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my first time

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a night to remember...

Ahe was 18, nearly 19, she was starting to believe she had some sort of hyper sexuality thing or something, she was a virgin and what she needed more than anything was to feel a hard, throbbing cock inside her, but not anyone's; his. She'd met him a few months ago online but had fallen head over heels with him, he loved her for who she was and he was cute, hot actually and although she'd told herself she was going to wait until marriage the moment she met him she knew that wasn't going to work.

It was the second time he'd slept round her house, she wanted to look nice because her gut feelings told her tonight was going to be the night, she put one of her huge band t-shirts and slipped her underwear off, walking out of the bathroom she saw him looking at her, lust in his eyes, she wanted him to fuck her, now! But she silently sat on the edge of the bed, watching him while he undressed, she layed back, knees bent and pulled her t-shirt over her knees, no-one had ever seen her pussy before and she felt quite vulnerable.

Leaning over the bed he kissed her gently on her forehead, then her lips and they soon became locked in an unbreakable, passionate kiss, biting and tugging on his lip gently and he pulled away, he whispered "i love you" in her ear and her tummy flipped, and she knew she had to have him tonight. He climbed into bed, curled up beside her, arm round her waist and started to kiss her passionately again, his big, strong hands slipped under her t-shirt, working there was up to her small, but pert breasts, arousing her nipples, he then stroked down her body, lingering at her hips he slowly parted her legs slightly and slipped his hand down between her legs, slowly stroking her smooth pussy.

She could feel her heartbeat racing as his finger slowly made circles on her clit, she could feel herself becoming aroused, her pussy becoming more and more moist with every stroke his finger made. but she could also feel his hard, throbbing cock pressed against her hip through his boxers, breaking off from kissing she commanded him to take them off, he quickly went back to pleasuring her, her legs automatically opened wide, she wanted him in her.

Her hand guided itself to his big, pulsating cock, she could feel pre-cum oozing from him, she used a finger to slowly rub this around his head, then gripping tightly slid her hand up and down slowly, building up more speed as he was gathering up speed on her clit, she gripped his balls with the other hand, slightly grazing them with her nails, she worked his cock harder, his hand quickly moved down from her engorged clit, rubbing the wetness from her opening up and down her throbbing pussy, he slid one finger into her slowly, he could feel the tightness around it, it was a strange sensation but as he moved his finger in and out, building up speed, she found herself panting harder, moaning slightly, she took his hand in hers and thrusted it harder, allowing him to insert two fingers into her hot, wet pussy, it hurt slightly, but she was enjoying it too much to stop him now. She was sliding her hand up and down his cock fast, moving his foreskin up and down, she could feel it throbbing in her hand, "i want you inside me" she whispered into his ear, he was quickly between her legs, the sensation of his hand running down her thigh, and his other still pounding away inside her was breathtaking, she moved her own hand down to her pussy, pulled his hand out guiding it back to her mouth, licking and sucking his fingers.

He kissed her hard, slowly lowering himself onto her, his cock rubbing against her pussy, she slid her hand down and guided it towards her opening, a sharp pain ripped through her but he moved inside her so gently it was like he was massaging her, he slowly built up speed, soon going really fast, "harder" she whispered in his ear, she could feel his skin rubbing against her clit as he moved up and down, she could hear his balls slapping against her skin, just the sound alone turned her on even more, her back arched and he continued to pound her tight pussy with his huge cock, her nails slid up and down his back, digging in deeper in his back, she felt his muscles all tense and the sensation of him cumming inside her, he relaxed, beginning to pull out but then stopped and kissed her neck gently, he lowered one hand and began to rub her clit, slowly, then faster making her scream with pleasure, "i want  you to cum on my cock" he said, rubbing harder, she arched her back, and her whole body shuddered in pleasure, she lets out screams as she lost all control of her body, he pulled out of her and a mixture of his and her cum poured out of her pussy.

He kissed her hard, she lay panting, finding it hard to regain her breath, it was nothing like she had imagined, it was so much better, in fact, she could wait for it to happen again...

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