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My first lesbian

My first sexual experience
My true story of my first time lesbian experience.

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley but I will refer to myself in this story as Ash I have B cup sized breasts and my best assets is my flexibility. I have never been with a male and don't plan on being with a male in the future, I love who I am and I love the girls I have been with and the girls I will be with.

It all started about 3 years ago when I was 18. I had met a girl on the train heading to the beach for the day, she introduced herself as Kirra and I told her my name was Ashley but could call me Ash. Kirra had long blonde hair, a nice set of tits that were nearly hanging off her bikini top and she had nice long smooth legs. We started talking about how we both loved the beach then about our favorite activities. I was liking her more and more by the minute. I couldn't take my eyes away from hers, she had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. When we got off the train at the beach, I asked her if she would like to join me for lunch. She gracefully accepted my offer, so we started to walk to the restaurant to try and find a seat and grab a bite to eat. When she sat down I could clearly see up her mini shirt and see that her bikini bottoms had a wet patch in the front of the crotch. After that I got a tingly feeling deep down inside my own wettning pussy, luckily she couldn't see up my skirt and see the wet patch I was starting to make.

The waiter came over to our table and asked if we ready to order yet. Kirra ordered a small plate of Ceaser salad and some chips on the side, that sounded good to me as well and I ordered the same thing. While we waited for our food to come out we kept talking and getting to know each other.

"So what do you like doing, apart from coming to the beach?" I asked Kirra.

"Well I like to read, getting a topless tan either at the beach or in my backyard," she said "What about you Ash?

"Yeah I like to do those as well and I also like to hang out with the girls and have some fun." I replied "So do you have anyone special in your life Kirra?"

"Yeah I do and she is very important in my life, she helped me through a tough time in my life."

One of my eyebrows shot up when I heard that she was with a woman. This started to make me more wet and I blushed.

Our food arrived then and we thanked the Waiter. While we ate we continued to make small talk, about where we came from, where we see ourselves in a few years.

After we finished our lunch I took care of the bill and we headed to the beach. We kept talking all the way and every now and then our hands would touch and at each touch I felt a tingle deep inside me, a tingle I have never felt before. We kept walking and I kept a close eye on her hand swinging back and forth next to her slender body, I wondered what she would do if I held her hand. I was biting my lower lip thinking if I should grab her small hand and hold it inside my hand. I finally got the guts and made a move for her hand, it felt like an eternity. I could see my hand moving in slow motion towards hers, and finally my hand reached hers and I held it firmly within my hand. She didn't try and move her hand away but instead gave mine a gentle squeeze. My heart was beating a million miles a minute scared that she would reject me since I was developing feelings towards her.

We got to the beach still hand in hand and found a nice quiet spot where we could lay down and get a tan without too many guys perving on us. "So what would your special girl think if she knew we were holding hands?" I asked Kirra.

"She wouldn't mind, we just have fun with each other but she still is special and no one can ever replace her." She answered.

I liked that answer so I pulled her in for a kiss and she returned the kiss with as much passion as I was giving her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in closer. She felt so soft and fragile but I couldn't take my arms or lips away from her, she was driving me wild. Reluctantly, I had to pull away we were attracting too much attention but I told her if she comes back to my place after an afternoon on the beach we can finish what we started. We laid down our towels on the sand. Kirra started to take her mini skirt off but did it in a sexual way, she slowly slid her skirt down slowly bending over with her cute little bum facing me. She reached her ankles, completely bent over in front of me, I could see her wet spot between her legs and she was even wetter then before.

I couldn't help myself from staring at her bent over in front of me, wanting to touch and to lick her, to drink her sweet juices instead of it getting wasted on her bikini. I reached out with my hand and slide my fingers across her wet patch, she is wetter then she looks. I pull my fingers away and bring them up to my mouth and suck on them to taste how sweet she is and oh my god she tasted absolutely awesome I wanted more but I had to control myself and wait until we got back to my place this afternoon.

She stood up and looked around to me and gave me a sweet and innocent smile like she hasn't done anything wrong or naughty. I smiled sweetly at her. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the beach laying their topless getting a nice tan going all over and all the guys walking past eying us off. It was getting late in the afternoon and the sun was starting to go down and it will take us about 20 minutes to walk back to the station and then on the train for about an hour until we got back to my house. I got up and took my bikini bottoms off, I turned and faced Kirra and asked her if she would like to join me for one last swim before we packed up and left. She said "sure," she got up and took off her bottoms as well, I grabbed her hand and started towards the water.

We walked out into the swell until it was just above our waists, I pull Kirra into a kiss full of passion, lust and my deep needing urge to have all of her right her and now. My right hand slowly traces down her spine sending jolts of electricity through her. I hear her moan into my mouth. I slowly trace my right hand back up to her neck then back down again. I hear her moan again and I moan back. I keep slowly moving my hand down, I reach the curve of the top of her bum. My hand softly glides over her bum and rests where her bum meets the top of her leg and I pull her up. She wraps her legs around me and starts to grind her pussy on my stomach. My left hand reaches down to the small of her back while my right hand moves under her and touch her tight sweet pussy.

She moans even more biting my lower lip and grinds on me harder and faster. My finger finds her clit and I start to run my finger back and forth and every now and then I will give it a little pinch. All of sudden a wave washes over us knocking us down and apart from each other. We both get up laughing and giggling. I walk back over to her and pick her up. With her arms and legs wrapped around me I start walking back up to the beach and where all our stuff is and lay her down on my towel. I kiss my way down her body and when I reach her belly button I lift her legs and place them on my shoulders and kiss the rest of my way down to her pussy. I kiss all around her pussy, teasing her, I wanted her to beg me to go further and she did. I licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top then made my way straight to her clit. I didn't want to drag it out to long because I wanted to save all the fun stuff for when we get back to my place.

I licked and sucked and flicked my tongue all over her clit while I reached up with both hands to play with her beautiful tits, her nipples were hard and I knew she wanted me to pinch her nipples. I could feel that she was approaching her orgasm fast. I took my hands away from her tits and grabbed her legs and pushed them back further so when she cums it will be all over my face.

She reached the final point as her orgasm erupted sending her love juices all over my face and into my mouth. Oh my god her cum tastes so nice that I want more, I bury my face into her pussy and lick and suck every last tiny little bit that I can get.

Once she calmed down from her orgasm, we got dressed and packed up our stuff and headed for the train station to go back to my place.

I decided to write this in a 2 part, maybe 3 depends how much more I can remember.
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