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My First Time Part 4

A social outcast finds love in an older man part 4.
Sorry that its been so long since my last story, but my motivation and my inspiration have been gone for a very long time. I plan on finishing this series and then heading off to a tropical island to find some more inspiration. Now, let's get back to the story.

John carried me over to the bed and I smiled hugely as I knew what was to come. He dropped me roughly onto the bed and removed both of our robes before pouncing on top of me. His hard calloused skin caressed mine as he moved, and even that slightest feeling made the wet pool between my legs grow even further. This pushed me to be extra bold.

"John, I want you to fuck me."

"Are you sure baby? I don't want to hurt you."

"Yes, baby, I'm sure. You have given me so much already, so I want to give back to you, so don't make me ask again. I'm serious John."

"Yes, ma'am."

I grabbed onto his cock and it jumped in my palm. Before he could he fucked me I wanted to give him some pleasure. I cupped his balls and his back arched so he almost shot off the bed. I tightened my fist and let the fingers of my other hand stroke his hair around the base of his cock.

A drop of moisture formed at his slit showing how much he wanted me. John ran his hand along my thigh causing tingles to shoot through me. I kept fondling his balls, feeling their heavy hotness, knowing they could burst at any second.

John kissed me passionately and then reached over to the bedside table to grab some lube. The cool liquid made me shiver when he squirted some on my pussy, but John quickly warmed me up by fingering my pussy fast to spread the lube. He then applied a generous amount to his cock and climbed on top of me.

His cock felt amazing as it probed between my legs and I squirmed against him, wanting more than he was giving me. I squeezed his balls one more time and his plunged into my wet core.

Within seconds, John was pounding away at my pussy. Having never experienced a true fucking, my back bowed with pleasure and my nails dug into John's shoulders as he rammed into my once virgin pussy.

John fondled my breasts and made love to them as he pounded my pussy. He pressed his lips to mine and drove even harder into me. The next stroke was even deeper than the last.

"Oh, baby, Tori, you feel amazing."

"You do too!"

His following strokes caused my core to tighten in precession to my orgasm. I arched my hips against his to take him deeper still.

As I felt the tension building, I ran my hands over his slick back and down to his buttocks. This made him thrust harder and I could feel the muscles of his ass flex beneath my hands. I moaned as my body clamped down on his cock in orgasm.

It wasn't very long before I felt that all too familiar feeling pooling between my legs again. I cried out to John that I was going to cum, but it didn't faze him at all. In fact, it just made him pound me harder.

My second climax hit me stronger and harder than the first and I screamed in ecstasy. John smiled down and me and flipped me over to fuck me from behind.

That feeling was even more amazing as his cock reached places in me that it never had before. I could feel another orgasm coming on, but this time, I knew that John was close too. I could feel him growing even bigger with cum inside my pussy.

As I cried out in pleasure, I could feel his cum spray into me over and over again. It didn't stop for over two minutes and there was such a powerful stream that it brought me to another orgasm.

After a couple of minutes, John collapsed on top of me, our sweaty bodies sticking together like glue. I turned my head slightly and kissed him before laying me head on the pillow.

"I love you John."

"I love you too baby."

At that moment, I realized how dramatically my life had changed, and it surprised me even more of how much that feeling warmed my heart and made me anxious to see where it would lead.
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