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My First, Her First, Our First Time

Enjoying Their First Teenage Sex Together
My First, Her First, Our First

It was an August morning. I got up early. I put on a tee shirt and Levi’s and was barefoot. I went outside with my dog, Audrey, a mixed breed. Her great passion was chasing her tennis ball. We went out into the street where there was plenty of room for her to chase it. I would laugh at some of her antics as she caught it. There were times it would bounce and on the rebound, Audrey would leap to catch it. She would do a summersault as she landed.

After a while, Mom came out and said that my cereal and milk were on the kitchen table and that she had to hurry to get to her job as she walked toward town center. We lived in a little house on the edge of a small city. Most of the businesses were family owned and operated. I had tried to get a summer job, but with the economic situation like it was, there were just no openings that were hiring a sixteen year old.

After I ate, Audrey and I went back outside. I went to sit on the garden bench under the tree in the front yard. I was ignoring my dog as she lay at my feet. She would nose her ball trying to get me to throw it some more.

I watched as the girl that lived next door came out. Vicky was wearing a simple dress and was also had bare feet. Vicky and her mother had just moved in a few weeks ago. My mother had told me her name and that she had her sixteenth birthday just two weeks before mine. Vivky had a bubbling personality, was pretty with dark hair, and had a body that I was lusting for. I was kind of shy and did not know how to handle myself around girls. I even had trouble talking to them. The only thing I knew about females is what I had viewed on all the porn sites that I watched often.

We had never talked much together before. She said, "I see your mother leave every morning to work at the dentist office, My mom told me that she had talked briefly to your mother."

"My mom never told me what your mother did, Vicky?"

Vicky turned to me and said, “She works nights at Cave. She is a topless waitress and she is a stripper!”

"Do you mean that she takes her clothes off in front of people?

"Well, most of the time she has small patches over her nipples and wears a throng. Once in a while, at special parties, she will dance completely naked. She will even gives a guy a lap dance."

"I have only seen women naked on my computer on porn video sites."

“You have a computer? My mother will not let me have one. Do you really watch people when they have sex? I have never seen anything like that. Would you show me that?”

“Sure, come on in the house!”

We entered my bedroom and I turned on my computer and pulled an extra chair over for her to sit on. As the first screen came on I logged on to my favorite porn site. Vicky gasped as the scene started out. A man and woman were already naked.

“She is putting his penis in her mouth. It is so big, I never dreamed that a penis would get like that!”

I told her, "They always start out like this, with her sucking his cock. Most of the times the guys have erections like that, but sometimes you can see that his cock is small and limp, then it gets bigger as she sucks him.

As the scene changed I told her, “I like it when he starts licking her pussy, like right now. I like looking at the women's pussy, it makes my cock get real hard, and then I really love it when they start fucking!”

Vicky sat with her eyes glued to the screen, her mouth hanging open. She would also make humming and quiet murmuring sounds of extreme interest. I alternated between the screen and looking at her. Sometimes she would shiver as she watched. I noticed that she would rub her crotch through her dress.

I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I pulled my hard on out and was jacking myself off. I was wondering if I could get her undressed so I could see what her pussy looked like naked. Maybe, I could even get her to suck and fuck me.

We watched as the guy's cock entered the gal for the first time. Vicky was really rubbing her pussy through her dress and her other hand was pinching one of her nipples.

The screen couple were now in a 69. “But she has her mouth on his penis again and he just took it out from inside her. She must be tasting her own stuff, that must be horrible. Is it?”

“They do it all the time. The women all seem to suck a guy's cock after he has fucked her. Sometimes she will even let him cum in her mouth and even swallow his stuff, you know, I mean his semen.”

For the first time, she turned and looked at me, “What are you doing, you are exposing yourself and touching your penis.”

“I always do this when I am watching porn,. It makes me feel so good. I saw you rubbing your pussy and tits, you must like what you are watching too!”

Vicky startled me when she said, “I think we should both get naked. I would like to try and do what they are doing.”

I quickly agreed. I stood and started stripped. She rose and unbuttoned her dress and pulled it off. She was not wearing a bra. She had no need of a bra, her tits stood firm and proud. Vicky then removed her panties with all the little red hearts on them. She did not hesitate to push them down and then off of her bare feet.

I was looking at my first real live pussy as she stood entirely naked right there in front of me. Her cunt had been shaved and her pussy lips were plump and so inviting.

“What should I do now?”

“Why not do it like how they started. I want you to suck my cock. Then I kiss your pussy and then we will fuck!”

Vicky knelt before me and boldly grasped my erection. She used her tongue and licked my cock shaft. “There is some sticky stuff coming out. What is it?”

“That is what the call precum, I want to watch you taste it, please.”

She did as I bid. I thought I would die with the pleasure that coursed through my body. Vicky then placed her mouth over my cock. She started moving my cock in and out just like the woman in the porn had done. As far as I was concerned, she was an excellent cock sucker, of course, she was the first one that had ever sucked my cock. I had my hands on her head trying to get her to go deeper. She would gag and back off. The feeling was greatly intensified until I knew that I was going to climax. Her mouth was not where I wanted to cum the first time. I wanted to cream inside her beautiful pussy. But first I wanted to taste her cunt.

She quickly sat on the edge of the bed in response to my request to kiss her pussy. She spread her legs as I knelt between her knees. For the first time I then kissed and tasted the flavor and inhaled the aroma of a sixteen year old aroused virgin pussy . I licked between the folds of her plump outer lips and my tongue found her erect clitoris. She cried out her passion, she was soon feeling the effects of her first orally induced orgasm.

After several more climaxes, we both were on my bed. I rubbed my cock between those cunt lips as my cock was lubed with her juices, just as I had seen in the porn videos. my cock head searched for and found the entrance to her vagina. We both were about to experience our first fuck.

My cock ate her cherry, my very first. Vicky surrendered her virginity to my invading cock, again my very first. She was moaning her pleasure and I was making my own sounds of lust. The magnificent feeling that my cock gave me as her warm, wet and tight pussy caused tremors of extreme pleasure course all through my body like nothing that I had ever experienced before.

We were in the so called 'missionary position.' Vicky's hips were now moving in unison with mine. She put her legs around mine and her arms were tightly clasping me tightly to her body. My chest was against her beautiful tits. My cock was being held in the grip of her wonderful tight, now no longer virgin pussy.

I could tell each time she had an orgasm. We were each moaning and crying out in our lust as we fucked. At last, I could not hold back my own climax as I pumped my cum deep into her willing and receiving pussy

We were both enjoying the sexual delights of two naked bodies writhing in the age old dance of lust, as a virgin female and virgin male sexually coupled for their first time fuck.

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