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My Rookie Evening

A horny 32 year old doll signs on with an escort service!
Not too long ago, I met an old college buddy of mine. I hadn't seen her in at least eight or ten years and she certainly had changed. She looked like a million bucks with fashionable clothes and beautiful matching jewelry. The mystery was that back in college she never had very much money for the nice things in life. She came from a fairly poor family. I asked her if she had collared a rich millionaire for herself and she replied that she had not but had landed a fantastic job. Then she said Anita, you might be interested in this and she gave me a business card that she had pulled out of her purse. Why don't you check it out. I've got to go now hon, I've got an important appointment. She was gone.

I looked at the card she gave me. It had her name on it and underneath was the title; Elite Entertainment L.L.C. Escort Service . I was puzzled, although I was considered pretty good looking by my friends. At 32 years of age, I could not picture myself as an escort. The card also mentioned a briefing session to be held next Tuesday night. So after much thought and about three days later I decided I would go to this briefing and see what came about from that.

Well after all is said and done. I decided I'd give it a try. What did I have to lose? I didn't have to quit my day job and I probably would get fucked all I could handle. This operation would put an end to the long dry spell without a cock entering my pussy. After I had attended all the briefing and training Ms. Barbara told me that she thought I was ready any time I wanted to start. In other words she chuckled, I had graduated. The next night when I got home from the office there was a message on my machine. It was Martha from Elite. I could go on my rookie sortie tomorrow evening at 630 if I chose to. I had to think for a minute. Again what had I let myself in for? I thought for a couple of seconds and told Martha thank you very much, I'm anxious to get started. She told me that I needed to come in the next afternoon between two and four to see Ms Ann. I presented myself at 2:05 the next afternoon. Ann had been shopping and because of the short time between hiring me and this first mission she had picked out a lovely cocktail dress and a pair of shoes for me. Also Ann would make sure I had everything I needed and gave me a little pep talk beside. At the appointed time we had a nice conversation and the dress and of course the shoes fit perfectly.

The dress was beautiful light green that did wonders for my looks. The neckline was perfect, deep enough to provide ample cleavage but not too much to look slutty. So I left there just on 330. I decided I would stop at the mall on the way back to my apartment. I wanted to get some new sexy lingerie to go under that beautiful dress. In a major department store I found a nice very light green lingerie set. It consisted of panties, garter belt, and a nice strong push up bra that would hold my ample chest. I also picked up a set of the same color stockings in very very small gage fishnet design.

Now Two hours later I'm at the door of room 341 in this posh hotel. Okay, kid you got yourself here now it's time to pay the piper. I knocked on the door. After a few seconds the door swung open and there stood a living doll. The guy was just about 4 to 5 inches taller than I was, had black wavy hair combed one side and graying at the temples. With a quick evaluation I surmised that this guy couldn't be anymore than three or four years older than I was.

"Hello, Mr. Thomas Kincaid?"

"Yes, that's me" he replied, "and you?"

"I am Anita from Elite, pleased to meet you." I held up my hand for a shake. I could feel myself starting to get wet down there between my legs. He took my hand and led the way into the room.

As soon as he closed the door he said, "I hope we'll be getting more intimate than just a little handshake."

I stammered and just said, "of course."

He then took me in his arms and laid a lip lock on me. After several seconds I decided I'd better earn my pay and I shoved my tongue in his mouth. After a quick breather he came in again and our tongues started wrestling. At this point I said to myself, what the hell, go to work. I started unbuttoning his shirt. Another breather, another passionate kiss. I had his shirt completely unbuttoned. Now he put one hand on each shoulder and applied very little pressure. This man was so gentle it was almost unbelievable.

I knew what he wanted. I dropped to my knees and I unfastened his belt, reached up and undid his zipper and let his trousers fall to the floor. I reached into his boxers and found a telephone pole. God was I surprised. I removed his cock from the boxers and held it right there in front of me. I leaned forward gave it a loving lick and a big kiss. Then I went further forward and took his head between my lips and in my mouth and gave it a good hard suck.

After backing off I went back again and thought to myself, I'm going to take all of him that I can, right now. I continued my ministrations for at least 10 min. He pulled away then he reached down and took my hands and ever so gently pulled me to my feet. Then he turned me around and unzipped my dress, let it fall and very carefully laid it on the other bed in the room. He looked at my big tits falling out of that bra I bought.

Then he bent down and kissed each one of them and reached my back and unsnapped the bra clasp. Continuing to suck on and nibble my nipples he gently pushed me back until my knees buckled and I was flat on my back on the bed. He continued to fondle my tits and kiss my abdomen while he pulled down my panties. Before I know it he had my legs spread wide and his head was down there between my legs.

I felt his tongue probing my pussy and was in ecstasy. He continued to perform cunnilingus for at least 5 min., certainly more. I had one orgasm and suppressed it as hard as I could because I felt another one not far behind and that explosion would be for him. When he had enough pussy eating he got up on the bed and keeled down between my legs.

He had his shaft in one hand and leaned over and began kissing me again and at this time I felt him penetrate me. But apparently he only inserted the head of his cock, because once he finished his kiss, straightened up on his knees and rammed his cock hard into my cunt, all the way down to the hilt. I couldn't believe it after all this time, all those years I was actually getting fucked. W0W, it felt so very good.

This continued for a pretty good while. For exactly how long I have no idea. I do know that I was moaning and screaming like a wild woman. Every time he thrust into me I'd twist my body so that I could feel his cock on each side of my vagina walls. We continued to fuck missionary style and then, Thomas asked me to move a minute while he lay down on his back then he told me to ride his cock any way I wanted to. While in this position, Thomas let out a combination scream, growl and yell like some wounded animal I'd never heard before. It scared me, and I began to lift myself off of Tom, but he quickly grabbed my hips and jammed me right back down on his cock.

From that point on we changed positions every dozen or so strokes until Tom asked me if I was ready. I told him anytime he was and he said great let's do it. Cum to me baby cum to me. Cum to him, sure and his cum flooded me out with his tremendous discharge of semen. I rolled off of him, my pussy just dripping the results of his cum. We just lay still for a few moments resting. Then he asked me, what did you mean when you yelled out something like, after all this time I'm getting fucked again?

I had never realized that I had yelled out loud. I just laughed and told him we still had plenty of time left together and I would tell him in a little while. I didn't realize it but I was starting to love this guy. He was handsome, so very gentle, and he fucked like a mink. Very shortly he said, looking at the clock, you've only been here three quarters of an hour on a three-hour contract that was planned, what you say we get cleaned up and go have a nice dinner, a bottle wine and do some dancing. Wow, I didn't know what to say, so I just said, that sounds great to me. We took a shower together with a lot of touchy-freely.

He helped me get my dress on and adjusted. He held out his arm and I took it. We went out the door and walked down the hall to the elevators. I must admit that we looked like a pretty elegant couple in the full-length mirror there by the elevator.

We walked to the restaurant entrance and the maître d' came up and said, "Ah, the lovely lady and her handsome man just the two of you tonight?"

He seated us in a comfortable area of the dining room and we had a fantastic meal. Tom asked me, "what would you say to little dancing after we eat?"

I could just say, "sounds good to me."

Then after our meal the maître d' had one of his staff lead us to the adjoining ballroom and find us a place to sit. We ordered another bottle of wine and had just begun to sip on our glasses when Tom takes my hand and says, "well, let's dance."

That we did. We would do do a dance, sit down and sip a little wine and dance again. At least I did because all of a sudden Tom says "I guess we had better go, look, it is 20 min. into our last hour."

We went on our way up to the room. I was disappointed. I was having the time of my life. More enjoyment than I'd had for five years. My God, I couldn't do this with every client, I never make any money.

In the room we each gathered up our belongings and just stood there looking at each other. I reached up and took his cheeks in my hands and pulled him down and gave him a great big kiss. The old fart turned pink. Then he said, "Anita, I've got to ask you a very special favor. I would like you to satisfy one of my dreams or fetishes."

"Well, what's that Tom? Whatever you need-I'm here to serve."

"I hate to ask" he said, "but it is one of the reasons I hired you. I have always had the fantasy, or fetish if you will, of a woman, fully dressed, on her knees in front of me, giving me a blow job."

That struck me as quite a surprise. But then I thought to myself, what the hell do you get paid for here? Then I replied, "of course Tom, I'd love to"and at the same time I dropped to my knees.

I reached up and opened his fly and then grabbed his throbbing cock. I moved forward and teasingly licked his helmet in my mouth and licked it with my tongue, I twisted my mouth around from side to side. He let out a moan and then I slid down the whole shaft and took him completely in my mouth. I worked back and forth; back and forth.

He was moaning and saying, "oh 'Nita, come-on Anita. Go baby go!"And with that he blew his load.

I took it all and even those droplets that ran down my chin I wiped with my finger and sucked the cum off them. It had only taken me 12 minutes and I figured that now I had done my duty. I stood up and to my surprise he grabbed me around the waist, pulled me to him and laid a lip lock on me, tongues and all. What an evening! Lastly, he asked me for my phone number and I refused telling him that if I did so and got caught I would lose my job. However, if he wanted to give me numbers with which to contact him, I would try to call him when I had weekends off. He was ecstatic over that. We then parted with a little peck on each others cheek and I walked out the door. As I went down the elevator I thought, I could fuck Tom every night of the week and love it but on the other hand If I fell in love with all my clients I would go broke.

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