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My First Time

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My boyfriend and I take it to the next level.
My name is Katie. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am five foot six inches tall; I have waist length, jet black hair with bright green eyes. I have DD breasts with a slim body. I don’t work out much but I always watch what I eat.

My past boyfriends have always called me beautiful but they have only been with me for one thing; sex. I had never given up my body to any of those losers. I had never even really thought about it until I met Lewis. He was six foot four inches, with glasses. He had a stunning body, which I had seen when swimming. He had dirty blonde hair. with shocking blue eyes, and for the first time in my life, I loved him. I loved him with all of my heart.

“I love you, I really do, but are you sure that you want to do this?”

“I love you, too, and I am really sure. I want you, no I need you.”

With that he started to kiss my neck, slowly running his hands down and gently cupping my bum. I moaned into his mouth as he began to massage my butt.

“Touch me; touch me where I have never been touched before!” I begged him.

I was a virgin. At eighteen years old I had met the love of my life and I was ready. Ready to give my body to him, to let him take me, take me to places I had never gone before. I had always been too shy to masturbate; I had touched my boobs a little bit before but nothing like he was doing now. Wow.

He gently took my top over my head. I had always been shy about my body but he made me feel like a goddess. He gently ran his hands up the sides of my body, sending shivers down my spine. He brushed his thumbs over my nipples, instantly making them rock hard.

I groaned as he un-clasped my bra and cupped my breasts, going from one to the other, gently kissing them right on my nipple. He slowly slid my skirt down my legs and kissed the outside of my panties where my wetness had begun to pool. I was completely overwhelmed by sensations, this man was amazing! I grabbed his hands as they began to slide my panties down.

“What are you doing?” he asked, voice laden with lust.

“Just you wait and see!” I said sensually. I pushed him back onto his double bed and straddled his lap. I could feel his erection beneath me, trapped within his trousers.

I pulled his top off over his head and licked rings around his nipples, and planted kisses right on top of them. I took his groaning as a good sign. I sensually licked my way down to his belt buckle where I quickly un-did it and pulled his trousers down.

“Ah. No boxers? Were you expecting something?” I said, winking. His blush said it all. I slid his trousers off onto the floor, and there stood before me, was his glory. I had to be at least eleven inches, which was about right considering his height.

I gulped, wondering how on earth all of it would fit into me. I tentatively reached out a hand and touched his manhood. All the while he had been watching me with cautious eyes but now his eyes rolled into the back of his head and it dropped to the pillow behind him.

“Oh, God. Katie!” He groaned as I stroked his member, gently at first then I held it with all of my hand and started to move it at quite a quick pace. The next thing I did took us both by surprise. I gently kissed the top of his penis and then licked my lips; I tasted his salty pre-cum and liked it!

I had never given a blow job before but I had always been curious and wanted to. Here was my chance. I gently swirled my tongue around the top and took in as much as I could, which had to be a good four or five inches. I pumped my hand up and down on the bit that I couldn’t quite get in. I was actually enjoying this. Lewis was groaning so much, I didn’t know what to do so I just sped up. 

“Katie, you’ll have to stop if you actually want to lose you virginity,” he joked as he pulled me up near him.

He slid off my panties whilst saying, “I have wanted to do this ever since I first met you,” and with that he stuck his tongue into my wet pussy. I had never felt anything like it before, I never wanted it to end as he gently sucked and nibbled on my clit, sending electric currents running up my body from my pussy.

“Oh, god, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I cried, holding onto the head board for support.

Slowly he drew away from my pussy. “Are you ready?” he asked, putting on a condom.

I was delirious from the pleasure I had just felt so all I could do was nod. I felt his penis pushing at my entrance, which snapped me out of my daze. I opened my eyes to see him looking lovingly into my face.

“Is it going to hurt, Lewis?” I asked, suddenly afraid.

“It might do, but just to relax, baby, and I will try to make it as painless as I can, I promise,”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, baby, just tell me when to stop and I will straight away.” With that he started to push his way into me. I tried to relax as much as I could but it was still agonizing. A tear slipped down my cheek, then he suddenly stopped.

“What?” I asked, suddenly worried.

He shook his head, silently wiped a tear from my cheek and pushed his way through my hymen.

“Agghhh, slowly!” I cried.

“I’m sorry, baby, I really am. It will feel great in a minute, I promise you Katie!” He continued to thrust into me slowly, while the pain subsided. He was right, though, it started to feel amazing.

“More, more!” I whined, wanting him to fill me.

“You’re so tight, I don’t know if I can last much longer!” he grunted in my ear.

“That’s good because I'm nearly there. Faster!” I cried, wanting to feel him full in me.

He began to pound my newly deflowered pussy, I scratched his back and groaned and grunted like a person possessed. I suddenly felt this jolt shoot through me as I started to cum. I felt like I was floating, my body was shaking violently with the amount of pleasure I was getting as he was pounding me continuously.

I felt him go still, and I heard him grunt and moan my name as he came in the condom buried deep within my sore pussy.

“Thank you, Lewis, that was fucking amazing!” I said as he slowly pulled out of me.

He just grinned and pulled me closer to him as he whispered, “Get some sleep and maybe we can have round two in the shower.”

I felt my pussy start to tingle with excitement as I fell into a long deserved sleep.


Thank you! That was my first ever sex story! Comments would be helpful for ways to improve my story and maybe suggestions for the next?

Be nice xoxo

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