My first time i'll never forget

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Who would have ever known that two best friends could ever be something more.. True Story

I was 17 and it was the last year of my senior year in high, I have always grown up with my best friend Jacob. Jacob and I had always done everything together, we were always together. That was mainly because he was my next door neighbour for most of my life. His room faced mine so we always went out to our balconies from our rooms and just have our usual conversations; tonight’s conversation was about our formal,

"So Angie is there anyone taking you to the formal."
"No I'm not. Why?"
“Well I was wondering did you want to go with me."
“Jacob that's so cute, I may as well you been my best friend since forever and who else better then to go with you."

Secretly I have always been in love with Jacob I was just to scared to tell him because it may ruin our friendship and I really didn't want that happening, although I have seen him look at me the way I look at him, but it could just be me wishing he was.

I have always pleased myself over him and always wonder if he felt the same. Since I am a virgin I always wanted him to be my first but I have never made the courage to let him know, and since he is the most sexiest and most popular boy at our school I’m sure he's not a virgin with the amount of girl's he's been with.

The next day Jacob and I went swimming. We always went swimming together; we even did swimming lessons together. Once Jacob came over to my house he went straight to the pool, as we got undressed I could see him staring at me from the corner of my eye, I turned around to look at him and saw him blushing. we jumped in and had heaps of fun, we started fighting in the pool and playing around, once I got out Jacob followed, we lied on the banana chairs, and once again I saw him looking at me. I turned around
'what are your staring at?'
Jacob quickly looked up at me
'ohh ahh I was just admiring your body. You are so beautiful, and ahh your bikini, its ahh sort of see through.'
Jacob was blushing under his dark tanned skin. I looked down and realised how see through it actually was, and not only that you could see my hard nipple poking out, how embarrassing. From the corner of my eye I could see a bulge growing from Jacobs crouch. I got up to go get changed. Jacob then told me that he had to go home to study. Study… Jacob never studied.

My parents both came home from work and told me that they were going to go away for the weekend and they were leaving right away, I was a little pissed off cause they were leaving me behind but what could I do, I had the house to myself for the whole weekend.. Maybe I should throw a party? Or invite Jacob over or whatever.

After they left I rang Jacob up and told him about my parents, he seemed a it weird on the phone and he said he was busy and he hung up, I was really confused.

So tonight Jacob didn't come out of his balcony for our usual talks, I was a little surprised but he said he wanted to study so I didn't disturb him. So I decided to go to bed. I went into bed and feel asleep straight away. I started dreaming that Jacob was over and he was, fucking me so hard, and I was loving every second of it, without even realising it I started fingering myself, it felt amazing and I was about to orgasm until I heard a bang on my balcony window, I got up and peeped out the window to see who it was, and it was Jacob...

I was completely confused Jacob yelled out
“let me in I have to tell you something!!”

I let him in and asked
“what is going on Jacob, it'2 1 in the morning and I want to sleep.”

“Angie I have been wanting to do this all day and never found the courage but I need to do this now or I’ll never have the balls to do it.”

“Jacob what in the w....”

I was stopped there buy him kissing me so passionately and so strong, I was so confused at first until I realised what was happening and I could even believe it. For most of my life I was longing to do this and here I was kissing Jacob.

Jacob stopped and said “Angie you don’t understand how long I have wanted to tell you this but I think I am absolutely in love with you. I know this has come out of no where but with all the girls I have been with I always thought of you. I always wanted you to be the first that I have make love to.”

I paused him there “Jacob for years I have been wanting to tell you how I felt as well, but never found the courage, I was to scared to tell you in case you never felt the same, I have loved you for so long Jacob I love you so much, and I have longed for you... I have always wanted you to be my first as well... But with the amount of girls you have been with I would have thought you would have already had sex with them?”

“Angie I tried to but all I could think of was you and only you, I need you, I need you now!”

I understood him completely , he started to passionately kiss me again this time pulling me to my bed, thank god I had a queen sized bed. I paused and took off his shirt, I paused for longer to take in his amazing body, his muscular arms with his 6 pack abs, and it was just amazing. He took off my night gown I was only left with my hot leopard playboy bra, with matching underwear. He took in a deep breath and I could feel the bulge in his shots getting larger and larger, this was making me want him even more. I finally grabbed his short and pulled them down; he was now jus sitting there in his boxers staring at me. “You are just so beautiful Angie.”

He laid me on the bed as I held onto his muscular arms, they felt astonishing. He unclipped my bra and let my C cup tits hang out, my nipples were erect and hard, he started rubbing and squeezing them, this was making me so horny I just wanted him so bad. He then took my right nipple and started sucking and nibbling on it, I let out a moan of pleasure, while still playing with my nipples he began kissing down my stomach and stopped jus before my now wet pussy. He began to pull down my underwear and I lifted my hips to help him I just wanted that amazing mouth in my juicy pussy. He began kissing my inner thighs, he was teasing me and I just wanted him. “Jacob PLEASE!!” he began licking my slit in a circular motion, it felt so good, he then started nibbling on my clit. “ohh Jacob that feels so good oh my god keep going.” he now stuck two fingers inside my pussy and was fucking me with his finger hard and fast while licking and sucking my clit. This is when I hit my first orgasm with a guy. I started thrust myself and digging into Jacobs back, I then let out a great ' OH MY GOD, AH

“Jacob that was amazing, I have never felt this way before in my life. You make me feel so good.”
“I did this all for you.”

I then wanted to return the favour. began to go down and I pulled off his boxers only to longing to wait to see his amazing 10" cock, it was so big and thick I just wanted it inside me then and there, instead I grabbed it and started stroking it, it felt so good in my hand. I then began sucking it. It was so delicious and I could start tasting his pre cum. I went hard and fast trying to take in as much as I could, I held my head and was groaning loudly so I knew he was enjoying himself, I began to go faster I wanted his hot delicious cum inside my mouth, he started panting loudly and groaning louder, the then said “Angie I’m going to cum soon.” This is when I started going harder and faster, I grabbed the bottom of his cock and stroked it while I took the rest in my mouth. Then his hot fucking cum squirted inside my mouth, it was so nice to have it running down. I licked his cock clean  with no cum left,

“Angie u are so fucking amazing, I cant believe how perfect you were. I think I want my cock to be inside you now.”

“Oh please Jacob that's what I have been longing for.”

He picked me up and he was now lying on top of me and I could feel his dick just inched away from my wet juicy pussy.  “Are you ready babe?”
“I have been ready for a long time for you now baby.”

He then shoved his massive cock inside my tight little pussy, “okay baby here it goes.” he pushed it in. I cried out in pain when he popped my cherry. He pulled back out “Angie baby are you okay? Is everything alright? Just tell me when the pain goes away.”

“Babe, just go on, it’s slowly going away and all I want is you inside me.”

He started again this time a little bit faster, it was so amazing it felt so good and once he started hearing me moan with pleasure he started pounding me harder. It felt so nice and all I could say was “Fuck Jacob harder fuck me harder baby your so fucking amazing ah mm.”

Jacob was now going harder and faster his balls slapping onto my arse. He then said “Angie my love I’m going to come cum soon baby.” That was when I lifter my hips to invite him to cum inside me. We meet half way going hard and fast and he began to groan louder and louder and I could feel myself Cumming soon,

Jacob’s cum then exploded inside me while I was having the best orgasm I have ever had in my life. All I could say was,
“JACOB baby, oh my god you’re fucking amazing oh yes!!!!!! Baby, keep on going mm!”

Once we both finished our orgasm he lied on top of me with him still inside me and with his perfect body, he then rolled over t lay beside me, Jacob then whispered in my ear “Angie, babe. I love you so much and I want to be with you for ever and ever.”

“I love you too baby.”

We both lied on the bed spooning each other. Just having his touch was amazing and made me love him even more. He meant everything too me and never wanted him to leave me, and this night was going to continue with the weekend coming up ahead, just me and him together in my bed.