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My First Time With Man

My first gay experience
I was in my late teens when this happened. I am a 5' 4" Filipino, with slim built at the time. I had just finished surfing. It was a slow day at the beach. It was the middle of the week, hardly anyone was there. Had all the waves to myself. After surfing I headed into the showers. There was an older white man sitting on bench a reading. I did not think anything of him as I started to shower. The shower stalls are wide open with 4ft high pony walls separating the stalls. I was butt naked facing the back of the stall, when the man came from behind me and offered to soap my back. He started to soap my back nice and slow. He worked his way down to my ass and spent sometime soaping my ass cheeks. He told me how tight they were. I was getting a little nervous, but let him continue. I was also getting excited as to where this was going. I loved the way he soaped the crack of my ass from top down to my balls with his three fingers. This guy knew how to please a man.

I then felt his soapy hands wash my sides from my armpits to my waist. He went up and down my sides a few times. He did so seductively, it was really getting me hot. He then started to rub my chest and concentrated on my nipples. I could feel my cock getting hard. I was getting more excited. He pulled me close to him, I felt his hard nipples on my back and his hard cock in the crack of my ass. I was feeling good. I had always fantasized what it would feel like to be with a man. It was becoming a reality. I would have never thought I would be ever be doing this in such a public place-much less letting it happen. I was enjoying the experience so much,that I did not even notice that he was already naked. He held me tighter as he worked my nipples. I learned how sensitive they were that day. His hands worked their way down to my already rock hard cock and he gave it a "good washing". I could feel his hard cock wedged in the crack of my ass.

He cupped my ball with one hand and started to massage my sack. His other hand was stroking my rock hard dong. I loved the way he stroked me. He curled his fingers before the head of my cock and stroked it me down to the base of me cock and stroked it back to the head. Just before he reach the head of my cock he would tighten his grip a little and go past the head. It was like the head popped out of his fist. That sensation sent tingle throughout my spine. It took everything in me to hold from cumming. He then started kissing my neck, with a hand working my nip and a hand working my cock.

He then step in front of me as we started to wash off the soap. We played with each others nipples and cock. He then leaned over and sucked and played with my nipples. Oh my fucking God, the sensation of that made the bottoms of my feet tingle. What an awesome feeling. He got on his knees and gave me my first bj from a man. It was way better than what I got from any girl at the time. This guy could suck a cock. The things he did to my cock with his lips, teeth, and tongue, was indescribable. He spread my ass and played with my asshole with finger from each hand as he was blowing me. I finally could not hold on anymore, I blew my load in his mouth, at the same time he pulled me tighter to his face. This older guy took every drop and sucked me dry. It was incredible. We washed off, he said "thank you" and left. 

I never did see him again at the beach. I would have loved to return the favor. My experience with this man was so good, I wonder till this day how he would have taken my virgin ass
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