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My journey to wonderland pt. 2

Thus begins the sex
Yes, oh yes. I knew what to do. I had no idea what to do but my body did. It was like a barbaric instinct learned from hours of watching porn. Watching a man and sometimes a girl finger, lick, and pump their pelvis to an unbelievable orgasm. My friend, a much more experienced 17 year old once told me about the "shocker." "The what?" I asked tentatively.

"Yea dude, two in the pink, one in the stink, or reverse it if ya want." He grinned. "Works every fucking time. You start at the pussy right, just easy going and then ya let her have it! Shove that finger in her ass and watch her jump. She'll either hate you or love you. Most guys are scared as shit to do it, but damn if your balls drop far enough, do me a favor and try it."

"Yea... okay..."

"Ha-ha, I'm serious man. Girls go crazy for that shit."

"Alright Paul, I'll give it a go when I get a girl."

"Thats my boy!" 

The ironic and comical part about this, was that Paul, was Mrs. Ivery's son. Oh god what would he do if he knew I was using his "shocker" on his own fucking mom! So I slowed my breathing down as her ass swayed from left to right. I sucked my pointer and middle finger until they were coated in my spit. I smacked her ass one more time for good measure, and just to see it move. Oh how I loved that ass already. My fingers journeyed closer to her tight, wet, pink pussy. I outlined her perfectly shaped lips and heard her moan in satisfaction. I smiled to myself knowing that this was just the beginning. The two fingers slipped inside of her slit, making there way in as far as they could go. 

"Oh god yes, Ronnie. Fuck me with those fingers."

I wet the other pointer finger and found her succulent clitoris and began to massage and play with it. She began to fuck my fingers for me, pushing her pussy deeper and then pulling back, deeper, then pulling back. She whipped her hair back and threw her head up to the ceiling moaning and begging for more. 

I looked at her ass, her pussy, my hands. I could not believe what I was doing. I had no sexual experience and yet, I could please her. My better half stood at attention, study and hard. He screamed to be used, buy I needed to play with her some more. My head bent over and I kissed her ass. She moaned. Then I bit it listening to her moan louder. With her cheeks spread I could see that tiny asshole looking back at me, begging for some attention. "What the hell" I said to myself and licked her crack from bottom to top. 

"OOOOH MY!" She screeched. She was not ready for that. 

I smiled and dug in, lightly licking and tongue fucking her. Her hand came back and shoved my head in harder, so I pushed harder into her hole, making my tongue squirm inside. She moaned my name, "Oh Ronnie, Ronnie yes. Oh my god your gonna make me cum so hard! Goddammit!"

I shoved my fingers deeper into her pussy and massaged her clit faster. Her moaning increased in volume and her fingers clenched a handful of my hair. 


Immediately I pulled my face off of her ass, moved my fingers from her pussy and shoved them in her tight ass and then mounting her and sticking my throbbing cock where my fingers just left. She screamed in pleasure. Her arms pulled at the mahogany headboard as though she would rip it off. Her body arched lower and her breathing became labored. 

"Ronnie oh god don't- OH GOD!!!"

I kept pumping my cock in and out and shoving my fingers deeper into her tight little asshole. I wasn't going to stop, it felt to good. 

The headboard creaked and groaned as though it were trying to mimic the moaning of Mrs. Ivery. 

I knew I couldn't hold much longer. Her pussy was too slick. It felt too good. Two minutes tops inside of this perfect, tight, pink pussy were enough for any one man to enjoy for the rest of their lives. 

My hand followed the contours of her back until I found her hair. I grinned to myself, taking a handful of it and pulling back like a cowboy on horse. Her head shot up, mouth wide open too shocked to speak. Her hand reached around and caught one of my ass cheeks. She gripped it and as though she was reading my mind she purred, "Cum in my pussy now, baby!"

As though on cue I began to bust. "OH FUCK! OH FUCK! GOD I'M COMING!"

I couldn't move, but without missing a beat Mrs. Ivery began to take control, thrusting her pussy further down the shaft of my 7 inch cock. 

Mrs. Ivery collapsed to the bed, her breathing was labored again and I can't say I was far behind her. I fell down right beside her, my cock still wet from her juices. Her hand found it and began to stroke it. 

"Ah fuck, Mrs. Ivery. Your pussy felt so amazing!"

"Oh and your cock was just out of this world. Where did you learn to do that thing with your hands? I need to tell my husband about it."

I smiled to myself and was rolling around on the inside laughing. If only you knew Mrs. Ivery. 

I lay there and felt the warmth of her hand stroking my cock, leaving me with no time to go soft. She wanted me, and wanted a lot of me!

"How bout I suck the pussy off of your cock and you stick that thing in my ass?"

I felt the cum rising in me as soon as she said that. "Ah fuck yes!"

She got to her hands and knees and formed a beautiful "O" with her mouth and washed my cock with her saliva. 

"The best hole is yet to come, Ronnie."

Pt. 2. Any feedback would be AWESOME! Tell me what you think. I'm new at erotic writing. Pt. 3 coming soon if you all like the first two enough.

Cheers and thanks for reading!! 

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