My Dream

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learning the importance of sensuality in love making.
I finally had enough money saved to take the vacation of my dreams.

I have always wanted to visit the land of my ancestors and now that was going to happen. I was going to visit Ireland and Scotland; two out of three wasn't so bad. Next time it will be Germany but I just couldn't fit all three places in this time.

The real bonus was that I was going to visit some friends that I had made online whilst there.

I was a bundle of nerves as the day of departure drew closer. Checking and rechecking my flight info and what I was going to pack. Finally the day arrived and the shuttle to the airport picked me up.

I posted a message to my online friends that I was soon to be on my way and invited them to meet me at a local pub later in the evening, after I arrived. I was nervous and uncertain that anyone would show. I was unable to check until after I landed to see if anyone responded.

The flight was long and uneventful. If I wasn't sleeping, I was reading a book or some stories I had saved to the kindle app on my phone. I was able to take some great pictures out of the window, as well. Finally, we landed and taxied to the gate.

As I disembarked the plane I noticed a gentleman standing at the the bottom of the ramp, wearing a kilt. I knew he was there for me and I grinned when I saw him. After countless conversations with Kirk on Lush and my love of men in kilts, I knew it had to be him. I noticed others around me laughing and pointing at him. As soon as I could break free of the crowd, I ran to him and gave him a big hug. I also pulled out a first place ribbon from my bag and pinned it to his sash. We retrieved my luggage and headed for the hotel. My very own Scottish tour guide, how the heck did I get so lucky!

After checking in at the hotel, Kirk and I went shopping. I needed to buy my very own kilt, after all. After a few hours of shopping, we went back to the hotel and got cleaned up and ready for a night out at the pub. I took a few minutes to check my post on Lush and was pleasantly surprised that a bunch of my friends would be joining me for the evening.

Kirk and I made our way to the pub and found a nice big booth. While waiting for the others to arrive, we ordered drinks and food. Non stop chatter the whole day between us, it was almost like we had known each other forever. Slowly, people started to arrive.

Dianne, Trisha and Heather were the first to arrive. Then Jim and his wife Trixy; Jennifer and her partner Lilly, and Jason. After proper introductions, drinks were ordered and the real party began.

The pub reminded me of home: Friendly atmosphere, cheap drinks and great friends. We closed the place down, not really leaving much alcohol behind the bar. No one was in any condition to make it safely home, so I invited everyone back to my hotel suite. I had plenty of room for everyone. They all agreed and off we went.

Once back at the hotel we poured more drinks, not that we needed any more to drink.

Now as you can guess, when you get a bunch of writers and Lush friends together, the conversation is, at some point, going to lead to talk about sex. The latest debate was about sensuality and the importance of it during or leading up to sex. Heather, who was a bit more reserved and somewhat innocent when it came to sex, said she didn't quite understand the need for sensuality.

I asked her if I could show her what we meant.

After a few minutes of thought, she consented. Reassuring her that at any time she wanted to stop, I would do so. I knew that Heather was out of her comfort zone but was so happy that she trusted me enough with this. I also sent the others away knowing that she would not be as open or so willing with everyone watching.

I began by blindfolding her, telling her that I wanted her to rely on her other senses more than her sight. Slowly, I began to gently run my fingers up and down her arms and across her neck, causing goose bumps to appear. I continued this way for a few minutes, slowly inching closer to her chest. Running my fingers lightly over her rather large breast gently raking over her nipples. They harden in response, straining for release from the black lacy bra holding them. I slowly unbutton her top and remove it.

Willingly, she lets me begin again. This time I ran my fingers over her bare skin as she mewed softly, her body arching to reach my fingers.

I move my hands down to her legs slowly going up and down each one, massaging each foot then trailing my nails up her legs. They trail over her stockings and under her skirt, getting closer to her mound with each pass. I rolled down her stockings and unzipped her skirt, removing them.

I ask her if she's okay and she whispers, "Yes please, don't stop."

I smile and continue.

I lightly run my fingers over her black lacy panties just on the outside of her lips. I make my way back up to her neck and chest,where I start over running my hands over her whole body.

I lightly graze her neck with my lips as I keep my hands moving, slowly touching every exposed inch of her body. My lips trail light kisses over her neck and shoulders.

Heather shudders in response as I bring my lips closer to her boobs. I kiss each one just above the the spot where the cleavage begins. I remove her bra and free her. I cup each orb in my hands and lightly run my thumb over the hard nipples. Heather moans as I do this. Blowing softly on her nipples, just before I take them into my mouth, her body arches and her breathing quickens.

I flick my tongue over her nipples as I close my mouth around them, gently sucking them. I lavish each one before leaving a trail of kisses down her stomach stopping just above her mound.

I remove her moist panties and tuck them into my pocket. I take in her sweet scent and neatly trimmed bush. I spread her legs open and lightly blow across her clitoris, she grabs my head and pushes it down. I resist at first, then I reach my tongue out and flick it across her clit. Fingers trail lightly around the outer lips, slowly making their way in to the center. Once there, they run up and down teasing, with every stroke.

Spreading Heather's lips open, I slip two fingers into her dripping pussy, as my mouth clamps down onto her clit, sucking it in as I flick my tongue back and forth over it. Her legs wrap around my head and she arches into my face as her body is racked with an epic orgasm. The blindfold was lost sometime during all of this.

As she comes back to earth and her breathing returns to normal, I look at her and ask, "Now do you understand the importance of sensuality while making love?"