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My First Time

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I was a slow starter, and didn't lose my virginity until I was 21.

I was at university and had been out for the night with some friends, we were in a club drinking heavily and at about 2am, decided to leave to head back to a flat for more beer.

There were four of us, me Dave, Max and Max's girlfriend, Sally. During the course of the evening, we had bumped into a friend of Sally's called Lara. She was quite quiet, but was drinking rather heavily. Lara decided to join us, so the five of us wandered back to Max and Sally's flat.

When we got there, we put on a video and opened some beers. As it was late, Dave and I decided to crash, so Max converted the sofa to a bed and we sprawled across it. I found myself lying next to Lara. She was still quiet, and was definitely very drunk.

We had been getting comfy for about 15 minutes or so, when I realised that Lara had her hand on my thigh.

"Interesting," I thought.

Before I could think anything else, she had opened my jeans and was pulling my rapidly hardening cock out. Without a word she took my cock in her hot wet mouth and started to bob her head up and down.

Now I was feeling very mixed up, I was getting a blow job, but it was in the presence of three other people. Did I tell her to stop, or lie back and enjoy it and damn the consequences!

Well sexual desire won. I didn't fight when she eased my jeans and boxers off me. About this time, the situation became apparent to the others and being polite and English, they decided to go to another room.

This left me with my cock in Lara's mouth. She was really going for it and I was now really starting to enjoy myself!

I let her carry on for a few more minutes, before pulling her off me and rolling her over on her back. I looked her over and slowly slid my hand up her skirt. I was feeling very excited and when I brushed against her panties, I was pleased to find them soaking wet.

I asked Lara to take her skirt off and then gently pushed her back onto to her back. Her thighs spread and I could see how wet her panties were. I may have been inexperienced, but I didn't need a formal invite. So I knelt between her legs and started to nuzzle her wet pussy through her panties.

She smelt musky and I wanted to really get in there. So I eased her panties to one side, and slowly pushed my tongue into her. I was in heaven, I loved her taste and she started to moan and push my face against her, grinding me into her pussy. God, this was good.

However Lara wanted more, so being a gentleman I was happy to oblige. I slowly slid up her, our mouths met and then my cock was up against her pussy. I could feel her heat, as I slowly pushed into her, mmm this was good.

We fucked like rabbits, my balls banging against her, my cock filling her up. Wow this was amazing. This was what I had been missing.

I have to be honest this was my first time. I had been given great head and I was deep in her very receptive cunt. It was not long before I could feel a tingle in my balls and then I was pumping cum into her.

It didn't finish there, but the rest is perhaps a story for another day.
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