My First Time

By shaddy

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Well this is my first story so hope you guys like it

I was walking home from college one day and decided to take the short cut through the park. I was really tired and just wanted to get home. Half way thorugh the park a girl walked past me the weirdest thing was that just before that she lifted up her skirt and I saw her panties, I was not expecting anything like that so I just stopped and she walked past me. I looked behind me and saw her looking right into my eyes.

I had butterflies in my stomache and I was kinda getting hot down there and I could feel it getting harder. I smiled at her and she walked towards me. Let me be honest with you, I'm not the most confident person, so I didn't know what to do we just looked at each other for a bit. And let me tell you this; she was amazingly beautiful, nice long blond hair and light green eyes. I was getting really turned on right now.

She introduced herself as Kim and we had a little chat. We were flirting alot, so I asked if she wanted to get something to eat and she agreed. We went to subway and after we finished she invited me to her apartment which isn't too far from where I live.

She put on a movie called 'catch me if you can' which was really good. There was a scene where the main character was sleeping with a girl and I looked at her and she smiled. I panicked beacuse I didnt know what to do, so I moved closer and kissed her on the lips and somehow that triggered a something in both of us because the next thing I know we were on top of each other kissing and feeling each other up.

She unbottoned my jeans and got out my cock which was pretty hard by now and slowly licked the top which made me moan and urged her to continue. I could tell it was not her first time so I let her take control.

She sucked my cock reallt softly licking every inch of it. I could feel myself about to explode so I told her and she just told me to let it out so I did and I had the most exciting feeling ever. I mean I'm not the type that masturbates...well back then I wasn't but I do now.

Well she told I had an amazingly long and thick cock and told me she wanted it inside her. So we went to her room and went to the bed I wanted to lick her wet dripping pussy first. So I grabbed both her legs so her pussy was on level with my head and I licked the pussy to the extent that she couldnt take anymore and squirted right in my face. I mean literally it was like a water pistol but abit more powerful. She moaned loudly and told me that was one of the best orgams she has ever had. I used to watch alot of porn then, so I knew how to lick the pussy and make her cum like that.

"Get that monster inside me," she said.

Spreading her legs so I could move in I moved closer and held my cock on her pussy but didnt go in. I remembered that I didnt have a condom and asked her for one. I've always been told to have safe sex and I wasnt planning on risking anything, so she got one out of the drawer and gave it to me. I could see my cock was oozing now and so was she.

I didnt want to tell her I was still a virgin incase it would put her off, so I slowly inserted my rock hard cock and felt this amazing sensation which paralyzed me momentarily. Moving slowly in and out I settled into a routine the feeling was like no other after cummin several times. We were both too tired to carry on and stopped. I decided to tell her that I was still a virgin which she was quiet suprised to find out, because that was the best fuck she has ever had.

Now I've become much better at making her feel better and we have the absoloute best sex. Everyday I go to her house and we do something new, and I think I might marry her :D