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My first encounter

My first sexual experience
Through a friend, I met a boy a few years older than I was. She knew him and gave me his number, we exchanged messages and arranged to meet up.

We choose a large park to meet in, it was a weekday afternoon and fairly quiet. So we sat on a bench and made small talk, before he eventually moved in and kissed me. He ran his hands over my leg and slipped it up my top groping my boobs as we kissed.

I'd only ever kissed someone. I've never touched or been touched by anyone else, although its fair to say, I was more than keen to have it happen.

He tried to slip his hand inside my bra, but it was difficult with me being fully clothed and trying not to make it obvious so he just stayed on top of my bra instead. My nipples were hardened by now and he squeezed them through the fabric of my bra.

He moved his hand back down to my legs and ran it up and down my inner thigh. As we chatted some more, he removed his jacket and casually draped it over my legs. As he moved his hands on my legs he unbuttoned my trousers and without a word slipped his hand inside my trousers and pants.

I was slightly shocked at how quick it had happened, but I didn't stop him as his fingers stroked over me, and gently he slipped a finger inside of me.

I have always enjoyed touching myself, but having someone else touch me, felt fantastic!
His finger stroked over my clit. I was very wet and let out some small moans. He asked if I was enjoying myself, which I most certainly was!

With his free hand, he then zipped opened his jeans and let his bulging hard cock free.
I glanced around but there was no one in sight. I had never seen a cock for real before. I didn't even know what to do, but I moved my hand over and took his cock in my hand.

He groaned and told me, "Wank it off for me."

I fumbled for a bit before getting into some sort of rhythm he seemed to enjoy it. After a little while, he told me we should stop before we get caught, so we did up our clothes and went for a walk.

We stopped outside the public toilets and he pushed me into the doorway and kissed me, as his hands moved back up my top. I was aware of a couple people passing by, but to them it must have just looked like two people kissing.

He pushed up my bra, and squeezed my boobs a little before moving down a little and began to suck on my nipples, I moaned as he did so.

I don't know why but I reached over and pushed opened the toilet doors and pulled him inside. We went into the larger disabled cubicle, where he carried on sucking my tits.
He pushed down my trousers, his fingers danced around my wet pussy. I let out several more moans and reached down to his cock, opening his jeans I took it again in my hand.
I was loving his touch and he seemed to be enjoying it too.

He asked if I would lay down; I agreed and he pulled off my trousers and pants and lay me down on the toilet floor. He knelt beside me, I could still stroke his cock from this angle and as I did he slipped his fingers deep in my pussy. He was able to touch me far more now.

I was spread out for him. His fingers hit all the right spots and I couldn't imagine it being any better than this, until he pulled away and moved his mouth toward my pussy.
His tongue darted around me wet pussy and throbbing clit and he gave me oral sex. Slipping his fingers inside me at the same time and occasionally reaching up to grab my boobs.

He spent much time down on me, when he eventually stopped and stood up. I began to stand up also, but he told me no, and pushed me into a kneeling position, moving his cock toward my mouth I froze I had no idea what to do!

"Suck it," was his only instructions for me.

I took it in one hand and eased it into my mouth. I licked the head of it and moved my tongue down the shaft.

"Mmmm that's good," he remarked as my hand moved to his balls. I carried on licking his cock for him.

"Open your mouth," he said. He took his cock in his hand and pushed it in to my mouth. He thrust himself back and forth into my mouth.

I soon got in to the rhythm and began sucking his cock properly for him he moaned and groaned in pleasure and I enjoyed it also. I wanted so much more, I wanted his cock in my pussy not just my mouth! So I stood up and we kissed as I stroked his hard cock some more.
"Can I have it inside me, please," I almost begged him, but he said no!

"Not yet," he told me. "But another time soon."

He said he would let me have his cock deep in my pussy, and I couldn't wait to have it.

However we never met up again, not for my lack of trying! But it was an amazing sexual encounter that only made me want more, much more.

Since then I have enjoyed an active sex life with men, and women, which I will write about in due course!

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