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My Personal Chef

BUSTED you blurted out, You horny perv.
Here it was, 5 o'clock on a lazy Friday afternoon and all the crew who worked at the ranch were leaving for the weekend. All but one that is, you, my live in chef. You and I shared a special bond. Your grandfather had worked for my grandfather, then your dad for my father before your dad retired to his native country a few years ago. Our families roots were so intertwined it was impossible to separate them. You loved being part of the 'family' and decided to stay here, in Texas, where you had come to call home.

Our families were so close that even with me being nearly 10 years older than you, we often played together as children. I even babysat you from time to time when there were special events at the ranch we were too young to attend. We shared many fond memories. I taught you how to rope a calf and ride a horse, and you taught me to treat girls like the special gift that they are. The only extended period of time we were separated was when my daddy had paid your way to culinary school in New York City. You had become such a permanent fixture around the kitchen that daddy wanted to fuel your dreams, so he paid for you to go. I remember standing on the front porch watching your face in the back window of the car until you disappeared from sight. Thinking back, I was more sad to see you leave than I was when my wife left me.

Finally, after being gone three long years, you returned, later to assume the full duties as the personal chef for our family. How odd and pathetic I thought of myself, after all these years of living under the same roof, of seeing you day after day, why was it only now that I was noticing how beautiful are were.

Ever since I had become 'single' again, life had taken on different dimensions. The kids were grown and out on their own, leaving me to run the family businesses and ranching operations with the help of a few really loyal hands. One observation of living on a working ranch shares with growing old is you learn fairly quickly who you can depend on.

My granddads granddad was one of the true pioneers of the wild West. He possessed that sixth sense and always seemed to be in the right places at the right time. He also had enough available resources to become a 'player' in whatever the next greatest and next best deals were. I wish I had personally known that man.

64,000 acres was all that was left of the original home place. Granddad's granddad had purchased this tract midway between Dallas and Houston in the early 1900's, from royalties he made in the oil business. He bought this place, originally close to 1,000,000 acres right after he had financed a little wildcatting operation. Who the hell would have ever imagined that off of their claim, would come Spindle Top, a.k.a. the Lucas Gusher, the most famous oil well ever to hit. A booming oil industry soon grew up around the oil field at Spindletop , and many of the major oil companies in America, including Gulf Oil, Texaco and Exxon, can trace their origins there.

Well, here I was, the last of the family to live on this great historic ranch. My daddy was an only child and so was I. Granddaddy had two siblings but they both died young of the fever. So, lucky to some I suppose, I was filthy stinking rich, but had no one special to share the spoils with. The staff who worked along side our family, some for multiple generations, had grown to be my true family. Over the years, I had homes built on the ranch for them and their kids. We have also paid for any college expenses for any who wanted to go. As a sign of loyalty I suppose, most had returned to apply their new skills and education to help in making ours a truly great ranch.

So here I stood, looking out the back veranda, across a 50 acre pond, staring blankly at the pronghorn and bison herds on the distant rolling hills as they nonchalantly grazed their way into the timberline to get some relief from the hot afternoon sun. The sun was still high in the air and there was plenty of time for more work...or play.

When the wife left, fortunately, she took her mother with her. After they left, I had more or less given the large and lavish mother in law suite to you, my chef. You were the only one who stayed on site 24/7 so it only seemed fitting that such a beautiful space be occupied by such a beautiful woman. The suite had cost me a bundle because the mother in law just knew she was worth every penny. It had a wet and a dry sauna. It also had a 10'x10' garden shower that made rainfall from camouflaged shower heads, and was adorned with orchids, exotic ferns and bromeliads planted into the lava rock walls. The shower had full length exterior glass walls and a walk through feature that connected the bathroom to the lush private tropical garden and pool area outside the suite. 'Her' space was completely enclosed in a 10' high ivy covered brick wall that afforded her all the privacy she 'deserved'. It even had it's own private small pool and hot tub, sunning area, and flower gardens, complete with statuary and a koi pond full of $1000 dollar fish. Inside, it even had a custom made area for her home gym. At about 2400 square feet, she could pamper herself in her quarters for hours on end....uninterrupted. Now this beautiful oasis was yours...a gift to my favorite chef and most loyal friend in the whole world.

A loud growl in my stomach interrupted my daydreams and told me it was dinner time somewhere. I walked across the great room towards your end of the mansion. I saw your door slightly open and knocked so as not to startle you. When you didn't answer, I pushed the door open a bit more and called to you again. I leaned into the room and halfway through saying your name, my words froze in my mouth. There you were, completely naked, sunning yourself by the pool. 'Oh my', I mumbled under my breath. I had no idea how exquisite your body was. You always worn the formal chefs outfit, or something else equally modest. I guess I had never really paid attention to your shape, but by golly I was now for sure! I stood there mesmerized by your beauty. You had such beautiful skin color, long dark hair, and now I'm seeing parts of you I never even dreamed of seeing. Your pendulous breasts were perfect, nice hard silver dollar sized brown aureoles with eraser sized nipples, firm abs and shapely hips.... and a beautiful trimmed patch of pubic hair.

I felt creepy standing there watching you, but I couldn't bring myself to turn away. I watched you reach down and pick up tanning oil and drip it across your body. I could have cum all over myself at that moment. Your hands slowly worked the oil into your tanned body, across your tits and hard nipples...then down your tummy and inside your thighs as you opened your legs. Your hands and fingers seemed to linger on your titties, as if they were succumbing the invitation to play. I watched as you rolled those magnificent nipples between your fingertips and thumb tips ...long slow deliberate squeezes. Then you ran your palms over both tits, your touch lingering there as you massaged them. The oil seemed to melt into your body as you slowly rubbed it on you. Hands cupped your perfect tits...then fingertips spreading the oil across your glorious nipples. You spread your legs wide as your fingers rubbed the oil across every square inch. Then you used your nails to gently tease the insides of your thighs, running them up and down slowly. You ran your fingers through your pubic hair, back and forth, just like I would do to you if permitted. Then you massaged your hard clit. Fingers tracing up and down each side of that hard sex organ.

Your body began to move to your touches. One hand caressed your tits as the other slid between your legs, fingers disappearing into matted pubic hair, then down between your swollen hairy lips. Your back arched slightly and your mouth opened but I could only imagine the gasp you must have made as your fingers rubbed back and forth inside you. Your body writhed as you made love to yourself. I watched as you rocked on your slender fingers. Your hips responded methodically as if a lover was bringing you to climax. You must have been very aroused because it didn't take long for you to cum. Your body jerked repeatedly as your fingers delved deeply into the sweet spots of your pussy. You pulled and pinched at your nipples and squeezed your titties as your body tensed up and shuttered strongly when you climaxed. Your body quivered off and on as waves of orgasms came over you. Then you placed your cum soaked fingertips in your mouth and sucked the cum from them. Oh how I wanted to do that for you!

I stood there like a statue, not even realizing I was stroking my cock through my pants... completely blown away by what I had witnessed. You laid there with eyes closed for a few minutes smiling, licking your lips and fingertips, savoring the tastes and sensations of the orgasms you just experienced. Then without warning, you sat up and reached for your robe. Startled and instantly called back to reality, I knew I had to leave quickly or risk blowing my voyeuristic outing.

I went and sat in an easy chair on the veranda, still processing all I had just had the pleasure of watching. It seemed somewhat like I had just violated your fantasy. I felt a bit dirty and aroused at the same time. But the bulge in my pants reassured me it was okay. A few minutes later you appeared, all happy and looking very refreshed.

"Hey you", you chirped as you walked past me, patting me on the shoulder.

The fragrance of your perfume and baby powder danced in my nostrils as you passed. Your voice sounding happy, and as refreshed as your body smelled. You sat down across from me, your gorgeous dark hair still wrapped in a white cotton towel. As you dried your hair, your body moved gracefully back and forth, loosening the belt that held your rob in place. The white cotton robe you wore eventually fell open, exposing your legs to mid thigh. Instantly, my eyes moved downward to find your legs slightly apart, giving me a partial view of that beautiful hairy pussy. As you made small talk, my eyes betrayed me, and you caught me sneaking a peek between your legs. You looked me in the eyes as you realized my mind wasn't on our conversation. You silently stared at me until my gaze returned to your eyes.

"Busted!" you blurted out loud. "You horny perv!" you laughed as you playfully tossed your hair brush my direction. "I guess I'll have to be more careful around you from now on huh?" you said laughingly as you winked and a smile lit up your beautiful face.

Even though you caught me, you did little to cover up, just a vain attempt to hide your gorgeous bush as you tucked the robe between your thighs.

Looking me in the eyes, as if taunting me, you asked, "Can I offer you something to eat? You look famished. Hmmm?"

I swallowed hard, my mind filled with the visions of you naked. I wanted to tell you YES dammit, I want to eat your beautiful pussy!

" Uhhhh sure, I was getting a bit hungry, how about you?" I asked.

You got up from the chair and slowly walked towards to me. You rested your hand on my chest, then leaned down and whispered, "By the way boss man, did you like what you saw on my patio?"

My head snapped around to face you as I nearly choked on myself. I looked up at you as embarrassment and arousal battled to own my thoughts. " Uhhh , what do you mean?" I asked sheepishly.

As you caressed my chest for a brief few seconds, you giggled and said, "I have been leaving that door ajar for months, hoping you would come watch me, or catch me in the act. I hoped to make you lust for me some day. And finally today, my wishes came true. So answer me, did you like what you saw?"

I sat there speechless and you patted my shoulder again, and rubbing it tenderly whispered, "I'll change clothes and make us something to eat while you think of something clever to say."

I sat there staring across the pond for a good 10-15 minutes, stunned at what I just heard, then gathered my thoughts, and stood up. Still aroused by my thoughts, I walked into the now empty small commercial kitchen that in years past bustled with a staff of 12-15 chefs, cooks and wait staff members. A cacophony of thoughts replaced the orderly chaos that once ruled the space. Out of nowhere, I thought it seemed so empty here, and such a waste of space since it was just the two of us here on weekends now, but it is what it is. I slumped down in an armed chair near the door and watched you move so gracefully about the kitchen, so seductive... so sexy... so fluid in your movements.

"How the fuck did you know I was watching you?" I mumbled to myself. My mind played and replayed the scenes of you over and over again. I'm sure you noticed the bulge in my pants as I sat there studying your every move. The simple fact was, now that I had seen what I saw, I wanted you in the very most primal of ways.

You pan seared some extraordinary fish creation and waved me over to taste it. As I came near, you turned and stepped close to me. I could smell your perfume despite the kitchen odors. You held up a small piece of fish on a fork, your other hand under it to catch it if it fell. And sure enough, just before the fork hit my lips, it slipped off the fork and into your other hand. You laughed and instinctively placed your fingertips full of fish into my open mouth. Our eyes met and I held your fingers near my lips with my hand as I moved closer to you. One at a time, I sucked the flavoring off of each of your fingers. It must have turned you on, because you leaned into me as you closed your eyes and moaned faintly.

Our breathing quickly grew heavy and we both knew the routine. I swallowed the fish and took you by the hands. I led you to the large full length mirror by the door that went to the dining area. I turned you to face the mirror and pulled the clip from your hair...letting it fall over your shoulders. I held you by the shoulders as my eyes met yours in the mirror. I leaned down to kiss your shoulder and neck. You brushed the hair off your neck to give me more to kiss on. Your tits heaved in my hands as my kisses neared your ear...then I turned your face to the side to welcome my kiss.

I held you in front of me facing the mirror as we kissed. I felt both your hands grip the front pockets of my pants and pull me into you as you pushed your ass against my throbbing erection. I took both hands and slipped them inside your white blouse....and ripped it open, sending your buttons flying. The move startled you but your expression in the mirror told me you wanted more. I moved my hands around you and shoved them under your bra and you gasp loudly as I squeezed both of your bare tits. You pushed your hips hard against the bulge in my pants.

I slid one hand between your legs and wrapped my other hand around your throat and pulled you closer to me...grinding my throbbing cock against the small of your back. I softly caressed your neck and slowly stroked it up and down...gently squeezing it. Then I carefully slipped a pair of cold scissors between your tits and cut the front of your bra, freeing your gorgeous tits. I led you over to the stainless serving table and leaned you forward, pressing your naked tits against its coldness. You protested mildly as the cold metal hardened your nipples but you were more aroused now than ever before. I reached around you and unsnapped and unzipped your pants and pulled them to mid-thigh.

I squeezed your ass cheeks and slapped them a couple of times each. You squealed your approval as you spread your legs. I pulled your panties down and swatted your ass a few more times. You were moaning to be fucked by now. I knelt down behind you and spread your ass cheeks and forced my tongue in your pussy. My long tongue darted in and out of your wet pussy and in circles across your asshole.

"Have you ever had your ass played with baby?" I moaned in your ear.

"No, I haven't, and you won't believe this, but I'm still a virgin." you confessed as your body writhed against mine. "Only my fingers have ever been inside me. But I want you to do whatever turns you on, because it turns me on too." you answered with heavy breathing.

I rubbed pussy juices around your asshole and pressed my finger against you. You relaxed as I massaged your anus and my finger slipped in. Gently, I worked it in and out of you like a small cock, letting you get used to the feeling.

"Oh fuck baby...that feels so good. I may want more than your finger in there." you moaned.

I finger fucked your virgin ass while I licked and sucked on those luscious pussy lips until you came all over me. Your sweet juices flowed down your legs. I slipped two fingers in your pussy as I stood beside you, finger fucking you from behind as I rubbed my hard cock against you from the side. My thumb fucked your tight lil bunghole as my fingers filled your tight pussy. I finger fucked you until your legs grew weak. Then I took you by the hair and guided you to your knees in front of me. You took my long thick hard cock in both hands and rubbed it across your face and neck. Then you began to stroke my cock as you licked and sucked it. Your lips were like velvet as my cock easily slid into your mouth.

"Oh fuck baby.", I said. "Your mouth is so smooth. I could fuck it all night."

You played with your pussy as you sucked the life out of me. Taking the full load of cum and swallowing every last drop. Now I wanted to feel that gorgeous hot body all over me. I picked you up and carried you to your suite. I playfully tossed you on the bed which made you giggle. Then I grabbed you by the ankles and pushed your legs upwards over your body. I held your legs wide open as I snuggled my cock head to your pussy. As I moved in between your outstretched legs, you reached down and took the head of my cock and rubbed it up and down your wet slit before pushing it inside your dripping wet pussy. You screamed as my thick cock stretched your pussy lips wide and I slowly pushed it deep in you.

" OOOOh fuck me please fuck me fuck me fuck me." you kept saying as I draped your legs over my shoulders and buried my throbbing cock to the balls in your cock starved pussy.

I pounded your pussy hard, each hard thrust made my balls slap your ass, and made you moan or scream. Your tight pussy muscles griped my cock like hands squeezing me. Our arms wrapped around each other, holding on for dear life as we began to cum at the same time. You bucked wildly against me as I plowed harder and harder into you. Between passionate kisses, you were screaming and moaning and grunting like a wild animal. I began to cum in you, triggering your orgasm. You wrapped your legs around me tightly, locking your feet behind my back, squeezing my waist and not letting me go as waves of orgasms rolled over you again and again. Your whole body trembled with immense pleasure.

Completely drained and exhausted, we lay there.... caressing each other and kissing, nibbling on each others body parts. I retraced the curves of your body carefully, knowing it could be the last time for such an encounter. I didn't want my fingers to ever forget how wonderful you felt. I didn't want to forget how sweet your nectar tasted, or how soft your lips were. We dozed off a time or two, each little nap interrupted by sensual groping, then more love making. Finally, we showered, took a quick dip in the pool and came back to your bed to spend the night snuggled up together.

As I laid there next to you, listening to you breathe, watching your gorgeous body respond to my light touches, and admiring your beautiful soft lips, I couldn't help but muse. I just couldn't get over how you had been right there in my presence all these years, yet you had lived so far away.

" Ahhh yes, to the victors indeed, go the spoils of war." I smiled as I turned onto my back.

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