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My Konstantine

My Konstantine

Sweet summer heat.

It was the summer after my sixteenth birthday. Unfortunately, I had made quite a name for myself as one of the easiest girls in school, but contrary to popular belief, I was actually still a virgin. When I met Kaleb through a mutual friend, I thought I'd hit the jackpot. Finally, an older guy from a different school, who liked me for me instead of what he had heard about me.

Looking back now, it's funny to me that he wore a black Neff beanie and all black clothing all summer long. It was one of the hottest summers that small Midwestern town ever had.

Back when our Myspace top eight friends list dictated everything about our social hierarchies, the thing I would look forward to the most after coming home from my part-time job at a pizza place was checking my inbox to see what he had planned for our evening. I was the only girl my age who didn't have a cell phone, so I had to sneak off with the cordless home phone or sit at my parents' old, clunky desktop computer just waiting for those much anticipated Myspace messages.

Night after night, Kaleb would pick me up in that beat up, gray Toyota, and I would rush out the front door as soon as I heard the old, worn out motor sputtering down our lane. My mom would always scream after me, "How can you stand that loud, screaming music he's always blaring?" As the screen door slammed behind me, Kaleb and I would laugh at her words. Those songs and his laughter were the soundtrack to my summer.

Most nights, we would just drive around the old, narrow country lanes and talk about life. He would talk about his friends, smoking weed, skateboarding, and the next concert he was going to. I would talk about how strict my parents were and how I would never be allowed to go to any of those concerts. We would drive until we were lost and then pull over in some cornfield to look up at the stars.

I would never admit it to my mother, but his screamo metal music did start to wear on my nerves. We finally compromised, and he made me a mixtape with Yellowcard, Jimmy Eats World, Blink 182, and Something Corporate. "My Konstantine" was on repeat for months, and I still smile from ear to ear awash with nostalgia whenever I hear it.

Those late night drives alone in his car were innocent at first. Kissing was a new adventure (and somewhat of a challenge) for me, as Kaleb had two lower lip piercings. Once I got over my irrational concern that I was somehow going to hurt them, I realized how fun it was to bite those tantalizing hoops and suck them into my mouth, rolling my tongue over them lightly until he'd lose control and pull me hard onto his lap.

I came home from work one day, and saw the much anticipated Myspace message: "I'll pick you up at 7:30. Wear a dress, with nothing underneath."

My breath caught in my throat and the summer heat hit me all at once. Sweating, I ran from the room and hurriedly changed out of my work clothes, rinsed off in a cool shower, put on a loose but very flattering black sundress with blue checkers, and told my parents I'd be home by midnight.

Right on time, I could hear screamo music and a worn out engine making their way up the driveway. I don't think his car was even in park before I jumped in. "Take me somewhere," I begged.

Kaleb was quiet as we drove. It was a rare weeknight that there were no baseball games or practices scheduled at the county diamonds, so we pulled in the empty lot, parked in the back near some trees behind the playground, and left a clear view of any oncoming cars or passersby. We were just far enough from the city lights that we could easily watch the stars and moon start to twinkle at dusk, and the dewey grass begin to sparkle with fireflies.

Without a word, Kaleb got out of the car and walked around to my door. Once opened, I stepped out of the car and watched as Kaleb then opened the door to the backseat. My gaze followed his as he took my hand in his. Blankets. And condoms.

I gulped, my mouth suddenly dry.

I climbed into the backseat behind him and he pressed his lips to mine. I wasn't exatly new at this, awkward fumbling while exploring new body parts, but I knew tonight would be different. I knew how much he cared about me and I knew that I was finally going to take the final step, the line that I had always been too nervous to cross with past lovers.

Kaleb reached up into the front seat to turn the ignition to idle, which in turn kicked the stereo on.

"My Konstantine."

Kaleb positioned himself in the middle seat, and put his hands under my thighs to pull me on top of him. Straddling him, I looked deep into his dark brown eyes as his fingers traced zig zags down my back. I remember thinking how unfair it was for this man to be blessed with such thick, long lashes that were every mascara model's wet dream. His light caress and the way he looked at me set my nerves on fire, and despite the overwhelming summer heat and humidity, my skin prickled with goose bumps. I could feel every part of his body, every touch, through the thin, loose fabric of my dress. Thanks to Kaleb's request that I wear nothing beneath the dress, my bare pussy reacted immediately.

With my arms wrapped around his neck and my hips thrusting into his, I closed my eyes and crushed my mouth against his. Kaleb's tongue immediately began its exploration of my mouth. His hands crept from my back to my waist. Lost in the moment, the heat, and the music, I grabbed his left hand and placed it on my breast. With no need for further invitation, he pulled the fabric down ever so slightly, setting my breasts free of their minimal restraint.

I raised up a bit on my knees so that my naked breasts were level with his face. Kaleb leaned forward, kissing and then sucking first one, then the other nipple into his greedy mouth. Without noticing, a satisfied moan slipped from somewhere deep inside me. As Kaleb worked my breasts and teased my hard, sensitive nipples, I pulled Kaleb's shirt up over his head. He paused the assault on my aching nipples only long enough to remove the garment from his body. Pulling my dress up my hips ever so slightly, I was completely exposed to him with all of the loose fabric of my dress now bunched unceremoniously around my waist. I was trembling.

The view and the teasing must have become too much for him. Kaleb grabbed me and pushed me aside for a moment. With his newfound room to move more freely, he unzipped his jeans and started working them down his narrow hips. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but his boxers slid off as well.

My eyes widened a bit and I licked my lips as his cock stood at attention, now free of all restrictive garments.

"Fingers are a lot different than that," I naively and rather stupidly stated. "You're a lot bigger than I was expecting."

Kaleb smiled at me. That smile could melt even my deepest worries. "I'll be gentle, Annie," he said. "I promise."

Kaleb helped lean me back, one of the blankets propped behind my head as a makeshift pillow against the car door, and the other under my hips, angling my bare pussy up at him. Kaleb tucked my long brown hair behind my ear and knealt over me, kissing a trail from my eyelids, to the tip of my nose, to my lips, then down my chin to the base of my neck. He bared his teeth and lightly grazed my collar bone. The sensation surprised me, and his teeth on my bare flesh drew a moan from my lips.

With one hand at my breast, he started rolling and pinching my nipple between his deft fingers. His mouth, however, continued its descent and he planted kisses on my navel, then my hip bone, finally my inner thigh. The blanket underneath me helped to angle my curvy hips towad him, and he took full advantage of my prone position. Using both hands to guide my trembling legs farther apart, his mouth moved to my throbbing, wet pussy. I knew Kaleb was much more sexually experienced than I was, which made me nervous at first, but all of those nerves dissipated as I was now blissfully thankful for his expertise in pleasuring my body.

His tongue began its invasion where previously only unskilled fingers had made contact. I surpressed a laugh thinking about the boys I had fooled around with in the past. They always asked if it was 'good' for me. Not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, and not having anything else to compare it to, I always answered 'yes.' But this? No. This was no comparison. I could finally answer that question honestly.

Kaleb licked the entrance to my pussy and darted his tongue in and out, spreading my natural lubricants and teasing my swollen pussy lips. His lip rings grazed my clit, and the electrified current that shot through my body caused me to spasm, my legs locking up. Kaleb laughed and reminded me to relax. Realizing the reaction that this had on my body, he returned his attention to my now engorged, protruding clit. His tongue swiped my nub softly at first, then the pressure and intensity increased with every circle his tongue traced.

I had never felt anything like this. Not even close.

With me groaning in frustration, Kaleb stopped licking and sucking at my throbbing pussy. Selfishly, I almost forgot that Kaleb had received no such attention or release so far this evening. "Can I taste you? I've never done that before," I asked him.

"No," he replied, to which I was surprised. "This is too much. I need to be inside you, now."

Kaleb grabbed one of the condoms and skillfully slipped it out of its wrapper and rolled it over his hard, engorged cock. In one swift motion, he positioned himself between my legs and lined his penis up with my dripping, virgin channel. "Can I?" He asked.

"Yes," I whispered. His thumb found my clit, still thoroughly lubricated, and his other hand helped guide the head of his penis into its target.

My breath caught and I watched his every move with wide eyes. The pleasure coursing through my body from the pressure he was putting on my clit was almost unbearable. But I knew that his massive member would soon be stretching and filling me, and I hoped the pleasure would overshadow the pain.

Kaleb smiled and watched my face as he pushed into me. He moved his hips slowly at first, but he continued his assault on my pulsing nub. It felt like my nerves were being hit by an exposed wire, and I cried out in pleasure as wave after wave coursed through my body. I bit my lip, hard, and my legs trembled as the warm current radiated from my clit throughout my entire body. I moaned over and over again and rode this incredible feeling, holding onto the moment as tight as I could. "That's it, baby, cum for me," Kaleb whispered. He had pushed his cock all the way in to the hilt, and he held it there for a moment to let my small body adjust. The intense waves of my first orgasm completely masked any feelings of pain as my virgin pussy was filled.

Kaleb held his composure as long as he possibly could, but he soon picked up his pace and he slammed in and out of my pussy with intense determination. I winced as the roughness took me by surprise, but Kaleb continued his loving attention to my clit, and I felt new waves of orgasmic euphoria starting to build once more.

"I'm going to cum, I'm sorry. I just can't hold back!" Kaleb yelled. His body tensed and he pushed his cock all the way in until I could feel it pressed to my cervix. I felt a warm, full sensation as the condom filled with spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum. This new sensation, along with Kaleb's fingers still adeptly strumming my pulsing clit, sent me spiraling over the edge. With Kaleb still inside me, I clamped my legs together and grabbed Kaleb's hand in mine as the intensity became too much for my overstimulated pussy.

Kaleb kissed me tenderly as he pulled his now softening cock from my pussy's grip. He threw the condom away and settled into the nest of blankets with me, basking in the afterglow of those incredible moments.

After what felt like a lifetime, Kaleb told me we should make ourselves presentable and head back to my house so I didn't miss curfew. For every rule that my parents had in place, Kaleb instead had total freedom and autonomy, but he was always respectful of me and my family's wishes. I smoothed my hair, pulled my dress back up over my firm breasts, fixed my smudged makeup, and got back in the front seat once Kaleb too was dressed. "My Konstantine" played on repeat over and over again as we drove home.

As soon as we pulled in the driveway, I immediately knew something was wrong. Kaleb put the car in park, and we saw both of my parents standing on the front porch waiting for me. My mom started toward the car, shouting something indiscernible. I opened the door and I could hear something about "Myspace messages" and "who does he think he is telling you to dress like a slut?"

Mind reeling, I realized my mistake almost immediately. In my hurry to get ready for our date tonight, I had forgotten to log out of my account on our family's shared computer. The messages between me and Kaleb must have been read, including tonight's particularly questionable request by Kaleb instructing me not to wear any undergarments. This may not have been a big deal for some, but for my parents, I may as well have admitted to committing a cardinal sin.

I took Kaleb's hand, hastily kissed him and said goodbye, promising to call him if and when I could.

My parents confronted me with all of my explicit conversations with Kaleb that they had stumbled upon in my message history, and I naively admitted to everything, including the events that took place earlier that very evening.

Innocence was lost, and that was the last time I would see Kaleb that sweet, blistering summer.

I miss you, my Konstantine.



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