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My Favorite Student 2

I had never been so nervous about a girl in all my thirty-one years--not for the first girl I'd had sex with, and not for the most beautiful girlfriend I'd ever had. Only for a sweet, sexy seventeen-year-old, who was more beautiful inside, and out, than any woman I'd ever dated.

The back of my neck felt damp with a little sweat. I rolled my sleeves up, and flexed my arms a little. The door opened, and I made sure my top buttons were undone so she could see just a hint of what's beneath.

Unfortunately when I looked up, it was to see a pair of wrinkly old legs which belonged to the principal. She'd come to check on something for another student. I answered all her questions and tried to hurry her out.

And when she left, a pair of sexy legs in even sexier black boots strutted in. I leaned back in my chair and let my eyes slowly drift up to her small chest. I've always wanted to see if they really were small or she was just hiding a nice perky pair.

My eyes drifted on to her luscious lips, and damn are they luscious. She doesn't need lipstick or anything on those lips, they were made perfectly for kissing or sucking. They were so full, and so soft. God, I wanted to taste them. I wanted to see them wrapped around my dick while moving up and down, filling her cheeks.

Those fucking sexy eyes. They've haunted me, when I've thought about that mouth around my dick, looking up at me through dark hazel orbs, glowing with desire and temptation. In my fantasies I'd yank her up and take her against the wall, slide into her virgin pussy, and I damn well knew she was a virgin. She was too innocent not to be. Even though she carried herself with a "tough girl" exterior, she couldn't hide the naivety in her eyes. To be the one to take her cherry filled me with a guilty sense of smug satisfaction. To make this gorgeous young...

"What did you want to see me about?"

Her low, smokey voice snapped me out of my dirty thoughts.

"Umm..." I almost forgot the reason I asked her to come in the first place. And that thought just sent a steamy image of her coming through my mind; she'd be naked on my bed, her legs spread, her hand between her creamy thighs, and her head tossed back.

"Uh, I found your story. I really, really liked it."

The shock on her face was so predominant, I thought she was going to cry.

Before I started any bit of seducing, I got up, walked around her, and locked the door. Upon my slower walk back, I saw her shield her eyes with her hands. She inhaled sharply. Shit, please don't cry.

"Anything that happens here in my office, anything you or I say, will stay in my office. It's just you and me. Don't be shy." I placed my hands on her shoulders, and gently started a little massage I hadn't planned. I just couldn't let another second go by without touching her, but then I couldn't take my hands off. I wanted to run them down her body and never stop. I caught a whiff of her perfume, something spicy like cinnamon, and leaned over her shoulder to smell some more of her. I felt her body just go slack, heard her sigh ever so softly, saw her tongue dart out and sway around those made for sucking lips, fuck, I wanted her to suck my cock like in her story, bobbing her head, swallowing it, and tasting my cum.

She whispered my name.

"What-what are you going to do? Am I in trouble?"

Mmmmm, how to answer that? 

I leaned down to hear ear and growled, "Baby, you've caused me nothing but trouble."

She inhaled sharply, and I just let my fingers glide down her chest, right over her nipples. I talked right over her little whimpers, "You're such a naughty girl...fantasizing about your teacher's cock." I licked the shell of her ear, heard her sigh in pleasure. "You want to feel this, hm?" I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants, rubbed it around. My fiery little redhead let out a breathy moan as she looked at our hands together, and I groaned in pleasure. "You drive me fucking crazy," I rasped. "Every day I watch you. I see you staring at me. Are you thinking about my cock when you do?"

She gasped at my bluntness, her face blushing so adorably, it made me feel perverted knowing how innocent she was. But she wasn't a prude. She wrote a damn hot story about us making passionate love. I wanted to hear her scream like in her story.

Moving my hand from her nipples down to her thighs, slipping between them, I continued. "Or are you thinking about me touching you? Your beautiful body..." I nibbled her earlobe, and she smiled, finally starting to let herself sink into my seduction. "You think of me touching your pussy? Huh?" My fingers moved right over said area, cupping her, rubbing my palm in little circles. Just the slightest moan left her lips. But I to wanted to hear her louder. I wanted to make her shout out loud. I wanted the people next door to hear I had a hot young thing screaming my name in ecstasy.

Pressing my fingers against her cloth-covered clitoris, just gentle circles again I asked in a husky voice, "Well sweetheart? Do you want me? Do you want me to show you pleasure like you've dreamed of?"

"Yes! Yes."

Fuck, that sexy whisper of surrender made me want to do things to her that I definitely could not do here.

I forced myself to stop and took a deep breath to calm down, hearing her do the same as she composed herself. But I had to taste her before anything else. And when I put my lips to hers, finding she tasted better than I'd ever thought, she made that little whimper sound again. It shot right to my cock, demanding to be released. It would be so easy to take her right there, but the chance of getting caught still rattled in my mind.

I let her go. When I told her we should move this somewhere private, more comfortable, her eyes took on an excited glint, and I took her hand.


We barely got through the door before I had her up against the wall, kissing her better than any teenage boy ever probably had. I had my hands up her sides, pushing up her top and sweater, my lips traveling down her neck, and I suckled the pulsing vein, dragging a long moan from her.


My name from those lips threw me off the edge. I picked her up, legs wrapped around my waist, and headed for the bedroom. She pushed my jacket off and I let her fall to the bed while I threw it to the floor. I looked at her, took her in; breathing hard, her eyes hazed with desire and passion, hair a little messed up from my captivated fingers around her shoulders and down her back, chest heaving, legs slightly spread with those gorgeous boots.

Unable to wait, I pulled her skirt off myself, and groaned at the sight of her black thong.

"Turn around," I growled, and, looking hesitantly at me, she slowly twisted her body around, still watching me over her shoulder. "Bend," I commanded, kicking my socks and shoes off, my fingers tightening into near fists, resisting the urge to grab her and hurry this along. She bent on her hands and knees, presenting her beautiful ass in that thong. Damn. Suddenly, it was hard to breathe. This half-naked young girl in my room licking her lips as she watched me unzip my pants. I thought of all the things I wanted to do to her. All the naughty dirty things; taking her innocence...fucking her against the wall...burying my tongue in her ass (if she'd let me).

Pulling out my desk chair, I sat down and watched her intently, shoving my pants down, then my boxers, and she saw a cock, mine, for the first time. The way her eyes got so big, God.

And that's when the guilt hit. She was seventeen. I was thirty-two. Shit, if anyone found out about this I could be... 

"Wow," she laughed nervously. "You''re way bigger than I imagined."

The guilt was gone as fast as it had come.

With a half-smile, my hand wrapped around my shaft, pumping slowly for her to see, I said, "It's all for you, sweetheart. Why don't you show me what you do when you think about me?"

She blushed, like I knew she would, then shifted her body around so she was facing me, pulled off her top, and slid down that thong. A soft growl escaped my throat.

"You shave...Mmmm, that's nice."

She smiled, still a little nervous. "Thanks. Are you just going to stare at me?"

"What do you do when you think about me?" I asked instead, "Do you play with that sweet little pussy?"

"Yeah," she gasped, sliding her fingers down her inner thighs subconsciously. I noticed she bit her lip and her eyes fluttered half-closed as she stroked that tender area. Oh fuck, she was teasing herself. Oh, she was one naughty little virgin.

Gently pumping my shaft, I moved to the bed and sat beside her, giving her a closer look at it. Her lips parted and formed an "O."

"Play with your pussy," I encouraged. She hesitated, biting her lip, still looking at my cock growing in my fist from a virgin's astounded stare. "Play with it for me. Yesss, that's it." Her hand had slid down and was rubbing her soft pussy lips in gentle circles. And as she played, I played too.

I learned that her clit was extremely sensitive, and she probably would come more from stimulation there than penetration. We leaned against the pillows and I listened to her shallow breathing. I wanted to touch her more than anything right now. But watching her touch her clit and breathe my name every few moments was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. Better than any porn.

Fuck it.

Her eyes shot open when she felt my head suddenly between her legs, my breath on her pussy, my hands under her thighs to spread them more for me, and then when I finally speared my tongue inside that pretty little pussy, the scream of bliss she let out made me grin, and my cock stiffened to full mast.

"Oh my God, Peter!" her musical voice moaned.

I went nuts. I don't know how long I spent with my tongue swirling around in that tight-ass hole, getting her wetter, tasting her super sweet juice, making her cry out my name again and again. Her hands were fisted in my light brown hair, her thighs wrapped around my head, her pussy squeezing my tongue like it would soon squeeze my hungry cock.

"Oh, Peter, yes! Please don't stop!" she shrieked as she reached her first orgasm from a man. From me. Her teacher. She was going to give her virginity to her teacher.

Did I feel dirty? You bet. But in a good, sexy way.

Quickly, I moved up to her face and kissed her deeply, lining my cock up to her quivering pussy as she came, holding onto me for dear life it seemed. Her scream was covered by my mouth, and finally, when the time was right, I slid my cock inside her snug little pussy, taking her cherry.

The pain changed the tone of her scream to a sound of anguish, and I held her through it. When I felt her body relax, I began to move.

Slow thrusts at first, getting her used to the feel of my cock entering her snatch again and again. And hell, was it hard not to just start pounding into her.

"Ohhh Peter, Peter."

I picked up the pace, swerving in and out of her hot, tight pussy. She soon caught my rhythm, clamping around my cock each time it entered. Watching a young woman experiencing sex for the first time was the hottest thing that I'd ever seen in my life, that I ever could have imagined. Her hips rocked to mine with each push, her little chest heaved, her lush lips parted as she gasped and moaned and screamed. God, her young voice tore me up inside, shrouded any doubts or feelings I'd held back.

"Are you ready for this, baby? You ready for me to go faster? Huh?"

"Yeah," she said on a breathy moan. Her eyes gleamed with desire and excitement and...and something deeper. All of a sudden, she rolled me over, surprising the hell out of me, and slammed down all the way, ripping loud moans from both of us.

And she started riding me like a horse!

I held her close to me, her pink nipples hard against my own, her little boobs bouncing just a little. Oh fuck, she felt so good, so damn wonderful inside. I started upthrusting with each of her bounces.

"Yeah, sweetheart, bounce on my cock, that's it, that's it."

Sweat was dripping from both our faces, and then, when I knew she was about to come and I wasn't far behind, I grabbed her ass (fuck, her ass was so soft and bubbly) and pumped my throbbing cock speedily into her clenching pussy.

My sweet student shrieked in ecstasy as she came, "OH MY GOD, PETER!"

Her scream jerked my orgasm from me fast.

"Ahhh FUCK!" I shouted, unloading inside her. I could literally feel her juice cover my cock; it felt so erotic.

We rode our climax out together, kissing hungrily. Passionately as we slowed. Sensually, as we collapsed together. Tenderly, as we stroked one another, cuddled up together.

It was beautiful. So hot. So sexy. So damn amazing.

I had just deflowered a young woman, a student, no less. And that had only been the beginning of our relationship. When we awoke the next morning...
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