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My First Time Part 2

A social outcast finds love in an older man part 2.
When I woke in the hotel room bed the next morning to a bright strip of light across my face, I stretched out to find the bed cold and empty. I quickly sat up, clutching the sheet to my chest and looked around the room, but it was silent and lifeless.

T: John? John, are you here?

No reply came from the room, so I wrapped the sheet around my body and got out of the comfy bed to go check the bathroom. Unfortunately, when I opened the door, it was as empty as the suite. Panic was now setting in. Did he leave because I wasn't good enough? Did I do something wrong?

I sat down on the bed and couldn't stop the tears from coming. John had left me just like every other guy. I couldn't stay in the room any longer. It held only sweet memories and I couldn't bare the pain.

My suitcase was still sitting on the floor from the night before, and I quickly pulled out my spare clothes and dashed into the shower. It wasn't long before I was washing away the remnants of the previous night with my strawberry body wash and when I finally stepped out into the steamy bathroom, all memories were gone.

Not bothering with make-up or my hair, I threw on a sweatshirt and jeans, raked a comb through the tangled mess and into a ponytail, and threw all of my possessions into my suitcase.

The hallway was just as deserted as the room, and I swiftly made my way to the elevator. I pressed the down button and waited for it to stop at my floor.

After a couple of minutes, I pressed the button two more times and the doors finally slid open. I walked right in and bumped into - oh no - John. He looked just as stunned to see me as I did him and it was then that I noticed the plastic bag in his hand.

J: Tori, what are you doing? Where are you going?

T: I'm leaving. I want nothing to do with you!

J: What did I do honey?

T: What did you do?! You left me, that's what you did! I wake up this morning to find you gone, no note, no nothing! Was I that terrible last night?! What did I do that was so--?!

John's lips pressed to mine in a fiery passionate kiss. I let it last for a few seconds to get him out of my system, then I pulled back and slapped him across the face.

J: What the hell?!

T: Don't you ever touch me again! I hate you. I gave you everything last night and you ruined it.

J: Will you please let me explain?

T: No!

J: Then I guess we are going to have to do this the hard way.

T: What in the wo-whoa!

John swept me off my feet and carried me, along with my suitcase, back to the hotel room. He didn't even put me down to open the door with his key card. We stepped inside, and John kicked the door shut. My suitcase dropped to the floor along with the plastic bag in his hand and John threw me onto the bed, letting me breath for all of about 5 seconds before he crawled onto the bed with me and positioned all of his weight over me so I could escape.

T: John let me go. I don't want anything to do wi--

For the second time that day, he silenced me with a powerful kiss that left me speechless.

J: Will you please be quiet and let me explain.

T: N--

J: Just 2 minutes, and if you still want to leave after that, I'll willing let you.

A heaved a heavy sigh and looked him in the face. His eyes showed that he spoke the truth, so I released a shaky breath and nodded slowly.

T: Fine, 2 minutes, but get off me.

J: Promise you won't run out on me?

T: I promise.

The weight crushing my chest lifted and I took a few deep breaths. After a minute, I sat up and moved further back to lean against the headboard.

T: Ok, you wanna talk, let's talk.

J: I'm sorry that I left this morning without telling you and without leaving a note.I had some errands that I wanted to run before you woke up. I wanted it to be a special surprise for you.

T: What errands were so important that you couldn't tell me where you were going?

John huffed out a breath and climbed off the bed. He walked over to where my suitcase was laying and grabbed the plastic bag from underneath it.

J: This is what I was after.

T: What's in it?

John carried the bag over to the bed and sat down on the edge before he looked up at me.

J: I went to the local sex shop and picked up a few things.

He started pulling things out of the bag one by one. There was 3 bottles of lube, 2 packets of condoms, an egg vibrator, a small butt plug, a small dildo, a larger dildo, a magic wand vibrator, handcuffs, nipple clamps, anal beads, a vibrating dildo, a large butt plug, and the list just kept going on.

Every single item he removed from the sack terrified me more than the last. I wanted to bolt from the room, but he must have seen it for he grabbed onto my wrist.

J: Don't leave, please, I'm not done explaining.

I relaxed bit and let him continue.

J: I bought all of these things, because I want to make everything perfect for you. I know that you are scared of a lot of these things, but I promise not to hurt you. We forgot all about the condoms and lube, and with your condition, we can't take any chances of not having enough lube.

T: I--

J: Please let me finish. Last night I said that I wasn't expecting what you said, and now, I am going to prove to you that I love you too. If you'll let me, I want to pleasure you. We'll take it one step at a time, and if you don't want it, just say the word and I'll stop. Please baby, please?

I thought about it for a few minutes, and I knew from the expression on his face, that I had him on edge. Finally, I didn't answer him, but I crawled across the bed and kissed him gently on the lips.

T: I'm sorry that I hit you. I didn't want to believe that you would leave me, but with no note and your reaction about last night, I feared the worst.

J: It's okay baby, and I'm sorry too. I should have left a note.

T: All is forgiven, now will you get over here and kiss me already.

J: Gladly.

I laid down on the bed as John pressed kisses to every inch of my body. It felt so good, and I was ready to do more than kiss.

T: Baby, please I want you.

J: Right now?

T: Yes, right now. I don't want to wait any longer.

J: Okay, but tell me if I do anything wrong.

John went back to slowly and passionately kissing me before pulling my sweatshirt off over my head. He kisses me quickly once and then grabs a condom, unwraps it, and sheaths himself.
When he crawls back onto the bed, I can feel his intense gaze on my breasts as he slowly unbuttons my pants. I grab at the hem of his shirt and remove it to reveal a slightly hairy chest.

With his shirt off, John pulls off my pants but leaves my panties on. He kisses my lips and starts rubbing my pussy through my panties. When I am squirming against his rough hand, he peels off my panties to reveal my shaved pussy.

He shifts down to lick my pussy twice from top to bottom and then comes back up to kiss my lips while thrusting his tongue into my mouth so that we can both taste my flavor.

While we make out, I can feel one of his long fingers snake its way inside my pussy. It feels oh so good and I tell him so with a moan against his lips.

John fingers me for a few minutes before he adds a second finger. It doesn't feel too good. I had always only been able to get two of my smaller fingers in and his bigger fingers were stretching me wide.

After another few minutes, when I am close to cumming, John removes his fingers and begins rubbing the head of his swollen cock against my soaking wet pussy.

J: Baby, are you sure this is what you want?

T: Yes baby, I want you.

John slowly and carefully slides just the head into my pussy. I gasp at being stretched further than ever. He pulls it out and then adds another inch. Two more inches, and I feel him sit his head against my hymen. I know that he is going to be gentle, but with a thick hymen, I know that it will also hurt like no other.

One thrust later, I feel it. A sharp stabbing pain that quickly becomes overwhelming. I cry out and beg for him to take his cock out but he just remains all the way inside me to let me get used to be so full.

I lay there writhing for so long and I can feel the blood dripping down my leg and onto the bed sheet. John presses a kiss to my forehead and slowly starts to move inside me.

He keeps a steady pace as his cock withdraws all the way and then slowly plunges back into my deepest depths, all the while, his lips claim my nipples, sucking slowly and biting every so often.

I can feel that familiar feeling pooling between my legs. I want to cum so badly and he can tell. John continues to build a little bit of speed until I cry out in ecstasy. I kiss him hard as I buck off the bed and feel his own cum flood into the condom.

Completely spent, I flop back against the pillow, and John rolls off and goes into the bathroom. Blood is caked on his balls, cocks, and legs as well as all over my lower body and the bed sheets. He comes back a couple of minutes later, completely clean, and starts to wipe me off.

As soon as I can walk, I go into the bathroom to shower and I can hear him on the phone with the main desk, asking for more sheets. I feel my cheeks redden and decide to stay in the bathroom a little longer.

A knock comes on the door soon after, and I wait 5 minutes before going out into the fresh room. John beckons me into bed and I collapse into his arms.

J: I love you Tori.

T: I love you too.

John massages my back in slow circles and despite the early hour, I drift back into a deep sleep feel used and sore, but so content, and I couldn't wait for the rest to come before the weekend was over.

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