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My Next Door Neighbor - Part One

Scott spies on his neighbor sunbathing nude and then is taught about sex by her
My Next Door Neighbor - Part One

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My family moved around a lot when I was a kid. I didn’t mind because I enjoyed meeting new friends and getting to know different places. When we moved just before the beginning of my last year in high school, though, it was a little different. At my previous high school I had been on the football, basketball and track teams and was a member of the student council. It was a fairly small school and I knew most of the kids there. My new school was huge by comparison. The kids at the new school weren’t particularly friendly and matters weren’t helped by the fact that the athletic teams had already been picked and I wasn’t even allowed to try out for them. I probably wasn’t good enough to have been selected for any of the teams but it would have been nice to have the opportunity to try. I suppose the fact that I wore glasses and had made all A’s at my previous schools made the coaches think I was a brain rather than an athlete.

It seemed as if the girls were going to feel the same way, and high school girls seldom go out with brains. I was feeling decidedly sorry for myself and wishing that we could have remained at my previous school. Those feelings began to vanish, however, one day after school. I had been up in my room studying for a couple of hours when I decided to take a short break and get something to drink. As I passed my window I glanced out. I had a view directly into our next door neighbor’s yard. Both our houses had large yards that ran down to the Sound that we lived by. When I looked I couldn’t believe what I saw. A beautiful young woman, my next door neighbor, was lying on her tummy in the grass. She was totally naked except for a white scarf around her neck, sunglasses and shoes. Now mind you I was only sixteen and hadn’t seen very many naked women at that time in my life but even I could tell that this was no ordinary woman. She was nothing short of fantastic. Her naked ass was the most spectacular bottom that I could imagine. As a normal healthy sixteen year old male I immediately got an erection. I was torn between leaving the window to go shut and lock my door and possibly missing the sight of my neighbor turning over. My mom wasn’t home and I didn’t want to miss even a second of watching this beautiful woman. I undid my belt and unzipped my pants. My erection and the fact that I didn’t want to take my eyes off my neighbor in order to see what I was doing made it difficult to get them and my briefs off. But eventually I did. My right hand went to my cock and began stroking it while I continued to watch. To my delight my neighbor did turn over. Unfortunately, though, she was facing away from me so I didn’t have a clear view of her pussy. Nonetheless I began stroking myself more rapidly. I’m sure my cock had never been that large before. But then, I had never had an enticement like my neighbor before, either. I put my hand out to hold onto my desk because I was swaying so much from the ferocity of my stroking action. Just then the neighbor stood up and walked over to some steps leading down to the water. The sight of her beautiful ass moving with each step she took totally transfigured me. Then she leaned back against the steps, apparently enjoying the sunlight warming her naked body.

When her hand moved to her pussy and she began touching herself I realized, too late, that I was about to cum and that I had no tissue in my hand. While I continued watching my neighbor my sperm shot forth several feet into the air. It splattered against my dresser. The second shot didn’t get quite as far and each successive shot went less far. Jism was all over the place, though, and the aroma was almost over powering. Just as the last bits of sperm were dribbling out of me I heard the front door open and my mom came into the house. She called for me to come help bring groceries in from the car. I tried to respond but my voice was so weak that it took several attempts before I could make myself heard. I was in a total panic. Thank goodness I had my own bathroom opening into my bedroom. I raced in, trying to pull up my pants as I did so, wet a wash cloth and hurriedly tried to clean up the mess I had made on me and in my room. While also trying to keep one eye on my neighbor as well. In the meantime my mom was hollering at me to hurry up and come down to help her. I threw the sodden, but unwashed, wash cloth into the sink and hurried downstairs. I was so flushed that my mom asked if I had a fever. I assured her that I didn’t and raced out to the car, hoping that she wouldn’t go anyplace close to my bedroom as I was pretty certain that she would know what the odor was. Fortunately she remained downstairs. We talked for a few minutes but as soon as I could I excused myself, saying that I needed to finish my homework. And throwing in some bull shit about wanting to be certain to get off on the right foot with all my teachers at my new school. My mom clucked approvingly while I tore back up the stairs hoping that my neighbor was still in her yard. She wasn’t. Damn. I washed out the washcloth with a lot of soap and hung it up. I tried to resume doing my homework but all I could think of was my beautiful neighbor.

The next day at school was quite difficult for me because it was so hard to concentrate when my mind kept conjuring up images of my neighbor. I raced home after school but she wasn’t in her yard. Nor was she the next couple of days. On Saturday morning, though, when I glanced out my window I saw her cleaning her pool. She had a very short nightgown on. It was almost transparent and so short that I could see the curvature of her ass as she leaned forward to scoop out the leaves that had fallen into the pool. I quickly locked my bedroom door and returned to my window. I had only my pajamas on and it was easy to remove them so that I could stroke myself as I enjoyed looking at my neighbor’s long legs and perfect ass. After several minutes of working around the pool she stepped into her kitchen, opened her refrigerator and took out a coke which she proceeded to sip.

As she did so I could see that her nightgown was tied at the neckline but was open all the way down, which left her pussy uncovered. I began stroking harder. She wandered around her kitchen doing various morning chores. Each time she took a step her nightgown fell away from her hips, baring her pussy even more to my unbelieving eyes. There was a metallic object in the egg carton which was flashing in the sunlight. She picked it up, running her hand over it lovingly, then put it into her mouth and sucked on it, which I found very suggestive. When the phone rang downstairs I said a quick prayer that it wouldn’t be for me as I didn’t want to tear my eyes away even for a second. I had no way to know how long she would continue to walk around in her kitchen barely dressed as she was and I didn’t want my pleasure to end. When she walked closer to the window and bent forward, replacing her metallic object in the egg carton, her nightgown fell away very nicely, giving me an excellent view. I was stunned. I hadn’t been able to see that she had clit rings adorning her pussy before because she had been too far away or my eyes just weren’t good enough. Not only that, I could just make out that she was wearing a nipple ring on her right breast as well. My breath was totally taken away. My strokes increased their tempo on my erection even more. But as I did so my neighbor looked up and stared directly into my eyes. I was caught red-handed, in more ways than one! I’m sure I turned a beet red or at least a scarlet pink. I was so embarrassed that she had caught me peeping me at her. To my utter amazement, though, she only smiled and waved at me. With my free hand I waved back. With my right hand, even though I wanted to stop, I couldn’t. I kept stroking myself. I don’t think she could actually see what I was doing, but I’m pretty sure she could guess. She smiled again, turned sideways from me and lifted her nightgown up and over her head, leaving herself totally naked.

She bent over, doing something but I couldn’t tell what it was. When she straightened up she held a sign in her hand, printed in large block letters. It said, “COME HERE NOW.” I wasn’t sure what to do. She could sense my hesitation and waved the sign emphatically. I didn’t want her to tell my folks that she had caught me peeping at her. I would be grounded for life. So I nodded my head okay, put a shirt on while standing in the window and pulled on some Bermuda shorts, not wasting time with my jockey shorts. I ran down the stairs and over to my neighbor’s front door. I rang the doorbell and the door was opened almost before I could take my finger off the buzzer. It was my neighbor and she was still stark naked. And even more beautiful up close than she had appeared from my window. I’m not good at guessing women’s ages but I thought she was probably about 25. At around five feet seven inches she was a few inches shorter than I was. And incredibly beautiful. I stammered out a hello, which I’m sure was barely audible. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside before closing the front door behind me and introducing herself. “Hi, I’m Christina Loren. Come on in, I don’t bite.”

“I, I’m sorry that I was peeking at you. It’s just that you are so beautiful.”

“Don’t be sorry. I wanted you to look. Now sit down and tell me about yourself.”

I told her that we had just moved here from a much smaller community and that I was pretty lonely. She was very sympathetic. Then she asked me how much experience I had had with women. I confessed that it was almost none. She told me she thought she could help me in that regard. “Now just sit back and relax while we begin your education.”

She walked over to a bureau, opened a drawer and picked up some kind of glass instrument, almost like a wand. She looked directly into my eyes as she reached the hand holding the wand up and slowly moved it across her breasts. I looked again at the glass wand. It seemed to emanate a light, though I don’t know how it could, which shone onto her beautiful nipple and nipple ring. She played with the wand over her breasts for several minutes as her nipples grew firmer and firmer. I could feel my erection beginning to grow in my Bermuda shorts. Now I wished that I had put on jockey shorts so it wouldn’t be so evident. I placed my hand over it to hide my erection, but if she had noticed it she didn’t seem to mind. As I watched, my eyes riveted to her smooth skin beneath the light of the wand, she moved the wand down from her breasts over the silky skin of her very flat tummy and down toward her pussy. The light from the wand highlighted her clit rings which I could, with the aid of the wand’s light shining directly on them, see quite clearly. Her pussy was so closely shaved that there wasn’t a single hair to be seen. It was the first time in my life that I had ever seen a shaved pussy and, frankly, one of the few times in my sixteen years that I had seen a pussy at all. And certainly there had never been a close-up like I was getting now. She slowly moved her wand a little closer to her pussy. Now the wand was actually touching her pubic lips. I was so close to coming that I had to take my hand off my erection or I would have. She moved her wand over her pussy and back again, sometimes pressing it against her pussy but never pushing it inside of her. From the expression on her face and the small sounds she was making it seemed clear that her actions with the wand were bringing her a great deal of pleasure. With her free hand she began to touch and then to spread her pubic lips, opening them to the light of the wand and to my voracious eyes.

I had definitely never seen a wide open pussy before and I was enthralled with its beauty. I wasn’t a virgin, exactly, but I was mostly one. I had done “it” just once, in the dark, and had cum almost as soon as my cock had entered her. She had pushed me off immediately afterwards and covered herself up, foregoing any of what I had read was called after play, even though I would have liked very much to have remained and kissed her and explored her at much greater length. Slowly, steadily Christina moved her wand closer to her pussy, which she was now holding open with the splayed fingers of her hand. I couldn’t believe what a fantastic view she was giving me of her most private part. It looked so beautiful to me that I couldn’t keep my hand from drifting back down to my erection. When she began to move her wand into and out of her pussy my hand sped up its actions and my hips began moving back and forth as I was imagining that I was thrusting my cock into and out of my neighbor’s glorious pussy. By now the tip of my cock was peeking out from the bottom of my Bermuda shorts. I put my hand there but whether it was to hide it or to masturbate it I can’t say. When she thrust her wand in one more time I could hold back no longer. My sperm shot forth down my leg and onto the floor, which fortunately was covered with a marble tile rather than a carpet. I was very young so there were copious quantities to splatter.

The floor was a mess, as was I. Christina pulled her wand out of her pussy, laughed and waved it at me. Then she stood up and told me she would get a wash cloth to clean me up. When she returned a moment later with a warm wash cloth she told me to pull off my shorts. I was embarrassed but did as she asked. Sperm was still dripping from my cock onto the tiled floor. Christina bent down and washed my cock, my balls and my leg, where my sperm had splattered all the way down to my ankle. She commented on the amount and I managed to blurt out that she had made me more excited than I had ever been before in my life. Christina took my shorts from me, telling me that she would wash and dry them so my folks wouldn’t see them with cum stains all over them. I thanked her but could feel the effect of being naked in front of her already beginning to make itself evident. By the time she returned from the other room with two cokes in her hands my excitement was quite evident. She looked down at me, burst into a big smile and said, “I’m glad to see that what they say about young men really is true.”

She climbed onto the table between us, moved toward me and took my newly forming erection into her mouth. My cock had never been in a woman’s mouth before. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it felt to me. She did amazing things with her tongue and her lips, causing my erection to continue to grow and harden. I asked her if I could touch her breasts. It seemed as if she nodded her head so I reached down tentatively and took one breast in each hand. This was also my first time to feel a nipple ring. It was awesome. Her nipples were so soft but so firm. I began to caress them and to squeeze them gently when I suddenly knew that I was going to cum again. I said so quickly in case she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth. She kept her mouth where it was, though, and easily swallowed my sperm when it burst against the back of her throat. She licked my dry then stood up and kissed me full on the lips. When she stepped back she said, “I wanted you to know how you taste. See how nice it is? Now let’s have those cokes.”

We sat down and talked some more. Christina quickly ascertained that I didn’t have any girl friends at the new school and didn’t think I had much chance of getting one. She asked me if any school functions were coming up. “Well, there’s a big party next Saturday at the beach. It is supposed to be very casual and I’m told is always one of the most fun events of the year. But I really don’t want to go by myself and confirm to everyone what a nerd I am.”

“Well, would you mind if I came as your date?”

“Mind? I’d love it. Would you really do that?”

“For someone who tastes as good as you, of course. No, really, Scott, you seem like a very nice guy and I know you have been lonely since you moved here. I’ve seen you wandering around your back yard in the afternoons when you should have been with kids at school. I’d like to help. Maybe if the kids see you with me they’ll decide you’ve got a lot going for yourself. Which you do.”

I told her how eternally grateful I would be.

“There is one thing, though,” Christina said, “I probably dress a lot more casually than the school has in mind. Is that okay?”

“Of course,” I exclaimed, thinking she probably meant she wore blue jeans with holes in them or something like that. We fixed a time for the following Saturday and I said I would pick her up then.

End of Part One
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