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My First Sexual Experience

This is my first ever story if you like it, rate it, there will be more to cum thankyou ;)
I laid there with my ass high up in the sky, my little ass hole pointing to the roof. At the other end I had a guys cock deep in my throat, his moans were filling the room... but I suppose I should start from the beginning.

My name is Christine (friends call me Cristy) and I lost my virginity in my early 16’s. A friend had invited me to a party as a good bye, as she was going to Scotland to do a modeling course. I had been excited for weeks, especially as I found out that the local 17 year old hunk Jamie, was going to be there. I have had a crush on him for years, and soon I would have my chance to make a move.

The day of the party, I woke up a full three hours before I usually get up. I was extremely horny and hoping... praying that Jamie would feel the same way about me, as I do of him. What would I wear? Slutty revealing clothes that showed off my natural curves or a long dress that showed of my pretty face? I decided to show my curves, besides I’m not going for an interview or anything. I needed that guy, and I wanted to be sure he would want me too!

I picked out a pink, tight, low cut and short t shirt to show off my tan and 36c boobs. I left out the bra. I then chose a pair of jean style short shorts that showed my legs and ass. I wore a pink silk thong that hugged my shaved smooth pussy. I looked in my full size mirror and did a quick spin. I was proud of what I saw. I smacked my ass and squeezed my nipples to make them poke out of the shirt. I was ready...

I put on my very high black high heels, and walked down the street it was 7 O’ clock so the streets were busy. Men followed me with their eyes, they were almost drooling, even some women were! I knew I had made the right move slutty just works for me. I rang the doorbell and my good friend Lizzie answered.

“Hi Bunny, how are you doing?” she asked as she hugged me.

I said, “I’d be better, if you weren’t leaving.”

“Sorry doll,” she replied, “you’re looking sexy today, Bunny!”

“Thanks babes,” I said.

Later that night, more and more guests arrived including Jamie; my thong got wet instantly... 'Time to make my move', I walked over to him and tried to spark a conversation, until I was cut short by him saying “hi... Cristy how... how have you been?”

I couldn’t help but notice him eying me up, “I’ve been good. I’m glad to see you here.”

He licked his lips, “Err, can I buy you a drink?”

I took him up on his offer again and again. I knew he was trying to get me drunk.

We were both very drunk now, and he kept on smacking my ass and kissing my neck. He then began to squeeze my boobs and rub my pussy. I replied by rubbing the tent that had formed in his jeans; he moaned slightly.

I whispered too him, “Let’s go somewhere more private.”

I held him by the hand and lead him upstairs to Lizzie's room. I chucked him on the bed and slowly pulled his belt off, whilst I kissed him deeply. I pulled his jeans down. I played with his medium length brown hair, removed his jeans and chucked them aside. I started to kiss my way down his body removing his shirt as I did. His trimmed abs were so beautiful, I just caressed them. I kept kissing and then licked his bulging underwear, he moaned. I slowly pulled his underwear down revealing his thick 7 inch cock.

“Yummy,” I said playfully as I stroked his dick.

Slowly I jerked him off. He was lost in ecstasy, his eyes were closed and he was moaning loudly, I licked the head of his dick and slowly circled it with my tongue he moaned louder. I licked him from top to bottom and sucked his balls at the end. I then worked my way back to the top and let his dick part my lips. I worked his head sucking on it and licking it.

I then deep throated him, he opened his eyes and said, “Oh my god, you’re so beautiful and so great at this!”

I raised my ass to the sky, my little ass hole pointing to the sky, my wet pussy dripping down my leg. I shoved a finger in my pussy and finger fucked myself.

I carried on sucking him and he yelled “Oh I'm going to cum!"

I started moaning loudly, as I felt myself ready to explode in an orgasm.

I screamed, “Give me your sweet, sweet cum. I’m so thirsty.”

His balls tightened as he exploded into an orgasm. This made me cum hard, as I sucked him dry and swallow his gift.

Lizzie stood at the door and said, “Just clean up after yourselves.”

I laughed with Jamie, as we kissed and he whispered, “You are great.”


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