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My love, My Nisha....

I loved my Nishana very much. I always wanted to be wit her. It was during my school days.....

I loved my Nishana very much. I always wanted to be wit her. It was during my school days that I got a chance to be alone with her.

At that time we were in my high school when she proposed to me. I accepted her proposal and we were in love. We frequently got time to be alone. We kissed each other and hugged each other. We did it in quick fashion as we got not more than ten minutes to be alone with each other. After school she went home by school bus.

At the end of my ninth grade we had a school trip. We both decided to go for the one day trip. All the students were asked to come to school by 7 in the morning as the trip was to start at 8 o’clock sharp. It was our chance to spend more time together. So we both planned to come to school as early as possible.

The next day I arrived at the school at 4.45am. I was expecting her to be there by 5.30. But as I entered the waiting room I was surprised to see her there waiting for me. I went near her and sat beside her on the bench. She held my arms close to her breast. She kept my hand just below her collar bone. As it was early morning the whole room was very cool. But her body seemed to be boiling. I lifted her face and placed a passionate kiss over her forehead. She held my hands tightly. She the raised her face and looked at me.

I looked into her eyes and brought her closer to me. She kissed me on my lips and fondled my hair from behind. As I opened my mouth she slipped her tongue inside my mouth. This was my first ever French kiss. Her tongue tasted very sweet. I kept on kissing her. Then she pulled away from me and said,” lets go somewhere safer.” We both got up and went to the store room behind the waiting hall. My only intensions were just to kiss her and enjoy licking her sweet tongue.

As we entered the store room she started kissing me very hardly. For a moment I felt she had gone crazy. But then I too enjoyed her. My cock was paining so hard that I could feel my own juices oozing out of my stiff cock. But I took care not to push it on her as I thought I may scare her by doing so.

We continued to kiss. As time passed by our kisses grew harder and harder. And then the unexpected thing happened. All of a sudden she grabbed my cock along with my pants. I was surprised because this was the last thing I expected from her at that time. But I didn’t show any sign of surprise. I let her massage my rod. I had never imagined her this way with me. But it felt so good that I didn’t realize she had opened my zip and pulled my man thing out of its constrictions.

I didn’t had the length but it was compensated by its thickness. As I stared at her she pulled down the foreskin of my thing and squeezed it with her one hand and with the other hand pulled my pants along with my underwear. She took my balls in her hands and massaged it. I had never felt like this before as this was my first time. I felt something secreting within my cock as she squeezed it harder. I looked down and saw my helmet covered with a gel like substance. She spread my juice all over my shaft with her soft hands. Then she licked the tip of my blunt helmet.

I felt a shocking sensation within me. Each time she flicked her tongue around my cock I became intoxicated. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her mouth massage. She then took my entire shaft inside her mouth. It felt so warm as if like my cock was rapped by a thick layer of warm gel. I opened my eyes and looked down and found that she had removed her pants. I couldn’t see her other hand. Then I saw her pleasing herself as she continued sucking my cock. She was so dedicated in caressing my cock with her mouth that she didn’t notice me watching her as she engulfed my entire cock.

Then I took initiative and pulled my man thing out of her mouth. She looked at me like an innocent child. I lifted her up and kissed her. Her mouth felt salty may be due to my juices. But I liked it and licked it from her lips. As I did so she placed my hands over her breast. I could feel her tits getting harder. I immediately removed her top and grabbed her breasts in hands. Her tits were hard as a rubber nipple. I twitched her tits with my hands and squeezed her medium sized breasts as they fitted exactly in my hand.

She was eating my mouth as I ate hers. She grabbed my dick and moved it up and down. Well I could not hold it any longer and started to move hip to and fro matching her hand movement. And then ejaculated and shoot a jet of hot cum on her belly. A shivering shock passed from my head to toe and then again from my toe to head. I had never ejaculated like this. When I saw what I’ve done I was amazed to see that I could give such big load of cum. My cum was all over her belly and dripping. She then took a piece of cloth and cleaned the mess that I had thrown over her. Then she cleaned my cock and again stared sucking it. Well though I wasn’t thinking of more I didn’t want to stop either. I was ready for another round as she was preparing me to.

Now it was her turn to enjoy the pleasure. I lifted her up and made her sit over a bench with her back leaning over the wall. I spread her legs apart and saw something astonishing. She had shaved her pussy. Then I realized she had planned all this. I was delighted. I had never seen a women’s pussy so close. I touched her pussy and heard moaning,” mmm… lick it…” I obliged and started licking my darling’s love organ. I pulled her pussy lips with both my hands and saw her clit. It looked like a rose. A rose with the aroma that no other rose in the world has. I was just licking and kissing her rose petals. With my each touch she was moaning out her pleasure song. She grabbed my head with her fingers tugged in my hair. She pushed my head deep between her thighs.

Her juices were all over my face. Her aroma encouraged me to dig my face even deeper. “faster.. faster… I want more… more….”, she moaned. But I wanted to tease her and started t bite her flower petals. She let out a scream of joy when I bit her clit. I spread her lips my fingers and kept on biting and sucking her clit. She spread her legs even wider to provide me more access to well of love. It was like a bee sucking nectar from a flower full of unlimited supply of nectar in it.

She couldn’t take it any more. She shouted,” I’m gonna come…” and then with one big burst she unloaded her entire stock of cum on me. It was like as she was peeing on me. My face was washed away by her juices. Her flower started to contract. I kissed it for few minutes and then rose up and kissed her on her forehead. She pulled my face down and kissed me hard. After all that happened I liked this part the most. She hugged me and said, “I will never forget this day in my life. I love u very more than myself. I won’t leave you. I love….” Then she kissed me again.

I looked into her eyes and could see the depth of love she had for me I told her,” Well I love you more than you love me….” She smiled and kissed me. Then we both put on our clothes. The time was 6.30am. No one else had come. We had some time. I sat on the table and she on my lap. I held her face in my hand and her lips in my mouth. We both explored each other’s mouth with our dripping tongues as we fondled each other’s hair with our hands


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