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My First Toy Part 2

Hottie behind the counter helps me find exactly what I want

I look at Hottie staring at me coming down from my orgasm. I pull the dildo out quickly and fix my skirt. "Yes it'll do fine." I say with my voice shaking just a little. He's watching me! I want to shove the pussy juice soaked dildo at his face and leave. I want to let him watch more. 

He looks at me and seems to be thinking.

"Wait, just for a second okay?" He leaves and I try to adjust myself better now that his gaze has lifted. What have I gotten myself into? A complete stranger just witnessed me fucking myself in a dressing room of a sex shop, and  damn if I'm not the horniest I've ever been. 

Hottie comes back with what looks to be a thin simple vibrator. I feel a little disappointed. It's nowhere near as impressive as what I have just used. He hands it to me and I just look at him, "This? This looks like one of those giant pens at arcade pizza places." He laughs at me and takes it back. He turns the bottom and it starts to vibrate. He reaches towards me and for some reason I don't stop him.

He gently pulls my leg back up onto the dressing room seat. He reaches under my skirt and down my soaked panties, smirking. "Looks  like you might want to grab an extra thong".

Before I can say a witty remark he pushes the vibrator right onto my clit. My legs shake and I feel my breath stop. Oh god does it feel good!

" How does this one feel?" He says to me, no longer mocking me, his tone husky. I buck my hips forward and moan, words don't form in my mind.

As suddenly  as it had started, it stops. I look down with a whimper and see him adjusting the vibrator, then just as quickly as before, he slides it deep into my pussy, his fingers just at the entrance of my hole. I lean against the wall and bite my lip. It's just so intense I think I'm going to explode. My eyes close as I feel myself getting closer to the edge. Then I feel warmth cover my swollen clit. A flick of his tongue sends me screaming. He doesn't let up, thrusting the vibrator in and out of my little fuck hole while he sucks and licks my clit.

I can't hold back anymore and cum harder than I have ever cum before.

As soon as I catch my breath and look down, Hottie is smiling up at me, the vibrator silent in his hand, my pussy juices on his chin. 

"So do you do these types of demonstrations with all your customers?" I ask, now the smirk my own face. 

"Only the ones who need the extra help," he quips. 

I smile and say," See that was good, but will it be as good without you there to help?" 

"Well you can get them both, and if you ever need my help, just give me a call," he smirks at me again as I toss my panties away. 

"Hmmm well will I be able to get a discount? I was only planning to get one of them..." 

He looks at me hungrily, " I'm sure I can help you out," he says as he steps closer to me.

He looks down at me and kisses me fiercely. I can feel myself melt into him and his warmth. He thrusts his hips forward and I can feel his throbbing dick against me. I slide my hand between us and stroke him through his pants. He moans and pushes me onto the seat. His cock is now in my face and I quickly take him into my mouth. I start sucking and licking  his thick shaft till I feel him hold his breath. I look up at him as I bury him in my throat. He groans loudly and pulls my hair, forcing me to let him slip out. 

"I'm going to fuck you, you little slut." Hottie growls into my ear as he turns me around. He bends me over, my hands on the seat, my skirt pushed up all the way. He spanks my ass hard, making my skin pink. I can feel him rub the tip of his cock slowly over my labia, then around my entrance. Then Hottie slids his cock into me and rams my pussy hard.

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck me good!!" I scream and groan through clenched teeth. Hottie is fucking my pussy like he owns it and I'm loving every minute of it.

"You like that you fucking whore?!" He yells as he grabs my hair and pulls me back on him.

"Oh my god," I moan and grind my pussy onto his hard cock. He fucks me till he shoots his cum deep into my wet little hole. 

Hottie turns me around and kisses me again. We clean ourselves up and walk to the counter, I decide to buy my thongs and both my new toys, with a promise of help whenever I needed it. 




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