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My first lover

This was my first attempt to write a short erotic story. Hope you like it :)
It was nearly five months into the relationship and we were getting closer and closer every day. His name was Edward. He was my first boyfriend, kiss, french kiss, sensual touch, and soon to be my first lover. I was waiting for this night to happen, so was he. My mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness, and desire caused me to over analyze everything. I heard my friends' stories about how much it hurt and how plain and rather unpleasant their first time was. I didn't want my first time to be like theirs. I knew it wouldn't, not with Edward. Finally, tonight was the night.

Earlier today I went out and picked the sexiest lingerie I could find. I chose a silky smooth bra with slight push-up padding. The straps and the band of the bra were covered in lace a shade darker than the deep torques of the silk. Two small straps of the same lace was peaking underneath the curved top of each cup. The bra fit perfectly and accentuated the cleavage.

For the panties; I went with a torques matching the shade of the lace. I decided to go with something between a thong and regular panties. They were comfortable but sexy. The panties emphasize my bubble butt that wasn't too small or too big for my tiny framed body. The top arches of the backside just above the gentle silky fabric that creased between my butt cheeks framed my perky lumps. I wore a tight dark blue dress that reached half way down my thighs. The dress had a deep V-neck cut that revealed an inch of my cleavage.

As soon as I said goodbye to my parents that were leaving to a business trip for a few nights, I began preparing everything down to the last detail. I wanted to impress him, please him. I wanted things to be perfect. I cleaned around the house, got rid of any junk in my room, and recreated the atmosphere. I changed my bedsheets, fluffed my pillows, and sprayed the room with sweet but subtle perfume.

Finally, I laid out some candles, and got into the shower. I made sure to look pretty, but natural. I wore minimal makeup and let my hair dry on it's own. I wanted him to see the beauty in me, not on the surface of my masked face. Finally, as I was fixing any finishing touches, the doorbell rang. Hyperactive butterflies tickled my stomach.

I opened the door to see the most handsome guy in the world. Just the sight of him standing there with his tucked dress shirt holding a few roses in his right hand, his left hand in his jean pocket got my heart racing. I glared at his flawless face perfectly framed with his manly chin and jawline. And those eyes...boy, those eyes can drive any woman out of her reserved feminine norm and into a naughty, passionate, hungry woman. After realizing I've been frozen and staring at him for quiet some time I couldn't think of anything better to say than, “Wow.”

“I can say the same for you,” he said in a deep seductive voice. I told him to come in and make himself comfortable. We were now both sitting face to face, my body pressing against his, out lips a few inches away. I was so nervous, so anxious, yet this felt so right. We starred deep into each others eyes. Just admiring the situation, admiring our love. It felt like silent communication. I opened my eyes, my soul to him. He opened his to me. Finally, he broke the ice with a soft, tender kiss. A kiss that triggered the arousal in both our bodies. Before we knew it, we were up in my bedroom.

“Wait! I want to take things slow,” I said as I stopped his hands from lifting my dress.

He agreed by giving me a smirk and a deep kiss before saying, “Me too.”

He laid me on the bed and began deeply kissing me. Our tongues swirled together, danced together. I felt my pussy get wet as I imagined what's coming. Edward began moving his lips down my neck, sucking my skin, nibbling on the sensitive areas. I let out a soft moan in response. He carried on to my shoulders and chest, right about my breasts as he slid the straps of my dress off and lowered the top revealing my silk and laced bra. He pondered the view of my breasts for a moment before continuing to lower my dress until it was completely off.

He continued kissing me everywhere. Only now he was moving faster and my moans got louder. His lips didn't move away from my body except for the moment he took to take his shirt off. I let him keep going until I couldn't take it anymore. I needed more stimulation and a heavier touch. I gently pushed him off of me, unhooked my bra, took the straps down, and swung it across the room. I grabbed his head and pressed his lips roughly against mine and guided his tongue lower to my breasts. Things were getting hot and heavy.

Squeezing and tugging my nipples really got me going. My moans grew heavier and louder as did my breathing. He handled my breasts roughly, but he did not hurt me. He cupped one breast and occasionally pinched and lightly twisted my nipple to the point it got red and hard. He treated the other breast with his mouth, taking as much as he could in his mouth and swirling his tongue around the aureola and gently nibbling on my nipple until I had enough teasing.

I grabbed his head again and pushed it to my pelvis. He began by petting my pussy with his tongue through the silk. I was so aroused, so horny, so wet. My pussy juices leaked through my panties as he licked and sucked on the fabric. I let out a long moan when he made his way up to my clip and roughly sucked it. I felt his dick growing and hardening in response to my lust.

I lifted my upper body off the bed and looked down at what he was doing. I moved away a little more and tilted his face up and said, “My turn,” with a sexy grin. He smiled back at me, jumped up and laid down on the bed. He had his legs spread open and hands behind his head, prepared for what's coming. I deeply kissed his and made my way down to his crotch.

I gazed down at the bulge in his pants with amazement and curiosity. I slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. He lifted his pelvis upward to assist me in taking off his pants. I took another pause to look at his cock that looked even bigger with less fabric on. Finally, I took his boxers off and wrapped my hand around his seven inch dick. Although I have never seen a real penis before, I knew his was above average.

I kept my hand wrapped around his dick at the bottom as I kissed the shaft. I let my lips lower underneath the foreskin and swirled my tongue around his foreskin, continuously increasing my speed. I then surprised him by taking in more than half his big cock in one motion. I gently cocked my head back and forth, applying more pressure every time I went back up. I kept going like this for some time, taking in more or less stroke after stroke. Occasionally, would take in his whole length and tighten my throat around his hard dick. I could tell he was surprised by how well I was doing considering I never done this before. I was also surprised.

When Edward reached the point where he could barely resist thrusting deep into my throat, he grabbed a chunk on my hair and pulled it gently to raise my head off his cock to say, “I want to make you come now.”

I nodded in agreement and laid back down. He roughly and quickly pulled my panties off and buried his face between my legs. I moaned. He nibbled, sucked, and tugged on my lips in rhythm as his thumb pressed against my clit. He then began sucking on my clit and very lightly pressing on it between his teeth. I felt my clit grow and swell. He went on like this for a while until he surprised me by sticking two fingers deep inside my pussy and finding my g-spot. I never felt anything like this. He thrust his fingers back and forth and continued working on my clit. The combination of the two similar yet different sensations changed my moans into pleasurable screams.

My face flushed with a rose red color and I felt the sudden need to pee. “I- I think I'm coming!” I yelled, although I was not sure. Edward increased his speed with his fingers and sucked my clit harder, flicked it with the tip of his tongue faster. After a few more seconds of pleasure came a sensations I never even imagined.

My body jerked, and my toes curled. I arched my back in amazement and I was stunned by the feeling of this orgasm to the point I was unable to let out a moan. My pussy erupted with juices and a few clear lines of sweet liquid shot out of my urethra. I was speechless.

My body recovered within a few seconds, and within those few seconds I wanted more. My love for Edward compelled my appetite for sex to grow and the orgasm just doubled that appetite. I looked him in the eyes and said, “Do me from behind.” I saw an impressed look on his face. Hell, I was impressed myself, I felt so naughty, so kinky. I liked it.

I positioned my body on all fours and let my head rest against the pillow in front of me, keeping my ass up. Edward stayed on his knees and adjusted perfectly to aline his hard dick with my dripping pussy. He slipped a condom on and began the insertion. I must admit, it wasn't pleasant at first, but it wasn't horrible either. It hurt, but the pain mixed with arousal had a kinky feel to it so the pain wasn't bad, it actually felt good.

I gasped in shock at first, but then pushed my pussy towards his to make his go deeper into me. I felt so full. Just feeling his hard cock grow even harder and longer inside my tight pussy almost made me come.

“Shit, you're tight,” he grunted.

“Fuck me hard, baby, I want to make you come now," I said as I looked back at him, begging him to fill me with his cum.

He started out with short but steady thrusts. I began to moan softly. As he continues he progressed and became more aggressive with his thrusts. The steadiness turned into hard pumping and his short thrusts fast deep thrusts. He pulled back almost all the way out to the rim of his foreskin when he thrust outwards and went all the way back in, as deep as he could, hitting my cervix when he thrust back in. At times it hurt, but those times crept me closer to coming. “I'm going to come,” he groaned, “Where do you want it?”

“In me, come inside my pussy, I want to feel your cum shoot against the back of my pussy,” I encouraged, “come for me baby, I'm coming too.”

He continued thrusting harder, faster, deeper, until we both let out a loud moan in sync. Edward dropped forward on my back and my ass dropped sideways twisting my body towards his. We were now facing each other again. Looking deep into each others eyes. Gazing at each others sweaty faces and messy hair. There was nothing more to say but, “That was beautiful,” I whispered.

“You are beautiful,” he said, kissing my on the forehead and hugging me close, “I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”

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