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My best friend's girlfriend

How I put a friendship at risk over a woman
This story is part fact and part fiction. I’ll leave it to you to decide where the facts end and the fiction begins. This is my first go at writing erotica, so all feedback gratefully received. In fact, it’s pretty much my first real go at any creative writing outside of a forced environment.

I went to Uni in London to study law over ten years ago now. I was the geeky but academically confident kid, the one who always had an answer for everything and was never shy about sharing it. I didn’t care if I was wrong or not, and would even argue with myself on occasion when no-one disagreed with me. Whilst it got me some decent grades, it didn’t really win me any friends, but then again, I was at Uni to get a good degree and then a job, not friends, right? I did, however, make one friend, Dan, who was just as confident as I was, just as cocky, and rubbed people up the wrong way as much as I did. He was my wingman and partner in crime. We both got exceptionally pissed on the tab of pretty much every major London law firm, some of them more than once. We had some very good times together. But Dan had a social confidence that I could only dream of. I was certain that I was right in the classroom, but he was convinced that everyone loved him, even if there was clear evidence to the contrary, and rejection never touched him – he even accused one girl of being a lesbian, just because she turned him down!!

But this story isn’t about Dan. It’s about his girlfriend.

In his second year, Dan met a girl called Charlotte. It wasn’t a serious thing for him – it never was, and I don’t think it was much of a serious thing for her either. It was just acceptable regular sex. One evening there wasn’t much else going on, so we all went out as a couple plus gooseberry (me) to one of the nightclubs off Covent Garden, I forget which one. As per usual, Dan and I were knocking back the pints. We were getting quite drunk, and Charlotte was not so far behind. Dan had to go off somewhere, bar, toilet, don’t remember, don’t care, the important bit is that he left me alone with Charlotte.

And she jumped me. This one kinda took me by surprise – I didn’t consider myself that attractive, I was an overweight alcoholic with no social confidence, and she was screwing my best friend. But nonetheless, she jumped me. I was sober enough to say ‘look, I can’t do this’, and gently pushed her away. So she jumped me again. Me, being the loyal idiot that I was, pushed her away again – ‘Your boyfriend is my best friend, I can’t do this’. What I wasn’t expecting was her to give it a third go. At which point my only thoughts were ‘fresh pussy’, and I gave in to the temptation of it. To say we kissed is not really a fair description. She launched herself at me, pressing her lips against mine and forced her tongue into mouth until I had no choice but to respond. It was brief, passionate and explosive. My cock certainly appreciated the closeness of her amazing tits! We didn’t go any further because there’s not a whole lot you can do when you’re wide out in the open in a club waiting for her boyfriend to reappear and I certainly was frightened of getting caught.

When Dan got back, he told us that he was going to have to go home – he’d got a headache, and the drink really hadn’t helped matters at all. Charlotte offered to go with him, but he refused, saying that she really should stay out and have a good time, and shouldn’t call it a night on his account – it was barely 11 o’clock. So here I was, alone with his girlfriend again. We stayed for a respectable period, more to make sure that he’d gone than anything else, and then she suggested that we go back to her flat. I really should have said no at this point. I knew where this was headed, I knew she was my best mate’s girlfriend, and whilst I was drunk, I wasn’t so drunk to as to not know what I was doing. This was going behind my best mate’s back, and nicking one of his prized possessions. But then again, I was 19 years old and horny hungry to put into practice some of the stuff I’d seen in ‘movies’, and it was a very difficult offer to turn down.

Half an hour later I was back in Charlotte’s flat. We were sat on her sofa listening to some music. She wasn’t in a hurry, and neither was I. We weren’t going to be disturbed by Dan, who was by now several miles away. And we kissed. Not the mad, frantic ‘oh shit my boyfriend/best friend (delete as appropriate) is going to be back in a minute’ kissing that went on in the club, but a more relaxed ‘let’s explore each other’ kind of kiss. She pushed me back on the sofa, and began to climb on top of me - it was clear who the dominant one in this fling would be – and kissed me a bit more passionately, massaging my head and directing me. Our lips were barely touching, but there was definitely electricity there.

After a few minutes she decided to ramp things up a notch and undid my jeans zipper. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. Those wonderfully soft, voluminous globes of flesh that I’d looked at enviously for weeks and now I had the opportunity to hold, caress, savour. 19, and never had a grope, but I’d been concentrating on my studies. More accurately, I’d been consoling myself in my studies to compensate for my lack of personal confidence. Either way, here I was in Charlotte’s living room, sensual music playing on the stereo, lying on her couch with her gently massaging my cock, and her breasts in my hands.

Being young, eager and inexperienced, I figured that this was the green light to start undressing her. I started frantically undoing the buttons of her shirt, and was trying to yank it off when she sat up, turned to me with a sly grin on her face, and said ‘hey, what’s the rush, we’ve got all night to play’. Score one – I had an overnight pass!! With that she took her shirt off and unclipped her black lace bra. Shame, I wanted to do that. She went back to kissing me, all the time teasing my now hard cock with her ministrations, and I went back to caressing her now exposed breasts. Ah, her breasts. Or more accurately, her nipples. It’s difficult to put into words the joy of playing with an aroused pair of nipples for the first time. How they feel, little hard nubs of flesh, so delicate, so sensitive, and knowing that it was me that was making them hard. They were responding sexually to me, and to what I was doing.

Charlotte broke her kisses to lift her body up, and dropped one of her breasts to my still open mouth. I willingly accepted it, taking the nipple, licking around her areola, then lightly holding the nipple in my teeth and flicking it with my tongue (I’d read and watched a lot of porn, and supposedly knew what I was doing. Ha!). It seemed to be working, from the light moans and intakes of breath coming from her, and she seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was. I decided that she had two nipples, I had two hands, and so whilst I was playing with one with my mouth, I could be playing with the other with my fingers. So I began rolling her left nipple in my fingers, flicking it gently with my middle finger. Cue more moans, and her breathing a little harder.

At this point, we were about five minutes into our foreplay, so I decided that now was the time to reach down to her skirt, pull it up, tear down her knickers and start to enter her holy of holies, her inner sanctum, with my fingers. Surely five minutes of foreplay had to be enough – I’d watched enough porn to know that one!! Except this was real life, and it doesn’t quite work like that. A half moaned – half ordered ‘later, let’s just keep doing this’, told me that perhaps she needed to be a bit more turned on before I could get there.

So, how to turn her on a bit more? I began delicately stroking her inner thigh, my fingertips dancing over her flesh. Without her panties, she was so much more accessible. ‘That’s nice,’ she said, ‘let’s just keep doing this for a bit longer’. Just a little bit of reassurance that we were doing alright, that I was doing alright. As the famous beer commercial says (cue fake Dutch accent) ‘you can’t rush these things’, and doesn’t everyone rush a bit on their first time?

I’ll save you the next five minutes of foreplay – suffice it to say that nothing interesting happened there from my perspective (apart from her looking me directly in the eye as she slowly and tantalizing undid every single one of my shirt buttons, and removed it from me). I fully appreciate that guys just need to see a pair of breasts to get aroused whereas girls take a bit more time and effort to get in the mood. To borrow from Friends, girls like the warm up act, whereas guys are just waiting for Pink Floyd to come onstage.

Once Charlotte was warmed up, she still wanted more from me, and I certainly wasn’t going to refuse. She slowly crept up my body with a huge grin on her face. I started to wonder what she was doing, until she came to rest her dripping pussy on my chest and sat up, at which point the penny dropped. I was about to be given the opportunity to do something I had only dreamed about. Her sweet aroma hit me in a tantalizing way, and she knew it. She knew how eager I was to taste her, as it was written all over my face. That and the way my neck was stretching to get my tongue near her. She shifted up and over my face, tauntingly holding her pussy over my face, close enough for me to see the moisture glistening off the bright pink of her sex, surrounded by the darker lips. And then it happened. She ground her pussy down onto my gaping mouth and waiting tongue. My first taste of pussy, and it was nectar! Sweet yet tangy, intoxicating, and unlike anything I had ever tasted before. If I died of suffocation doing this, I would truly die a happy man.

I ran my tongue up and down her lips like a cat lapping at its milk bowl. She responded well to that, holding my head into her pussy, gasping at me not to stop. As I continued, she moved from holding my head to (quite forcefully) directing it to where she wanted me to be. Her pussy became wetter and I sucked on her juices, savouring the musky scent of them. This was every bit as good as I had dreamed. Once she trusted me enough to give me more of a free reign, I moved my mouth down a bit to tongue her ass hole, licking enthusiastically around it and trying to push my tongue past it. Whilst my tongue was doing this, my nose was rubbing up against her clit. She was loving it, both the dirtiness of being rimmed and the stimulation that my nose was giving her. She could be quite vocal, I learned.

After a few moments of that, I moved my mouth up to get more of her juices, and covered the top of her slit and her mound with my mouth, and sucked, continuing to flick her clit with my tongue. She writhed in ecstasy as what I thought was her orgasm swept over her – I hadn’t expected her to cum just from oral sex, and I was a bit disappointed – did this mean game over? I was relieved when she pulled me up to her face, kissing me hard – this wasn’t passionate, more animalistic - and told me in no uncertain terms to fuck her, in a very quiet yet very directive voice – in other circumstances I would have thought I was being told off, but I knew that this was just the intensity of it, and her need to get off again.

She tore off the rest of my clothing and I flipped her onto her back. She gasped, not expecting me to be so dominant, but the huge, coy grin on her face told me she wasn’t going to object. I decided to push her a bit further, taking my time as I lined my cock up with her waiting pussy, touching her pussy lips with the head and circling her now sopping wet hole before thrusting it in. She gave a yelp – I was concerned I had hurt her and stopped, but she shouted at me to keep going. She spread her legs wide, presenting herself to me in all her glory. I began to fuck her in long strokes, slowly at first, but speeding up and with more force as things progressed. This wasn’t love-making, this was two very pent up people needing to get off, and quickly – mutual masturbation if you will. I managed to hold on just long enough for her to get tipped over the edge into her second orgasm of the evening when she shouted at me to cum in her and fill her up. At this point, I erupted into her, filling her with a stream of hot sticky cum, and promptly collapsed onto her.

It was all a bit of a blur from that point on. She hurriedly jumped up to clean herself off before anything leaked out – she didn’t want to have to explain to Dan why there were some new white marks on the sofa. I left soon after as the enormity of what we had done hit home. Whilst we saw each other again a few times (Dan would bring her along whenever we went out on our own tab), things were definitely different between us – more stilted and less natural. She had dropped her guard with me, and let me into somewhere she probably didn’t want me in the cold light of day. Still, as first times go, I enjoyed mys elf, and from her two orgasms, I’d like to think she did too.

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