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My First Time revised

Hello all this is my fist entry and feed back would be greatly appreciate

My first time with Lisa. She was a hot blonde with big tits and a nice heart shaped ass. Lisa  stood 5' 6" tall, and was around 125 lbs. I am 6 foot  245lbs   I am just your average looking guy. We worked together at a small town pizza shop.

Lisa had ask me for a ride home one night after work, and I  agreed out of kindness . We arrived at her place she ask me in for a cold drink, and I accepted I  ask about her husband she told me he was out of town on a business and would not be back for a few days.  Then that's when it happened she moved  over every close to me.  Kiss me I then slowly put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me and returned the kiss by softly kissing her on the lips and slowly we parted or lips and then or tongues meant for the first time as the intertwined for what seemed like hours but it was just a few minutes. 

 Then she took me by the hand a lead me her bedroom. Once in there she sit me on the bed and slowly did a sexy striptease for me. I was started to get aroused she could see that I was starting to get hard  then she took a pulled me to my feet, and took my shirt off and unbuckled my pants and pull them to the floor along with my boxers as my tool popped out and was staring her right in the face. looking up at me she smiled and ask me how big it was i told her it was around 8 inch  as she  took her hand and started to slowly  pull on my cock till it was hard as a rock, and then she put my cock head in her mouth as she started suck faster and faster.  I felt that I was going to cum and told her that so she stopped sucking  pulled back to were the head on my cock was still in he mouth I blow my hot load in her mouth  she swallowed every drip

Then she move to the bed and laid down a opened her legs to give me my first look at her shaved pussy as she pulled me between her legs and pushed my head down till my mouth was touching her pussy lips as i open my mouth and let my tongue lick up and down her pussy as she begged me to suck her clit.  I found her clit i suck it in my mouth and flick it with my tongue till she was bucking her hips against my mouth as her orgasm hit her. She pull my head to her tight and held me there as she was cumming. I licked and sucked till i had  cleaned up all of her juices.  I then  kissed my way up her body till I was sucking on her nipples moving between the  two them as her nipples got hard and the she pull me up to her we passionately kiss as she slide her right hand down and began to slowly work my cock back to life. 

 Once it was hard again she rolled me onto my back and got on top of me.  Guided my cock into her warm tight pussy as I was began pulling and twisted her nipples. She started moving up and down on my hard cock faster and faster till she was moaning loud as her second orgasm became closer.  Her pussy calmed down on my cock I could not hold on any longer myself  I blow my load deep in her warm pink hole as our juices mixed. She fell on to me with my cock shrinking inside of her she kiss me. 

After a few hours of rest with  her naked body right there next to me I began to get hard  again.  My hard on was pushing into her heart shaped ass she began to move back . Till I slide in her pussy from behind I began to pump my cock deeper and deeper in her till I was all the way in. Then I would pull out till all that was left in her was the head of my cock.  Then I would slam back into her faster and faster I pumped. The more she moaned and moved to met me she began  to scream louder and louder .  I slide my hand over her and began to rub her clit.

 I  kiss the back of her neck and nibble her ear I whispered in her ear I would like to cum on your tits and she rolled over . I stood up get up and stoked my hard on as I started to blow my load on her big beautiful tits . I was standing there she took and wiped a big glob off one of her tits and lick it off her finger. 

  Lisa and I got in the shower to clean up from our evening of love making. I stepped in the shower behind Lisa and started to gently rub soap all over her body. As I began to play with her very swollen clit she reached back and began to rub my cock  it began to get hard. Slowly I slide it between her legs till I was rubbing the head against her pussy lips. Lisa began to slowly rock back and fourth till the head was just inside of her pussy.

Then I push it in as deep as I could go as I grabbed her hips to hold her in place. I started to pump my cock harder and faster in her pussy as she started to moan loudly begging for me to make her cum. I reached down began to rub her clit as she started to tense up with one orgasm then as she started to come down from her orgasm I slide my cock out and began to rub my swollen head against her ass hole as she pulled her butt checks apart. So I could enter her tight little ass. I entered her ass slow till I was in deep I began to pump in and out slowly and then as I began to pick up the pace. She started to meet me with ever stoke as my balls were slapping against her pussy hard she started to moan and told me to cum in her ass. I started to get close to cumming she said she was going to cum and just as she started I shot my first steam of hot cum in her ass then another after I finished cumming and pulled out she turned around and dropped to her knees and cleaned off my cock with her hot mouth. Then when we where all clean we went back to the bedroom and laid down in each other arms. She said that I was very good for it being my first time .

Lisa and I returned to her bedroom to rest and we fell asleep holding each other and in the morning then when I was woke up by a warm mouth suck on my cock as I was getting close to cumming she stop and told me that she would like to cum with me as she wanted me to lick and suck her pussy till she came in my mouth as I came in hers. Then we got up and I said that was the best night of my life I got dressed and went home .

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