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My first time in highschool part 1

Sex does not occur in this story but is a lead up for part 2 where it will happen for sure
This story is about my first time in highschool

My junior year at my local highschool couldn't have been any better if I wanted it to be. Every day I had an hour and a half off block which I went home for. My friends and I often went to my house to play playstation or pass around a baseball. A few weeks into the year two girls decided that they would like to come back to my house and hang out with us. We didnt think anything of it at first, but one of the girls, lets call her Alexis, always seemed to manage to leave wearing one of my clothes. She was a drop-dead gorgeous natural blonde who, from what I've been told, was single. One day she would leave with my sports jacket, the next it would be a pair of my shorts. 

My friends kept urging me to pull a move on her but I refused, not believing that a girl who was a perfect 10 would want to date me, a sports-minded guy who was nervous around beautiful girls. Or at least thats what I thought.... 

One day Alexis would make all the guys sandwiches, the next she would leave the cooking to her friend, Jasmine, and would play against one of the guys in COD. She usually asked to play against me, which oblivious me was unaware of. 

This went on for a week or two before I started noticing what she was trying to do. I decided to gain up the courage to ask her out, and was planning to do it the next off block we had together. Somehow, my friends got wind of what I was plannig to do and told Jasmine my plan. 

Apparently, Alexis was just waiting and hoping for me to ask her out and told Jasmine that she wanted me to. With much persuasion I convinced Jasmine not to go run and tell Alexis of my plan the first chance she got. The next day at my house when she was messing around in my room, my friends ushered me into the room and shut and blocke the door. Alexis turned around in her chair and asked 

"what's up?"

"Well, I was just wondering if you would like to go out with me" I said blatantly.

She jumped up from the chair saying "yes! Yes! Oh my god yes! I was waiting for you to ask me out!!!" and ran over to give me a huge hug. Hand in hand, we decided to go tell our friends the news and went to open the door. But we couldn't!! The door was stilled barred from the outside!! I reached into my pocket to call my friends, but all I got in response was "You're welcome" and then they hung up. Exasperated, Alexis and I went over and sat on my bed, trying to think of a way out.

I felt like we were getting close to a possible escape route involving a chair, rope and a library card when Alexis suddenly said " maybe being locked in here isn't such a bad thing." I looked over to her and saw her perfect face grinning up at me. I sure as hell wasn't going to let this opportunity go to waste.

"Ya," I grinned, "I guess you're right." I gave her hand a little squeeze, and she squeezed back.

She looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and said, "just kiss me alr--" I kissed her before she could finish her sentence. I felt her melt in my arms with the kiss, and we rolled over on my bed so she was on her back and I was laying on her. We were raining kisses on eachother and my hands started to slide up her body....

Let me know what you think of part 1!!! Part 2 is on its way!!

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