her thigh then around her hot puffy mound. Stopping at the top of her slit I looked up into her eyes.

“Oh my, PLEASE eat me! I need you to have your way with me!!!”

“Mmmm, YEAH!”


I licked back down her thigh she placed her hand on the back of my head trying to pull my face up to her hot wet pussy. I keep licking and kissing up and down her thigh teasing her as much as I could. Over taking by my lust I moved up to her now more then before dripping wet mound, opening my mouth and engulfing her whole pussy in my mouth she gasped sharply.

“MMMMMM, YEAH like that!!”

I sucked her whole pussy for a couple of minutes then ran my tongue from bottom to top she moaned with pleasure as I ate her out like she never has had before. I bend in closer, opening her legs wider I placed my right hand on her lips spreading them with my fingers I licked her hard swollen clit. I sucked on it hard she began to moan and thrust her hips in the air I moved faster, flicking her hard clit with my tongue. Slowly moving my left hand up to her wet opening I licked my middle finger sliding it in her tight wet hole. Slowly sliding it in and out she lets out moans of pleasure when she loosened up I slide my index finger in she tensed up and clamped down with her pussy.

I stopped moving my fingers moving over I lightly kissed her inner thigh as she relaxed with my fingers in her. I started to slide my wet finger fast and suck on her throbbing hard clit. She grabbed my head pressing it harder in to her pussy I grabbed her clit with my teeth and lightly ran my tongue across the tip she moaned loudly. I slowed down on fingering her as she was being too loud there was a class on both sides of us. She looked at me and grabbed my hand thrusting it in her pussy I slowly picked up my pace moving back down to licking the top of her mound she grabbed my head again lifting her hips off the desk grinding her wet pussy on my mouth.

Her breathing became shallow and fast, clamping my head with her thighs her whole body started to shake as she had a huge orgasm. Hot clear liquid squirted all over my face I licked her salty sweet juices as she continued to thrust her mount on my mouth. She was gasping and moaning with passion trying to catch her breath she loosened the grip on my head with her thigh, I started licking up her wet pussy.

“Oh WOW, I only squirt when I play with myself. You are really good at that!”

“Mmmm, Thanks.” I replied as I lick the juice off my lips.

Setting up she pull my face close to her licking her juices off of my chin then sliding her tongue in my mouth. We kissed passionate while she wrapped her legs around me pulling me closer my rock hard cock pressing into her hot pussy she started to grind it over her lips getting it wet with her juices. She pulling me tighter, I felt my head penetrate her opening looked in her eyes I slowly moved in Pressing my hard shaft in her wet tunnel. She was so tight so I inched it in letting her get use to my size sliding my whole cock in her I slowly thrust in and out of her. She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist pulling me harder into her.


I thrust hard and fast the desk was moving violently as I fucked her as she asked. I picked her up sliding her down on my cock she wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling us closer together. She started to tense up and moaning louder as my cock slide hard and deep into her. Letting out a loud scream she has another huge orgasm her pussy clamped down tightly on my hard rod I could feel her juices run from my pubic area and down my balls. I walked us over to her desk sitting her on top she pulls me out bending down sucking her juices of my rock hard shaft, I could feel I wasn't going to last that much longer she stands up and I turn her around bending her over the desk. I slide in her HOT swollen lips I grabbed her shoulders thrusting deep in her. I could feel that familiar tingle in my balls letting me know I was ready to unload my pent up aggression.

“Mmmm, I'm going to CUM!”

“Cum in me. I want to feel you shoot your big load in me!”

I thrust faster and deep in her. Feeling my cock swell up in her she clamped down on my thrusting cock making me shoot my big thick load deep in her she moans and starts to have a earth shattering orgasm herself. Not being able to move I could just do small thrust milking the rest of my load into her. When her pussy relaxed I slowly pulled out my head made a pop sound as it exited her cum filled tunnel. She turned around wrapping her arms around me our sweaty spent body embracing each other I kiss her naked neck.

“Oh, God that was what I needed.” She whispered in between breathes

“Me too, I'm so happy you needed my HELP today.” Kissing her neck moving to her lips.

We stood there kissing passionately for a couple of more minutes she looked at the clock noticing that classes were just about to let out. We scrambled to put our clothes back on but I couldn't stop and watch her I started to get another hard on when she turned around she noticed it and smiled throwing my boxers at me laughing. When we finally got dressed the bell rang she walked up to me giving me a kiss on he cheek and whispered in my ear.

“Can't wait for the next time I need your HELP!”

I smiled and winked at her as I left for my next class. The other classes went be pretty fast my next class was English the bell rang and I walked causally to class. I entered she smiled and waved at me as I sat down in my chair I grinned knowing what happened earlier. She went on with the lesson plan as usual I caught her staring at me from time to time and she did the same to me. The last few months of school went by fast. I HELPED Ms. Doe a couple of more times in the time we had left in school. It's going to be a LONG SUMMER!!!

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