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My favorite Babysitter

My first story ever submitted and my first affairs please read and rate it. FEED BACK WELCOME!
The babysitter used to cover what we called our split, the time my wife would go to work until the time I got home from work. It usually was no more than a couple of hours. I never really got a chance to spend time with the babysitter because as soon as I showed up she needed to head out the door to go to her college class. She was 18 years old and the neighbor’s daughter; it was a really convenient situation for all of us.

She was definitely a site to see, about 5’6 with a slender build and perky tits, she had long black hair that came down to her perfect apple bottom ass. She always wore this super tight daisy duke jeans and a loose t-shirt.

One day my wife left for work as usual and the babysitter was watching our year old son. I got off work early that day and traffic was excellent, it took me only a few minutes to get home. I must have arrived at home no more than 20 minutes after my wife left. I walked into the house to find the babysitter lying on the bed, bottle feeding our son. I startled her a little; but quietly told her to continue feeding him as he was starting to fall asleep.

As she lay with him next to her I decided to lie on the other side of the bed with the baby in between us. We quietly casually spoke; I couldn’t help but notice the curves on her body as she lay on her side. I kept finding myself looking her up and down and getting aroused. I tried to ignore the fact that I was extremely attracted to her, but a bulge grew in my pants.

Out of nowhere she asked do you like what you see. I immediately without thinking said yes, she then asked if I wanted to kiss her. Without a thought or care leaned over and started to kiss her, she and I laid in bed kissing until the baby fell asleep.

Once the baby was asleep, I took her by the hand and led her to the guest bedroom. I started to kiss her again, as I was kissing her, I was unbuttoning her shorts, once unbuttoned I worked my was down her neck kissing her ever so softly.
My hands still on her shorts sliding it down her hips making sure her panties were coming down too, starting to suck on her breast right through her shirt. As soon as her shorts were over her hips exposing her pussy I took my hands off her shorts and lifted her shirt so I could suck on her bare breast. As I sucked on each one of her breast I grabbed on to her ass and slowly made my way down kissing her stomach.

Once on my knees I took off her shorts and panties completely throwing it to the side and sat her on the bed with me in-between her legs. I started to suck on her pussy licking it up and down making her moan; the harder I sucked her the louder she moaned. I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and buried my face back into her pussy now shoving my tongue into her, she was grabbing onto my hair moaning she exploded with an orgasm.

At this point I was rock hard and really wanting to fuck I pulled my dick out of my pants and stood up in-between her legs and pushed down on each of her legs spreading her wide, with one hand guided my dick to her pussy. She was so tight that it had trouble going in.

I slowly rubbed it up against her slowly pushing and adding pressure once the head was in I started to pump her deeper with each stride. At first she had the look that I was killing her then a mix of pleasure and pain, once the full length of my dick was in her I really began to fuck her causing her to buckle and moan I could see the beads of sweat rolling off her forehead, her mouth open her eyes closed with each stride she was letting out a moan I was squeezing her tit with one hand pushing down on her leg with the other, her pussy was so tight it was all too much for me to handle within a few minutes I knew I was about to cum I rammed her harder, I wanted to cum!

When I knew it was about to burst I went as deep as I could get into her and shot my load straight up into her tight pussy. I laid on top of her kissing her for a little while before getting dressed and saying good bye. This was the start of a two year friendship until my son went to day care. I almost wanted to have another child just so I could keep her around, but we ended up moving anyway.

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