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My Cousin's Girlfriend

It was a fall weekend and some friends were throwing a party when their parents left to go out of town. I first meet Vickie while she was dating my cousin. Vickie had emerald green eyes with red hair and a beautiful smile. Vickie's breasts were a small A cup. Vickie had a great looking ass. She probably weighed no more than 105 pounds and stood 5'0" tall. My cousin Mike had been dating Vickie for 2 years while they were in high school. Vickie and I never had much of a conversation other then saying hi. Though she was very sexy looking she was still my cousin's girlfriend.

My cousin Mike decided to join the Army right after high school. When I arrived at party the house was packed and "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin was playing. As I moved to the kitchen to put my beer away I saw Vickie standing on the deck outside smoking with a group of girls. I waved through the door at Vickie she smiled back. I drank several beers and and made small talk with a friend while standing in the doorway. Vickie walked by me and I began to think "Wow she has a great looking ass" and my friend said "I would love to fuck that ass." I replied "I hear she is a great fuck" knowing that my cousin had told me Vickie was indeed a great fuck. The alcohol was beginning to take effect on me so I grew a more confident in myself.

Vickie and I made eye contact several times during the next hour. I had to piss and made my way to bathroom. I turned on the bathroom light and was about to close the door when Vickie stepped into the bathroom. Vickie says "I got to pee right now" and so do I, but being the gentleman I am I was about to turn and leave. Vickie grabs me and and says "you can stay." I swallowed hard thinking I had never seen a girl pee much less had sex with a girl.

Though the alcohol had given me a buzz I was nervous. As Vickie dropped her pants I saw she had red hair on her pussy. This was my first pussy I had ever seen. I watched her pink lips open and as she began to pee. Vickie was smiling at me as sat on the toilet. The whole time I couldn't take eyes off her pussy.

When she finished peeing she stood up and removed her pants from around her ankles. She moved close to me and we kissed. My cock got rock hard immediately. She slid her tongue into my mouth and pressed her body closer to me. My hands nervously slide up to cup her small breasts. I felt her nipple hardened as we kissed. Vickie reached between our bodies to unbuckle my pants and they fell to the floor. My cock was pressed tightly against my boxers. Vickie tugged on my boxers and they went to the floor.

Vickie sensed my nervousness and said "Is this your first time?" I replied with a nervous smile and said "Yes." She grabbed my cock with her hand and slowly rubbed up and down my shaft 6 1/2 inch shaft. I felt something strange and then all of sudden my cock erupted into an orgasm. I had cum all over her hand. Though I was embarrassed Vickie laughed and brought her cum-covered hand to her mouth and licked it off. I couldn't believe she licked my cum from her hand.

We began to kiss and my cock got hard again in no time. This time I pulled her sweater over her head and for the first time I saw her small breasts. My mouth could cover her entire tit and I sucked hard. As I sucked her tit she moaned at first I thought I hurt her. She grabbed my head and forced me to keep sucking her tit. My hand slowly traveled down her creamy white complexion to just above her pussy. My fingers twirled through her red pubic before finding her lips and slid inside her. I was amazed how hot her pussy felt on my fingers. We kept kissing and I could hear my fingers slide in and out of her wet pussy she was soaking wet.

She stepped back and slid her ass on the sink as she spread her legs wide. As I moved between her legs she reached down and she rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit. I looked into her emerald green eyes and slid my cock into her tight pussy. Vickie's pussy juice leaked down my balls as I plunged into her hot wet pussy. Thinking to myself "God she is so wet." I slowly slid in and out trying to enjoy my first sexual experience. My heart began to race as our bodies were moving in unison.

You could hear the wet sounds of my cock thrusting in and out. My balls began to swell and I could feel my cum rising. I moved my hips faster and faster. I looked down and watched my cock covered with her cum slide into her pussy. Vickie with her eyes closed rocked her body against mine faster and faster. Just as I was about to cum someone banged on the door! Vickie grabbed my hips to stop me fucking her but she wasn't going slow me down. I pounded into two or three more times and shot the biggest load of cum in my life.

My first sexual experience was incredible. Vickie slid off the sink and my cock slipped from her pussy and we kissed for a few seconds. I reached down to the floor to gather my clothes. I handed Vickie her panties. As she raised her leg to slide her panties on I saw my cum had matted her red pubic hair and my cum was leaking from her pussy. My cock stirred once again.

The banging on the door continued. We remained silent while dressing. I couldn't believe what just happened; I just fucked my cousin's girlfriend!! After drinking a few more beers and feeling like I was on cloud nine. I made the decision to leave the party and was reminiscing on the night's events. I didn't plan on getting laid at the party. The opportunity to fuck my cousin's girlfriend put a smile on my face. When I reached my car I heard a familiar voice calling. It was Vickie asking me for a ride home.

I smiled knowing that my night just got a whole lot better!!!

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