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My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying

Neighbor's son gets caught spying but gets a reward
This is a story about my neighbor’s son who was 17 when this happened. The first section of the story is true but the rest of the story and part 2 is my fantasy about what could have happened. As a little background I’m 32 and married, my hubby Sam and I live in the Midwest in suburbia.

I like to lay out in our back yard and tan during our hot summers. Our back yard is secluded by privacy fence and some tall trees in the back. We have neighbors on both sides of our house that have widows in their houses that can see in our back yard. Our neighbors to the west are a little older that my hubby and I and have a son who had just turned 17 this summer. His name is Tim, he is a shy skinny kid, but cute.

On a hot Saturday afternoon in July I was out back lying on my towel tanning. I noticed up in the neighbors window that was Tim watching me. It looked like he had some binoculars spying on me. I had on dark sunglasses, so I didn’t think he knew I could see him watching me. Tim would pull back when I rolled his way facing him. I started to get a little tuned on thinking that this 17 year old kid was watching me and looking at my body.

A week later I’m out tanning again and I noticed that Tim was watching me again with his binoculars. I’m now thinking that I want to give him a little show. I roll over on my front and untie my top. Now I don’t have big tits but I’m sure Tim will be excited to see my naked breasts. I roll back over without retying my top, exposing my tits to the warm air and to Tim. I look around as if I’m making sure no one is around, Tim ducks back a little but I see that he still watching me.

I squirt some lotion on to my hands and start rubbing the lotion onto my tits. My nipples are getting hard and my pussy is starting to get wet knowing that Tim is watching me. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Tim is only holding the binoculars with one hand; I’m rather sure what the other hand is doing.

I decide that I’m not done yet so I squirt more lotion on my hands and start rubbing down from my tits to my belly. When I get to my waist I trace the material of my bikini bottom with my fingers. I let out a little moan as I rub the outline of my pussy lips. I can see that Tim is still watching and he is definitely jacking off. I’m really getting turned on now. I pull my bikini to the side and start rubbing my pussy lips. I’m really going at when I hear a loud noise from up at Tim’s window. I think Tim either fell off his chair or came in his hand or both. Either way the show was over.

I walked in the house to find my hubby and some relief. He was a little surprised to see me walk in with just my bikini bottoms on. I guided him between my legs and he eagerly began to lick me, commenting on how wet I was. As he licked me I told him about Tim watching me and the show I put on. He wasn’t mad at all but grateful for how horny I was. After my 1 st orgasm Sam took his cloths off laid me down and slid his hard cock into my wet pussy. Sam fucked me hard, shooting his load into my pussy. As we lay there I told him that I thought Tim was jacking off while he spying on me. My hubby then jokingly said that maybe I should put on more of a show to get him to mow the yard or something. I jokingly told him back that a yard mowing would cost more than a peep show, I would bet the “going rate” for a lawn mowing would be a blowjob. We both laughed but I couldn’t get that image out of my head of young Tim with his cock out wanting my body.

The next weekend hubby was going out of town for a week. I saw Tim a few times during the week and made a special point to wave and talk to him. I also made a point of tell Tim that my hubby was going to be out of town for a week and that I would need someone to mow the lawn. Tim eagerly volunteered, the whole time staring at my tits and crotch. I told my hubby that Tim was going to mow the yard this weekend while he was gone and I asked him how much I should pay him? He just smiled and told me I should ask Tim what was the “going rate” and if I wanted to pay it, to do it. (We had just started doing some swinging with another couple but that’s another story).

I saw Tim again on Thursday and asked him if he would still be able to mow the yard Saturday. Tim said he could late morning to early afternoon, but had a family event to go to late afternoon.

Saturday morning rolled around and Tim came over wearing shorts and a tank top. I was wearing my small bikini to give him a little show. We went into the garage and I showed him where the mower was and the gas. I purposely got real close so he can smell my perfume and I could touch his back and shoulders. It was clearly having an effect on Tim as his shorts were poking out. I told him that after he was done I would love to have his help putting up some boxed in the attic. Tim again staring at my tits eagerly agreed.

Tim got finished mowing and put the mower back in the garage. I was getting exciting and a little nervous about what I was about to happen if I had the nerve. I could feel my pussy getting a little wet.

As Tim came in I gave him a drink and a towel to wipe the sweat off. I leaned in close so he can smell my perfume and look at my tits. We chatted a bit about his school and I asked him if he has a girlfriend.

Tim was blushing a little and said “no,” I told him that he is cute boy and should have girls all over him. I was rubbing my hand across his back and shoulders. As he laughs I notice that his shorts are poking out again.

I ask Tim if he will help me with some boxes up to the attic. He says sure and we head upstairs. I tell him that I will stand on the steps going up to the attic and he can hand me the boxes. Tim’s face will be about crotch level, he looking right at my ass and had his face almost into my pussy when I turned around. We did the fist couple of boxes and it appeared that Tim was enjoying the view. I pretended to stumble and sort of fell back into him. We tumbled to the floor with Tim catching me, his right hand landed on my right breast and my ass was grinding against his hard cock. He realized his hand is on my tit and quickly pulled it away. I rolled over off of Tim, but kept my hand on his thigh.

Tim apologized for grabbing my breast. I told him that it was ok, “I can at least let you cop a feel for saving me.” I slid my hand up his thigh and said “Looks like somebody’s a little excited.”

He apologizes again, but as I was grabbing his cock. I told that it was ok and that I’m flattered. I kept rubbing his cock though his shorts and watching the shocked look on his face. I asked Tim if he would let me see his dick, as I traced his hard on with my fingers. He gave me a little grunt of yes as I pulled down his pants. His cock was at full attention, nice sized not near as big as my hubby’s, but it was cute like Tim. I started stroking his cock and asked him if anyone has tasted his cock yet. He grunts no as his breathing was very heavy now.

I moved my head down to his hard cock and flicked my tongue over the top of his dick. Tim was moaning every time my tongue touched his cock. I went down and to the head of his cock, kissing it and licking it. I wrapped my lips around his cock head and started to suck gently. Tim started to buck a little like he is trying to fuck my mouth. I began to taste a little pre-cum on the end of his dick. I slid my mouth down to take more and more of his cock in my mouth.

Tim cried out “Oh God, that feels good.”

I had Tim’s whole cock in my mouth when I grabbed his balls. I could feel his balls tighten up and I knew Tim was about to cum. I decided that I wanted Tim’s first cum to be in my mouth, so I sucked harder. Tim exploded into my mouth with another “Oh God.” I was able to hold most of him cum in my mouth, but some did squirt out the side of my mouth.

Tim lay back with a great moan. I slid up to Tim’s mouth, with his cum still on my lips and tongue, to give him a big kiss. Our tongues meet and I gave him a little taste of his cum that I have sucked out of him. I pulled his pants up and thanked him for helping me with the yard and the boxes. His head was clearly spinning from just getting his first blow job. I went for my wallet to pay him for the yard and says that he couldn’t take my money, he had gotten his payment. Tim looked at that time and said that he had to go but then in a real shy voice he asked “if there would be any chores he could help me with tomorrow?” I told Tim to come by tomorrow afternoon and I would see if there were any other jobs he could help me with.

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