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She alway wore that panty too tight, so this hand turned me on, until I ripped it off her.

My new young maid
This story I'm gonna tell you is a true one. Mi name is Mark, I was 22yo at the moment but experienced enough to accomplish sex without problems.  It was now a few days since my mom had kicked out the maid, a mature lady who made all the housework for us, but my mom had decided to hire a new one instead.  I still don't know what reasons she had to  send away this woman and  she hadn't talked to me either about her decision,  so I ignored completely  how old the new maid was or who she was, indeed, when that morning, Monday, somebody rang the door bell exactly at 12:00 o'clock. I wasn't aware of this new maid coming at this time, today. I opened the door for her only to see this long haired gorgeous  girl, a baby, standing there at the door step, and she indeed was the owner of such tremendous, incredible body that I swear I've   never seen one like this before.
I also was able to see a  well cast, nice shaped body contour, for she was wearing the right dress at the moment, a transparent one, which glued to her body letting see more of her. Of course, she also showed nice tits big enough for a man to be satisfied. She, definitely looked so perfect…
This angel begins to tell me she had come here because she would be the new maid, now that my mother had hired her recently. I showed her in so she stepped in and said hi o my younger brothers who were in the living room. My mom started a conversation about what to clean, how, and the like.
No doubt this chick was too good and this made me to think that I should fuck her the next minute, so I began to wonder how and when the chance for this.  I had to find the most suitable place and time to lay her in my own house.
As days passed my brothers were no longer at home for the day -mean they were gone.  One of them was with a friend doing some errands, while the other was at school, and my parents shopping in the supermarket.
Well, I was alone now at home and it is not difficult to guess this would be my chance as I spotted this gorgeous maid going up the stairs heading for my room to do the cleaning there. I found an excuse to go up and pretended I'd have to look for something, so I  rushed  to get to the bottom of the stairs and began to look upwards to see the nice round ass cheeks, so perfect due to her panties too stick   to her buttocks while she was progressing half way through the stairs.
She was already in my bed room in her duties so I was now planning how to get her, but my main worry was to figure out how her reaction would be as I showed there like the rapist. Would she begin to fight back, or she would give in immediately to my claims?
I was too turned on now so I had to come  up with a decision now:  to go up there pretending I was looking for some stuff I had forgotten in the room.  She was already done with my bed making, and was now cleaning the floor, and arranging my belongings which I had left scaterred all over the room. At the instant I got in, she was in the small bath room in the corner  cleaning the toilet. That's why she was bent over now showing me the enormous and beautiful ass, but unconscious of my presence there standing behind her. I didn't know when and how to get her.
Well, I tried to catch control over this situation and began to make my move at once, already  prepared and standing by  for  what  would come ahead: I got  my hard rod out or my pants to feel the fresh breeze on it. I began to jerk off a little bit for  my rod  to get in shape and   got closer to her, slowly, to get situated exactly behind her, and suddenly took her strongly by the neck from behind. As she was caught got  by this surprise she screamed at me: "But what are you doing? let me alone!!
I whispered to her ear: "Stay put, coz I'm gonna rip that beautiful ass of yours now."
The girl tried to get away desperately trying to free my grip off her hand loose and saying: "Please, don't do this, I've never been fucked by my ass."
This got me even more turned on  and I grabbed her by the hair pulling it from the back and drawing her down  until her head was  pressed  to the basin but this caused her to bend over even more, showing me a more  fabulous bubble ass , set tight into the  blue panty which she always wore since she had began to work   working in my house.
I wanted some action, so as a warm up, I began to touch her ass above the tense and firm panty,  and began to  poke one of my fingers between her legs to touch, pat and stroke her cunt already warm, and began to jerk off by brushing my rod against her ass crack for a good minute. She was almost crying begging aloud  not to fuck her but  I was resolute and certain about this, for I was already sliding  off her panty with one hand to her knees while the other hand grabbed her hair firmly, pulling her all the way down to keep her pressed hard  against the basin.
I began to take off her panty brusquely and harshly saying: "This nice ass will be no longer virgin and I'm gonna take good care of it now, you,   damn bitch!"
My hard rod looked like blue steel,  I took it with one hand, grabbing it firmly, my hand gripped around the shaft, and I began to run the head along her ass crack. My cock head had redden by the arousal I was feeling, and  didn't waist time to slamm her with one bang, digging into her ass, to begin to bang her from this on.  Her loud screams from pain and pleasure at the same time could be heard around the house and I suppose it could reach to the outside too. I banged her in and out vastly  while she moaned but this was only a sign of pleasure, enjoyment and happiness which mounted inside her. I told her into her ear: "You damn bitch, take this, you deserve this because nobody was asking you to bring that nylon panty here so tight as you always wear it. You kept on showing me that round ass and this turned me on, didn't  you know it, bitch?" I said in the middle of the spur.
After so many slams and pushes into her sphincter, she screamed:
"Aaaaahhhhh, ohhhhhh"  At this moment I spurt  a big cum which flooded her   ass.  I grabbed her black straight  hair  and without loosing my grip on her, I   began to pull  strongly dragging her out of  the bath room. I quickly took her out of the bath room and made her bend over the desk while my other hand searched under her shirt, touching and stroking her tits.
I parted her ass cheeks using my right knee while she gave in a little to my claims. I never let my other hand go off her black long hair, to keep her from running away. Slowly poked my rod into her wet cunt by her juices to feel her swelled vagina lips which made me think she was ready for sex. My rod got in and out of her wildly while she moaned from pleasure: "Aaaaaah, yessss, oh, yessssss, yes, like that, I like it, please more, harder, harder, please give me more!" she begged and spur me on to thrust her hot vagina.
I bent over her back to feel the contact of  her young skin against mine while going into her slowly. At this precise moment   I had decided to change the cadence. I was surprised as she said she wanted to taste my rod, so I took it out of her cunt, dripping cum, turned her around by pulling her hair, as usual, I got her down in front of my rod and she swallowed it immediately. The penis looked like disappearing inside her mouth, where she kept on sucking to milk the last drop of cum which finally  filled her mouth.
As she was finished,  dropped and reclined on the floor next to me. We both were exhausted from so many sex. 34 minutes later, I noticed she was standing up and had  began to compose her shirt but didn't worry about putting back her panty, which was laying next to her on the floor. This lingerie was torn and shabby when  my desperate hands  pulled it off her hurriedly.
I got to my feet immediately because I wanted more sex from this girl, so I pushed her down  on her four. I told her I'm not yet done with you and grabbed her two hands, put them together and tied it with my stockings, the other end to the bed leg. This reminded me that movie from Madonna "The evidence". I took her by the waist with both hands and pulled her in the ass up position. I proceeded to spread her legs wide to find out   what possible  point to aim at her anus where I would begin to work now,  her shirt was in the way so I tore the fabric, ripping it open and pushed my cock head forward, slammed it inside her wholly with one single blow.
I heard loud  quenched yells to denie or   denounce she was feeling pain,  but she only wanted  me to stop by saying my rod would be  too much for her tight asshole. I kept slamming her until I cum inside her ass. I suppose  my cum emptied completely within her ass as  I jet my spurt of liquids.
I proceeded to loose the knot in the bed leg while she showed an exhausted face, yet a little angry and said: "You see what you've done to me, you damn motherfucker!!" My answer came up quickly: she wouldn’t  give me away, and nobody should know about this or my mother would kick her out.  Besides, there was no bad story to tell provided she had enjoyed it so much.
Our chat was over as  she told me it was time  to leave.  She had to mend her skirt before leaving  -I had left an open crack on it. At this precise moment I handed her my mother's shirt, which was awaiting for laundry. She put it on and accepted to return it the next day. I slapped her ass cheeks to dismiss her saying "see you tomorrow, baby."  This made her laugh!