My first time

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Losing my virginity big time
My first gay sex experience was not until I was 22.

I knew I was gay but being very shy it took me a long time to get around to doing something about it. I took the bus to work and used to eye off a spunky guy who caught the bus at the same stop as me.

Eventually I joined a gay social club and was persuaded to go to a “gay church” – who should I meet but the guy from the bus. His name was Hugh and he was 19. He recognised me from the bus and we got chatting, he suggested we get together and asked if I could take a bit of pain.

I wasn’t sure how to answer this as I was totally inexperienced and I wasn’t sure what he had in mind – and he wouldn’t tell me, he said it was a “surprise”. I agreed with some hesitation, and we arranged to meet up at my place the next evening.

When he arrived he said that he had something kinky in mind and that we both needed to have full bladders, so we both drank 4 375 ml beers before heading into the bedroom, where he opened a bag containing a carrot, small cucumber and large zucchini, some lube and a length of thin (3 mm) plastic tubing with a clamp on one end. It was obvious what the vegetables were for but I was puzzled by the plastic tubing.

He got me lying on my back with my legs back over my shoulders and after putting some lube on my arse slowly inserted the carrot. Being tapered it went in fairly easy and didn’t hurt too much. Next came the cucumber, I struggled to take that but eventually managed to take it all. Next came the zucchini, it was really thick and I just couldn’t take it; I was afraid that if he really forced it in he was going to cause serious damage. Fortunately he heeded my cries and gave up, re-inserting the cucumber and getting me to hold it in place.

I was now about to discover what the plastic tubing was for; he grabbed the lube and squeezed some into the opening of my cock, and then lubed the end of the tubing.

I flinched as he commenced to slide the tube into my piss-hole, but after he got it in a few centimetres it wasn’t so bad – until it was in about 25 cm (10 inches) when I gave out a yelp as it passed into my bladder. Hugh then got off the bed and lay on the floor; he placed the end of the tube in his mouth and removed the clamp, allowing my full bladder to drain into his mouth.

He then removed the cucumber from my arse and rammed me for at least 10 minutes with his not over-long (maybe 6 inches) but thick cock before coming in my arse. I assumed that was the end, but he kept his cock inside me until it went soft and next I know he is unloading a bladder full of piss into my arse; it felt so good feeling the warm liquid filling my insides.

He finished up by sucking my cock until I exploded inside him.

We repeated this a few times over the next couple of months, progressing to first 5 mm and then 8 mm thick plastic tubing. Hugh wanted to try 10 mm but I was worried that it might cause serious damage so refused. I did some research and discovered that what we were doing was actually very dangerous, with a high risk of developing a urinary tract infection. I decided to put an end to this practice, as enjoyable as it was.

Hugh wasn’t happy, and along with the fact that I wanted to screw him and he wouldn’t let me (he said it hurt even if I inserted just one finger) we decided to call it quits.

I will always remember him though, and I must admit that on a couple of occasions I have inserted a plastic tube into my bladder and a cucumber in my arse. It is more fun though when someone else does it to you.

Hope you enjoyed my story!