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Ms. Woolson, Nikki and I Part II

Robert and Ms. Woolson continue to see each other, until one day something goes wrong...
Nikki continued to cry herself to sleep that afternoon. She then had a dream of her past with Robert.


Nikki was born in Tokyo, Japan and her parents moved to America, soon after her birth to seek a better life. She was homeschooled until she knew how to speak English fluently. However her heavy accent remained. She met Robert in 4th grade. He was a 5 th grader and they became friends instantly; mostly because they were pretty much the only Asian kids in their school. When Robert went to middle school, Nikki was devastated and spent a year in confusion. She didn’t bother to make new friends because she wanted to be with Robert again.

They met again when she was in 6 th grade and he was in 7 th grade. Robert had begun to mature into a teenager and Nikki noticed. Robert had lost his high pitched voice. A much deeper, mature voice set in. Robert also started to play tennis and he was fit from the practice, not to mention a light tan.

Nikki also started to begin her voyage to becoming a woman. She started to have her periods and her breasts became somewhat larger. Her hips widened and her waist slimmed. Robert told Nikki to make new friends, because Robert wouldn’t always be there for her. So she did and found herself inside the fob-Asian group. Being girls, they all discussed who they liked, and Nikki revealed that she had a “crush” on Robert. With help from her fellow Asian friends, she had the courage to ask him out on a date. Robert said no and Nikki was devastated. She fell into a deep depression but recovered when she realized that she could win the heart of Robert…one day.

High School started with Nikki being a target for bullies, guys and girls alike. Guys would openly mock the size of her small tits, and girls would make fun of her for her accent. Robert would tell them off but he didn’t stay near Nikki to protect her. Ironically, Robert started to fall for Chelsea the girl that everyone liked. By now Nikki had enough knowledge to know she was a “bitch” “hoe” and a “whore”. They started to date but it seemed like the relationship where it was only to show each other off to their friends. This was Robert’s last year in High School.

Not only did Nikki have to get Robert from Chelsea, she had to get him away from the new substitute.

Ms. Woolson.

She had to get him before it was too late.


Nikki woke up to the sound of rain beating on her window. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the notebook still clutched in her other hand. She opened the front page and ran her hand over the message she had written him. She sighed. Her wristwatch beeped. It was five o’ clock. Nikki had finished all of her homework at school so she wouldn’t have to do it back at home. She got up and decided to take a bath. Nikki stepped in the bathroom and closed the door.

She took out the hairclips in her hair and tossed them onto the sink counter. Her hair fell gently down to her shoulders. Next she took off her shirt and tossed it to the floor. She let her shorts fall down and then her panties. Last that came off was her bra. She looked at her naked body in the bathroom mirror. Is this attractive to guys? She thought to herself. Her small breasts were large enough to fit into a palm of a hand. She sighed once more. All the guys love big breasts, especially Robert. Nikki wiped her eyes again and turned the knobs in the tub. She plugged the stopper into the bottom and waited for warm water to gush out. She sat on the toilet while waiting for the water to fill up. Nikki looked down at her small breasts again. She cupped herself and felt her nipples.

She never had a boyfriend before. She was now seventeen years old, and her body was behaving differently than before. She would sometimes get horny during class while sitting next to Robert and wiggled in her seat in discomfort. That’s when she discovered masturbation. It was the typical bathroom excuse, except Nikki went under a stairwell where no one went, not even the janitors of the school. There, she would finger herself until her stress had been...lowered. Her desire to have sex always came back and Nikki found that masturbation could not cure her desires. Nikki leaned back against the toilet and spread her lips. She had been waxing everyday to keep her hairs away. Being Asian, she was incredible hairy down there. Apparently, guys didn’t really like hair, and rumor had it that Robert liked “shaved/waxed pussies”. She ran her index finger over her clit and moaned. She became wet instantly and stuck her fingers inside her pussy.

Imagining Robert on top of her, she moaned louder and louder. “Robert! Fuck me with your big dick! Please!” With that, she fingered herself faster. Her juices were flowing freely out of her pussy. Nikki brought her finger to her mouth and she licked her own juice. Looking to her left, the bathtub was getting full, so she turned off the water and slipped slowly into warm water. Setting her head against the back of the tub, Nikki lay her feet at the opposite end. She closed her eyes and continued to massage her pussy. She lay there wondering, would Robert ever take her the way she is?

She realized by now, Robert was having an affair with Ms. Woolson, and he still might be after Chelsea. Nikki admitted begrudgingly that both woman were very attractive and had enormous breasts. Nikki looked down at her pathetic B cups. She had been eating pine nuts and massaging her breasts since sophomore year in a desperate attempt to make them bigger. It worked to a certain extent, but she was still so small compared to the typical white girl. It was a slim chance for Robert to date her, but her chances of him fucking her were somewhat higher. She would do anything to get him to do her.

If she could get him to do that, she would be happy that the man she loved made her into a woman.


The following day Nikki wanted to see for herself what kind of guy Robert was when it came down to sex. After seventh period, she left without saying a word to Robert and waited around the corner. She listened as close as she could. She could hear giggling and someone talking. Then there was silence. Nikki was tempted to walk to the door but restrained herself. Suddenly the door opened and out came Ms. Woolson giggling. Nikki stared as her substitute had changed from her business looking attire to a skimpy night-gown looking shirt that went down to her thighs. She looked both ways. Nikki spun her head back to her hiding spot, and then peered out again. She ran down the hallway holding Robert’s hands.

“Slow down Natalie!” Nikki heard him say. Natalie is her first name huh she angrily thought to herself. They disappeared around the corner. Nikki dropped her backpack and ran as quietly as she could after them. She saw the two of them skipping down the hallway laughing like kids. They stopped and took a right. Nikki ran after them and saw that they turned into a closed alley part of the school. Nikki was about to turn the corner when she heard the two of them walking back. Nikki panicked and dove into the door closest to her. She ran in and saw a sheet lying in the corner next to a rack of mops and cleaners. Soon enough ‘Natalie’ and Robert stepped into the closet, locked the door and turned on the light. Nikki pulled open an eye hole for her to see the action.

She put her hands over her mouth as Robert lifted up Natalie’s nightgown and threw it over her head. She was wearing no bras or panties. What a hoe! Nikki thought. Robert groped Natalie’s heavy breasts and kissed her passionately. Nikki felt her insides churn when Robert parted and started to unzip his pants.

“Out of the entire school, you decided to fuck me in the janitor’s closet. You are so unoriginal.” Natalie teasingly said with one finger in her mouth and another hand rubbing her pussy. Robert pushed his pants, boxers and shirt off. Nikki cupped her yelp as she saw his long hard dick.

“Yea, it’s been my fantasy to fuck a girl in a janitor’s closet, let alone my math teacher.” Robert pounced on Natalie and pushed her onto a desk. She sat on the desk and spread her legs. Without hesitation he shoved all of his eight inches into her pussy. He grabbed her legs and started to pound her pussy. Nikki under the covers could clearly see the action if not hear it. Robert was fucking Natalie so hard, it sounded like someone was clapping as hard as they could. She looked at Robert’s face and instantly fell hurt. Robert was in a trance with Natalie. He was drooling out the sides of his mouth until Natalie leaned into him and licked the saliva. There they kissed and Robert picked her off the table. Nikki’s eyes widened. Robert’s fucking her standing up! Robert put his hands on Natalie’s ass while she held around his neck. There he stood throwing her up and down on his cock.

“Right there! Fuck my pussy Robert, make me your bitch!” she said panting. Robert grinned and continued to slam his cock into Natalie’s pussy. “I-I’m cumming Robert! Ahh!” she shrieked in pure pleasure. Robert pulled her off of his cock and he looked at his dick that was wet with her juices. After setting her down, he laid on the ground.

“69 me you slut!” he commanded. Natalie giggled and wiggled her ass over Robert’s face. She sat down on his face and Nikki could hear his muffled yells of excitement. Natalie then sprawled over Robert’s chest and grabbed his cock. She licked the head of the dick and she squeezed his ball sack with both hands. Nikki’s face was burning up. She lifted her shirt as smoothly as she could and started to touch her tits. She squeezed her nipples as hard as she could. The feeling was bitter-sweet. It hurt her but it also turned her further on. Nikki watched with addiction as she saw Robert lick around Natalie’s shaved pussy. He teased her clit by flapping his tongue against it and then stuck his tongue far inside. Robert moaned as Natalie deep throated him and she moaned back as he tongued the inside of her. Natalie rolled off of Robert and lay on the cold floor facing Robert.

“Come here Robert, let’s try something fun.” She rolled onto her side. Robert huffed and stumbled over to her.
“Fuck me sideways.” she instructed. Robert laid down behind Natalie and lifted up her leg eagerly. He grabbed his cock’s shaft and aimed around blindly trying to find her pussy. Natalie laughed and put her hand onto of Robert’s. Together they guided his dick into her pussy and Robert then lifted Natalie’s leg up.

Nikki by now was getting horny as hell. She was sucking her left hand’s fingers and using the other to plunge her index and middle fingers as far as they could go. Nikki’s juices started to come and she could feel herself squirting some out when she flinched.

Natalie closed her eyes and bit her lips as she felt Robert pushing inside of her. Robert’s face was hidden behind Natalie’s head but Nikki could hear him moaning loudly.

“Natalie! Your cunt feels so good, oh my god, I’m going to cum soon!” he yelled.
“Blow it inside me! Make me cum too!” Natalie yelled back at him. Robert drew out of Natalie.

“Hey what’s the big idea-” she was cut off when Robert pushed Natalie onto her back. She smiled.
“Missionary eh?” she said seductively. Robert pushed his throbbing cock inside her pussy and fell on top of Natalie. They embraced tightly and to Nikki’s shock, she heard Robert say the three words she always wanted him to say to her. “I love you.”

To make matters worse, even though over the sound of moaning and breathing Nikki heard Natalie return those three words in a serious tone. Nikki’s eyes watered up and she was hurt even more, but she continued to watch.

“Robert! You’re tearing my pussy up! Ah ah ah!” she screamed. Robert grunted.

“Natalie! I’m cumming!. Aaaaa!” he yelled as he blew his load into her pussy. He pushed as far as he could into Natalie and bit down onto Natalie’s left tit. She screamed in both pain and pleasure. After twitching a few times, Robert rolled Natalie onto of him, and they looked into each other’s eyes intimately.

“I love you Robert.” Natalie said with a tear coming out of her eyes.

“I love you too Natalie.” They then began to kiss. Nikki covered her mouth with her left hand and she pushed herself to her first orgasm. She squirted her juices out of her pussy and then she fell back completely exhausted. Trembling and out of breath. She looked through the hole again careful not to breathe on the very light sheet. Natalie struggled to get to her feet and Robert helped stabilize her. She looked at the clock.

“Shit, I have to get to a Doctor’s appointment!” Nikki looked at the clock too. She had followed them into the closet at about 3:30. It was now 4:30. They had fucked for an hour! Natalie opened the door to see if anyone was coming. Robert took her nightgown off the floor and tugged Natalie into him. He gave her tits one final suck before popping it over her head. Again, they kissed each other, tonguing each other making sucking noises.

“I’m sorry Robert, I can’t send you home today.” she said somberly stroking her fingers through his short spiky hair. Robert kissed her on the lips.

“It’s okay; you’ve done enough for me today.”

The way the two spoke to each other felt like someone had stuck a knife into Nikki’s heart and twisted. With one final farewell kiss, Natalie bolted out of the closet running back to the classroom. Robert picked up his clothes and started to put his pants back on when he noticed a little hole in a sheet. Nikki backed away from the sheet as quickly as she could, but Robert had noticed. He walked over to the sheet and tore it off. There lay a half naked Nikki crying in the corner. Robert’s eyes went wide.

“N-Nikki? What are you doing in here!?” he demanded. “Did you watch us this whole time?” Nikki just buried her head in between her legs and sobbed softly. Robert walked back and put on the rest of his clothes. He walked to Nikki.

“Come on, we need to talk.” he gently said. Nikki looked up to see him offering his hand. She took it and he pulled her up. She landed into his chest and she sniffed his scent.

It smells so intoxicating she thought to herself. Robert kneeled down and pulled up her shorts and pulled her bra down to its proper place. He tried not to look the entire time, but to no avail. His cock hardened again. He saw her nipples and pink pussy.

Probably masturbating while watching us he thought embarrassed. “Come on get your stuff, I’ll meet you at the front entrance.” Nikki opened the door and walked away. Robert looked to where she was watching and then to the place where he fucked Ms. Woolson, less than four feet away. Robert sighed and on his way out flicked off the lights.

Robert had his things with him at the front entrance when he saw Nikki walking towards him. He walked towards her. “We’ll talk about this when we get home.” Suddenly she grabbed him into her and embraced him tightly. Surprised, Robert hugged her back.

Nikki started to wiggle around, on purpose trying to rub her tits against Robert’s chest. She knew he felt them because he stuttered trying to talk.

“E-Enough of that Nikki, let’s go home.” He let go of her and opened the door for her.

Nikki walked through the door and nodded her thanks to him. He let the door close, and they walked back to Robert’s house.

Along the way Nikki was completely silent. Robert knew exactly what she was thinking about too; about him and the substitute teacher fucking in the closet. Robert by now felt like garbage and looked ahead of the serious conversation ahead of him. When they reached his home, Robert opened the door and let Nikki in. Immediately she bolted to his room and the sound of a backdrop dropping was heard. Robert shook his head. He went into the kitchen to see his sister Lisa watching “Girls Gone Wild”.

“What are you doing?” Robert said irritated.

“I wish I had tits like those girls.” Lisa said without taking her eyes off the screen. Robert shook his head.

“Whatever sis.” Robert opened the fridge and got out two Capri Suns for Nikki and him. Robert went back upstairs and found Nikki sitting on his bed looking out of the bed. Robert’s heart skipped a beat. It happened again. That image was burned into his mind. Just like with Ms. Woolson, Robert closed his eyes and replayed the image. Nikki was sitting on his bed with her hands in her lap. Her cute hair gently brushing her shoulders, while looking outside the window. Robert cleared his voice. Nikki spun around and smiled weakly. He sat down next to her and handed her the drink.

“Thank you.” she said incredible weakly. Her voice must be dry from crying. Robert smacked his face. Nikki looked at him. “What was that for?” she questioned.

“What do you mean? I deserved that didn’t I?” Robert knelt in front of Nikki.

“Look, I’m sorry you saw what you saw today. Feel free to vent your anger on me.” He closed his eyes waiting for a smack. Instead the sound of a straw being poked into a drink was heard. Robert looked up at her. Nikki was drinking her drink. She put a hand on Robert’s face and caressed it.
“I don’t think I could ever hit you, Robert.” she said in her Japanese accent. Robert sighed and sat back next to her. He drank his drink rather fast and crumpled it up. He threw it into a corner in his room. Nikki went after it to put it in the trash can. Robert stopped her and pulled her back, accidently onto his lap. She blushed. Robert realizing what he did, set her back to her spot.

“You don’t have to be my maid in my house Nikki.” he told her. Nikki sighed and finished her drink. She smiled and then threw her empty drink to the same spot where Robert had thrown his. Robert smiled at her. But then he remembered why he brought her over. “Nikki, I want you to tell me, why you spied on Ms. Woolson and me.” Nikki set her hands on her lap.

“As you know Robert, I love you a lot.” She swallowed.
“I saw you kissing Ms. Woolson yesterday in front of your house.” Robert looked at Nikki in the eyes.

“What were you doing at my house?” he asked.

“To give you a present.” She got up and walked to her backpack. She bent over while doing it, not even bending down onto her knees to do it. Robert looked away, but then looked at her round ass. “What is it?” he asked trying to buy some looking time.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” she said.
“Damn it, where did I put it?” Her ass wiggled tauntingly at him. Robert looked down at his pants. He saw a bulge grow inside his pants. Shit. He pulled his dick up into the top part of his pants. It hurt, but it would be better than to sit with a noticeable boner next to his friend.
“Ah-ha!” Nikki said triumphantly and she jumped over the bed and found her seat next to Robert. “This is what I was going to give you yesterday.” As Robert opened the notebook, Nikki leaned onto his shoulder and she grabbed his left arm. Robert unsure what to say, just looked at the message inside.

“Good luck on your finals!-Nikki Eguchi”. Robert read slowly. He closed the notebook and set it down next to him. Nikki saw his hands clench into fists.

“Robert?” she nervously asked. A tear suddenly dropped onto his pants.

“Robert! What’s wrong?!” she said shaking his arm. Robert exploded.

“I’m absolutely garbage aren’t I? Just say it Nikki, I’m a big piece of shit!” Robert was standing up now, breathing heavily. He started to pull his hair.

“Stop it!” Nikki shrieked at him. She got up and pulled him. “Stop it Robert! Listen to me!” she yelled at him. Robert would not listen however. He was seething.

“I can’t believe I did this to my own…friend.” Nikki jumped onto him and they both fell onto the bed.

“Say it Nikki! I’m just the worst-” right then, Nikki kissed him.

“Please stop it.” she begged when their lips parted. Robert stopped and looked at Nikki who was on top of him. She kissed him again, this time she slid her tongue into his mouth.

“Robert, I love you.” she said firmly.

“You are a guy, and I understand why you can fall for such a woman like Ms. Woolson. I understand how you are not attracted to me. I understand Robert!” with that she kissed him again. Robert could not believe his eyes.

“How could you love someone like me?” he asked.

“You’re a good person Robert.” Nikki said with a smile.

“Bullshit” he said with a smirk. Nikki moved her bottom on top of Robert’s crotch area. Robert’s boner got bigger. He moaned. Nikki heard and smiled. With one smooth movement, she took off her shirt and revealed her small pink bra to Robert. Robert stared with awe.

“Nikki what are you doing?” he desperately asked.

“I want you to make me a woman.” she said bluntly. “Wha-why?” Robert asked again.

“Because I want you, Robert. I don’t want anyone else but you.”

“But I-I can’t! Ms. Woolson and I have something going on…” Nikki let her hair fall over her eyes.

“I know you guys do!” she yelled at him with a voice Robert never heard before. She looked back up at him with teary eyes.

“Robert, all I’m asking is for you to fuck me. Do whatever you want with me, but please just this one time. Then I’ll be happy.” she pleaded him. Robert looked at her tits. She was now attractive now that she was half naked in front of him, but this was lust. With his heart tearing slowly, Robert bit his lip.

“Ok, I’ll fuck you Nikki. Only if you promise me that you won’t tell anyone about Ms. Woolson and me.” Nikki eagerly nodded. Impatiently, Nikki tore off her bra and her small tits fell down and bounced up and down once before staring at Robert. Robert gulped. He rose up and touched them. Nikki shivered to his touch but did nothing.

He ran his hands over her small tits and felt each nipple in between his hands. Nikki gasped.

“Are you okay?” Robert asked. Nikki nodded. He then licked her nipples slightly. Then he started to suck both of them. Nikki moaned and put her hands on Robert’s head, nudging him closer to her body. Robert put his mouth over Nikki’s nipple and swirled his tongue around. He felt Nikki’s body tremble. He popped his mouth off and squeezed her tits. They were softer unlike Ms. Woolson’s whose tits were a bit firmer. Nikki squealed in pleasure. Robert’s cock was very hard now, and Nikki could feel it pushing from beneath his pants. Robert grabbed Nikki gently and lay her head down on a pillow of his bed. He leaned over to Nikki’s lips and kissed her gently. She closed her eyes and kissed him back. Robert stuck his tongue in, and he met Nikki’s. Inside each other’s mouths they tongue wrestled and Robert drew out with his tongue still hanging out. Saliva dripped onto Nikki’s lips, where she licked it up.

“Robert, show me your cock.” she suddenly whispered. Robert fumbled with his pants when Nikki grabbed him and threw him to the pillow. Whoa she’s strong Robert thought as he laid down where Nikki was just moments before. He reached down to pull his pants down, when Nikki caught his hand. She looked up at Robert and tilted her head cutely. Robert put his hands to his side and looked down. Nikki stared at the bulge in his pants. She put her finger to her mouth in deep thought of what she should do. Gah! Another image was branded into Robert’s mind. That’s moment number two he thought. Nikki’s face lit up and Robert looked as the small Japanese girl leaned forwards to his crotch area and bit the zipper of his pants. Very seductively, she dragged it down and Robert’s dick flung out inches away from Nikki’s face. She quickly pulled his pants down and Robert did the rest by kicking it off to the floor beside them. Nikki eyed his penis.

“Sugoi!” she managed to say after a minute of pure amazement. Robert looked at her. “What does that mean?”

“Wow” she replied. With delicacy she touched the shaft of his cock. It’s so warm she immediately observed. She put her other hand on it and bent over to the head of the dick. She stuck out her tongue and licked it. Like a kitten, she swiped out her tongue a few more times like a kitten swatting at a toy. Nikki licked her lips, and decided to go head on. She put her small mouth over his dick and went down as far as she could. Robert squirmed in place and he grabbed the sheets. Wow!

“Nikki! It- ugh.” Robert was finding it difficult to speak.
“It feels so good! Ahh!” he stuttered at the end. Nikki lifted her mouth off of his dick and let her saliva drip onto his dick.

“Robert, your dick tastes so good. Let me have some more!” she then started to suck his dick again. Robert could feel her tongue gliding up and down as she bopped her head up and down. She continued for a few more minutes with Robert’s breathing increasing speed. Soon that deep tension inside of him was felt. Robert Grabbed Nikki by the head and pushed his dick deeper into her mouth.

“I-I’m coming!” he yelled. Soon he shot his load into her mouth and Robert watched as Nikki swallowed his load. When she drew off of his penis, she lifted her hand and put it below her mouth. A few drops of cum dropped into her hand. She observed it for a second.

“So this is semen…what makes girls pregnant.” she said fascinated. She licked the remnants of it off her hand and swallowed again.

“Robert, your cum taste so good.” She started to stroke his penis. With ease, Nikki got Robert’s penis hard again. Sensing her accomplishment, Nikki stopped and lay on top of Robert.

“Can you make me feel good now?”

“Sure” he said with a huff.

Nikki switched spots with Robert again and this time, she took off her panties. Robert spread her legs. Robert stared at the beautifully waxed pussy. Nikki went red and put her hands over her pussy.

“Don’t stare at it like that…it’s embarrassing.” Robert looked up at Nikki. Her face was flushed and it just made her even hotter. He moved to her face and kissed her passionately. When they parted, Nikki was touching her tits. “Eat me out Robert!” Robert gently moved her hands away from their treasure and Robert looked at the waxed pussy before him. Her lips were bigger than Ms. Woolson’s and her pussy was already wet. Robert stuck his face in between her legs and started to lap up her juices. Nikki screamed. A bit too loud. Robert cupped his hand over her mouth and looked at his door. Shit! It’s still open! Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps. Nikki and Robert froze in place.

Then a voice asked. “What are you doing big brother?” It was Lisa.

“N-Nothing! I’m just watching porn!” Robert said back trying to make it sound like he was joking. Silence was heard in the doorway; then a door being shut. Right before it clicked into place, Robert heard
“Pervert…” With that, he leapt off the bed and slammed the door closed and locked it. Breathing heavily, he made his way back to bed and sat next to Nikki. Nikki giggled. “Almost found out by your little sister.” Robert looked at her smiling face. Just awhile ago she was crying and now she’s smiling. Is it really ok for me to be doing this? Robert fought his own mind with many questions. Robert sighed and cuddled next to Nikki. He grabbed her right tit and started to fondle her. Nikki climbed on top of Robert and they kissed again. This time more seriously. It was a slow kiss and they sucked on each other’s lips. Nikki’s pussy lips were grazing Robert’s shaft and it was making his dick harder. When they parted, she grabbed Robert’s shoulders and lifted herself off of his crotch. She took her hands off of him when she had her balance and spread her lips. She then looked at Robert.
“It’s my first time.” And with that, she dropped onto his dick and she shrieked from the pleasure. Robert grabbed Nikki and pulled her into an embrace.

Nikki started to cry from the pain. Her hymen broke and Robert felt blood flow from her pussy. Robert looked at the crying Nikki. He wiped away her tears and kissed her again. When the pain became more bearable, Nikki sat on Robert’s dick comfortably. She took each of Robert’s hands and their fingers intertwined. Robert looked at her.
“Ready to be made a woman?” he asked her. Nikki nodded.

“Fuck me Robert! Make me a woman! I’m yours!” she yelled with excitement. Given the green light, Robert started to bounce up and down on the bed. Nikki squealed as her virgin pussy was invaded by an eight inch foreign object. She was literally being propelled into the air and then landing back on Robert’s cock. Robert could have sworn that he felt the tip of his dick poking the tip of her uterus. The feeling was just electrifying. Fucking Nikki is totally different from fucking Ms. Woolson. Robert realized. Nikki’s pussy is so fucking tight! It was true, being Asian; Nikki did have a tight pussy and because of that Robert felt so much better fucking Nikki. He grabbed both of her tits and gave them hard squeezes.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Nikki said with each “ah” growing louder.

“I-I’m coming!” she squealed. Robert grabbed her hands and pulled her onto his body.

Robert felt it. Nikki had come all over his dick and he reached down and stuck a finger into her pussy. It was slippery and then he licked it. Delicious. Now completely giving into lust, Robert threw Nikki onto her back and proceeded to fuck her missionary style.

“Fuck me like you fucked Ms. Woolson Robert!” she said as her voice cracked. Robert pulled off the ass slammers this time. His thighs clapped against Nikki’s and Nikki had started to drool out of excitement. Robert leaned and licked the saliva that was coming out of her mouth and let it slip back into her mouth. They kissed once more, neither one wanting to part.

There was a sudden time, where the air-conditioning or something went off, because the room became dead silent. The only sound that could be heard was the breathing of Robert and Nikki. As Robert continued to ram his cock into Nikki, Nikki looked into Robert’s eyes. It was just as when Ms. Woolson and himself looked into each others eyes.

Robert got distracted, and he drew out his dick and sat on the bed. Nikki obviously, not satisfied got up with him and then stood up on the bed. She hopped off and then leaned on a drawer. She raised one leg up and looked at Robert with puppy eyes. She waved her ass at him and started to moan. She licked her fingers and started to rub her pussy. Robert stared as she started to slap her pussy, taunting him to go ahead and fuck her. He took the bait and jumped up. “Oh!” Nikki managed to say as soon as Robert lifted her leg again and rammed his cock inside. Nikki began to hyperventilate and she started to pant like a dog. She suddenly collapsed onto the floor. Robert went to his knees and picked her up and then set her on the bed.

“Are you okay? Nikki!” he shook her again. The little Japanese girl smiled and opened her mouth. She then looked at Robert’s still hard dick.
“Cum into my mouth again.” she whispered to him. Robert pulled Nikki up and lay on his back. Nikki found her way and started to suck vigorously. She put both of her hands on his shaft and started to jerk him off while sucking him off. Robert instantly felt the need to cum. He grunted and tried to last as long as he could before he let go and his cum shot straight into poor Nikki’s mouth. With her mouth still on his dick, Robert could hear her muffled scream of pleasure. She swallowed his cum again and when she drew off she panted. With the last of her strength Nikki crawled next to Robert and collapsed onto his chest. She looked up at him with sleepy eyes and smiled. Robert saw her lift her hand to his face and ran her fingers across his chin. “Daisuki.” she said weakly, and with that, she leaned her head down onto his shoulder and fell sound asleep.

Robert put his arms around the fast asleep Nikki. He ran his fingers through her hair. How much does a girl have to love someone to ask him to fuck her even if it’s all just lusty sex? Regardless, Robert felt differently about Nikki. He still had feelings for Ms. Woolson but there was something nibbling at that fact. He had that image of her branded into his mind just like Ms. Woolson. Now he had two girls to worry about. Robert sighed and looked at Nikki. She was comfortably asleep on his shoulder. Robert looked at the time. It was almost six; his parents would get home from work at around eight. Robert leaned to his side and set the alarm for seven. With a deep sigh he laid his head next to Nikki and closed his eyes.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Robert opened his eyes with a groan. He blindly fumbled around his cabinet, searching for his phone. He found it and lazily turned it off. With a grown, Robert rubbed his eyes and yawned. Nikki was still asleep. Carefully trying not to wake her Robert slipped out of bed and decided to take a shower. He walked to his closet and pulled out a towel from a rack. Still sleepy Robert barely made it to the bathroom. He closed the door and stepped into the shower. He turned the knobs for warm water, and the water came out. When it was warm enough he slipped into the tub and stood there quietly as the warm water poured over his aching body. Robert’s dick was very sore, as he had fucked two girls in the same day. Robert closed his eyes and rubbed his face.

It was then when he heard the door open and then being shut closed. A click was heard as the door was locked. Robert looked through the shower curtain with squinted eyes. It was Nikki! She had woken up and was now in the same bathroom as him. However she didn’t seem to notice that Robert was in the shower. Nikki slowly trudged to the toilet and sat down. Robert stared as she began to pee into the toilet. Nikki lay back and finished her business with a sigh of relief. She wiped herself and reached for the toilet handle.
“No! Don’t do that!” Robert blurted out. Too late. Nikki had flushed the toilet and immediately hot water simmered Robert. With a yelp, Robert turned off the water and jumped out of the shower. Nikki dumbly looked at him. A few seconds passed before she came back into reality.

“Robert! Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” She quickly hugged Robert and ran her hands over his slightly red skin from the hot water.

“You’re finally awake. I was just taking a shower.” Robert told her almost in a stern tone. Nikki cringed once she heard those words. She began to sniff and Robert felt tears drop onto his body. Robert instantly felt guilty.

“Hey! I’m sorry Nikki. Please don’t cry.” She continued to sniffle.

“Hush…I’m here.” With that Nikki looked up and kissed Robert on the lips. Surprised but he didn’t want to be dragged into another scenario. He tried to pull away but his body wouldn’t listen. His body wasn’t listening to his mind and he found himself kissing Nikki back with a new intensity. He stuck his tongue into hers vigorously and when he parted the two of them were panting. Robert could tell by looking into Nikki’s eyes that she wanted to fuck again. So did Robert, but this was getting out of hand. His dick grew hard and he could do nothing to hide it. Nikki leaned forward and pushed Robert to the ground.

With a grunt Robert landed onto the cold floor. Nikki moved over on top of Robert and slowly descended onto his cock. He let out a muffled yell as Nikki covered her hands over his mouth. What has Nikki become Robert thought horrified. As her pussy finally touched down onto his thighs, she gritted her teeth together. Robert was too scared to move too unsure what to do now. This was supposed to be a one time thing! He moved his hands to her thighs and immediately Nikki smacked them away. She looked up and her eyes were tearing again.

“I’m sorry Robert. I can’t control myself. I-I need.” She caught herself.

“I-I WANT THIS!” she shrieked as she burst into tears. Robert looked down, afraid to look at Nikki in the eyes. This was only supposed to be a one woman thing with Ms. Woolson now he had another woman cutting into his life. He had to teach Nikki who she was dealing with. In an instant Nikki found hands on her hips and she was being bounced up and down at a ludicrous speed. Robert knew he had to give what Nikki wanted if his secret had to be kept. It was a dick move but her motive was understandable. She was in love with him.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out you Jap whore!” he screamed at her. Nikki flung her head back and grabbed her tits.

“Fuck me Robert! Just like that!” she screamed. A straight minute passed by with Robert launching his dick into Nikki. Robert was already tired from the previous fuck and he could feel his stamina dropping fast. With a grunt he landed on the floor. The water on him was now sweat and the only sound heard was him panting.

Robert swallowed. “You do the rest for me.” Nikki smiled. “Hai!” she squealed like an animation character. She bent over and grabbed the edges of the bathtub right above Robert’s head. Her breasts gently hovered over Robert’s mouth. He playfully licked them and bit at them like a piranha. With little effort, Nikki started to move her hips, and Robert felt his dick being swirled in a circular motion. He laid his head back and closed his eyes.

“Do all the fucking work for me Nikki.” He teased her.

Robert watched as Nikki smiled and she bounced up and down jovially on his cock. Up till now she had been riding him on her knees. Maybe she could-

And just like that, if Nikki had read his mind, she moved up to a squatting position. Asian Cowgirl position! Robert watched as his heartbeat accelerated to a ridiculous speed. Nikki struggled to keep her balance and her face was bright pink. With one hand over her mouth and one hand position her pussy onto Robert’s dick; Nikki was a sight to see. He had never seen Nikki cuter. She was drooling, her hair was in her eyes and she was squealing faintly every time she lost her balance a bit. Now Robert actually wanted to have sex with her. He grabbed Nikki’s thighs and started to bounce her up and down. She screamed in ecstasy

“R-Robert! I wasn’t done yet.” Her voice started to tremble. Robert ignored her, for now he had forgotten his reluctance to fuck Nikki again. Robert rose and kissed Nikki, this time he was on the offensive, and Nikki was completely taken by surprise. She moaned as their lips met and Robert felt the energy shoot through his body. His stuck his tongue as far as it could go and when he drew his tongue out, he kissed Nikki on the cheek. Robert then saw her tearing up.
“Robert.” she said quietly. Robert looked up at her and cupped her breasts. “Yes?”

“I love you.” Robert felt his stomach turn. His mouth went dry, and his mind became fuzzy.

And right there, he said the three words that are holy between lovers.

“I love you!”

Nikki gasped and Robert threw his hand to his mouth. What did I just say!? He thought in panic. His heartbeat had increased again and he found himself trembling and blushing. Nikki smiled. “Do you really mean that?” Robert thought in horror. His mouth started to say
“No”, but he instantly felt that he was lying. By now he had noticed he had feelings for Nikki too. Not wanting to lie to Nikki. He replied
“I really mean that.” And just like that he leaned in and kissed her. That was all she needed, and so Nikki resumed to Asian Cowgirl.

Robert looked on as Nikki bounced up and down on his cock with such happiness; she was literally laughing and crying. He reached his hands towards her, and gave Nikki a look of
“Do you trust me?” and her eyes returned the message.
“I trust you.” They held hands and their fingers intertwined. They continued to fuck each other and came to the point where Nikki’s rhythm slowed down. Robert looked with concern towards Nikki. She was gasping for air, and her body was covered with sweat. Robert leaned forwards and grabbed hold of Nikki.

“You can rest now, I’ll finish this up.” he cooed at her.

Obediently listening, Nikki loosened up and allowed Robert to position her down onto a mat on the floor. He spread her legs and scanned her body. Nikki quietly panted and she wriggled her vagina towards Robert. He knew exactly what she wanted. He bent down and stuck in his tongue into her pussy. Nikki moaned and looked down as Robert was flapping his tongue around inside her. The pleasure was just amazing. Robert tongue was completely covered with her juice. He lapped as much of it as he could. And with one final lick, Robert rose up and scooted up closer to Nikki. He grabbed his cock and poked the entrance of her. He started to run his shaft up and down on Nikki’s lips and enjoyed hearing her respond so loudly to his simple actions. Sensing Nikki had enough play time, he quickly shoved his dick inside of her and grunted. Robert grabbed Nikki’s breasts and played with them as he pushed his long dick inside of her. He kept a steady rhythm up.

Robert was done with his comparison with Ms. Woolson and Nikki. Ms. Woolson had all the exterior features down. Her breasts, her face and her hair were excellent; but when it came to Nikki, her pussy felt so much better than Ms. Woolson’s because it was tighter. Nikki had the cute innocent look, while Ms. Woolson had the seductive mature look.

In this week alone, he had lost his virginity and was now having passionate sex with his substitute teacher and his friend.

His thoughts were ended when an annoyed Nikki spoke up.
“Hurry up! Make me cum!” Robert noticed that he was going slower and decided to go all out. He had the urge to cu but decided to allow Nikki cum first. He sped up and Nikki screamed in pleasure. She grabbed her tits and moaned every time Robert’s thighs slapped against her ass cheeks. As the tension inside both of them built up, Nikki started to finger her clit while Robert pounded away at her pussy.
 “Robert?” she panted like a wild animal.
“What is it babe?” Robert replied with lust.

“Let’s cum together.” she said with a faint smile. Robert started to pick up his pace. He could feel the tension inside him quickly rising. He would cum soon. He also noticed, Nikki’s pussy was getting tighter and tighter. He remembered Ms. Woolson doing the same thing right before she climaxed. Robert gripped Nikki’s hips and prepared for the grand finale.

Nikki sensed Robert prepping for the two of them cumming together; and a smile slid across her face. She stopped bouncing up and down and Robert stared at her, wondering what she was up to. Nikki stood up all of a sudden and ran over to the sink counter, and threw her right leg up on the surface. She wiggled her ass tauntingly towards Robert and squeaked her cute Japanese voice.
“Stick it in…Please!” she said in between gasps. Robert grinned and stood up. He quickly rushed over to Nikki, and smooched her from behind. Without warning, he shoved all eight inches of his cock inside of her with all his might and started to slam her pussy. With each resounding clap, moan, scream, pull of the hair, grope of the tits, Robert and Nikki’s combined orgasm came ever so closer. Robert closed his eyes and pounded away. Then it came.
“Ughhh! Nikki I’m coming!!” Nikki rejoiced and singed back.
“I’m coming too-ah-ah-AHH!!” and just like that, Nikki and Robert came together. Robert shot all his cum inside of her and her cunt gladly accepted it, tightening around his now extremely sore dick.

Robert landed on the floor with a thud as he breathed heavily. His chest rose up and down as he looked at Nikki. She turned around and also collapsed on top of him. No words needed to be said for Nikki, and Robert felt completely different about her now. They stared into each others, searching each others souls. Eventually Nikki broke the stare and went into a long passionate kiss with Robert. Except this time, Robert kissed her and he could feel his heart aflutter.


When the time came, Robert and Nikki cleaned themselves off with a quick hot shower and then dried each others off. They giggled at the sight of each other naked, and every now and then snuck a kiss with one another. When Robert opened the bathroom door, he could hear the slight snoring of his sister, and with the coast clear Robert and Nikki dashed to the room and locked the door. As they got dressed, Robert watched as Nikki put on her bra, pants and then her shirt. Her hair was still wet, and it shone when the lighting was perfect. It was now seven-thirty. Robert had to walk Nikki home before his mom came home. Hopefully his sister would keep shut about it too.
“Hey Nikki, I need you to walk you home before my mom comes home…” He looked up at her to see her smiled. “It’s okay, I need to be home soon too.” Robert waited at the door as Nikki got all her things together and then they went downstairs together.

It was getting dark, and there was a cool breeze in the air. Robert noticed Nikki had a hard time walking; most likely because of the rough sex they had. Robert stepped in front of Nikki and went to his knees.
“When was the last time you had a piggy back ride?” Robert asked. Nikki just smiled and happily hopped onto his back. Robert grabbed each of her legs with his arms, and her arms wrapped around his chest.

And like kids, they took off running down the street laughing and giggling all the way to Nikki’s home.

Robert was out of breath, when he set Nikki down on the sidewalk. Another cool breeze blew as they stared into each other’s eyes. Eventually Robert broke the silence.

“Nikki, as you know by now, I have feelings for Ms. Woolson…but-”
“…But you don’t need to worry.” she said with a smile.
“No Nikki! What I meant to say is…that from this day on-” his voice trailed off. Nikki tilted her head and she held his hands. Robert looked at her once more.
“Will you go out with me?” The breeze stopped and the neighborhood became eerily silent. Nikki embraced Robert tightly.
“Of course I will. I will even allow you to see Ms. Woolson.” Robert coughed.
“But aren’t you worried about me loving another woman?!”
“It’s okay Robert.” For the first time Robert heard Nikki use a commanding tone. She was finally making her own decisions. Good.
“You can still see Ms. Woolson. But eventually you will have to pick between me and her.” Robert nodded, and embraced Nikki.
“Thank you so much, you’re the most understanding girl I’ve ever met. And then, Robert’s cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID. It was from home.

“I’ve got to run!” His phone rang for the second time. In a split second he whirled around and pulled Nikki in for another romantic kiss. Third ring; Robert ran off and answered the call. It was his mom.

“Robert, sweetie? Where are you?” she sounded kind of worried.
“I’m sorry mom, I was taking a walk. I’ll be back home in a few minutes.”

“Okay, I was just wondering where you were. Hurry back because I made us some of your favorite curry!”
“Aight, thanks a bunch mom!” Robert closed his phone and joyfully trotted home.

He sat through dinner very energetically and could not stop telling his mother, father or sister how much he enjoyed school, his friends and the weather. All three of them could sense Robert was acting strange, but went along with it, because their son and brother was finally in a different mood then the usual somber sentimental guy.

Robert excused himself from dinner early that night, after wolfing down his meal. He quickly opened his Instant messenger, and there was Nikki waiting for him. Just as he was about to send her a message, his Yahoo e-mail alerter sounded. This diverted his attention away. He opened up Internet Explorer and went to looked inside his inbox to see an email from the sender :

Ms. Woolson!? He clicked on the message with no Subject. A single sentence was the message:

Dear Robert, this Saturday I will come pick you up from your house. We are going somewhere special ;)

And below was an attached file. Robert clicked the file and after a few seconds of loading a album appeared on his screen. Robert immediately blushed and looked to his door to see no one standing there. He got up and closed his door immediately. Breathing faster now, he sat back down on his chair and looked at the photos. Ms. Woolson had sent him pictures of her posing in erotic poses. Each picture had a small caption but the main message he got was that she wanted to fuck him again. A.S.A.P.

Robert got turned on by the pictures when the IM screen popped into his face. The message was from Nikki.

Nikki_1900: Hi Robert…

The trap was set. Robert had started the dangerous game of Pick and Choose.

He had sealed his own fate.

Robert was playing with the feelings of two women

To be continued

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