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my first sexual experience

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fire drill!
My first sexual experience occurred my freshman year in college. I was a real dork in high school plus I was really shy. Once I turned 16 I really wanted a boyfriend but it was tough because I attended an all girls high school. My friends and I hung out with guys that lived in our neighborhood. It was great. We would get together on the weekends and play pool or do stuff as a group.

There was one guy that really caught my eye and he knew it. I eventually got the nerve to ask him out and it happened to be to my senior prom.

Don't get me wrong--I had a few dates before him, but not many. I was brought up fairly strictly and really didn't have the looks to get a boyfriend. I had friends and we had great times so I really didn't care. I was a good student, a good daughter, and that is really what mattered to me in life. I wanted so much more than being a girlfriend and having my heart broken. That stuff didn't matter to me.

He was different and I really was attracted to him. So when he said "yes" to prom, I was really excited. Of course, we went as a group which actually was great because there was no stress. We danced and probably kissed, but that was all. Back then, I was too nervous to do anything else. Now days, I wish all the kids thought that way.

So, prom came and went and we kept dating. We continued to date until I decided that I needed to go to college. He was a year ahead of me and already in college. I didn't want to go where he went because I needed to follow my own dreams. He came to visit me one weekend and I was really excited. Living in the dorm was tough, but it happened to be a weekend that my roommate decided to go home.

Well, this was my first experience of sleeping with a guy. I was scared--what would I do and would I do it right? If memory serves me, he was a virgin too. So we went to bed and had sex when all of a sudden, there was a fire drill in the dorm!!! I'm not kidding. It was the worst timing. I don't even remember if I enjoyed the sex, all I wanted to do was not run outside butt naked.

We continued dating and actually got married. Unfortunately, because of the way I was brought up, I married him because I felt like "since I had sex with him, I better marry him." What a way to cheat myself out of a good wedding and make my parent pay for a wedding. After about 8 months, it was over. He would come home drunk, go in the fridge for somethign to eat, drop food on the floor and I would wake up to find bugs all over.

I left him, which was a very good decision. I met a few other guys along the way, but they were all pretty boring. I did get married several years later. The best thing that came out of that fiasco was my 2 boys. To this day, they are the best thing that has happened to me.

Now, I am maried to a nympho. He cannot get enough sex--he is constantly grabbing me (this is totally new to me) and looks at porn all the time online. I feel like I am not enough for him, but he is patient with me.

He wants me to share all this stuff online; it is wierd, but I'll do it for him. He's not my first, but he will be my last!

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