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My first time

Freshman gets lucky, finally
I lost my virginity when I was 17. She was 18. We were both in our freshman year of college and had been going out pretty steadily for 2 years. We were at her house while watching a movie (think it was a Disney movie). The parents were asleep downstairs. Two of her friends was also over and asleep in her bedroom. I wanted a massage, so she rubbed my back and shoulders. Then we switched. I liked playing with her shoulder length red hair, so I started to massage her scalp, too. We began to neck (her lips and tongue always tasted good, kind of sweet [breath was always fresh, too]).

In the past that was always as far as it went, but this time she moved my hand under her shirt to her breast and then down to her pussy. She was smoothly shaved! Man oh man, everything was happening so suddenly. (I remember being amazed that women get so wet when they are aroused. Her panties and pussy lips and my hand were sopping.) I just enjoyed finally doing what any high school and college guy fantasizes about most of any given day. I just alternated back and forth between stroking her breasts and pussy. (At first with her hands over mine, but then she put her hands on me.) Of course, I unzipped my pants so she could wrap her hands around my cock. I remember how cool her hands were compared to the heat she was gripping. Then things really accelerated.

This was all a night of firsts, but well worth the wait. The most we had ever done before was hand holding while we went hiking and some mind blowing french kissing (first girl I ever kissed as well). She was absolutely the most beautiful girl and sweet personality, extremely charismatic, intelligent, and athletic as well. (Plus she was built so well. I wonder how many letter grades I dropped because of the time wasted in class and lectures hazed over while I imagined what those huge globes looked like under her sweaters.) I think she had just made up her mind that that night she would try to kill me with pleasure.

I think I kissed and licked her breasts for a week. Her nipples were like bullets. But then after a while she pushed me off of her and stopped me. Then she switched to the top and started kissing me and sucking on my nipples. She began to go downward and when she got past my waist, she started giving me this fantastic blow job while I just stared up in disbelief. While her hands were so cool on my cock, her mouth was really hot. Actually, I couldn't tell what all she was doing exactly or really critique her technique (especially since I'd never had that before), but it all felt good and I'd never experienced anyone other than me touching me there. It was wonderful. It wouldn't be too long until I came, and I didn't want to shoot off in her mouth. Plus I wanted to make her feel a similar pleasure to what she was giving me, so I pulled out of her mouth and hands and went down on her.

I did really want to please her, but of course, I didn't know anything at all what I was doing. Eventually she had to guide me to her clitoris. She was very sensitive there, but not so much that I couldn't suck on her clit after teasing her lips and inner thighs a while. That caused her to go nuts, but I remember we were really trying to make an effort to be quiet because of her friend in the next room and her folks downstairs. (Especially her dad, I'm sure I would'a got shot if he came up there. I've done a lot of dangerous things and taken risks afterward in my life since then, but that was easily the closest I've been to death.)

After she finished shaking and not straining her vocal cords to make no noise, she wanted to finish me. I figured she could just jack me off with her hand or I could do it in front of her if she wanted to watch (I'd done it every day thinking about her for years without her there), but she said no she wanted to go all the way if I wanted to. While I was considering did I want to be a dad at age 17 she mentioned that she was pretty sure that she was in a good spot of her cycle. I probably should have insisted no, but I was pretty easily persuaded. We were lucky she was right.

Well, then she got me to lie flat on my back and she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock. This took some time and a few attempts. Ah, heaven. (and, again, disbelief). We just stayed like that for a while. Then she started to move up and down slowly. It is so sexy to see a fine girl riding up and down skewering herself in front of you and feeling her hands pushing off on your chest. She didn't do this very long until I had to stop her again. Otherwise, this would end way to soon.

Also, still, another difficulty was to try to stay quiet, especially with her grinding up and down, back and forth on me. Then she started chanting cum in me honey, cum now, cum inside of me. It was unbearable. I pulled her chest to me and shot about 27 gallons of sperm into her pussy (that's what it felt like). I was totally drained. We just lay together like that for a while.
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