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My First Time

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Who better than your best friend's mum for your first time?
So, I fucked my best friend's mother! I’m not proud of it but I can't say I'm ashamed either. Here's how it happened...

Jason and I grew up together. We were like brothers, totally inseparable. His mum, Claire, had been single for about 10 years after her husband left for his young secretary. Jason and I had started to work out at the gym and our bodies were starting to muscle up with awesome six-packs. 

Claire was very attractive for 43. In-fact, I quite often fantasised about having sex with her. One night we were all talking about life and partners when the discussion turned to sex. I was shy as I was still a virgin and didn't want to admit it. Claire said she was surprised I was still a virgin but reassured me it would be fine when the right person came along.

That evening Jason and I went out clubbing. We drank and danced the night away but all I could think about was Claire. Around midnight Jason told me he had found Megan, his part time girl and would meet me back at his place later. I had a few more drinks and hopped in a taxi back to Jason's for the night. Jason still wasn't back. 

I checked my phone. There was a text from Jason, 'Staying at Megan's place tonight. Meet you at the gym tomorrow.'

'Great,' I thought, 'I don't have a key.' I walked around the back of the house to see if the back door was unlocked. Noticing the TV was on as I past a window, I wondered if Claire was still awake. I knew she wouldn't mind me crashing, as I had done many times before.

The back door was open. I walked inside through the kitchen and noticed two bottles of wine on the counter, one empty the other with about a glass missing. I poured myself a glass of red. Taking a swig, I spilt some on my shirt.

'Shit, my best shirt!' I took it right off and headed to the laundry to soak it. I walked back past the lounge room. The TV was on Claire was laying on the sofa asleep.

I touched her shoulder. 'Hey wake up it's late,' I said gently.

She woke up confused and pushed me away. I just smiled and said, 'It's me Jake.'

'Sorry, you scared me'.

'Time for bed,' I told her and helped her up.

'Where's Jason?' she asked.

'He's staying at his girlfriend's tonight'.

Claire gave me a coy look. 'That's fine' she said.

I turned off the TV and we headed up stairs with Claire leading the way. Claire turned into her room. I was standing at the door. 'Good night Claire' I said.

She smiled and said, 'Aren't you going to tuck me in?' I was surprised by the request but decided to go along with it. As we got to the bed she stopped, turned and said, 'Are you really a virgin Jake?' .

'Yep, I sure am.' Claire leaned in to give me a hug. I could feel her hands run up and down my back.

'Wow you feel so nice,' she said.

'Thanks,' is all I could muster. I felt her hand move to my crutch. She leant forward, her mouth reached mine and we kissed. As my tongue entered her mouth her hands undid my belt and my pants dropped to the floor.

Then she was on her knees, taking my soft cock in her mouth and starting to suck it. I held the top of her head and moaned, 'Wow this feels good!'

Within seconds my cock was rock hard. Claire looked up at me, 'I've wanted to do this for such a long time Jake!' I could see the longing in her eyes. Claire stood up and pushed me backwards on the bed and ripped my jeans off. Then she undid the buttons on her dress and let it fall to the floor.

Her body was quite firm. I couldn't wait to suck her tits. She crawled up my body, sucking and licking as she went. Her lips found my balls and she sucked each one into her mouth in turn. It was amazing and made my cock ache. Claire’s mouth soon found the mark. Fuck, she sucked like a new hoover it felt incredible! She worked her tongue up and down, sucking my balls again and again then back to my cock again. My eight inch cock disappeared completely into her mouth. The more she sucked, the harder it got to contain. I felt a wave of pleasure sweep through me and my body shook as I felt myself cumming with a woman for the first time.

“I'm cumming! I'm cumming” I yelled. This made Claire suck more and deeper into her mouth. Load after load shot into her mouth as she kept sucking, cum spilling out the side of her mouth as she went.

'Did you like your first blow job from me?' she asked.

'Yes! Oh fuck, yes! That's not all is it?' I asked

'No Jake. We have only just started!'

Claire continued climbing up my body until her pussy was right in front of my face. She lowered it down and told me to lick her. She wanted me to suck the bud, then lick down the rest of her lips until I found her hole. I did. The juice flowing from her pussy was a nectar that I had never experienced before and I greedily lapped it all up. Her hand was squeezing her nipples as my tongue worked inside her, licking and sucking her pussy until she started to tremble.

'That's it Jake! Eat my pussy, boy!' she cried. I felt my cock start to harden. Her pussy was dripping and her body was shaking. Then she came, grabbing my head, not allowing it free until she had finished her convulsions.

Claire climbed off me and laid on her back beckoning me to get on top of her. I couldn't believe it. I was going to fuck a girl. No a woman. And not just any woman. My best friend's mother. Who, what and where didn't matter. I just needed her now and I wasn't going to stop.

She opened her legs. I could see her pussy, which was mostly shaved, with just a thin strip of pubes right in the middle of her pussy mound.

'Do it, Jake. Do it now!'

'My pleasure Claire,' I said. I rubbed my cock on the outside of her hole for a couple of thrusts then I slid it straight in. She had no problems accommodating me.

'Oh fuck Jake! You're so big. It's been so long. Go slow!' Slow wasn't on my mind. But I forced myself to slide in and out slowly.

'Oh that's so good! Faster now!'

I had the green light. My hip speed increased and I felt my balls start to hit her arse. I felt that warm feeling start to flow through my body again and pulled out until it passed. Her hand went straight to her pussy keeping it warm as she waited.

I slid my cock back inside her and start to fuck again. Her hands roamed all over me as she kissed my face and mouth again. Then she started to bite my neck as I increased my pace with strokes long and hard from head to base in one pump and back again.

'Fuck me Jake! Fuck me with that beautiful cock!” she cried. I did as I was told and fucked her harder and harder. I grabbed her body and nail her to the bed. 'More, Jake more! Fuck me! Fuck that hole!' She started screaming and cumming again. This time I couldn't control the explosion inside. I fucked her now with all my might and felt her teeth sink into my neck as she lost control. I fucked and fucked until needed to cum.

'I’m cumming,' I yelled. 

'That's great. Don't pull out! Your first time has to be inside me!' demanded Claire.

Before she had even finished her sentence a load of cum exploded out of the end of my manhood. 'Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck Yes!' I pumped and pumped, wild and uncontrolled. I felt Claire bite and suck my neck as all the cum inside me was transferred to her. As I rolled off, Claire lay there with her legs apart, cum dripping from her well fucked pussy.

She smiled and said, 'I am sure you will always remember me. Everyone always remembers their first fuck'. She was right. I never forgot. When I arrived at the gym, Jason walked over to where I was getting changed and noticed the nail marks on my back and the love bites on my neck. 

'Fuck man, what happened to you?' he asked.

'I lost my virginity and it was incredible!'

'Who was it? Anyone I know?'

With a smile and a laugh I said, 'You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you!' Happy with that, Jason went back to the rowing machine.

I see Claire often these days and the sex just keeps getting better.

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