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My First Time - True Story

A story about my first time being with a girl. It's my true story.
I met Sarah this last summer when I had been babysitting across the street. We never really hung out, because she had been at camp all summer. Sarah had a younger brother and sister who would like to come over and play with the kids that I babysat. After the kids started playing together more, we started hanging out more. We would just sit in the park, watching the kids, and talking. I had thought that Sarah was pretty from the moment I met her, and we got along great. She had dark brown hair that fell just past her shoulders, and bright hazel eyes, which were probably her best feature. She was shorter than me by a few inches, but that didn't matter.

Sarah and I were sitting on the merry-go-round in the park one day, just talking. She brought up the subject of boyfriends - we were both single at the time. She then asked me if I had ever liked a girl. I just kinda shrugged my shoulders and asked her if she did. She blushed lightly, and looked to me. Sarah asked quietly if I would be mad at what she was about to say. I replied with a no, and told her to go on. She hesitates for a moment, then said she liked me. I sat there, stunned. I had a mild crush on her aswell, and told her this. She smiled, and asked me if I wanted to go to her camper. We took the kids back to the house, and put in a movie. The two girls we were watching were about 11 at the time, so they looked over the younger ones while Sarah and I went out to the camper.

Sarah and I sat nervously in the camper, wondering what to do next. We layed down on the fold-out bed in the camper, facing eachother. I suggested we hug eachother, just to get more comfortable with one another. We leaned in, and gave eachother a long hug. We leaned back, and smiled. I leaned into her, closing my eyes, and kissed her softly. We waited a moment to take it all in, and kissed again. Kisses turned to a make-out session, with our hands exploring eachother's bodies. A sharp knock on the camper door grabbed us from our intimate moment. We got up and went outside and back into the house.

We went next door to where I had been babysitting so the kids could play in a fort we built earlier out of blankets and chairs in the living room. Sarah and I moved to the master bedroom of the house, and locked the door behind us. We say on the bed, and started making out again. One kiss led to another quickly. I placed my hands on the bottom of her back, near her cute butt, and she did likewise to me. Our kisses grew harder, and more passionate. I slipped a hand around to the front and slowly cupped her medium sized, soft breasts while we kissed. She grasped my butt, and squeezed it occasionally, while kissing me harder. We stopped for a moment, and Sarah pulled herself onto my lap, and we kissed even harder and with more passion than before. I kept my arms tightly locked around her waist, and we kept kissing. Suddenly, the ring from my cell phone interrupted our makeout session. One of the kids that had been in summer school that day was coming home in five minutes. We kissed once more, her soft lips touching mine. We then fixed ourselves up and went out to the living room to play with the other kids, never forgetting what had just transpired between the two of us.

We met again a week later, in which time Sarah had gotten a minor cold. She didn't want me sick as well from kissing, so she had a different idea. I sat next to her, and she pulled a large blanket over our laps. Sarah asked me if I wanted to touch her. I answered yes, maybe too quickly. I had been dreaming about her every night for the last week - how could I not want to touch her! We held the blanket over our laps just in case any of the kids decides to come inside. We pulled our hands below the blanket, and started out by trying to touch eachother through our jeans, which didn't work quite that well. At this point, we decided to just unbutton the jeans and stick our hands inside eachother's pants. We were still kinda afraid of getting our fingers all wet with eachother's juices, so we fingered eachother through our panties. We went slowly and softly at first. We were both quite new to this. I rubbed a little harder, and she responsed by pressing her fingers hard against my hot, wet pussy. I leaned my head back in pleasure at this. Sarah smiled, noticing this, and kept going.

We sat there on the couch for a long time, just fingering eachother through our soaking wet panties. We pushed harder and harder now at eachother's hot pussy's. Then, the door opened. We stopped right away, pulling our hands on top of the blanket before her younger brother walked into the room. And that was my first of many intimate moments with Sarah.
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