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My First Time

The first time I got a blowjob was from the girl next door. I was in my garage one day after school playing with my horny cock. I loved jacking off and did it every chance I got. While I was flogging my meat and groaning as the pleasure was building, I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to see Melody, the cute blond from next door, watching what I was doing and smiling. I said "hi, when did you come in?"

" A couple minutes ago," she replied, "what are you doing with that lovely penis?"                  "Having fun," I said, "don't girls do it too."      "Sometimes," she replied, "but I think it would be more fun to do it with a boy." She moved over beside me and eyed my throbbing boner. That's a big one, she said, can I touch it? Sure, I replied. Melody put her hand around it and began rubbing it up and down my shaft. Her hand was soft and warm and felt wonderful stroking me. Suddenly she asked, has anyone ever sucked on it? No I said. Let me show you how it feels, she offered. Melody kneeled down in front of me, lifted my throbbing cock to her lips and put her mouth over the head. Her warm moist mouth felt even better than her soft warm hand. I shook from excitement. She then began to massage my cockhead with her tongue, twirling it all around and under the ridge. What a marvelous feeling, I was in heaven. Melody was humming as she sucked and licked and the vibrations were exciting my passions. As she played mouth music on my organ, her right hand stroked my shaft and her left hand tenderly cradled my balls and massaged them gently. I was panting in short breaths and there was a tingling in my spine.

I soon reached the point of no return, grunted and pushed my hips forward as my cock exploded in her mouth. She was looking up into my eyes with a sweet adoring smile while her tongue licked furiously to gather up all my cum. When her mouth was full to bursting, she smiled, gulped and swallowed my load down her throat moaning softly. When my spasms ended, my cock went limp and slid out of her lips. Oh boy! she gasped, that was a lot of stuff and it tasted so good. We laughed and then she came up and kissed me hard on the mouth, sticking her tongue inside my lips and touching my tongue. A spark of electricity went through me and I could taste my cum in her mouth. How can I reciprocate, I asked? Would you like to kiss and lick my pussy and make me feel good, she said. Sure do, I replied. There was an old carpet rolled up in the corner of the garage. I unrolled it and Melody lay down, removed her panties, raised her knees and moved them apart revealing a beautiful pink pussy peeking through her wispy cunt hair. It was wet with moisture and her pussy lips were swollen and pouty. I kneeled down between her legs and moved my face into her crotch. The odor was intriguing and I couldn't wait to taste her.

With my fingers I spread her pussy lips and began licking all around and in between them. Melody began to squirm and moan with pleasure. As I licked up and down my tongue brushed against a swollen bit of flesh at the top. She moaned louder and said, that's a good place stay there. Next I began sucking on it and licking it fast. Melody was groaning louder now and her whole body was trembling. Next she screamed out as her hips pushed that beautiful cunt against my mouth. Then she groaned, I'm cumming and flooded my mouth with her juices.

After that she would come over every day and we would have an oral feast in my garage. Finally we learned to do it simultaneously with each other. She would lay on the rug naked and spread her legs and I would lay over her in the opposite direction. My face would be opposite her crotch and hers opposite mine. I would lick and suck her pussy and she would lick and suck my cock. We would keep this up until we both exploded together. I would fill her mouth with my cum and she would fill my mouth with her juices. We would both swallow each others juices and grown with pleasure. Melody and I were naturals at oralsex and did it as often as we could. We never fucked but thoroughly enjoyed pleasuring each other manually and orally. Oh shit ! I just cummed in my pants telling this story. Thanks Melody


This is my first time submitting so please leave comments and suggestions. Thanks


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