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My First Virgin

A true story - chapter two..
The girl's name was Wan, and as she busied herself in the shower, I turned off the lights and turned on the TV, turned back the cover on the side I wanted her to sleep on, stripped, and put on a towel.

I had just finished putting away my clothes when she emerged from the shower, neatly wrapped in a towel, her long dark brown hair loosely cascading down her back. She shivered at the aircon, and I raised the temperature a couple of notches before venturing into the shower myself.

I winked at her from the bathroom door before closing it - she still looked so relaxed and confident..

I took a swig of Listerine and gargled it quietly, while quickly soaping myself down. I then cleaned my teeth and then wrapped myself in the towel again before venturing back into the room.

I have initiated many Thai bar girls over the years, giving them their first sexual encounter with a 'farang' (foreigner). Aside from the fact that having sex with a man they have only known for a few minutes can be terrifying for a girl on the first occasion, many Thai girls have little or no experiance of French kissing, and the great majority have never had a man's penis in their mouth.

On the first count I always try to gently introduce them to the concept of intimate mouth to mouth contact, instead of the cheek sniffing that the Thais tend to indulge. 'Sniff kissing' can actually be quite sensuous if done properly, but it is an alien concept to westerners.

Pushing my penis into a girl's face is something I never do when bedding a newbie - it is too extreme. Even seasoned bar girls will often decline to give oral sex, and many are a bit shy and squeamish about receiving it.

Wan was in bed now, her head tilted slightly over the side as she flicked casually through the TV channels.

I pulled back the duvet on my side, and let my towel fall away as I climbed in. Pulling back the duvet, I slipped alongside her. She was still wearing her towel.

Forgetting the TV, she looked intently into my face and then fingered the cleft in my chin. That often fascinates Thai girls, as it is an almost unknown feature amongst Thai men. She stroked my face and gave a little frown - I had not shaved since the morning.. I moved in and brushed my sandpaper cheek gently against hers - she giggled..

I looked intently into her soft brown eyes and gave her the gentlest of kisses. She backed off a little, gave a little frown and brushed her nose against mine.

Then a little hand grasped the back of my head and pulled me in for a more serious encounter.

Her lips were perfect; full and soft, but not to excess. With our lips in contact, I gently opened my mouth to see if she would do the same. Most new girls need a little coaxing in this regard, but Wan responded immediately. I ventured my tongue into her mouth and touched hers - she responded in kind. Then I ran the tip of my tongue across the roof of her mouth, and for the first time got a strong sensuous reaction from her.

But the doubts kept nagging me; this confident intimate kissing was so unlike most Thai girls, let alone a virgin..

I pulled back the duvet a little and flicked loose the knot on her towel. I gave the towel a little tug and she arched her back to let it slide free. I dropped it onto the floor next to the bed.

Her breasts were small, and lying on her back she was almost flat chested. But her areoles were a good inch across, with neat protruding nipples. As I caressed and kised them they hardened a little, but it didn't seem to be her most sensuous area.

Wan is a lean girl, and her ribs were quite noticeable as I ran my hand down her side, down to her tiny waist. Beyond I glimpsed a most elegant pair of hips, and as I ran my hand across her flat stomach, I realised she was clean shaven below.

Until about three years ago, it was quite rare to find a Thai girl with a shaven haven, and even today, newbie bar girls are usually kitted out as nature intended, or trimmed rather than shaved. Older girls are also much less likely to shave than younger ones, so it was quite a surprise to find that Wan had shaved herself. It also did nothing to reassure me of her virginity.

My thoughts turned to possible pretences of virginity. One has read of girls getting themselves re-stitched, but I've never known of it actually being done; that she might use her period as a cover for virgin blood also crossed my mind..

I let my hand venture between her legs, and for the first time her cool confidence seemed to falter, and give way to nervous excitement.

She was also wet with anticipation..

I gently caressed her most private area before venturing to touch her hymen with my middle finger.

She reacted as though I had given her an electric shock.

I moved back up and kissed her some more, caressing her back, her waist and then ventured further down.

There was little sign of her 32 years in her face, and her body could easily have passed for a teenager; but her buttocks offered not the firm hard bum of a young girl, but the soft malleable flesh of an older lady.

- And it turned her on.

As I squeezed and caressed her derriere, so she began to writhe and moan. It was quite exquisite.

Reaching further down, I realised her juices were running freely. Wetting my finger, I brought it to my mouth to taste - it did not taste of blood, so the period theory was cancelled.

I decided it was time to get on board, and do the deed.

Wan did not resist when I sought to part her legs, but I quickly realised that she was unfamiliar with lying legs akimbo, and they kept coming back together again..

Parting her knees, I looked down at her sex. She had a neat bud of a clitoris, and like many Thai girls, minimal labia. Meanwhile, my erection was absolute.

My penis did not readily find its mark on Wan. Her small labia and the seal of her hymen required me to guide myself in by hand. She started as I made contact, her wide eyes staring intently into mine..

Her confidence had left her, and she looked excited, but a little frightened now.

- Her fate was in my arms..

- Continued soon..!
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