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My Day Dream Part I

Mr. Croker stared at me, I felt my cock harden as he watched...
I ran into the boy's locker room. No one else was there. I cursed under my breath and quickly got dressed. I knew Mr. Crocker, the basketball coach would be furious. I had been late four times already.
I ran out carrying my Jordan's in my hand. The team was no where to be seen. I looked all over the gym. I didn't hear anything. I sat on the bleachers and waited. I put my shoes on in the meantime. The bell rang at 5pm and I walked back to the boy's locker room.
Mr. Crocker sat right in front of the door. "Where were you," I asked.
"Basketball practice was cancelled," he said.
"Then why didn't anyone tell me," I asked.
"Because we need to talk," Mr. Crocker said.
"Look, I'm sorry for being late," I sighed. "I just gotta get myself together."
"I know," he said. I looked up, surprised. "That's not what I wanted to talk to you about though."
Mr. Crocker stood up. He had nothing on the waist down. I backed up. He had a massive cock.
"Why are you walking away," he asked, as he walked towards me. I was against the wall.
My cock was hardening, as he brushed his cock against mine through my gym shorts.
He took mine in his beefy hand and smiled up at me.
"You are some horny dude," he chuckled. "But, it's ok, I'll take care of you."
He pulled down my pants.
I have never been fucked by a man before. I guess you could say I was curious. Mr. Crocker bent down and locked the door behind me. He kissed my cock.
It felt like my cock was pulsing, it was about to explode.
He slowly put all of my 12" cock in his mouth. He sucked me and teased me.
I moaned as I pushed his head closer to my manliness. "You like that," he chuckled as he jerked me off.
"Yeah," I moaned. I felt horny. I wanted his cock into my ass. I was scared to admit aloud, but that's what I wanted.
I brought him up to me and kissed him. I explored his mouth and he explored mine. I took off his top and lowered myself as I teased him.
I flicked my tongue back and forth over his nipples and then sucked, kissed and licked him all the way down to his 8" cock. I heard him moan. I bobbed my head vigorously as I sucked on his cock.
He tensed up and hot sperm poured out of his cock and down my throat.
It tasted great. I liked his cock clean and stood up.
"Now fuck me," I begged.
"Go sit on the bench," he said.
I did what I was told. He came up and laid me back. He stood on the bench and lifted my hips up into the air. He shoved his cock up my ass.
I gasped at first, but when I got used to it, it felt heavenly.
I sighed and moaned as he fucked me.
He slid his cock out and kneeled down on the bench. He shoved his cock up again and fucked me harder. He leaned down and kissed me. 
"Everyday after practice, I want you to wait here for me, after everyone leaves," he said between kissing my body. "I want you to fuck me. This is the only time, I'm gonna fuck you."
He slid his cock out and I got up. I bent down and moved him to the end of the bench. I slowly pushed my cock into his ass. I loved the feeling of my cock up in a man's ass.
I sighed and kissed his ass. I slowly fucked him up, until he said to go faster. I fucked him so hard and fast, that my balls slapped his ass cheeks. I slapped his ass, as I fucked faster and faster.
I loved the feeling. I was gonna cum, but I wanted to still fuck him.
I slapped his ass and slid my cock out. I turned him around and shoved my cock into his mouth. Cum sprayed out into his mouth. I moaned as it all came out.
"Do it again," Mr. Crocker said.
"Yes, sir," I said, smiling. I put sat on the bench, as he lowered himself on my lap, my cock went up his ass.
He groaned as I lifted him and dropped him down on my cock. It was obvious it hurt, but I didn't care. I wanted him to ride my cock. "Ride my cock, man," I said.
I sat back as he didn't even go half way down. He gasped as he rode.
I put my hands on his waist, and slowly I rode him on my cock.
Now he was half way. He was sweating like crazy.
I left it there, because I knew he couldn't handle all of my cock right now.
He stood up, and I smiled.
I put him against the wall, his ass facing me. "Spread 'em," I said, cop style.
He spread his legs and I opened his cheeks.
I smiled as I shoved three of my fingers up his gaping hole. I kissed his ass cheeks and bent down.
I explored his ass, as he groaned and moaned.
I wanted to fuck him up to the ceiling, but kept reminding myself to be patient.
I jerked him off as I humped him.
I didn't shove my cock in, but I pushed up against the wall as if I did. My cock started to harden as he turned around and grabbed my cock.
He had done it so fast, that I didn't realize until he knelt down and slid my cock into his mouth. "You like my cock, don't you," I smiled. He sucked me. I was getting impatient now. I pulled him up and turned him around. He spread his cheeks.
"Uggh," I groaned. Cum sprayed all over his ass.
I rubbed it in, "It's a great moisturizer," I chuckled.
I  pushed him up on the wall and shoved my cock up. I wanted all of my cock up his ass this time. And I wasn't taking no for an answer.
I fucked him to the wall. I heard his groans and moans.
I fucked him harder and harder.
I pushed more of my cock into his ass.
He gasped as a quarter more went in. I wasn't even close to the end.
I fucked him harder, pushing more in. He was frozen, gasping.
But I didn't care, I fucked him harder and harder, pushing more in. There was at least seven inches of my cock in now.
I pushed harder and harder, pummeling more into him.
He gasped as I got to eight inches, which turned into nine inches, to ten inches, to eleven and a half inches.
Finally I have a few more thrusts and all of my twelve inches.
I pulled out, only my shaft was up his ass. Then I pushed all of my cock in. He gasped in pain.
"I will show no mercy," I whispered close to his ear.
I was in a frenzy for ass, when I realized it was already seven.
"I've gotta go," I said.
"Here's your money," he said.
I looked down at the money. "I was to fuck you for money?"
"I heard that you needed a job," he said.
"Thanks," I smiled, taking the two hundred bills from his hand.
I kissed him as I headed to the showers.
I woke up at the sound of the alarm. It was just a dream.

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