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My journey to wonderland pt. 1

Oh god.... what do I do?
I sat at the edge of the bed. She had gone to the bathroom to "freshen up." I tried to collect myself and piece together the feelings and what the fuck had just happened. She called me over because her son (my best friend), and her husband were away on vacation. I think Paul told me Vegas? Either way, she began to undress me with her eyes as soon as her hand pulled open the bright firetruck red door open. The house smelled of lavender and sage. Her perfume was faint, but there non the less. Her hair, curled into long, bing whooping curls of endless beauty. Her hand grabbed mine and led me into the house. She sat me at the bar chair in the kitchen. She was in fact very blunt and to the point, but god did she say it ever so carefully. "Ronnie, I've seen you look at me sweetie. You're 17, have a jock's body, and god I've just dreamed of the day to have you all to my self. Your what a older woman like myself needs right now."

I sat transfixed by the way she shaped the words with her lips. Ohhh those lips. Glazed with her cherry lip gloss that she had adorned just for me. "Mrs. Ivery" I stammered, "is this.... ya know... right?"

She gazed deeply into my eyes, "Oh no Ronnie" then a grin slithered its way up the corners of her mouth, "that's what makes this sooo right." 

I was hard, that I could not hide. She knew what she was doing. She knew how to do it. "Where are we gonna do it?" 

"Oh sweetie you just follow me."

She snatched my hand off of the granite counter top and led me to the master bedroom. The lavender was much stronger in here. The navy blue sheets, silk I guessed, lay neatly made over the king size bed. The four poster was an antique, passed down for four generations I think Paul had told me. 

So here I am, sitting at the edge of this monster bed, wondering what the fuck to do. I was a VIRGIN, a no sex experienced 17 year old virgin. The closest I had ever come to anything sexual was Eva Angelina talking dirty to me through a porno. Would I last? Would I even please the lady? Mrs. Ivery was brown haired, d cup, tight stomached bombshell. The light tan she got from running in the sun almost made me pop thinking about it. 

She emerged from the threshold of the bathroom. Nothing. She had nothing on. Her body, something of which only god could describe. Her neck, decorated with a pearl necklace. She had kept her wedding band on. God she was kinky. Her chest, something on a sculptor could have crafted. Her nipples, a little bigger than a quarter, stuck out, begging to have a tongue licking them. Her stomach was as tight as I imagined. Something that women work there entire lives to achieve and yet they are still far from this. Her legs were like two fleshy pillars leading into a kingdom of pleasure. With a strip of very well trimmed hair starting right above her clit, and ending about an inch later. Even her toes. Her toes goddammit. They were kept so perfect. Some peoples hands weren't even this clean.

"Now why are your clothes still on mister?" She teased with a smile.

I could say nothing. Her eyes had already undressed me. I was in a state of shock. I couldn't move, my eyes were glued open, and I even found it hard to breath. My cock, who had a mind of its own, was begging for her. He was screaming to me, he was throbbing so hard it hurt. I gripped him with my right hand and slowly began to unbutton my flannel. Her eyes sparked with enthusiasm. She slowly glided over to me.

"Let me help you big boy," again she smiled. 

I let her unbutton my shirt the rest of the way and slowly remove it. She kissed my chest, and sucked on my nipples. My head leaned back in pleasure. As she sucked, she undid my jeans. I stood, and she slid them down my ever so sensitive legs. He lips hovered over my stomach and she blew cool air. My hair stood on end, and I shivered. She giggled softly and again I felt as though my cock would explode then and there. My boxers begged to be removed, but she kept teasing. Licking around the outside of my bellybutton, kissing my chest, or kissing my lips. Her mouth was intercourse itself. The way her tongue entered and caressed mine was enough to make an 80 year old get a hard on. I only knew of one thing to do. I gently kissed my way to her neck, right below the left earlobe. She inhaled sharply as I bit her neck ever so softly. Her hand gripped my cock and she moaned in approval. I bit again, harder this time and her hand gripped harder on my shaft. I too moaned. Her hand went past the fly, and her soft, moisturized hand finally connected with my 17 year old throbbing cock. "Ohhhh my" she purred into my ear. 

My hand found her left breast and I groped it. Pinching the nipples, making her shift positions. She pushed me onto the bed and ripped my boxers off. My cock stood at attention for Mrs. Ivery. Her eyes sparked again.

"I want you to cum as much as you want sweetie. Do you understand?"

Oh god. "Yes, Mrs. Ivery. As much as I want?"

"Oh god yes. As much as you want. I want you to cum in my mouth, my pussy, and ass."

Her devilish grin returned. I felt a little precum leak from my cock when she said that.

"But first my mouth."

I had no time to react. Before I knew her mouth was on my cock. She was still standing, her breasts were so perky they moved slightly, but did not sag. My hands found both of them as my cock felt the first effects of a mouth bathing him in the sweetness of that which is Mrs. Ivery. The vacuum her mouth created on my hard 7 inch teenage cock made me squirm, moan, and envelope my mind in a place that I only dreamed was real. I could feel the cum rise in my cock, getting closer with each bob of her head. She could put the whole thing in there. I felt the back of her throat and I moaned her name, "Mrs. Ivery! Oh god!"

She lifted her head, "I want you to cum in my mouth sweetie."

"Anything you want Mrs. Ivery. My hand found her head and nudged her head down again, feeling the slick and arousing slim at the back of her throat made me moan again. "Ohhhh god... I think... oh god I'm cumming!!"

She moaned and without warning my own pelvis thrust forward from the feeling of her mouth sucking the juice from my already sensitive cock. She did no choke or gag, but swallowed it as it came out. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and my breathing was deep and heavy. 

Her eyes were looking into mine, still bobbing gently on my head. She came off my cock, careful not to leave a single drop left behind. "God you are such a big boy! You cum a lot! But it tastes so good. Can you go again?"

"Oh god yes Mrs. Ivery. Please!"

"Do you want my ass, or my pussy?"

My cock stood at attention once more at the question. 

"Do you wanna lick my tight little pussy, or my even tighter asshole?"

"But Mrs. Ivery I've never done that before?"

"Oh sweetheart don't you worry. I bet you'll pick up on that just fine. Now I'll just lay down and stick my ass in the air for you. Let it be a surprise." She grinned devilishly at me again and hiked her ass high up and waited. 

I smiled and smacked her ass, making her moan. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

This is the first in my virgin trilogy. Any feedback would be nice. This is the first piece of erotic writing I've done so I thought the first time section would make a good fit. 


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