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My First Sex Partner - Part One

First time sex

Kathy and met when we were both 18. We had dated just a couple of weeks, but everyone knew that we were a couple already. Kathy had dated other guys before, and had even fucked a few, but none lasted any time. I, on the other hand, had dated only two girls in high school, and had never even gotten past first base.

It was in the dead of winter when we were invited to a party. Kathy, who had a 36A-24-36 figure, rarely wore a bra, and this time was no exception. She had fairly long nipples, and it was always a turn-on to me to see them stretching her shirts and sweaters out. She was also quite the aggressive one, but since I was so inexperienced at lovemaking, it made me a little uncomfortable.

Once we got to the party, the booze began to flow. I am old enough to recall when it was legal for folks under 21 to purchase and drink alcohol. I was drinking quite slowly, but Kathy seemed to have no limits. About an hour into the party, I noticed that snow had begun to fall, and at a rather rapid pace at that. An hour after that, the party began to break up, due to the rapidly accumulating snowfall. Since we were good friends with the hosts, they invited us to stay with them overnight, since we lived several miles away. I looked at Kathy, who seemed to be agreeable to anything that night. So we agreed to stay that evening.

The last of the other guests had left within the hour. Our hosts had drunk quite a bit themselves and were ready to hit the sack. They showed us where we could sleep, then retired to their own bedroom. Kathy and I laid beside each other, making small talk, until she finally said "I'm horny! Can you help me out?" It was then that I finally revealed to her that I had never had sex with anyone before. Her reply was "So? I don't think that's a problem, do you?"

Of course, I said "No," and she immediately moved my hand to her breast. "Rub my nipples" she commanded, and I was quick to obey. I immediately noticed how large they became, and began to apply a bit more pressure. "Now, use your finger and thumb," and again I was quick to respond. When I began pinching and pulling her nipples, she moaned her pleasure, and shortly she removed her shirt, revealing the breasts I had only dreamed about until now.

Though small, they were perfect in my eyes. Her areolas were a medium brown, and the nipples just a shade lighter. "Now suck my nipples" she ordered, and I quickly placed my lips around her right nipple and suckled it like a baby. "MMMM, that feels so good, honey. I give you just a week to stop that!" I kept sucking, moving back and forth, even scraping her nipples with my teeth. Suddenly, she stiffened, gripped the sheets hard, and said "I'm cumming, Will, I'm cumming." A large wet spot had developed on the crotch of her pants, and I knew that something had just happened that I'd never been a party to before. Her breathing was quite rapid now, and her face was red and somewhat contorted as she had an orgasm that took a while to end.

"GOD, that was great! Now, it's your turn." She smiled as she pulled my shirt over my head. She began stroking my chest, and licking my nipples, though I didn't share her sensitivity. Kathy continued licking down my torso, stopping at my navel for a moment, before moving to my beltline. She unbuckled my belt, and pulled my pants down, leaving just my underpants on. My cock had long ago grown to its 6" length, and Kathy stroked up and down its length through the cotton fabric. I was convinced that she would make me cum in my undies, when she stopped and slowly pulled them over my ass. She then slid a finger under the waistband and pulled the elastic out from my body, finally revealing the head of my cock to her for the first time. Kathy immediately inserted just the head into her mouth, moving her tongue all around, and at last licking just under the nerve-loaded underside. I threw my head back, feeling as though I would cum at any second, but she stopped again, pulling my briefs all the way down.

"You have a beautiful cock, Will!" Kathy said. "I can't wait to feel it inside me." Again, she took my cock into her mouth, but this time, it went nearly all the way into her oral cavity. The warm wetness was heavenly, and I again could feel my cum beginning its inexorable rise.

"I'm going to shoot, Kathy" I tried to warn her, but she just continued sucking and licking, moving her mouth up and down the shaft. I sat down on the bed and spread my legs as my cum was made inevitable by her sucking. Kathy, never missing a beat when I moved, kept sucking on my cock, and I began shooting my sex juices into her mouth. She began swallowing, attempting to get it all down her throat. What little she didn't swallow dripped onto her chest and boobs, and when I finally stopped cumming and fell back onto the bed, she scooped up the rest from her skin and licked that from her hand as well.

"I just love the taste of your cum, Will. Now will you do me?" I wasn't sure what she was asking for, but noticed that, as she pulled her pants down, I was immediately treated to her pussy and her lovely ass, since she wasn't wearing any panties either. She laid on the bed, spread her legs, and revealed for the first time her sopping wet pussy. I noticed that her outer lips were clean-shaven, the only pussy hair on her mons, and very sparse at that. I also noticed that her inner lips were fully deployed, and she was very wet inside and out. Kathy pulled her legs back and spread her knees, revealing even more of her pussy to me, then pulled my head toward her.

"Lick my pussy, Will. Lick me from bottom to top and back down again." I obeyed, and got my first taste of pussy then. Though the aroma and taste were unfamiliar to me, it was far from unpleasant, and I began enjoying myself even more. When I moved to the top of her pussy, she jerked, and I thought I had hurt her. I pulled back, but she grabbed my head again, saying "Keep going! That was my clit, and the touch with your tongue was sooooo good. I almost couldn't stand it. Do it again!"

Not being one to disappoint, I licked her clit again, then again, when she finally grabbed my head and pushed it hard against her pussy. "Put a finger in my pussy quick!!" she commanded. I inserted a finger into her pussy and began stroking it in and out, then concentrated on her clit with my tongue again. In seconds, she began bucking her pussy against my mouth, lifting her ass off the bed as she came to my licking. I noticed that some juices were flowing from her pussy and down to the bed, and decided it was time to taste them. When I did, she raised her ass off the bed again, and even more of her cum began to flow from her pussy. "Suck me hard!" she begged, and a happily obliged. I put both hands under her ass and supported her as I sucked her cum from her pussy.

By now, my cock had reached its full length, and Kathy whispered "Fuck me now. Put your cock into my pussy and fuck me hard!" As I moved up her body, she grabbed my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. "Shove it in!" she pleaded, and I pushed forward, quickly impaling her with my dick. Immediately, she wrapped me up with her arms and legs, and as I started my in and out movements, she began meeting my movements in perfect time. We fucked for just about a minute before she began moaning, tightening her grip on me, pulling her legs around my waist, and finally cumming, expelling her juices from her pussy, and creating a huge wet spot on the bed. I began increasing the rate of my fucking in her hot sopping cunt, and quickly had my second orgasm of the evening. When she felt me cum inside her, her next orgasm came, a little less powerful than the first, but still intense.

Kathy quickly rolled me over and went down on my cock again, licking her juices mixed with mine off my cock and pubic area. We were in a 69 position, so I began sucking the juices from her cunt. We were both quickly licked clean, and then we shared a long French kiss. I could taste both her cum and mine, and again, found it to be rather pleasant.

As our breathing came back under control, Kathy said "Will, that was super!! I've never cum that hard in my life, at least not with a dick inside me."

I responded "It was great for me, too. I'm so happy that you were my first, because you're such a sexy teacher."

We fell asleep naked in each other's arms. In the morning, we awoke to a 6" snowfall, appropriate to my cock length, I thought. I looked at Kathy, and her naked body still looked beautiful to me. She awoke then, saw me looking at her, and said "Is there anything wrong?"

I replied with a smile, "Nothing. Nothing at all."

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