Ms. Woolson, Nikki and I

By Conflicted_Feelings

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Robert took a chance with his substitute teacher that changed his life forever.
Robert was an 18 year old Asian senior in his high school. He had always been a slacker in school and his intelligent girlfriend Chelsea had just recently dumped him because of his failing grades. Unless Robert got an A average Chelsea wouldn’t take him back. He took this very seriously and started to pay more attention in school but he still fell behind due to his years of sleeping in class. The subject he had the most trouble in was math, Calculus. His teacher Mr. Williams was a good guy, but Robert hated the subject, he didn’t even really attempt to do the work. Finals were coming up, and unless he got a B or higher on the final he would be stuck with a C, which Chelsea would not approve of.

About Chelsea. She was a stuck up bitch, but Robert only dated her to get in her pants. He was a virgin, and he desperately wanted to change that. Chelsea was obviously not. She was a straight A student and was the ‘smart girl’ in school. However her parents didn’t know the whore she really was; fucking other boys in the bathroom or after school. She was all about her glow to other people. Robert had the physical appearance. He was on the school tennis team and was very fit. However his grades ruined that image. Robert wasn’t smart or dumb, just lazy.

Fourth quarter was coming to an end, and it was now the last period of the day. The class was Calculus. Robert was walking with his friend Jacob to that class.

“How’s the grades coming man?” Jacob asked curiously.

“Ugh, not going too well. I slacked too fucking much.” Robert muttered.

“Ah well, today’s Monday, you got a whole new week to catch up with your teachers.”

They reached their math room and Jacob opened the door for the both of them. Most of the students had already sat down; Jacob and Robert were usually the last ones to come in the class.

“Yea, I’m planning to do anything, to get Chelsea back” Robert said as he sat down at his seat, taking off his backpack and setting it on the floor.

Jacob sat down at the seat to his left. “Still tryin’ to get some? Just give up, she’s a whore.”

“Oh shut the fuck up, I don’t care.” Robert retorted back.

Jacob put his hands up in the air. “Alright Mr. Sensitive!”

A girl by the name of Nikki sat down to Robert’s right. She was also Asian, and she was pretty flat, A-cup or so stereotypically. She was average height and had brownish hair. She usually dressed up with cute clothing and loved to expose her almost non-existent cleavage. Her eyes were not squinty and did a good job of showing everyone her vibrant green eyes. They were friends but Robert had no intentions of dating her.

“How was your guys’ weekend?” she asked casually.

“I got dumped remember? I’m not surprised she hasn’t told everyone.” Robert clenched his fists.

Nikki put her hands to her mouth and gasped. “Really?! You guys have been going out for so long now! What happened?”

“She dumped me for my goddamn grades.” Robert muttered.

Nikki sighed. “Well this is your worst class right? I’m sure Mr. Williams will set up after school study sessions for you.” She put a hand on Robert’s shoulder. “Thanks Nikki” Robert managed to smile. Immediately the bell rang. Robert looked to the front of class. He just noticed that Mr. Williams was still not in class. “Where did that old geezer go?” Jacob asked openly.

“Probably spilled coffee on himself and had to go to the bathroom” snorted one kid. “Or maybe he…DIED?!” another obnoxious fuck said. Nikki raised her voice.

“Shut up guys! Stop being so mean!”

The kids immediately mocked her voice and the way she talked.

Robert lay his head down. Maybe he could get some sleep if there would be no teacher this period. He took out his iPod and switched the song to some jpop and turned up the volume.

Robert quickly fell asleep as his fellow classmates talked with one another. Suddenly the door knob twisted and opened. The class suddenly hushed up and turned to face the door.

The door opened, and a woman came in holding a map of the school. Instantly the students murmured in detection of this stranger. “Whoa check out this bombshell” one smirked. “What the hell? Where’s Mr. Williams?” another demanded. The woman walked to the table and set down her bag. She clasped her hands together.

“Um, my n-name is Ms. Woolson.” she managed to stutter out. “Where’s Mr. Williams?” Nikki said raising her hand. “Ummm, Mr. Williams has had a heart attack. I will be your substitute teacher until he recovers.” There was mixed comments among the students. The woman nervously looked around and then scanned the teacher’s desk. She picked up the attendance clipboard.

“I-I call attendance now right?” She asked the class unsure. “Or you can call me!” Jacob taunted. Ms. Woolson stared at him. “Excuse me! That is very stu-” she suddenly caught herself. “Very rude of you to say that.” She scolded. “Next smart comment and I’ll be writing you a referral!” Jacob slumped back into his seat and Nikki shook her head at the perverted boy.

“Jack Arbury?” “Here.”

Salina Barry?” “Heeereeee!”

“Jacob Cadigan?” “Sup!”

“Nikki Eguchi” “Konnichiwa!”

“Oh…sorry I skipped one. Robert Chan?” she asked looking up from her clipboard. “Robert?”

“Dude, wake up.” Jacob said shaking him. “Sorry ma’am, he’s right here.”

“Robert! Time to wake up, this is class time.”

No response.

Ms. Woolson sighed, and set down the clipboard on the table. She walked to where Robert was. She immediately saw his earphones and bent over and plucked them out. Robert still didn’t wake up. “Robert? Time to wake up.” she said in a calm tone.

Robert roused and looked up with sleepy eyes. He jumped up with a yelp. Some kids snickered. Robert embarrassed, looked at the woman.


The woman was in her mid twenties, looked like she was fresh out of college. She had sea blue eyes. The woman wore business suit top and long pants. She had tied her long brown hair up into a bun. She wore glasses and had a pretty face. Of course Robert’s eyes had to gaze upon the size of her breasts. Robert could tell that they were very big. This woman however did everything she could to make them smaller. She had a tight bra on, and she covered up almost her entire cleavage. What the fuck-

Suddenly she snapped her fingers in his face. “You ok Robert?”

Robert went out of his trance and lowered his head.

“Are you here?” she finally asked. A few kids giggled.

“Yes I’m here.”

Ms. Woolson smiled at Robert. She then turned around and headed back to the front of class and continued role coll. Robert sighed and buried his hands into his palms.

Robert did his best to stay awake during the whole class. He took down all the notes he could, but he missed a lot of elementary instruction the last three quarters. When class ended, Jacob and Nikki walked out together. Robert stayed behind to ask Ms. Woolson questions. “Robert? You’re staying behind today?” she asked.

“Yea” he replied.

She suddenly broke away from Jacob and ran to Robert to give him a hug. Her small tits rubbed up against him. He hugged her back. “Haha, see you guys later then?” She grabbed his cheeks and pulled them out. “Kawaii!” she squealed. With a giggle, she disappeared with Jacob. Apparently it was Japanese, and he never bothered to look for the translation.

Robert had met Nikki in fifth grade. She was born in America just like Robert, but was homeschooled till she was in fourth grade. Nikki was a junior, but she was a genius with math so that’s how she managed to squeeze into Robert’s class. When they first met they immediately became good friends. But when he went to middle school, Nikki had to endure a year without him. When she caught up with him, he noticed something different in Nikki. She had started to like him. Robert turned her down, but they still remained friends. Robert sighed and walked back into the classroom. Ms. Woolson was studying something on the computer.

“Excuse me Ms. Woolson?” Ms. Woolson looked up from her studies.

“Hey Robert! What’s up?” she asked. Robert took in a deep breath.

“How long are you staying after today?” Ms. Woolson raised an eyebrow.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked suspiciously. Oh shit wrong interpretation.

Robert shook his head vigorously.

“No no no! I didn’t mean it like that. I-I was asking if you could hold some study sessions for me…” He gulped. Ms. Woolson took off her glasses and continued to analyze Robert. Wow.

Suddenly she burst in laughter.

“I’m teasing Robert! Your teacher Mr. Williams sent me an email telling me about your situation.” Robert let out a sigh of relief.

“You scared the shit outta me!”

“Haha, watch your language my friend.” she cutely said pointing a finger at Robert.

“As you can see, I don’t have much to do, so I will gladly help you with material you don’t understand yet.” Robert smiled.

“Thanks Ms. Woolson, I guess ima sit down then.”

“Alrighty, let me finish this email and I will be right on over. Take out your notes today and your calculator.” Robert opened up his binder and pulled out the notes that didn’t make any sense to him. In a few seconds Ms. Woolson turned off the monitor and walked over to Robert. She pulled a chair next to him.

“So what exactly do you need help with?” Robert looked at his planner.

“Well I’ve been having problems especially with units one to five.”

“Well then. I guess we have a lot of work ahead of us.” She reached below Robert’s desk to take out a book. Robert habitually looked down at her breasts. He could see the tip of her cleavage. Her tits were massive! They must be like a D or E cup Robert thought smiling to himself. Ms. Woolson got out the book and laid it on Roberts’s desk.

“Now let’s start with Unit one. Since you need help with 5 units, Ill go over one unit with you each day until Friday, and after that you can just review with me if you want.”

They immediately started to go over the material, and she was a great teacher, he understood most of it fairly quickly. The decided to wrap up their day with a practice test. The last question was asking about the length of pencil if it slowly degraded. Exponential decay was the topic. Robert typed in the formula in the calculator and figured out the answer. He wrote down

“Eight” down below in the answer section.

“There I’m done!” He proudly announced. He handed the packet to Ms. Woolson who began to look through it checking his answers. Robert looked at Ms. Woolson again. She had taken off her glasses and she was extremely attractive. He wondered what her tits looked like under all this ugly business clothing. Robert slowly slid his hand under the table and into his pants. He grunted as he started to stroke his now hard cock. He remembered the last answer. 8, like the size of my dick! He laughed at himself. Ms. Woolson finished the paper and set it down with a circle around the last answer.

“On tests, they will take off points if you do not include the unit which is?”

“Oh… eight inches then?” Robert said very obviously.

“Correct-” Ms. Woolson caught sight of Robert’s hand in his pants. She blushed and turned away.

“W-Well look at the time! I have to go now.” She pointed at the paper.

“Good Job, you got a 100%.” She bit her lip and walked back to her desk. She hurriedly stuffed in her papers and checked one last time if she forgot anything. She smiled at Robert and quickly ran to the door.

“See you tomorrow!” she called back to him. Robert stared at where she was. In a matter of seconds she just left, did I do something wrong? He thought to himself. He packed up himself and turned off the lights on his way out. Robert passed by a teacher bathroom on his way out to the closest exit. He opened the door and went to walk home.

In that teacher bathroom was Ms. Woolson. She had hid in there and opened the door again to see Robert leave. She sighed and set her bags down on the cold floor. Why was she so immediately turned on by this young man? The last answer was eight inches and he had laughed at himself when he wrote it down. Ms. Woolson’s nipples became hard. She started to breathe heavily and then she suddenly kicked off her pants and stripped out of her shirt. Now naked except for her panties and bra, Ms. Woolson sat on the toilet. She began to touch herself and she grabbed her breasts. The tight bra and suit had kept her breasts so uncomfortable the entire day, so she angrily tore off her bra too. Now they felt so-free.

“Fuck it” she muttered to herself. Ms. Woolson took off her panties too, and plunged her middle finger into her pussy going as far as she could go. She thought of Robert and his eight inch dick. If only he could ram it into me! She had not had sex in the longest time ever. It had been a year since she last got fucked. Ms. Woolson had the same problem with teaching High school. All the boys gawked at her tits and the girls were jealous because of that. She requested to start to teach elementary school, but the superintendant assigned her to this job. Now it starts all over, she thought to herself.

She then used both hands to touch her breasts; Ms. Woolson fondled herself and licked the tips of her nipples. Pleasure ripped through her body. Her juice flowed out of her pussy. She could hear it drop into the water in the toilet. She moaned harder and harder. She imagined Robert ramming his cock in her and blasting a huge load in her pussy. That did it. Ms. Woolson came all over the toilet and she leaned back. She still breathed hard and fast.

“How am I going to survive like this?” she whimpered to herself. She thought about what she should do about the days to come. Suddenly an idea came into her mind. She smiled.

Robert arrived home and took out his keys. He unlocked the door and let himself in.

“I’m home!” He yelled. A muffled

“Oh shit, he’s home!” was heard from upstairs. Robert scoffed. “Hunting time” he said out loud in a mocking tone. He ran upstairs and busted down his sister’s room. There she was; the sixteen year old slut on the bed, with her douche bag boyfriend Dylan on top of her groping her.

“Lisa you’re too young for this. Aye, faggit on top of my sister. Get your ass outta here before I beat your face in.” The loser boy looked at Lisa and she rolled her eyes. He got off the bed and ran past Robert.

“I swear to god, if I catch him in this house one more time doing whatever he wants with you, I’m telling mom.” Lisa snorted.

“How come you get to do whatever and I can’t! I’m only like two years younger!” she snapped at him.

“Cause you’re still a FUCKING KID!” he yelled at her. She started to cry and tried to run past him. He caught her and gave her a hug.

“Listen, I’m doing this cause I wanna look out for you. I don’t want some ass nugget with Aids or something doing it with you.” She slapped his face and ran downstairs. The sound of the door opening and being slammed was heard. He quickly looked out the nearest window. Dylan was outside talking to her. She was crying into his chest, and he was hugging her, patting her on the back. Robert shook his head. Why can’t she see him as a guy who only wants to get into her pants? He then realized. He was a hypocrite. He was also trying to fuck Chelsea, and now this random chick walks in and made him even hornier. He touched the cheek where his sister slapped him. I deserved that.

Robert chatted with some of his friends on an instant messenger X-fire when his sister walked back in. She was no longer crying. Robert looked at her from his room. She looked at him and said

“I love him, and I do know what you talk about how guys try to steal my virginity. I don’t believe he’s one of them. Believe me or not, he’s going to come over still.” Robert opened his mouth to speak.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself.” Robert sighed.

“Fine, I won’t tell mom, but if he does anything to you-” Lisa suddenly ran towards Robert and gave him a big hug, and then a kiss on the cheek. Then she skipped back to her room. Robert looked at her sister and then faced his computer. He typed to one of his internet friends

“Very interesting day today.”

The next day, Robert this time rode his bike to school early. He wanted to see if Ms. Woolson was in yet. He ran to Mr. Williams’ class and looked in. It was dark. He would just have to wait. The first bell rang, meaning for Robert to start heading to his first period.

Robert paid much attention today and on class assignments he scored fairly well. He had gotten positive feedback on his teachers who were tired of just writing 0’s on his paper. Seventh period rolled in and Robert could barely wait. He wanted to see Ms. Woolson again. He bolted into the classroom and saw Ms. Woolson sitting at her desk, sorting through papers. She was wearing a similar outfit, but this time, he could clearly see her cleavage. She even wore some make up today! Maybe she’s trying to impress someone. He clapped his hands together.

“Good afternoon Ms. Woolson!” She looked up and blushed immediately.

“Good afternoon Robert. How was the homework I assigned you yesterday?” Robert smiled.

“Easy as pie!”. She smiled at him, and for a split second, Ms. Woolson actually put her chin on her hand while looking at Robert. Of course she caught herself, cleared her throat and told Robert to take a seat before class began.

Robert took a seat and was very noticeably staring at Ms. Woolson. Jacob noticed. So did Nikki.

“Dude, are you digging her too? High five!” Jacob said in his pot-head voice. Nikki punched Jacob in the arm.

“That’s disgusting!” she whined. Robert laughed.

“Nah, nah she’s just a great teacher. I like understand unit one now; In just one friggin day!”

“You mean you got afterschool help!? W-With..her?” Nikki blurted out. Robert looked at her strangely.

“Well yea, I need to get my grades up remember?” Nikki looked down and then returned to her seat. Robert faced Jacob.

“Dude, what’s her problem?” Jacob hushed him.

“Dude, remember she digs you? She probably thinks you got some with the sub yesterday after school.” Robert frowned.

“That’s retarded man, I’m trying to get it with Chelsea, not some m.i.l.f.” he lied.

Jacob shrugged, “Just don’t do too many suspicious things with the sub aight?”

“Good afternoon class. Today we go into Elipses!” Ms. Woolson announced shortly after.

Robert looked at her beautiful tits frequently during class. When she pointed to the chalkboard, he could see them bounce a little, and it ever so turned him on. He still paid attention, and Ms. Woolson being the great teacher she was, made it easy for Robert to understand. He caught up pretty fast.

“Ok class!” We are going to do an exit card before class ends. You may not leave until you finish it.” Ms. Woolson wrote four questions out on the chalk board. She came up with a plan to tease Robert. She used the same question from the day before, this time she switched the numbers. The units were in inches again, and the answer was eight inches. She sat down at her desk and carefully eyed Robert. She saw him finish the first three questions with amazing ease and speed. At least I did something right this time she thought to herself proudly. She craned her head a bit higher to see Robert take out his calculator, press some buttons and scribble down the answer on the paper. Robert looked at the paper again and then at the question on the board. He quickly glanced at Ms. Woolson, but she was prepared. She quickly looked away but still kept an eye on him out of the corner of her eyes. Robert looked back down at his paper. Immediately she resumed to look at him. He circled something on his paper and then doodled with something else.

The bell rang.

“Ok class! Hand your exit cards to the front!” All the kids did so, and eventually they all ended up in Ms. Woolson’s hands. She smiled at the class.

“Have a wonderful afternoon guys.” She walked back to her desk and immediately started to shuffle through them. Robert, Robert, Robert-Ah here it is. She pulled out his paper in the stack. She checked the first three questions. Wow, all three of them are correct, even the work is right too. She then looked at the fourth one. There in neat hand writing read Eight inches. With the inches circled. That turned her on so much. And next to the answer was a heart that read “Thanks” Inside of it. Ms. Woolson smiled. How sweet of him to do that!

She looked up to see Robert studying by himself, he flipped through his pages.

“Hey Robert?” she asked. He looked up and smiled. “Sup?”

“I’m going to use the facility for a minute, be right back.” He nodded and returned to his work.

Ms. Woolson returned to her desk and took out a bag. With a giggle she left the room.

Robert dropped his pencil and rubbed his face. He looked down at his pants. He couldn’t handle it anymore. Carefully looking around, he unzipped his pants, and let his dick stand up straight. It was so hard. Ho w the fuck am I supposed to do work when I have a huge-ass boner? He thought about maybe going to the bathroom to masturbate. Suddenly the door opened and Robert quickly shoved his dick back into his pants and looked up to see Ms. Woolson walk in. Except, this was a different. Ms. Woolson. She had let her beautiful brown hair down. She lost the fugly business suit top and bottom. She wore a black T-Dress. In place of her long pants she wore a short skirt that went to her thighs. She had taken off her business shoes and now wore jet black flip flops. Most of all, she wore a white bra. It could be seen faintly under her black dress. Robert pointed at her sexy apparel. “Wha-what’s up with the change of clothing? You going to a bar or something?” Ms. Woolson chuckled and headed back to her table. She set her bag down and took a seat. She leaned forward, exposing her very visible cleavage.

“Well I got sick and tired of my other outfit. Besides school is over, and I get to relax in these very comfortable clothes.” she said very casually, and walked over to her desk.

Robert didn’t know what to say so he just looked back at his paper and tried to get his mind off of Ms. Woolson. Was she trying to tease him too?! He circled the inches and even wrote a heart to see her reaction. It was hard to tell. But whether or not she was trying to tease him back or not, he desperately wanted to fuck her now. He had long forgotten about Chelsea. He carefully zipped up his pants with one hand.

Ms. Woolson eyed Robert. She had seen him fumble with his pants when she came in. She licked her lips and thought to herself It worked! Unless he needs help, I can just enjoy the show. She slid her fingers into her panties and massaged her clit. Trying to keep a straight face, she made it seem like she was looking at something on the computer. Her pussy was so sensitive, that she felt like coming even though she was touching herself through her panties. She grew flustered, her nipples became hard again and she felt her panties becoming moist. She let out a gasp.

Robert looked up.

“Did someone send you a perverted e-mail?” He laughed. Ms. Woolson frowned at him. “No! I just…forgot to print out some papers for tomorrow’s lesson. I’ll be right back.” Robert watched as Ms Woolson quickly jogged to the door and then she disappeared. Again. Then it hit him. Wait, now I can go whack off in the bathroom for a while! He flipped through his binder and found a post-it note. He wrote very clearly on it reading: “Be right back, using bathroom.” He smiled at his smart tactics and went to post it on the outside of the door. He then trotted down the hallway feeling his hard cock.

Ms. Woolson walked to the teacher bathroom, and knocked.

“Occupied!” a male voice came from inside. Shit! This was the only bathroom she knew that was on this floor for teachers. She desperately had to find a bathroom so she could relieve this stress. Her plan backfired, and now she could barely handle the excitement she started for herself. She face palmed herself and ran around the corner. She saw a bathroom and quickly ran to it. Once in she dashed for the closest stall and locked the door. Off her skirts and panties went. With a grin, she lifted up her top and slid her hands under her bra. Just a little playtime before I have to go back she sadly thought to herself. Her tits were very warm now, and it felt ever so good just to massage them. Ms. Woolson found her hands moving down to her pussy. One hand spread her lips out and the other plunged itself inside. A few seconds after she screamed, a stream of juice leaked out of her pussy. Now breathing heavily, she smiled. “Ah ha ah ha” she panted. Click Click Click. Ms. Woolson froze. She held her breath. Footsteps! She quickly sat normally on the toilet and took a deep breath. The person walked into the bathroom and headed to the stall, tried to open it but it was locked. A grunt was heard. Is that a guy’s voice?

Robert looked under the stall, to see someone sitting on the toilet. Turning to the urinal he immediately looked back. Panties were on the floor and so was a skirt. He chuckled. “Someone fucking in there?” he said in a mocking tone.

“Robert!?” a voice came from inside the stall. “Is that you?” Robert’s eyes widened.

“What the fuck? Ms. Woolson??” Robert saw the person inside the bathroom put the panties on, then the skirt. The door unlocked and out came Ms. Woolson.

“Robert! What are you doing in the ladies bathroom?” she demanded. Robert squinted his eyes.

“What? Me? This is the fucking guy’s bathroom!”

“Bullshit! Prove it!” she pointed at Robert. Robert looked to his left, motioning for Ms Woolson to do the same. She looked at him and then looked to his left. There standing next to a smaller stall was a urinal. Her jaw dropped.

“No fucking way!” She brushed past Robert and looked at the sign. And of course, there was the stick figure with no skirt on. Shit! I can’t believe I past this sign and the urinal she angrily thought to herself.

“Well?” Robert asked finally.

“You have a lot of explaining to do Ms. Woolson.” Robert crossed his arms. Ms. Woolson slowly turned around.

“I-I was just using the bathroom-”

“You said you were going to go print papers.” Robert used an accusing tone. Ms. Woolson’s cheeks went red.

“I-Ah, the printer was c-closed!” she stuttered.

“Is that so? And even if it was closed, you decided to go into the boy’s bathroom?”

“It was an accident! The teacher’s bathroom was occupied!” she desperately pleaded.

Robert face grew into a grin.

“You know Ms. Woolson. I can tell some other people about what just happened.” Her eyes went big.

“You wouldn’t!” she snapped back.

“Oh yea but I would, unless you do me a favor.” He smiled cutely at her.

“What? You want me to give you the answers to the final exam? Is that what you want?” she angrily asked. Robert shook his head.

“No I want something from you personally.” She walked back into the bathroom and faced him.

“What do you want Robert.” She looked at him straight in the eyes. Robert looked down at her bottom.

“I saw you with your panties and skirt on the floor. What were you doing in there? Hmm?”

“I was using the bathroom, duh.” she replied.

“Yea but wouldn’t you just push your skirt and then panties down to your feet? Why take them all off.” Robert started to walk towards Ms Woolson. She started to back away. Robert continued to get closer. Soon Ms. Woolson’s back hit the stall door. It was unlocked so pushed the door down and down she fell. Robert lunged out his hand and grabbed her into him. She clasped her hands around his back in fear. She let out a sigh of relief.

“Nice catch.” she said gratefully. Robert pushed her off and grabbed her shoulders.

“I want to fuck you. Right now.” he said bluntly.

Ms. Woolson laughed and replied “Well what are you waiting for?” Yanking up her skirt even more and then pulling up her top, she started to fondle her breasts.

The expression Robert exhibited could have been easily compared to the internet emoticon “O_O”.

“Wha-” he struggled to find the words.

“Are you serious!?” Ms. Woolson, with a smirk replied

“I saw you looking at me with those eyes. And your eight inch cock.” She licked her lips again.

“Don’t be shy, I felt the same about you too since I came here. That’s why I wore today’s clothing.” Robert gawked at her.

“It worked.” he said in a trance.

Now irritated, she yelled at him.

“Do I have to spell it out for you? FUCK ME!” Robert almost literally jumped onto Ms. Woolson. He kissed her lustily, but Ms. Woolson kissed him back romantically. His tongue slid into her mouth flailing around like a wreck ball, but hers told him to take it slowly and he did. Robert found out that it was so much more enjoying than going fast. His hands moved from her shoulders to her tits. So fucking soft! He groaned. Ms. Woolson pulled up her bra and turned around.


“Yea, sure.” He undid her bra strap and watched as it gently falls to the floor. Ms. Woolson turned her head around and smiled. “Close your eyes.” she cooed. He did as told. He felt her smooth hands push his shoulders down. He bent down onto his knees after she stopped pushing him down.

“You can open them now.” Robert opened his eyes, and saw Ms. Woolson’s hard nipples centimeters away from his mouth. Robert licked his incredible dry mouth.

“Open your mouth.” she commanded in a foxy voice. Robert did as he was told, and then Ms. Woolson started to brush her nipples across Robert’s tongue. After some teasing she inserted them into his mouth where he started to suckle like a baby. Robert pulled his mouth away and a pop noise was heard.

“That’s enough up here, now it’s time for down here.” Ms. Woolson grabbed Robert’s hand and with one pull, she embraced him tightly. He returned the hug and they stumbled back into the open stall. She locked the door and lay on her back.

“Lick my pussy!” she yelled with ecstasy. Robert nodded and pulled off her skirt, followed by her panties. What was before him was beautiful. A waxed vagina with mid-sized lips; wasn’t flabby or nonexistent. Just right.

He poked at it curiously, and Ms. Woolson groaned. “I’m very sensitive down there. Have fun.” She winked at him and then threw her head back as he plunged his index finger inside.

“Oh Ms. Woolson-”

“Call me by my first name now. Natalie.” Robert still fixated on Natalie’s pussy just nodded. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue out. Instantly, his tongue tasted the wonderful juices inside Natalie’s pussy. Natalie’s body went limp and she started to breathe heavily.

“Keep..on..going.” she barely finished when Robert started to lick more fervently. Waves of pleasure shot through Natalie. Her body was heating up and she felt the need to completely strip. Throwing off her tucked up top, her tanned body shone in front of Robert. Robert took turns licking her pussy and then switching to her tits. He grabbed them and squeezed her nipples in between his fingers. Suddenly, Natalie pushed Robert. He landed with a thud on the cold hard tile floor.

“What are you-” Robert looked up to see Natalie standing over his face with her pussy being spread out by her two hands.


“Shut the fuck up and take it.” she sneered. With a plop, she landed on Robert’s face and his mouth was directly under her pussy. He licked vigorously and then wrapped his arms around her ass and felt around. Not caring what he was doing, Natalie ignored him and started to bounce up and down for Robert. Each time she came down, she moaned a bit harder. Robert’s tongue became tired, and he dropped down to the floor chest heaving He tried to catch his breath. He felt hands pulling down his pants. Straining to lift up his head, Robert saw Natalie pulling his boxers down too. His dick sprang up in front of Natalie’s admiring eyes. She looked at it curiously and smiled.

“My turn to make you feel good.”

She closed her eyes and closed down on Robert’s dick. Robert grunted.

“N-Natalie! My cock is melting inside your mouth!” he screamed. Too busy on sucking, Natalie replied by pushing down on his dick. Robert saw as all his eight inches was being swallowed up by Natalie. He lied back on the floor and put both of his hands on her head. In a swift motion, they pushed down together slowly, but sped up shortly afterwards.

Oh my fucking god, I’m about to cum Robert thought to himself. He looked at Natalie. She was still deep throating him like crazy.

“Natalie, I gotta cum.” She bopped her mouth off and licked her lips several times.

“Bout damn time!” She grabbed his dick with both hands and started to jerk him off. Robert felt the tension deep within his cock. Suddenly it all came out. Natalie opened her mouth and moaned a

“Ahh”. Cum shot all over her beautiful face. Robert grunted and he tried to get all the cum he could get out all over her. Robert fell back again, and dragged himself to the nearest wall. His body was covered in sweat.

“My first blow job..” He closed his eyes. He was exhausted.

Robert felt Natalie sucking on his cock again. With a look of horror he saw his dick rise up from being limp to rock hard again.

“What the fuck-I just cummed so much.” he complained.

“That means we’re going to have to do it again until your dick gets the message.” she said evilly. Natalie got up and walked over to Robert. He hopelessly looked up at her. She spread her pussy lips again and this time instead of on his face, landed straight on his cock. Her thighs slapped against his and a resounding Clap was heard. Robert’s jaw dropped. I’m fucking in! he thought to himself. He could feel Natalie’s warm pussy all around his dick. It was a sensation like none other. He also felt Natalie’s pussy convulsing and it was ever so moist. Without wasting any time, Natalie rose up to ride up and down on Robert’s cock. She grabbed Robert’s hands and put them onto her tits. She threw her head back and gritted her teeth. Robert looked down at his cock. A moment he saw the head of his dick inside her cunt, and the next moment it was swallowed up again. “Natalie! Your cunt feels so good! Ahh!”

“I love your dick! Fuck me like a whore Robert! Fuck my pussy until I cum all over you!” she screamed back at him. Robert grinned and twisted Natalie and pushed her down to her knees.

“I always wanted to do this.”

“Oh, doggy?” Natalie panted.

“Fuck me like a dog then.” She put her hands on the floor and wiggled her ass tauntingly. Robert grabbed his dick and guided it into her pussy again. He teased her by inserting and taking it out again. After repeating several times, he pushed it as far as he could and moaned. Moving his hands to her ass cheeks, Robert enjoyed shoving his dick in while slapping away at Natalie’s lush ass.

Robert found it amusing to squeeze hard to leave hand imprints in Natalie’s shining pale ass. But not as amusing as fucking his substitute teacher fucking doggy style in the fucking school bathroom! I am such a badass he obnoxiously joked.

“Time to switch it up!” Robert leaned forward and pulled Natalie backwards so her back was his chest. Now she’s riding me! Natalie moaned approvingly. She started to bounce up and down and with Robert’s hands, he pushed and lifted her ass off of his dick. Every time she went down Robert could have swore he went deeper and deeper. Her cunt was literally eating his dick. It was the most sensual feeling ever. His spree of feeling good however started to come to an end. Robert felt his cum deep inside of him urging to be released. Robert stopped immediately.

“Where can I cum?” he asked eagerly.
“Anywhere but my cunt!” came the reply.

Robert perversely thought about all the places he could cum. Tits? Mouth? Back? Suddenly becoming slightly worried, Robert noticed Natalie’s asshole. In one swift movement he spread out her asshole as far as he could. Natalie who was catching onto his idea helped him by setting her hands on top of his own. Robert took a deep breath and took one hand and guided his cock to the entrance of her asshole. It seemed impossible to fit him, but he refused to give up. He pushed in slowly and his dick was immediately resisted. Frustrated now, he spit into the now widening hole. Now he tried again, and made further progress. The head of his cock was now inside her ass. Robert grabbed Natalie’s hands and held on tight. He pushed harder and harder. Natalie started to feel the pain and whimpered.

It seemed an eternity until he was in. So fucking tight! Robert could barely move his dick around. He pulled out slowly, and then pushed back in. Again and again, until Natalie’s ass was now wide open and he could easily thrust into her now. Robert drew out again. “Ready Natalie?” She looked back at him and smiled.

“Ready when you are honey.”

She called me honey…Robert unsure to respond, turned back and pushed into her ass once again. This time he fucked it vigorously. His urge to cum came back faster than ever, and on the brink of blowing his load. Robert stopped and yelled.

“I-I’m cumming!!!” Natalie celebrated.

“Give it to me! Blow your hot cum into my ass!”

Robert’s body shivered as he blew his cum into her ass. He grunted and started to thrust again, trying to get the most out of it. Robert fell back onto his back and swallowed. His throat was dry. Breathing heavily, his eyes became heavy and then everything went black.

“Robert? Robert, time to wake up silly.” Robert opened his eyes and saw Ms. Woolson standing over him. He looked around. He was back in the classroom. He looked down at his body. He was dressed too.

“After you came inside me, you fell asleep. You looked so cute while asleep!” she giggled. Robert stood up and stretched. He was all sore from the seriously draining fuck experience.

“So you are-” Ms. Woolson caught herself.

Were a virgin yes?” Robert nodded a yes.

“How was it?” she asked curiously. Robert looked into Ms. Woolson’s eyes. She did the same, each one of them was searching inside one of another.

“It-It was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Robert moved closer to her.

“Thank you.” With that being said, he leaned in for a kiss. There they kissed passionately and Robert snuck a peek at Ms. Woolson’s face. He was shocked to see a lone tear trickle down her face. But he didn’t bring it up. He closed his eyes and embraced ‘Natalie’ ever so harder.

It had been close to two hours since school ended and Robert was outside. He thought about how in a matter of two days, his life had changed forever. He had romantic feelings for Ms. Woolson now; it wasn’t all lust like he guessed it would be. He was 18 and she was older than him. Beep! Robert wheeled around to see a small Toyota car tailing him. The driver pulled up next to him and rolled down the window.

“Hey there cowboy.” she said in a teasing tone.

“Ms. Woolson!” Robert exclaimed.

“Need a ride home?” Robert stammered.

“Uh, not really, I don’t live that far-” Ms. Woolson laughed.

“No more future sex for you then!” She started to pull away when Robert ran after her car and tapped her window. She stopped the car and winked at him. She opened the locks to her passenger car and Robert ran to it and got inside.

“Where do you live?” she asked. “Right down this road, and then you take the next left...”


Along the way Robert asked Ms. Woolson how old she was. She revealed that she was 24 years old. She promised him, that they would fuck in the future, if she was in the mood. She was trying to wander away from lusty sex, but she didn’t feel it was all lust with Robert. Robert confessed that he felt the same way too and Ms. Woolson almost hit a curb. She carefully dodged it and apologized.

When they finally reached Robert’s house, Robert opened the car and waved to Ms. Woolson. “Thanks for today.” She eyed him.

“For everything. My grades and what we just did…” Ms. Woolson smiled with her cheeks puffy. It hit him. This fluttery feeling inside my chest! He closed his eyes and replayed that image in his mind over and over again. Ms. Woolson’s smile was forever branded into his mind. That one particular smile, Robert found more attractive than Ms. Woolson naked. He drooped his head and returned a weak smile. Turning around, Robert sulked to his front door and reached for the door when he heard a car door slam. He turned around to see Ms. Woolson out of her car, running towards him.

“What are you doin-” he managed to say when Ms. Woolson grabbed him towards her body and they embraced ever so tightly. Robert snuggled his head into the slightly taller Ms. Woolson’s chest. She ran her hands through his hair and when they parted, Robert could feel tears coming down his cheeks. Ms. Woolson smiled and wiped them away immediately. There they stood staring into each others souls, when Ms. Woolson leaned in and gave Robert a kiss on the lips. And just like that she was gone, she disappeared into her car and then the sound of a car’s acceleration was heard. There he stood, on his lonely doorstep. The wind blew and Robert felt tons of stress blown clean off of him. He looked up into the clear blue sky. He had never felt such peace.

While standing outside his porch, Robert did not notice the girl standing exactly across the street. The girl had witnessed the entire scenario between her friend Robert and Ms. Woolson. As the girl ran home she realized how pathetic she was, crying over a guy that barely noticed her but she had never felt more in love with. She ran as fast as she could so that her thoughts wouldn't catch up to her. When she reached her house, she bolted into her room and collapsed onto her bed. She looked down at the notebook that was clenched in between her hands; the notebook that she was going to give him. On the inside page in fine print it read:

"Good Luck on your Finals! - Nikki Eguchi"

To be continued.