My Hot Neighbors - Part One

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I fucked my neighbour's hot daughter
It had been a few months since the new neighbors had moved in, as far as I knew it was just the two women, a mother and daughter. Now I will tell you this, the mother was smoking hot, curves in all the right places, big juicy firm tits that she liked to show off with low cut tight tops, a juicy tight firm ass, and legs that seemed to never end. You would never guess she had a 17 year old daughter.

Now this story is about me and her daughter, although some fun was had with the mother, but that’s a different story for another time.

Her daughter’s name was Amy. She was about 5’6 maybe 5’5, with dark brown hair that had a black tint to it, blue eyes, and 36D breasts, which like her mother she had no problem showing off with low cut tops. Her figure, she must have gained from her mother, as they could have easily been mistaken for sisters, if not for the usual overhearing of arguments between the two.

Over the past few months, I had tried to befriend Amy, with little success, she seemed closed off to everyone and kept to herself. But I am a persistent guy, I don’t give up easily. One day she was swimming in the back-garden. (All the houses on our block had their own pools, varying in shape and size, and of course, depth.) She always came out at least twice a day for a few laps and just to enjoy the sun, so it was no surprise to see her one day while I sat at the side of my pool in my swimming shorts. My eyes were hidden by sunglasses, and the only thing separating mine and her garden was a small picket fence, and from my vantage point I could always see who was in the pool and what they were wearing.

That may sound a bit strange, but trust me if you had neighbors like these two, you would be more than glad to see them getting out the pool all wet, with their bikini clad bodies glistening in the sun.

Today was no different, Amy came out of the double doors, wearing what must have been the skimpiest most revealing bikini I had ever seen, it barely contained her firm breasts, and both nipples could be seen trying to make an escape. The bottoms were just as revealing. Both firm ass cheeks were clearly visible as the material seemed to be pulled up slightly between her crack, and her young tight pussy lips could be seen through the material.

She looked in my direction, and I am glad I wore my sunglasses, as she must have thought I had dozed off in the sun. I wasn't moving, my eyes were closely watching her every move, the hypnotizing bounce of her breasts, and the mischievous jiggle of her firm ass as she walked to the pool. I had to rearrange my shorts to hide the growing erection from the sight of pure beauty in front of me.

I got up and walked over to the fence, I figured I would try my luck at talking to her once more.

“Hey Amy, haven’t seen you for a while. How have things been?” I said admiring her full teen figure through my sunglasses.

“Um, hi Toni. Yeah I have been really busy lately what with college work and that. But I finally have some me time, so I figured might as well make the most of this weather and the pool. How about you? Been keeping yourself busy perving on me and my mom?” she said, smirking at me.

‘Shit, how did she know?’ Was my first thought. Then the words came out. “Well, I have no idea what you mean. I’m simply enjoying the lovely weather, and the view,” I said moving my sunglasses down in a movie star kind of way, and winking at her.

She didn't reply, she merely dove into the pool, giving me a full view of her firm little ass as it disappeared into the water with a splash. This little minx was onto me, and was using that to her full advantage, which confirmed my suspicions she had been teasing me lately.

I had noticed how whenever she was home alone, she would walk around the garden, or around the house, in more revealing and skimpy outfits, and always made sure to be walking past the full glass double doors when she saw me in the back garden.

Back to the current day though, I watched as Amy swam to one end of the pool, and without surfacing all the way back, before popping up on the edge of the pool, looking over to me with a smile.

“Well, if you are going to stare at me Toni, at least close your mouth. The pool already has enough water in it, without you adding your drool to it,” she joked. “Why don’t you come join me? Seeing as you've already been caught out. You can help me with my sunblock,” she said, getting out of the pool and walking over to one of the sun loungers, which already had her towel draped over it.

I nodded, and leaped over the fence and walked over to her as casually and nonchalant as I could, before sitting on the lounger next to hers. She was lying face down and almost immediately my eyes dropped down to her full round ass cheeks. Still wet from just having been in the pool, the sun glistened over them.

“Are you just going to sit there, or are you going to help a lady out with her sunblock?” She opened her eyes and looked at me, before handing me the bottle of sunblock and then rearranging her bikini bottoms. Oddly enough she pulled them up and between her ass cheeks.

‘This little bitch really is teasing me,’ I thought opening the bottle in my hand. “Yeah sure I would help a lady, any idea where I can find one?” I replied, before squirting some of the cream onto my hands and then leaned forward placing them on her tight firm ass cheeks, and rubbing the lotion into her skin. Her skin felt amazing in my hands, so soft, and so warm, I just couldn't massage her butt cheeks enough to evenly spread the liquid.

“Ohh, you’re such a naughty boy. Going straight for my ass like that,” she said, turning her head towards me and resting it back down on the towel, and then her legs seemed to open wider.

Once the lotion was evenly spread, I slowly slid one finger between her legs and rubbed the tip against her pussy through her bottoms. Then sliding my hand down her thighs, and then applying the lotion directly onto her skin in two small streaks on each thigh. This was my time to tease her, as I slowly used the very tips of my fingers to rub up and down her thighs, sliding my hands in and out of the middle of her legs. It seemed to be working, as I could hear her breathing becoming deeper and deeper and the occasional moan escape her pursed lips.

I continued working my hands up and down her legs making sure I got every last inch of her soft skin. She may have been a tease but a gentleman doesn't let a woman get burnt.

Now it was time to do her back, and without even asking permission, I untied her bikini top, both across her back and the one around her neck. I took a risk by pulling the cord, which caused her entire bikini top to slide off underneath her and hang in my hand, meaning she was lay there topless with her breasts fully exposed.

“What the….you cheeky motherfucker!” she said, but she couldn't move as that would mean exposing her breasts to me.

“Hey, you want me to do a proper job right? That means I can’t have any obstacles. Besides, least this way you won’t have any tan lines,” I replied, smiling before throwing the top into the pool. As I turned to face her I could see a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face, as if she was enjoying the fact I had taken control of the situation.

I massaged her back with the lotion, yet again getting every single inch of her soft bare skin, once I was done I put the lid back on the bottle and placed it down on the table, looking at the topless beauty in front of me, still able to feel the softness of her skin on my hands.

“Want me to do your front as well?” I smirked, already believing I knew the answer. She must have read my mind, because instead of talking she just turned around. I guess the thought of me seeing her topless and having felt my hand explore her body must have had more of an effect than I thought.

What lay in front of me was the true definition of heaven on earth, which was only improved by what she did next.

“Guess I should remove any obstacles for you this side too, huh?” She giggled, before undoing her bikini bottoms and pulling them down.

Let me tell you, if I were in a cartoon, my jaw would be making a crater in the floor, and my eyes would have smashed through my sunglasses at the view in front of me.

There lay, my neighbor's daughter, lying fully nude in front of me, displaying her big firm juicy tits, which were around a D cup maybe bigger, and fully shaved, tight looking, pussy lips. I almost jumped her then and there, but decided instead to play this teasing minx at her own game.

Grabbing the bottle back off the table I opened it, squirting a generous portion on each breast around her already hard nipples, then squirting a small circle round her belly button, and finally some on the front of her legs.

“Oooh, god that stuff is cold.” She cooed with her eyes closed, once again her legs spread slightly.

“You know, if I saw you like this from the other side of the fence. I might think you were enjoying showing yourself off to me. I’d almost thing you wanted me to jump you and bang your little brains out,” I said.

“Oh really, well then I guess it’s lucky you're already on this side of the fence, isn'tit,” was her smartass reply.

My hands began to apply the cream to her stomach, working in small circular motions, I couldn't help but hide a little chuckle thinking of the line from the movie ‘the karate kid.’ And under my breath I was muttering, “Wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off,” as quietly as I could, but apparently not quietly enough.

“Oi, you fucker, you’re not waxing a car here. And if that’s what you think you’re doing, then you must really like cars,” she said, reaching forward with her hand and wrapping her hand around my hard cock through my shorts.

I didn’t even move, I just continued massaging her stomach, enjoying the feeling of her hand around my thick hard cock through my shorts. As I slid one hand up and began working one of her big firm tits, flicking my thumb against her hard nipple as I worked the rest of the sun cream into her soft firm breasts, making sure to rub them all over, same as I had done with the rest of her body.

Meanwhile my other hand made its way down south, momentarily stopping just above her pussy lips. I could feel the heat off her womanhood and I moved the tip of my middle finger down and rubbed it between her pussy lips and against her clit, causing an audible moan to escape her lips. Then I removed my finger and continued to apply the lotion to her soft thighs, occasionally working my hand between her legs and grazing my thumb against her tight sweet wet pussy. After my hands had worked all the lotion into her thighs, both hands went for her breasts, rubbing in any of the remaining lotion, pinching her nipples between my fingers. She just lay there, arms to her sides as she groaned softly enjoying the feeling of my soft firm hands on her breasts.

I leaned my head forward and wrapped my lips around one of her hard nipples, figuring we had gone this far, may as well see just how far she is willing to take it. My lips wrapped around one of her firm juicy tits, taking in as much as I could. I sucked hard, my tongue mimicking my finger tips and working its way around her hard nipples, as the hand which had previously been massaging the breast now in my mouth, was now working its way down her flat stomach and between her legs.

“Ohhh, Toni. You naughty boy, mmm keep doing that. God that feels amazing!” She moaned, grabbing my head and pushing it into her breast, as she felt my fingers once more against her soft shaven haven. I pushed one finger between her pussy lips, pushing it deeper and deeper, until I hit an obstruction. I was actually shocked, the girl in front of me which seemed so mischievous and adventurous, was in fact still a virgin.

“Well, well. You still have at least some of your innocence it seems,” I said continuing to work my finger in and out, each time stopping at her hymen.

“MMMMM! Yes, yeah I am. This is the furthest any boy has ever gotten. And all they usually, mmmmm, get off me is a hand job, and maybe a grope of my tits. But fuck, please don’t stop, god your fingers feel so good,” she said biting her lips as her hips were automatically thrusting up and down, causing my thumb to grind against her lips. Her hand once more found its way to my hard cock and began to massage it through my shorts.

The pain I was feeling from it being restricted by my shorts, became too much and I had to remove them. I stood up and immediately dropped my shorts to the floor. Amy lay there, mouth wide open, as she was now looking at my fully erect, thick 8 and a half inch hard cock.

“Well SOMEONE’S been hiding a beast,” she said, sitting up and once more wrapping her hand around my thick cock. I had to let out a soft moan, feeling her soft warm hands wrapped around my bare cock as she looked at it then at my face. Before I could say a single word, I felt a different feeling engulf my thick hard cock, and as I looked down, I saw one of the best sights ever.

Amy was in fact, engulfing my dick with her warm wet mouth, and she never seemed to break eye contact as she pushed herself further and further onto my cock, until she was unable to take any more as it was banging against the back of her throat. I simply grabbed her head, and forced the rest of the way in, pushing my way into her throat all the way down until her face was right down to the base. She looked up and I could feel her gagging and looking up at me. She didn’t try and push herself off however, she stayed there, tensing and relaxing her throat muscles, which felt better than anything I have ever felt before. It was intensified by the feeling of her wet tongue against the underside of my shaft.

“Oh fuck Amy, I can’t take it anymore, I have to feel that tight pussy right now!” I shouted before pulling her off and pushing her back down onto the lounger, placing her legs either side and kneeling at the bottom.

The sight in front of me would have given Elton-fucking-John a hard-on to be proud of. She lay there smiling, playing with her hard nipples with her finger as her eyes transfixed on my thick hard cock, which was mere inches from the object of its desires.

Adjusting myself slightly I grabbed my hard cock, and rubbed it up and down her slit, getting it covered in her delicious juices. Then without warning I slowly pushed my cock into her tight little hole, pushing deeper and deeper until I reached her hymen.

“You ready for this baby?” I said as I looked into her eyes. She nodded and smiled as she rubbed her hand up and down my chest.

Grabbing her hips and thrusting all the way in up to my balls, she screamed loudly, finally feeling herself becoming a real woman with her neighbor's thick rock hard cock burying its self all the way into her juicy pussy. She bit her lip and began to push her hips up and down as I slowly ground my hips in a circle, enjoying the feel of my cock, feeling her soft tight pussy around my prick.

Then I began moving back and forth, speeding up with each thrust, making sure to push as deep into her as I could. I could not believe what I was feeling. It was like her pussy was made for my cock. Every inch of my dick inside her could feel the walls, squeezing and rubbing against my shaft, and I could feel my cum bubbling up inside my balls which slapped against her soft buttocks each time.

We were groaning and moaning at the same time, as her hips pushed up to thrust up and meet mine, sending my cock as deep into her as possible.

“Oh god Toni, I’m going to cum. Cum with me, please! Fill my cunt with your seed. Fill me all the way up.” She grunted grabbing my shoulders and wrapping her legs tightly around me.

That sent me over the edge, as I picked up the pace, pounding in and out of her, causing her to scream loudly, feeling her g-spot getting hit like a sledgehammer as her body tensed and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Her pussy clamped down on my cock tighter than before, squeezing it like a fucking vice and I could not hold back any more. I buried myself balls deep into her and began to unload my balls right into her young hot fertile womb. She climaxed over my cock, her pussy pulsating around my cock as she screamed and I held her down by the shoulders, shooting load after hot load into her cunt.

God, it felt good finally having my way with this teasing little slut. Knowing that I had just taken her virginity made it even better.

I pulled out and looked at her legs spread and her tight pussy leaking a mixture of our cum, I scooped some of it up and pushed it into her mouth. She sucked it clean, as she groaned and gasped for breath after having experienced an overwhelming orgasm.

I sat on the lounger next to her, my semi-hard cock still glistening with cum as she looked at me licking her lips. Then something moved and caught my eye. I looked toward the door and what I saw made my heart freeze, and yet made my cock fully erect once more.

Stood behind the double doors, with a look of pure lust, and her hand down her trousers, was Amy’s hot mom, looking right at me and my fully erect cock…