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My First Male Experience

My first time with a male described...and true...
My first experience with another cock as a sex object,r ather than playing with my own or seeing other guys’ cocks in the gym showers, happened when I was 18 years old whilst on holiday in Atlanta, Georgia. It happened on a family exchange visit whilst I stayed with a cute couple in their late 30s. He, Herb, was athletic, tall and tanned and she, Lucy, was shapely, without being model-type beautiful, but a nice cute girl all the same. They were friendly and I quickly settled into their home.

However after about three days in the city, sightseeing, Herb said had some business to conduct up in the hills of North Georgia , about three hours drive away, and he suggested that I should come along. So he and I drove up there the next day, planning to stay the night at the motel where Herb was to talk business (Real Estate) with the owners. We arrived about 1pm and I was introduced to the three guys who were there to greet us.

After settling down in the private living area, we chatted and the guys asked me many questions about life in the UK and my life in general. Whilst conversing they insisted I have some drink (Bourbon and Coke, I think it was) as I was “mature enough to take it”. Everyone was drinking and the mood was very relaxed. The guys constantly offered me more drink and I was too bashful to turn down their hospitality so I took it. After a while, Herb went out of the room for a short while with two of the guys but they all eventually returned after about 30 minutes, or so.

Whilst Herb and the guys were away, the one remaining guy started reading a pile of magazines that were in the corner of the room, and laughing at their contents. So I asked what it was.

The guy said, “Ohh it’s nothing” but then, smiling, said it was gay porno. Just as we started this conversation, the other two guys and Herb returned into the room and saw the magazines and started joking in a crude but funny manner about cocks and cum and all such related matters. As the guys settled down again they started reading the porno magazines and commenting on their contents showing the pictures to all in the room.

Being 18 I was still naïve and thought nothing of it although they showed me some pictures and asked me what I thought. Not wishing to seem ‘soft’ I said something like, “Very nice” and other comments to that effect. Naïve me! We looked at more magazines and they centered the comments on the cock, fuck and cum pictures. We all had more to drink and I have to admit I started feeling worn-out and light headed but carried on the best I could. At about 4pm one guy asked if I wanted to have a sleep before a meal we were all having at about 8pm. By now, I was getting drowsy, jet lagged still but now also hazy on alcohol, I followed him to a bedroom. I always sleep nude so, thinking nothing of it, I stripped and dropped into bed. And quickly fell asleep. I was very naive...

Sometime later I woke with the feel of a hand on my thigh and a foot stroking one of my feet. Toe to toe. As I became aware that this was really happening and not the start of a wet dream where I was about to explode cum in and on the sheets, I realised someone was in bed with me!! I was lying on my side and the person was behind me, close behind me. Close enough to also feel the gentle nudge and throbbing of a hard cock pressed against the small of my back. I was naked and in bed with a naked, horny, guy with a hard cock. Oh, this was different.

And as this fact dawned on me, blood started pulsing to my already semi-hard cock. The guy realised I was now awake so he moved back slightly and grabbing my inner thigh, close to my cock, he pulled me onto my back. I suppose in retrospect, and with hindsight, I could have jumped up and shot out of bed. But I had mixed emotions. As reality hit me, one feeling was of being very scared of what would happen if I did jump out of bed and make a scene as I was thousands of miles from home. The other feeling I had was of intense horniness and sexual curiosity. I had cay/bi thoughts before the trip for about a year so maybe this is why I didn’t scream out. I was probably still drunk with the relaxation of inhibitions that brings. And the sights of the pictures in those magazines.

As I rolled onto my back I looked to see that it was Herb in bed with me! I was confused, well, he was married,and happy that it wasn’t one of those other guys. He smiled and asked me if I was OK. I nodded.

As I lay there he started caressing my chest and stomach smoothing his palm over the whole of my torso. For a few minutes, ever so gently, but ever so sensually, he massaged my upper body asking me if it was nice. As I could utter was a weak “Yes.” Then before I could move or say anything more, his hand moved and held my penis which was now extremely hard and throbbing, if it hadn’t been before he touched it. I was lying flat on my back and he was on his side facing me under the cover. It was still daylight and the room was washed in light. It was hot so there was just one sheet on the bed as the cover.

Then he smiled again and asked me if that felt OK. Again, I weakly and shyly whispered a “Yes” and taking this as an acceptance to take control, Herb started stroking my cock, slowly, very slowly, up and down the shaft. When he first touched me I was confused but after a few seconds of his hand playing with my cock, I was loving it. Maybe I was gay or bi after all!

As I relaxed more into the enjoyment of another guy masturbating me, Herb continued his up and down rhythm on my shaft. I felt my foreskin being pulled back and forth over my cock head. Although I couldn’t see it I could tell my cock slit, was emitting copious amounts of pre-cum, making my purple, satin, cock end all slimy. As he continued this, he suckled my shoulder and threw a leg over my nearest thigh. I felt his hard cock against my hip so I reached down to take it, and I got another shock. The length and thickness of his meat was amazing, way bigger than mine! So in the tightness between our bodies I tried to masturbate him. I have to admit that his playing with my meat was such a turn on that I didn't last long. After only a few minutes I felt a familiar sensation in my balls and cock nerves. I did masturbate myself so I knew the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm. Herb was a master at this as he moved his hand, and sometimes just three fingers, up and down my cock. Sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes gentle, sometimes hard. He certainly knew how to make a cock shoot it’s cum load.

Herb paused for a second and threw the sheet off us. Now both of us naked to the world and in heaven. Settling back into position Herb kissed me, flashing his tongue deep into my mouth as e resumed his ministrations. By now the nerve endings in my cock head were making it almost too sore to touch as my foreskin rubbed over its sensitivity. I knew that I had to cum soon. Holding Herb's cock, arching my back and groaning loudly, the first cum volley shot from my piss slit high in the air. I think it landed high on my chest. As Herb continued to jerk me, this discharge was followed by a few more as I pressed my shoulders into the bed and raised my hips. I was moaning and groaning, too loudly I guess, but I was lost in the world of sexual elation. Herb continued his work until my white lava stopped shooting and ended by it running down my shaft to my lower stomach and groin. Oh fuck, it was fantastic. The best orgasm of my life up to then and for many a year afterwards.

I suppose being jerked by another guy for the first time had got me too worked up that, as I confess earlier, I didn’t last long as I would have liked. But I released my seed, strongly, hard, and with a good cum load all over my chest, stomach, Herbs hand and with some stains on the sheet. As I lay in the glow of a fantastic orgasm, Herb spread all my cum over my body, sharing that sticky, warm cream with all parts of my torso.

After I had come back to earth and my breathing, and senses, had returned to normal, I looked at Herb and again reached for his cock. As I did so he rolled onto his back next to me so I idly toyed with his hard tool for a few minutes whilst we relaxed. Two naked guys, one a naïve youth, one experience man, one with a semi-hard smallish cock and the other with a huge, very stiff cock. Herbs cock was circumcised and about 8 inches or more long and 2 inches in diameter. Nothing had been said between us as I came or as we relaxed, but I, sort of, knew what I had to do. I rolled onto my side facing him and started jerking his meat.

It was the first male meat I had touched, soft or hard, other than mine, and it was much larger than mine. I commenced an inexperienced pumping of his shaft, as best this young, innocent, male could do. I was getting used to its physical size with to and fro motions on his shaft caressing it up and down. I could see his pre-cum oozing out of his slit so I rubbed it over his satin, smooth, uncovered cock head. He seemed to enjoy that. I continued my work but never quite sure as to how hard to squeeze him or how fast to pump it back and forth.

However after a while of my attempts to please him, he grasped hold of my hand which encircled his manhood. As I said, obviously I wasn’t experienced at jerking another cock so he took control of my work and moved my hand up and down the shaft as if teaching me what to do. Faster and harder. He looked at me and smiled as we jointly worked him towards orgasm. After a good few minutes of this, his moans and groans became louder, his breathing changed, his cock stiffened and his back arched. And with an “Oh fuck, yes, I’m cumming.” he came

By now the cover had been fully pushed down and I watched as I yanked him (with his help) and saw his cream shoot out his cock slit about six6 hard missiles followed by three smaller shots and then finished with a good flow of ivory cum cream onto his stomach. It was superb watching, hearing and feeling another cock cum and that totally turned me on. It was the start of me wanting to play with other guys cock and to see them spurt. And to feel solid man meat spasm and twitch in rapture if I could. After he had finished and relaxed for a while, he took my hand and placed it on the cum ropes and pools on his chest and stomach and I knew he wanted me to rub it into his body as he had done with my cum. So I did, enjoying every sensual feel of his splattered body.

If this was Fantasyland, at this point in the story the three other guys would come into the room and all sorts of fun would follow. But this was real and that, sadly, didn’t happen.

After a few minutes relaxation, Herb got up and I watched the rear of his naked body disappear into the en-suite shower and I heard the water run. He shouted for me to join him so I got up and walked in the cubicle. I was still semi-hard. We washed and a couple of times he held my cock, and played with it, once rubbing his cock against mine. He asked me if I enjoyed the fun in the bed. I blushed, smiled and told him that yeah I had. I loved it very much! We finished the shower and dried off. But before we got dressed and left the bedroom Herb told me that the other guys wanted to join me in bed but he had said no as he wasn’t sure how I would react. At that time I was worried in case it developed into something more, maybe frightening. But now, well four guys on a bed plus me, I’d say “Yes please!”

He also said that there was a girl staying in the motel that night that would share a bed with me if I wanted. Of course I wanted her, but I also thought of his cock and if we would share the bed during the night.

Herb and I went back to the living area and the other guys were still drinking and reading the porno magazines. They asked if I had a good sleep and as they did they all smiled then laughed. They knew what had happened! I was so embarrassed. They probably heard it all, or maybe even watched from some spy hole.

Later, we all ate around one big table in the restaurant, including the girl, who was about 28 years old, who had joined us. But sadly, this was reality and no more happened that night. I, sadly, slept alone in my motel room. The next morning Herb and I headed back to Atlanta , to his wife, and no more was said as she always seemed to be around. I always wondered if his wife knew her husband was bisexual. Or if all the guys were gay and part of a sex gang. Now, if I had that time over again….

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