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My First Time

I was 18 and at the doctor's for my regular check-up. I was nearly done, just left with the gynecologist to do his regular exam. As I changed into the near transparent gown I cursed the health check-ups for this part. Just as I was sitting down to wait for my doctor to enter, Dr. Phillip entered.

"Hi," he said, then looking at his chart. "Hi, Lisa!"

He didn't remember me from the last time, but I certainly did. Dr.Phillip had an easy way and the way he looked and touched during an exam always made me wet, even though I don't think he knew the effect. I was suddenly very aware of the gown I was wearing or rather of the fact I was wearing nothing underneath.

"Make yourself comfortable, Lisa. I will be doing a regular exam of your body and it's responses."

I was far from 'comfortable', but I lay down on the examination table. As soon as I did came and stood next to me, facing my body. "I am going to have to see your breasts."

My first response was, "Can't you just examine me without taking the gown off?"

He smiled and said, "Don't worry I've seen you before and you have no reason to feel so conscious."

So he did remember!? I reluctantly lifted my gown up to my shoulders and he pulled the cover to my waist. Dr. Phillip gently probed both my breasts with regular pressure. But suddenly he took off his gloves and put his cold fingers to my nipples.

I gasped at his touch as it was cold and unexpected! "You have grown more beautiful and full than I remembered!"

I couldn't say anything as I was still aware of his hands on my nipples, gently rubbing each as it became ripe and hard. I was aware of the wetness between my thighs. I closed my eyes and just surrendered to his touch.

"How does this feel?" he asked me.

I couldn't help but say, "It feels nice."

"Good, now let me check your vagina for proper responses."

I didn't know whether this was the regular procedure or not but it sure felt nice. Having had a boyfriend or two I had never gotten that wet on anyone's touch. As soon as he began to draw the covers from my pussy I held the covers tight.

He slowly pulled them from me and said, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

He knew I was a virgin, but he also knew I wanted him to touch me. My face said it all. I let go and he slowly slid one finger in my wet pussy, and then another.

"Wow! You're really wet! Does this happen often, Lisa?" he said, trying to maintain the doctor-patient relationship.

"Not very often, but only when I feel horny or if someone touches my nipples."

"What do you do then?"

Did he want to know how I masturbated? I was confused so I just put one hand to my nipples and one hand near my clit. As soon as he saw my movement he smiled. He put his other hand on my clit and rubbed the ripe bud slightly and I heard myself moan at his touch. He then moved his other hand that was inside my pussy and my world started spinning! I was sure he was making me come!

"Doctor Phillip?" was all I could make myself say.

"Don't worry, Lisa, I won't hurt you. You're so beautiful and your pussy is just soft velvet. I just want to help you come. Do like what I'm doing?"

"Yes," I said.

He then slowly took the hand out my pussy and put my hand on his hard cock. His hardness scared me! Was this because of me? I wondered, and it gave me a sudden surge of excitement. I then felt his wet hands on my nipples. Pressing each one hard until it was a ripe bud aching to be touched more.

"Would you mind if I tasted you?" I heard him say, and when I didn't say anything he sucked at each nipple hard till it caused me to draw my breath!

I heard myself moan over and over again, calling his name softly. He kept his other hand on my clit, rubbing and pinching it till I was sure I was going to come. His mouth then slid to my pussy and I could feel his tongue inside me. I moaned and told him I was going to come.

"Not yet..." he said.

He drew my hand to his pants and directed me to release him. I was slow at first but his reaction encouraged me and I became bolder in my moves. He dropped his pants and came inside me in one gentle movement. I moaned in pleasure and the slow movement inside me brought me closer to the peak.

He kept his mouth at my nipples, which made it even tougher to make sense of what was happening. His movement inside me grew faster and faster and in one last motion I came like I could never make myself come.I came making his bed wet and he came inside me. I felt his cum filling me and my pussy ached after the orgasm.

He suddenly got up and said, "That would be all, Lisa. See you next time."

I got up and left but my trips grew more frequent and so did his 'examination' on me.

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